Thank You Hashem – Week 189

  • Thank You HaSh-m for showing us at the time You know is right whatever information You show us! Like the numbers that Thank You HaSh-m list showed!
  • Thank You HaSh-m for Your inspiration You give us!!
  • We love You HaSh-m!!
  • thank you Hashem  all 3 of my kids went to school today only slight resistance… manageable always a good day when they all get off to school in the morning!
  • WOW! To the wide readership out there!!!….Never even knew that there were Jewish people living in these places…..How much more so must I be to Thank Hashem publically as now I get a tiny glimpse into the ramifications it creates!   Chodesh Tov to all! Thank you Hashem for a wonderful Chodesh Adar – and for the opportunity to live another month. Thank you!
  • I don’t usually drive to my office.

I get a ride to work every day.

On the morning of March 23rd, I had to make the trip by myself.

Though there were predictions of much snow the precipitation in our area quickly became sheets of ice.

I met one of those sheets of ice on route 18 North.

Neither my car, nor I expected the resulting skid. The car began skidding and I, apart from being quite frightened, tried to remember those things I had learned years ago; “Steer in the direction of the skid, don’t use the brakes “.

I wasn’t doing too well. At one point I was facing the guard rail. I wondered how it would feel going right through that divider. Would the car be stopped at that point or, would we just continue falling?

I thought of my wife, my children and my mother.

The car continued to be uncontrollable, round and round we circled. Items were flying around in the car. OK, so this is it, I thought. I wondered if I would see my father who had passed away years ago. He was never too comfortable with my ability to drive. I expected an “I told you so”.

Without much time left it became obvious that someone else had begun to “pilot “the car. I had acquired a “co-pilot”. He was good. Obviously, he had some experience saving people’s lives.

With no assistance from me, we came out of the skid. We ended up facing the traffic on the highway. Miraculously, we were not hit by any of the cars driving in the other direction.

Thank you, G-d, for being my co-pilot!

  • I was working on a sale with a customer. I followed up with them and it looked bleak. I davened and thought of a different approach to take with them. Baruch Hashem it looks like it has worked. Thank you Hashem for introducing this idea to me.
  • Thank you Hashem for guiding me and my family on the right path of life. A life of Torah.
  • Before going on a family vacation I received a notice in the mail that was going to represent a great amount of stress to deal with. I chose to push it aside and deal with it when I returned. I came back and called up to deal with it. The person on the phone said to ignore the notice, everything has been taken care of and is cleared. Thank you Hashem. This was a great feeling.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me nachat. I was turning the corner walking to shul and timing was perfect. One of my sons Rabeim met me right on the corner and spoke so nicely to me about my son. Thank you Hashem for all of my wonderful children, may everyone see great nachat from all of their children.
  • Appreciating Hashem for our good health, which we often overlook until things change for the worse. Thank You Hashem for our day to day health.
  • Thank You Hashem for the zechus of going to a morning shiur before davening given by the Rav on the 10th anniversary of the Shiur!!
  • I went out of my way greatly in order to perform a chesed. Hashem has sent me a very nice gift as a result of me doing this chesed and being at that place at that moment. Thank you Hashem.
  • (from the archives)   was in my office having a conversation with someone about Hashem , they said that they believe in Hashem but do not believe that Hashem is involved with every little minor thing in the world, they said I believe Hashem is involved in wars and big things like that but I do not believe Hashem cares whether or not I can lift my finger like this or not…sorry I just do not buy it, the big stuff fine but if I can lift my fingers is not on Hashems list of things to do..fine- not more than 3 hours later this person calls me up all excited-they tell me you are not going to believe this, I got a cut,was bleeding and had to come to the emergency room- I am sitting right now in the cubicle they put me in here at the emergency room, and they come to the guy in next cubicle and ask him whats the matter? and he says- “I am trying to move my fingers and I can not, they do not move no matter how much I try”…this person saw clearly the greatness of Hashem-wow!
  • Thank you Hashem for the wonderful world of SHABBAT

Thank You Hashem – Week 177

  • Got back to my parked car and found a ticket on the windshield for parking meter reciept not visible. Under the ticket a malaach put a parking paper within 2 minutes of the ticket so I can get it dismissed. Thank you Hashem and thank you to this mystery person.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving mine and my family’s lives. We were on the way home from NY back to Cleveland, and I was driving our 12-passenger van. Suddenly the brakes stopped working. There was an exit coming up, and everyone screamed for me to take it. Because I was so panicked and flustered, I got off the exit. While getting off, I realized I should have stayed on the highway and used the long shoulder to let the car slow down and come to a stop on its own. As I was thinking that, I realized that I’m on an exit that’s on a downhill, and we’re about to approach oncoming traffic, that was moving at a high speed. My heart was racing, but there was nothing I could do. I tried pumping the brake pedal to no avail. I closed my eyes and asked Hashem to help us. Miraculously, the car came to a complete stop, on its own, a mere inches before the intersection. None of us could believe the open miracle that had happened. We had the car towed to a nearby mechanic. He told us that we’re so lucky to be alive, because the brakes were completely gone, so there was no way that I could have stopped the vehicle. Thank you Hashem
  • We have just arrived home. I thought I left the holy land of Israel but when the Taxi pulled up to my house in the totally dark early morning hour, I saw holiness. My brother inlaw Joey Rishty getting out of his car to go and learn with his son Sammy in shul.                                                                            It is really amazing, especially when you get home from Israel, it is a little sad how unaffiliated most of the Israelis there are. We are so lucky. THANK YOU HASHEM.
  • I have no words that can properly express my thanks to Hashem for walking my daughter to her wedding this week to an amazing young man & a beautiful family! We are thrilled with the marriage & Boruch Hashem look forward to wonderful things from this couple. May there always be many more simchas in Klal Yisrael! Also want to thank Hashem that the snow from just a couple days before the wedding did not affect anyone’s ability to get to the wedding. We were zoche to have many family members join in the simcha, some of whom spent many hours traveling to be at the simcha. Thank You Hashem again & thanks for everyone that was able to partake.
  • Hashem, simply you are the best! Thank you
  • This past Sunday night I was rushing home so I can get to shul and pray mincha & arbit.  I had to find a parking spot near my house, get the kids out of the car & get all the packages out of the car & get everything & everyone into the house as it was very very cold.  I grabbed all my stuff from the car, cell phone, cell phone charger, hat, gloves, packages, etc….  I had a lot of stuff in my hands and I was trying to stuff some of the stuff in my jacket pockets.  Later that night I went to get my cell phone charger from my jacket pocket & the plug was missing.  I said to my wife, it must have fallen into the snow as I was getting everything out of the car, so she offered to go out to check (it was 11 p.m. & I was already ready to climb into bed). I have the BEST wife!!! She came back 5 minutes later & said she didn’t find it.  I said ok, I will say a prayer and on my way to shul in the morning, I will look for it.  Baruch Hashem, I found it!!! Thank you Hashem for helping me find it!
  • Baby boy- mabruk
  • 2 baby girls were named in shul this week. Mabrook and many more simachot.
  • I was driving down a one way street this morning and a young boy was riding his electric scooter in the street against traffic. He was not driving it steady, he was wavering a little. He was not wearing a helmet. As he passed me I made a tefilla to Hashem for this boy to be safe and protected. At that moment I see in my rear view mirror the boy on his scooter swerving out in front of an oncoming mini van. The van stopped and the boy regained control and straightened out back to the side of the street. Thank you Hashem and parents please push for everyone to wear helmets.
  • Thank You Hashem for letting it rain during the night and letting it be nice weather today!
  • Thank you Hashem for always being with us, helping us and caring for us. Thank you for regular happy healthy days that just pass by. Each one is a blessing and is truly appreciated.
  • My friends daughter has become a kallah- mazal tov.
  • I just heard about 3 different simachot in a row. Hashem you are so generous and kind to us.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping me in passing a test in not getting angry. I was faced with a situation and was about to react angrily but I caught myself. I handled it with a smile and with shalom. Baruch Hashem it all worked out perfectly. Had I gotten angry it probably would have made a very big mess. Thank you Hashem for letting it all work out so perfectly and with great pure shalom.
  • As Rabbi Wallerstein said, the greatest simcha a person has when leaving the hospital, is when they disconnect him from all of the machines and take out all of the wires.He now feels free. We have to thank Hashem that we are here and that we are not connected to any machines with any wires. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 176

  • Thankful for Hashem’s light. It’s time for a tune-up with taking care of myself and inspiring my family to do the same.
  • thank you Hashem for giving us amazing people in the world that would come up with such a great way to share you glory and miracles with everyone.
  • Thank You HaShem for everything that I never thanked You for and for everything that I did thank You again and again!
  • I was driving in an area that had a lot of Jewish simcha halls and noticed how all the parking lots were full. I want to thank Hashem for sending so many beautiful simachot our way.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping me find a job!
  • We are taught that the small things are what make us great. I was at a supermarket in Lakewood and didn’t take a wagon. I grabbed a few things in my arms and headed for the cashier. There was a long line. The man in front of me saw me holding my stuff and flips down the child seat at the front of his wagon and says, here, please put your stuff down you don’t have to hold it. Mi Kiamecha Yisrael. Thank you Hashem for our wonderful people always caring for each other.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time.
  • Was able to encourage someone repeating one of the stories from the Thank you Hashem email- Thank you Hashem for siyata dishmaya.
  • I was on a  2 way street waiting to make a left turn. There was oncoming traffic so I waited until it was safe. In my rear view mirror I see a gigantic truck speeding up extremely fast so he can make the light before it changes. He was headed straight for the back of my car at full speed!!! If I pull up I would be going head on into oncoming traffic, a Varsity bus no less! I had to react- I quickly started to pull up slowly crossing into the oncoming bus hoping he would see me. Baruch Hashem he was able to slide over just enough so that this foolish truck driver didn’t hit me and cause me to crash into a bus. Thank you Hashem for this protection.
  • I was able to help out someone in making a simcha. I am sending this in because someone commented about how great it is to help out for a happy occasion and I jumped in and did it and feel great about it. I want to thank Hashem because after doing this, Hashem sent me a great happy occasion of our own to celebrate with my family. I somehow feel it is Hashems way of rewarding me. Thank you so much Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me experience nachat from my family.
  • (after i told this incident to the Rav involved his idea was to publicize it) A friend of mine had sent me an email of a very inspiring story to read. I was very moved by it and immediately added it to our Parasha weekly emailing. One thought came to mind, that Rabbi Morgenstern in Israel sends me his Parsha Pearls to send out and sometimes includes a story for me to attach. I was thinking I do not want to insult him chas vishalom and send this story and not his if he includes one. I was deciding what to do and in the mean time I said I will wait for his email, who knows maybe he will not include a story for this week at all. His email arrives and I open it anxiously waiting to see if he has a story attached and lo and behold, I see the word story. I say to myself, uh oh- I really wanted to send out the story I set up already it is an awesome story. I said maybe I will send his separately in the morning but realized he is in Israel and it will be shabbat already for him. Finally I snapped out of it and said what are you thinking, we don’t insult or hurt peoples feelings. I go and open his story to put it in and was shocked. IT WAS THE SAME EXACT STORY!! What were the odds of this? The Rabbi is in Israel and I am in NY. How many zillions of stories are there in the world and we “ Happen” to have the same exact story . Hashem took care of this without there even being anything to be taken care of. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for our Surprise Shabbat guests.
  • Had brit milah to attend this week . Mabruk.
  • My cousin made a wedding –Mazal Tov to all-may they build a bayit neeman biyisrael.
  • Thank you Hashem for these parashas showing us your hand clearly in having Yosef Hasadik appointed king. All that had to transpire for Yosef to end up where he did is amazing.We are reminded of this in our times seeing all that transpired in order for our president to be elected. Clearly Hashems hand for all to see.

Thank You Hashem – Week 170

  • Thank You Hashem !   Headed to my office after a morning appointment and a train ride that lasted too long . While I was on the train my phone went dead as I was using it all morning. The train exit is right in front of JC Penney and I wanted to stop there anyway on my way home so I ran in since I was late for work anyway another few minutes wouldn’t matter and once there I decided to use their rest room. I then ran to my office and pressed the elevator button with my mind racing about everything I had to do, and regretting the extra minutes at the store. The elevator crept up, let out a crunching sound and stopped cold ! No buttons worked ! I rang the emergency bell and no answer (but I was sure the super was in the building !) After a few moments I noticed a small button with a phone icon on it and pressed and a voice answered asking for the address and said help is on the way in 5 minutes. But 20 minutes later still no help and no phone !! The super did call out to me and said it would take a while to get me out. (Good thing I used the restroom at JC Penney )
    I took out my laptop and with no internet signal just sat on the floor and did some work until they got me out – I try not to think about what would have happened had I not gone in to the store, or if the elevator was crowded, or if it were at night, or if, or if, or if …THANK YOU HASHEM !
  •  I love you so much Hashem. I just felt the need to show and express my love and appreciation by sending it in to this forum. I just had to check on something that could have made my life have a lot of grief. I prayed very hard and connected to Hashem. Baruch Hashem it turned out that what I found was actually something positive for me AND TO MY BENEFIT and not the opposite. Thank you Hashem for controlling all and everything. Siyata Dishmaya for all the readers and all of kelal yisrael.
  •  Thank you Hashem for being zoche to celebrate my sons bar Mitvah and share it with so many wonderful people
  • Thank you Hashem for everything!!! I was stopped by the police last year in February in a speed trap. The city had just lowered the speed limit on that road so there were about 5 police cars waiting to catch people. I had noticed the police officer with her radar but didn’t understand why she was there. When I was given my ticket, I knew I had exceeded the new speed but I was sure I hadn’t reached the speed that was mentioned on the ticket. I decided I was going to contest the ticket. I was called into court on November 10th. When I came into the court room, it was full and it looked like they were really behind schedule. I waited patiently to appear before the judge, but to everyone’s dismay, the judge rescheduled everyone. I was the last to pass before the judge to get a new date. As the judge was telling me what day to come back, the prosecutor said something to the judge who told me I was acquitted! I didn’t ask why, I just said thank you, left the courtroom, looked up to Hashem and said Thank you Hashem!!! To this day I cannot come up with a reason as to why they acquitted it without my statement. The only thing I can think of is that Hashem is kind B’H!!
  •  a friend of mine reminded me that Rabbi Cohen taught that the worst level of sinat chinam-baseless hatred- is when you see your friend sinning and making mistakes and you do not care to help him and show him the right way. 2 days later another friend of mine calls me and asks if I can order an electric shaver for him. I say sure, for your son? He says no he just ran into a friend and it seems he is shaving with a razor. He wants to buy him the electric shaver and nicely teach him the right and correct way of the torah. I repeated Rabbi Cohens words to him as I handed him the shaver and it made him very happy as he marched on to go and teach his friend the right way. (shaving with razors are assur)
  • b”H our flight to Eretz Yisroel was perfect. In addition, all our luggage was together and waiting for us for our easy retrieval. Thank you Hashem for this great opportunity!
  • Hi, It’s just so clear in life that we really can’t control things and it’s not up to us. Just an example, we had an outlet that was sparking, that was a nes itself-my brothers keys that were connected to his pants somehow touched the outlet but somehow the fire dropped to the floor , the keys on his pants melted and he was not touched. This happened about a week ago and someone came the next day and said he can’t fix it and he’s going to be busy this whole week and cant come to fix it. He somehow showed up today, which he was not supposed to do. He was not going to come for at least another week. my mother asked him why he came today?, he said he had extra time. My mother showed him a different room to check if its coming from there. There was a problem there too and then he checked the dining room chandelier to see if it’s connected with that and he said it’s already burning and we would have had an electrical fire if he wouldn’t have came today. He said “I guess Hashem just sent me today, we think we can control things, he’s always watching us”
  • Thank you Hashem – there are just so many! Thank you Hashem for every single minute – every breath of life – every opportunity to fulfill your ratzon – our purpose on this world.
  • Thank you Hashem for the simchos I went to this week, for the normal stability and functionality of my family, for my friends, for my job, for enough money, for the ability to do everything that I need to do, for protecting me and my family for things that we will never know about, for the joy of life, for the hum-drum regular day to day life, to enjoy and spend time with other people, for health – mind, body, spirit, & soul, for the gifts – everything is a gift! And mostly for constantly looking after me and providing for me – non-stop – even though I absolutely deserve nothing of it!I love you, Hashem – forever!
  • 2 brisses and an engagement this week to go to. Thank you Hashem
  • I was handed my salary and saw I was overpaid, I immediately took the money out and returned it and marked it overpaid. My co-worker jokingly texted my boss to say I was overpaid unless I want to give a raise…he answered Yes- there is a raise! Hashem gives us what we need sometimes without even asking. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for Holidays that are real Emet and have special meaning to us.

Thank You Hashem – Special, Week 169

About 20 years ago right after my father had passed away, I was approached by a neighborhood Yeshiva to do some fund raising for them. I had never done any sort of fund raising before. I didn’t know what to answer. I thought it would be a nice thing to do, a nice misvah right after my father passed away. They said I should get up in front of my shul and make a speech and then use the cards they would drop off by my house to mark the pledges down. Friday morning they dropped off 600 cards, but no speech. I am not a speaker and was left to fend for myself and try to get up in front of the kahal and make a speech on my own and do the fund raising for the Yeshiva.

I did it, I got up in front of everyone and made my appeal. After I spoke I was standing there with 600 cards. I looked to my side and saw a wealthy member of the shul, a friend of mine and I approached him and asked if he can start us out and help out the Yeshiva. His response shocked me. He started berating me. He started saying – How dare you approach me like this!, I will never help out this Yeshivah! and started to scream at me in front of the entire shul. I was humiliated beyond belief. He then angrily takes the card and tears it into pieces and THROWS IT IN MY FACE!!!  I put the other 599 cards in an envelope and gave up. I went home sat on the couch and cried like a Baby. I couldn’t continue,I was broken. I felt like I let my father down. I felt like I let the Yeshiva down. But that man deflated me. I was numb and could not go thru with this.

10 year later I get a call from a food organization asking if I can help fund raise for them. I paused and said this is my chance to get back on the horse and try again. I said yes and agreed to help out. I wanted to do avodat Hashem and was determined to do this Misvah that Hashem has resent to me.

I got to my place of business and had a wealthy community member show up as a customer that day. I approached her with a card for a pledge and began to ask if she can help out this wonderful food organization. Her reaction startled me. She angrily yells at me How dare you approach me over here for a donation!!! Who do you think you are!!. I am not here to give charity I am here for my own personal needs. I will not give you any donation. Don’t you ask me for any donations!!! I was shocked. But this time I was determined. I told myself I will not let her get me down. I will not give up the avodat Hashem I am trying to do. I am going to move on and continue full force ahead with great determination!

Within 6 months I was zoche to collect $140,000!!! Yes $140,000!

Being in the Parashiot we are reading this time of year the lesson was clear to me. Noach and Avraham were ridiculed and made fun of but they did not give up. They stayed true to the job of serving Hashem and did not let people bring them down. They persevered. This is our test. If we are growing and doing the right thing in serving Hashem we should not let a friend or colleague put us down. We must stay focused and continue in our avodat Hashem. Do not let any ridicule or any remarks take you off track. Keep on growing and doing the misvot we are required to do and stay strong believing and knowing that you are doing the right thing for Hashem and for yourself.

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Thank You Hashem – Week 157

  • Dear Hashem,

Thank you for letting me part of the legacy of my mother Rose Kassin A’h.



Sam Kassin

-Thank you Hashem for amazing costumers like RK .Some times I think why am I on earth, and say am I wasting my time working in this store?. Then I think of my many amazing costumers like you that have become more than customers, we have become great friends. And I know why I am here.

-Another amazing, beautiful day off from work. Thank you Hashem!

-My 2 boys went off to camp this week & B”H got there safely & are settling in nicely. Hashem gives us so much variety with the different seasons & activities. All for our benefit!!

  • Took my family to the pizza store on Sunday as we were trying to feed my 9 month old some pizza (small cut up pieces of course) she started to choke and cough,So I picked her up to make sure she was OK tried to see if there was anything stuck in her mouth (didn’t see anything) and after a few seconds she calmed down and was fine.We gave her some water and waited a few minutes to make sure she was OK She seemed OK was breathing normally so a few minutes later we tried feeding her again. I fed her a tiny piece of bread and same thing she started choking face turned red and she was crying and like gasping for air.This happened about 2 more times she would calm down drink something and was breathing fine  (We couldn’t figure out what was wrong she always eats regular food with no problem).    I tried feeding her 1 more time and the same thing happened this time I forced open her mouth all the way and found a shiny square sticker about the size of a quarter stuck in the back of her throat, Took it out of her mouth and bh she calmed down and was fine.    These 9 days are no joke THANK YOU HASHEM that my precious baby didn’t choke and we found the sticker in her mouth before chas vishalom anything worse happened to her! I can’t thank Hashem enough that she is perfectly fine now that was so scary as a parent to even imagine what chas vishalom could have happened! Hashem please watch over all of your children and protect us from any danger chas vishalom!

-Thank you Hashem for being at our side each and every day. There are no words to thank you for your endless beracha each day!

-Thank you Hashem for always listening to my prayers and for always helping me out!!
I said something in a crowd of people and one person got very upset because they took it very personally and as an insult not only to himself but to his entire family. Hashem knows I was in no way trying to insult anyone nor was I speaking of anyone but myself. B’H I have reason to believe the other people present understood me exactly the way I intended to be understood and they explained it to this person the following day. It is a horrible feeling to be falsely accused and B’H Hashem cleared things up for me!
Thank you Hashem for everything!

  • I went to the army terminal to pray mincha. BH we always have a minyan. On wed, we were short 1 guy, which never happens. Time was moving and it was getting late. All of a sudden someone comes storming in with a box of batteries. The place where we pray sells batteries. He was a regular sy guy who prays with us not so frequently. We’re all thinking GREAT NUMBER 10! but that’s not why he came, the box of batteries fell out of the window and came crashing down on a window in this other guys office, breaking the window and causing havoc in his office. Little did he know he was number 10 , and that’s why his window broke. Thank you Hashem

  • Thank you Hashem, I had a voice mail from someone asking me to call them back. It was one of those situations that it could have been a major problem or it could be nothing. I am talking possible major headache. I opened my tehilim and prayed very hard to Hashem. I did a misvah and I promised I would send a Thank you Hashem to this newsletter and make a kidush Hashem if it is a minor or nothing situation. Thank you Hashem that it was a very simple PRACTICALLY INVISIBLE situation. I love you Hashem and love this weekly email…..very next day,I was faced with another risky situation, I had the neder I made 1 day earlier in mind in sending a public Thank you to Hashem here and made the same neder with this situation. Baruch Hashem there was no situation it totally became non-existant!!! zero. Thank you so much Hashem for everything.

  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the money that I needed to pay a certain bill. Chasdei Hashem

  • ‎I was in an elevator with my 1 1/2 year old son and my sister. As the doors were opening my son stuck his finger  between the wall and the opening door. My sister pulled his hand out before it caused any damage. Thank you Hashem for preventing a really scary situation.

  • A few weeks ago I gave a person I don’t know so well a nice hello, shalom aleichem. Making small talk he ended up giving me a very nice order. Thank You Hashem. Yesterday I gave a person I did not see in a long time a very nice hello,shalom aleichem and he now has me speaking with his office regarding a nice order as well. I want to note that my intention in giving them a nice hello was not in order to receive something back, it was just an added bonus from Hashem. Thank you Hashem.

  • Thank you Hashem for the kidush Hashem that was made in hearing from the Rabbanim and family members about the way my Sitoh, Mrs Rose Kassin a’h lived her life. Something we all need to learn from. 109 healthy years on this world, Rabbi Diamond asked her the secret for longevity. Her answer was: “Always look for the good in everyone” May we all learn from these words.                             Thank you Hashem for my Sitoh.

Thank You Hashem – Week 156

  • Thank you for putting this weekly Thank you Hashem email out for 3 years. It is remarkable. Baruch Hashem!

  • Thank you Hashem for your great gift, my 82nd birthday!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful Sitoh (grandmother) who has just passed away. She lived 109 beautiful years. Hearing the Rabbis speak at her levaya about the midot she had, meriting her such a long  healthy life showed us all what a kidush Hashem her life was. We will miss her very much-Thank you Hashem
  • I had to travel out of state to someone’s office. I recall there was a Yeser Hara in that office that was a test for me. As I arrived I prayed to Hashem that I should be able to pass the test. Hashem did even better, he removed the test for me from the office. It was totally gone and out of the office. Bishvil li bara haolam- Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Peace and Quiet that is Brooklyn during the summer – parking is available wherever we go, the Shul is calm and the A/C is on high – no waiting at the local restaurants, and the boardwalk is alive and well !
  • So much to be grateful for – don’t know where to begin!
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me how amazing you are and how you are always a step ahead B’H! Today I had to pick up and order for a client but did not have money on me. I was trying to figure out how I would go pick money up without going out of the way and taking too much time. Before I left the office another client called to tell me she was coming by to drop off her payment from a previous order! B’H Hashem saved me a lot of time and planned everything to perfection! Thank you Hashem for everything!!
  • My daughter and her 2 friends were swimming in the ocean. The waves were very big and rough. They were jumping over the waves as they were approaching. A very big wave came and my daughter maneuvered over it and found herself suddenly in a very deep part of the ocean. She could not reach the floor. She saw the other 2 friends in trouble as well. They were drifting further away from each other and they were trying to swim back but the rip tide was taking them out. My daughter felt her arms getting tired from treading and trying to get back in. Out of no where someone,a malach appeared in the water and threw the 2 friends a boogie board. He put them on it sideways and then he swam all the way over to my daughter. He knew what he was doing because he was a retired lifeguard. He got to my daughter and put her in some type of headlock hold and swam with her over to the boogie board. He lined them up and instructed them how to kick their way back to shore using the boogie board. It was not easy and he coached them all the way in and saved the 3 precious lives. Thank you Hashem for sending this retired lifeguard to save them. It was as if Hashem sent a Malach into the ocean for them. Thank you also to this person for seeing the situation and reacting to it.
  • Thank you Hashem for constantly watching over us and protecting us each day.  Thank you for the amazing zechut of visiting Israel this summer. It’s miraculous to get on an airplane in one country and a couple of hours later you get off in a completely different one. Years ago it would take days and weeks to travel by boat!
  • Thank You HaShem infinity times I can never thank You enough!
  • I just had a great talk with a guy who is off the derech. Hashem put the right words in my mouth at the right moment. Hashem had me hold it in for so long and then a few weeks later we got into one of our talks and Hashem put the idea in my head NOW-start to open up a talk with him about Hashem and Torah. The moment my mouth opened the words that are not my style started flowing out.Baruch Hashem we made some progress. I was able to see how even a person off the derech has a connection and a love of Hashem.
  • My friend was looking for a tenant for quite some time now. He found a tenant for a decent price. Thank you Hashem.
  • Had trouble with an employee at work. I put in my mind that ein od milvado. Everything is controlled by Hashem and bh it got solved quickly and easily. Thank you Hashem for that and for all days when there’s no trouble.
  • I was changing lanes and did not see there was a car in the lane I was going into. He was in my blind spot. Baruch Hashem he slammed his breaks and honked and I was able to swerve back into my lane. Thank you Hashem for protecting us and me we all be alert of our blind spots while driving.
  • IT’s a girl..Mabrook.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the most perfect shiduch over 20 years ago-everything a person can ask for in a wife.
  • I was about to commit to an order of insurance for work. I emailed the agent to go ahead and got replied that he is out on vacation and can not do it at the moment. Hashem put in my head to call Joey Sasson. I called him and told him I know it is small and he said no problem send me the info and I will take care of it. Less that 2 or 3 hours later I had the insurance done and even better Joey was about 20% cheaper. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 154

  • Erev Shabbat our ac was acting funny we unplugged it and the plug and the outlet looked a little black we decided to leave it unplugged for Shabbat on Sunday the handyman came and replaced the outlet and put a new plug the inside of the outlet was all burnt and half melted BH we kept it unplugged the handyman said it could’ve caused an electrical fire ח”ו. In addition I would like to thank Hashem for air conditioning over שבת and the next few days I had no ac in my living room/dining room I now appreciate this luxury that was always taken for granted.
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful and regular week.
  • I had to prepare to speak at a shevah berachot. I was very nervous about it. Thank you Hashem for putting the right words in my mouth. I really wanted very much to make the chattan and kallah smile and be happy and Baruch Hashem I think my words did just that. Thank you Hashem for doing this for me as I am not a public speaker.
  • Thank you Hashem for beautiful sunny relaxing summer days!
  • Thank you Hashem, my good friend met someone. B’H the right one?!
  • I like ice.  Growing up and for 27 years of marriage we made ice the old fashion way.  Using ice trays.  On Shabbat and Holidays we would sometimes need to conserve or  make extra Ice to accommodate my needs and company.  Recently our refrigerator broke forcing us to buy a new unit.  Today I’m happy to say we have a new frig with an automatic Ice maker and Water dispenser.   Sometime little things mean a lot.  Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for setting up the timing of everything so perfectly. I was dealing with an issue and was having delays in certain areas. Now that the issue is resolved I see that the delays are actually what solved the issue! Thank you Borei Olam!
  • I emailed a customer an invoice and saw he had sent me a reply. I got nervous thinking he may have had a problem with the bill. I opened the email and not only did he not have a problem with the bill, he asked me to come down and meet him regarding an additional order. Thank you Hashem.
  • My daughter & son in law went on vacation for a few days. Thank you Hashem for giving us the opportunity to take care of our granddaughter while her parents were away. She was a pleasure to have around & we had lots of nachas from her.
  • Thank you Hashem for perfect weather on the day I took off from work. Was real enjoyable!
  • Somehow a bunch of sticky gook got on to the hood of my car. It was getting annoying after a few weeks so I finally decided to run out and get a quick car wash. As I am driving to the car wash, the sky grew dark and the clouds rolled in. Major thunderstorm, I was worried about safety driving in such a storm so I pulled my car over to the side of the road. Baruch Hashem all was fine and added bonus- no longer needed a trip to the car wash. Hashem took care of it for free. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my fingers,in fact I am using them right now as I type this email to Thank you.
  • Thank you for this wonderful weekly thank you email. It helps me appreciate the simple and not so simple things in my life.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me around such great people enabling me to grow spiritually from. I must thank them as well for being such great role models. When we are around the right people it definitely rubs off on us. I notice it every day. Shabbat Shalom to all.

Thank You Hashem – Week 149

  • I got a pamphlet yesterday from the gas company. They wrote over there some tips on how to detect gas leaks. I said to myself that a few months ago I felt that rotten egg smell which they described that it is a sign of a gas leak. I called them up, they came right over. after inspecting, they’re telling my wife. madam, you have a gas leak in one of the pipes. You have no idea how lucky you are for calling us!! Thank you Hashem deeply for keeping us safe 24/7 and making us call the gas company who caught the leak.
  • My daughter and my niece ran up the stairs and told me to please put this in the Thank you Hashem for them. My niece was holding a toy of my daughters in her hand that had some sort of propeller blade that starts spinning very fast right when you turn it on. She pressed the button to turn it on while having her fingers in the way of the propeller. My daughter saw what was about to happen and quickly screamed to drop the toy, Baruch Hashem she dropped the toy on the spot right before it started to spin and possibly cause damage. Thank you Hashem for your protection!
  • THANK YOU HASHEM YOU ARE AWESOME! My sons surgeon is a GIFT from you. He is healing wonderfully.
  • Thank you Hashem for an awesome night of learning Torah on Shavuot.
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing us to take my wife home from the hospital right before Shabbat and the Chag.
  • Thanks you Hashem for an uplifting and healthy hag. Thank you for all the beautiful, happy and relaxing time we got to spend with our precious families.
  • Thank you Hashem for the acts of greatness I have witnessed this week. I am so proud to be part of klal Yisrael.
  • Brit milah yesterday , 3 weddings last night, Bar misvah Last night and another wedding tonight, Thank you Hashem for Simcha.
  • Thank you Hashem for this weekly email that speaks positive. Something the world needs to do a little more of. I was listening to the traffic on the radio and it occurred to me that 9 times out of 10 if there is no traffic on a highway or bridge it does not get mentioned. Only negative things get mentioned like an overturned tractor-trailer or major delay on the GWB. How about mentioning certain highways that are driving smoothly? Oh well..May all who are traveling always be safe and protected.
  • My summer-house that we rent was not available and the prices sky rocketed this year. I prayed to Hashem to please find us a great house at a great price. Thank you Hashem for getting us a BETTER house at an even greater price!!! Clearly you have answered my tefilah.
  • Great encouraging line Rabbi Wallerstein heard from his father. When thinking about being too busy to take on another project in helping klal yisrael and saying I have too much on my plate. He would remind himself what his father used to tell him – if you say my plate is full,” Get a Bigger Plate” (torahanytimes this week)
  • I was involved in a very high pressure situation. I would like to publicly thank Hashem for letting it all work out so perfectly.
  • I was walking to shul very late at night on Shavuot. I was alone on a dark unlit street. For some reason I made a tefilla for Hashem to please give a special shemira/protection for all of the jewish people who are out tonight . All of a sudden I hear a car playing crazy music driving down the street. He slowed down when he came close to where I was walking and suddenly pushed the gas and drove off. I instantly felt inside me that my tefilla for others to be safe and protected a moment earlier had just saved me from harm. Thank you Hashem for watching over us.
  • Thank you Hashem for the special feeling of having Shabbat kodesh connect straight into Shavuot.
  • Selfless act of chesed, Thank you Hashem and please bless the wonderful kind person who has donated her kidney to my good friend. They should both have a refuah Shelama.
  • I have a very expensive pen that has not been working for a very long time. This pen has sentimental value to me. I never had the heart to actually dispose of it. After a couple of years of seeing it on my desk I decided it was tame to cast it aside. I picked it up and saw it was still broken. I opened it up and fiddled with it a little and Baruch Hashem it has started to work again. I did not do anything different this time than in the past. Clearly Hashem has returned this expensive pen back to me. Thank you Hashem.
  • I was in a hospital meeting with a head of a delicate department. The Dr. told me that he has been involved in thousands of these procedures and there is nothing like the Jewish people. How they are always willing to help one another. How a Jew will help any Jew in need. He said that if a Jew sees another Jew in need it is automatic that he will stop and help him, even in the middle of the street and even if he does not know him. He says he does not see this trait by the goyim. Thank you Hashem for making me a Jew.
  • Thank you Hashem for my sons Birthday-may he grow up enjoying a healthy life of Torah and Beracha.

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