By Rabbi David Ashaer

If a person doesn’t get what he wants, it is not because Hashem doesn’t love you. It is because He knows that right now, this is what’s best for you. Hashem knows the future. He knows what we need to accomplish and how we will be able to accomplish it, and He acts accordingly. We have to train ourselves to always think, גם זו לטובה – This too is for the best. Even what appears to be the most difficult situation is actually Hashem’s loving kindness acting for our benefit.

A man told me that his wedding date was January 7, 1996. The guest list was short, as he was marrying an orphan, and both he and his bride had very small families. To make matters worse, that day, New York was hit with one of the worst blizzards ever. By the time the wedding was set to start, a foot and a half of snow had fallen, and it was still coming down. Nobody could drive, and it looked like the wedding would be a disaster. One of the local rabbis called all the neighbors, telling them that it is a Mitzva to come immediately to this wedding. He even invited the local Yeshiva. It turned out to be one of the liveliest, most festive weddings, with hundreds of boys dancing. People were so inspired that they became religious just from being there. It was a wedding that no one would ever forget.

Fourteen years later, the groom’s older sister was finally getting married. It was her first marriage and her groom’s second. Again, the families were not large, but whoever was coming was very excited. This wedding was set to take place on a hot August night in a Shul in Deal, New Jersey. Everyone recalled the eventful wedding of ’96, but they knew that would not happen now-or would it? As Hashgacha would have it, right after the ceremony, the police entered the Shul, which was located in a quiet neighborhood, and evacuated the entire building because of a bomb scare. This was unheard of. There had never been a bomb scare in that area before, and there hasn’t been one since.

The entire wedding party left the building and was standing in the parking lot. The doors of the Shul were locked, with the police guarding the building. All the food and music were left inside. Time passed, the guests were waiting outside sweating, but they were not being allowed back in. People began to leave.

One of the bride’s friends came and saw what was happening and quickly went into action. She knew of someone with a garage full of water bottles. She asked to bring them to the wedding and distribute them to the guests. Then, she asked the neighbor if she could use their backyard to dance. The neighbor was happy to help. All of the sudden, chairs and tables were being set up. A local DJ arrived with his equipment, free of charge. The backyard became a reception area. The woman then called someone who had just made a large barbeque for an organization and asked if she could bring the leftovers. The hot food arrived. Hundreds of young ladies were asked to come and dance with the bride. Yeshiva boys were called to dance with the groom. Within half an hour, it was the liveliest scene anyone could have imagined.

Finally, at 11:30 pm the Shul was reopened, and the reception moved inside. At that moment, none other than Yaakov Shwekey walked in to sing. Someone had called him to do a Chesed and save the wedding. The crowd became charged. They danced until 2AM. It turned out to be the most memorable wedding. The bride said afterward that she had always wanted Yaakov Shwekey to sing at her wedding but couldn’t afford it. Now she got what she wanted-and much more.

גם זו לטובה – Everything always works out for the best. Sometimes we see how, but most times, we don’t. Yet, we can rest assured that Hashem is always doing the best for us.

Thank You Hashem – Week 130

  • Mabrook to 130
  • My 11 year old daughter would like to Thank Hashem that she found a 20 dollar bill on the floor. She asked the halacha about keeping it and abided by it. I want to Thank Hashem for the hanaah of hearing my daughter tell me that she has the $2 maaser to give from this money.
  • Thank you so much for making this every week. I’ve been printing a few copies weekly for my shul. Someone came over and told me that he appreciates it very much. He said he never realized before how much he takes things for granted, and this caused him to be more aware of all the “little things” Hashem does for him.
  • Thank you Hashem , I was supposed to leave early in the morning to pick up an important piece of merchandise. I was going to leave my Torah class 10 minutes early so I can make it on time and deal with the snow and all. I decided not to leave early and stay and Learn Torah, who knows what can happen even if I leave early I can get stuck behind a garbage truck, I can get stuck behind a car in the snow, I said I will just stay and learn and can not go wrong. I get out of the class and a co-worker calls me and says I happen to go to that supplier and I am picking up the merchandise for you. Not only did I get to learn an extra 10 minutes of priceless Torah but I did not have to deal with the aggravation of traveling across town in the snow and waste about 2 hours. Thank you Hashem.
  • thank you Hashem for 130 weeks of these inspiring emails ashrechem yisrael.
  • Baruch Hashem we had my grandsons Bris this past Friday morning!
  • Thank you Hashem for healthy hands and feet.
  • On Monday I had a doctor’s appointment in Manhattan. Since the blizzard, I did not touch my car but for the appointment I needed to dig it out of its parking spot near my house. After 25 minutes of shoveling, I was able to pull the car out and while in the car I noticed that my cell phone was not on my belt. I knew that I had used it just before shoveling and so I pulled over and began to search the car, front and back. No cell phone. I went back to the parking spot and searched thru the pile of snow, carefully re shoveling and looking for the phone. No Luck. At that point, I was late for my appointment and so I went into Manhattan without my phone.  While I was driving home, 3 hours later, The reality hit me that my phone was gone with all of my contacts, passwords and business files. I looked up and I simply asked Hashem to please allow me to find my phone.I returned to the original parking spot and I moved some ice and snow over again, except this time the phone was right there on the floor, under the ice for almost 4 hours. I immediately said Thank You Hashem and I picked it up. As an extra added bonus, although the phone was wet and ice cold, it turned on and worked as if nothing happened. Life is so pleasant when we remember to rely only on  Hashem every step of the way.
  • Story you should all read, it’s about me. I was very upset that my car was shoveled in. Since it’s my vacation and wanted to take my son somewhere special. The whole day and night yesterday I was praying that somehow my car would get shoveled out. Before I went to bed I prayed to Hashem that somehow in the morning my car would be cleaned. To my big surprise this morning my car was cleaned!!!!! I made a few phone calls this morning to see who heard my prayers. And this is what happened, last night my brother in law came to the store to put something away when he noticed my car still shoveled in. He started shoveling and 2 big goyim see him dressed in black and white and can tell he is jewish and they tell him how one of them married a Jew a it’s important to do a mizvah so they took the shovel from him and shoveled my entire car out !
    So when I woke up this morning it was so crazy to see my car cleaned, my prayer was answered!
  • Hashem even though my family & I have many challenges and living in uncertainty, I know you are watching over my family and I. – and I know you will take care of us.
  • Thank You Hashem for everything!! Every second of every day you gave, give and guide! Thank You for Your Torah of Truth!!
  • Thank You Hashem for letting me go to Israel and see the Kotel for the first time. Also for the beautiful sights and mountains there and especially Yerushalayim! There is nothing like home!
  • Thank you Hashem for making this monster snow storm somehow very manageable.
  • I needed to tell a customer about an added hidden charge that needed to be put on her order but I did not know how to tell her. I felt very bad about it and I do not like to upset people so I kept putting it off. A month or 2 passes and I saw her by a simcha and on her own she asks me do I owe you any money from that order? I smile and say the truth, that I did not know how to bring it up and mention the added expense, I also tell her what ever she decides to do is fine with me that I totally understand that this was not mentioned up front. She could not have been any nicer and made it so easy for me and said by all means please send me the bill and we will pay for it. Thank you Hashem for taking care of this for me so pleasantly and easily.
  • Look forward every week to getting this Thank you Hashem email , can’t believe it is 130 weeks already. All that partake in this misvah should see much Bracha from Hashem and hope to thank Hashem for bringing Mashiach quickly. Shabbat Shalom to all of your readers and to all Klal Yisrael.

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