Thank You Hashem – Week 231

  • I was driving back from my kids’ carpool turned onto my block driving a little bit fast when suddenly I saw a cop pulling me over in my rear-view mirror. Right away I kept my cool stayed calm and thought ein od milvado. The cop came to my window asked for license and registration then I realized that I don’t have my wallet since my kids took it out of my pocketbook earlier that morning without me realizing he then said don’t worry I will look up your license, ” did you get any other tickets before” I said no not recently (i last got a ticket a year ago) The cop went to his car for 10 minutes then came back … the whole time I kept thinking Hashem does everything for a reason ein od melvado and stayed calm and kept my cool. When the cop came back he then asked me, do you believe in coincidence…? I asked why. so, he then went on and told me do you remember getting a ticket last year, I said yes last year I had an expired registration which I was not aware of. He then said well do you know the date that you got the ticket … I said no I don’t, He said well that date was 3/6/17 and that so happens to be the same number as my badge he then says i don’t know about you but i think that’s a cool coincidence then he tells me you know what I am just going to let you off with a warning I was so happy I thanked him I couldn’t help but think those 3 special words Ein Od Melvado… if you believe it then Hashem really takes care of the rest. I then realized that there’s no such thing as coincidence there’s only Hashem, and Hashem does everything for a reason. I could have got 2 tickets one for no license one for speeding but clearly Hashem was on my side… when we rely on Hashem he does miracles and saves us from all troubles big and small… THANK YOU HASHEM
  • Thank you, Hashem, for such beautiful weather today. For only, should go to the costume store twice and not more. For every detail that you plan that I don’t even know about
  •  I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this. Thank you, Hashem, !!  A new employee just started working for our company. 22year old married. First job. He used to go to Rabbi Diamond Kollel. So, I just met him. After hanging up with my Brother in law who was in the Hospital overseeing a procedure for his first Grandson. He asked me to say Tehilim as they were about to start the surgery.   After hanging up, I said Tehilim then turned to the new guy and asked him to pray for Tinok Ben penina. I turned back to him after 10 seconds and saw him with his eyes closed in deep prayer. It told my brother in law later with people like this on our side, Hashem will answer our tefilot. How beautiful is it to see a total stranger praying for someone he doesn’t even know. BH the surgery was a success.
  • This past week my kids were sick with the virus and I washed the linen to try to get rid of some germs and bacteria in the room! I had a mattress protector pad on my 4-year olds bed and being that she was trained at night for a while I decided to put it on my recently trained 2 years olds bed. She was also trained at night and was doing well so far. Well, it came into great use just this Friday night as my 2-yr. old had an accident in the middle of the night. Thank you, Hashem, for making me decide to switch the pad out of all weeks to the other bed and protect the mattress from getting dirty…
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the stunning spring weather, a wonderful relief from the cold. Everything seems so much easier and brighter in the warm sun
  • Sometimes I think that we tend to overlook the simple things in life.  The other day I was leaving the grocery store with a cart full of groceries.  It was a gorgeous day with a bright blue sky, puffy clouds, and a wonderfully scented breeze.  Suddenly, I was overcome with love and gratitude for Hashem.  I stopped right there and thanked Him for all the beauty around me and the ability to enjoy it.  I thanked Him for the ability to buy groceries for my family and for the car to transport them home.  I thanked Him for my family.  The Florida school shooting took place not too far away from my house, and it made me realize anew that every second is precious.  So, I give all of you a blessing that Hashem will protect you and your loved ones, that you will have peace and health, and that you will continue to keep Hashem close to your hearts.
  • Was in the Hospital after pulling an all-nighter and needed to continue to stay. Was going to be tough doing in the waiting room after being up all night so I was looking on my phone for Hotels in the area. I walk back into the room and the nurse says by the way we are arranging a room for you to stay in as long as you need it. It is next door and it is beautiful. Beautiful and spotless clean Baruch Hashem-Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the beautiful weather today!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the cloud cover this morning, so that I would not have to deal with sun glare when I drove.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for my beautiful and healthy grandchildren.
  • Thank u Hashem for giving me just the flu and nothing worse
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving my kids summer jobs!! YAY!!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for this thank you Hashem program!

Thank You Hashem – Special

Thank you, Hashem! This is one of those things that I don’t know where to begin so I will begin with thanking Hashem for the beautiful exciting site of seeing my daughter go into labor at about 4:30 am Friday night. My wife headed to the hospital with them as we had our controlled chaos in the house preparing to get her ready for the car service. I went to shul in the morning and came home to be with my kids and have Shabbat lunch together with them.

I then made the long joyous walk to Maimonides Hospital. Imagining I would be walking into the room greeted with a mabruk it’s a ___.  Baruch Hashem walked into the room and they were still waiting around in the labor room. I was grateful to Hashem that I would be able to be by the birth of my first grandchild. Things were very calm and I decided to maybe go out into the hallway for as stroll, as I was preparing to walk out the Dr. was walking in, she quickly and calmly said, we are ready let’s have this baby and she sent me outside behind the curtain of the room into the hallway. She said in 15 minutes we will have a baby here. I was overwhelmed I couldn’t believe my ears. I am the excited crying type and was flushed with emotion and started praying right there in the hallway like a man on a mission. Things were moving along in the delivery room as I was praying in the hall. Feeling a drop woozy I then remembered reading on our Parasha sheets in Peh Tahor from Rabbi Brezak all about the shehakol campaign and the great shehakol stories from people making the beracha. I called thru the curtain to my wife to send me out a bottle of water, my wife looked for the water and I hear the Dr. say who is the water for? she said for my husband-my wife knows her husband and said don’t ask-he needs the water, and quickly got the water to me. I said a very loud shehakol in the hallway with kavana and within 5 minutes the baby was born without me hearing one sign of discomfort from my daughter Baruch Hashem! She had a baby boy! I danced in the hallway singing Hashem’s praises out loud in front of everyone as I promised Hashem I would do when I hear the news of the baby being born. We were overwhelmed with joy.

We had a great hour or so of Simcha that I am so grateful for-then the nurse comes to us and says she wants the pediatric surgeon to come and speak to us-we were like, who? what? – she said she might see an issue. They explained to us a certain situation that he had but can be corrected. The surgeon came and told us that there was a way to do it with 1 surgery but that was 1 in a million and made a motion with his hands shrugging it off and said I am not even going to talk to you about that option it is 1 in a million and this is not the 1 over here. He then explained the 3-part solution that would require 3 separate surgeries spaced out over 2 or 3 months! We were stunned by the turn of events-worried for what lied ahead but ok knowing he was going to be ok after this strenuous process. Now it was time to get into motion of seeing what to do- Baruch Hashem we are blessed with Rabbis and organizations that words cannot describe that get everything in motion and guide our decisions. I was not happy to have this hospital do this procedure but needed to hear what to do. My mother was the first call, the entire Shabbat I said we need my mother she knows how to react in these situations. She told me call Rabbi Raymond Beyda, I say but I think he only deals with halachic issues, she said call- I did-was great move, I can’t describe how Rabbi Beyda helped thru out the whole process clearly, not sugarcoating anything. He had me get in touch asap with Rabbi Shuki Berman, he said he will email him to take my call right away-before I could call him, my phone rings and its Rabbi Shuki Berman, my mother called him and Rabbi Beyda emailed him. I utter out the long name of what is going on and he quickly says yes, it’s a 3-surgery situation, get him out of this hospital Dr. Rosen is a specialist in this field he is in Long Island Jewish Medical center- give me the word and I will get the transfer to happen-I was stunned- I said I will speak to my family and get back to you. We made several calls and it was unanimous that we must get to this specialist. Everyone’s reaction was the same.

Got the wheels in motion with Shuki Berman. He calls back with instructions to go down to the NICU and what to tell them. This was about 2 am. We followed instructions and they were not eager to let us out. They sat us in a conference room intimidating us and explaining why we will have such a hard time if we leave. The Dr. said there is a 0 percent chance of you leaving in the middle of the night especially on a weekend. The Dr. stepped out to get a chart from the baby. I text Rabbi Beyda the status, he told me to have my wife go in the hall and call the 516 number Shuki gave me and tell them we will handle the ambulance for the transfer, he said this is what holds up the insurance and it will get things going. They will say ok-he said trust me this will do it, go. My wife was nervous about going into the hall and calling but Hashem took care of it. The door opens with a nurse standing there with a phone in her hand and says, if you will handle the ambulance I can approve the transfer right now-is that ok? we were like-ok we approve…Baruch Hashem.

About an hour later there we were on highways driving to this Hospital in Long island and my son in-law says to me- That Dr. said 0 percent of leaving in the middle of the night. Here we are-we get there and it is a different world. We are greeted with smiles and told we know this is a difficult time for you but we are going to do anything to make it as pleasant as possible.

Everything going nicely and in order over here. The surgeon speaks to us and tells us the same 3 surgery process and then mentions the possibility of the 1 surgery if they physically see a certain step taken by the baby. I said the other hospital said it is 1 in a million, do you think this can happen? He says I think it is possible. Wow- we had an opening of hope. As time was progressing we were not seeing this step by the baby. My son in-law asked the Dr. what if the step is happening inside but just not showing outside can we do it, to that they replied sorry but no. A few hours later my son in-law calls me and tells me the surgeon just called him and said that she is not going to be performing the surgery that a different surgeon is taking over. I said no way I am calling the Surgeon and telling her, we escaped and came here in the middle of the night for you, not to be handed off. I was ready to push hard. Before calling I call Shuki and tell him what happened so he can help on his end. He asked who is the new surgeon and I tell him his name and he quickly says this is a Beracha from Hashem- he is the chief surgeon there! You have been upgraded, he is the teacher for the other surgeon and he is her elder and has much more experience, do not call the hospital. Thank you, Hashem, for controlling me.

That night in the room we ask the nurse if she thinks there is any chance of the 1 surgery even though they did not physically see this step? She politely said sorry but it seems like we are doing the 3-surgery process, so sorry. The next morning, the day of the surgery me and my wife were in the room with the new surgeon and his team. You can see he was the real deal. They begin to give us information and they say there is a chance they can do the 1 surgery procedure but he will not know for sure until they are in the surgery. If not, he will have to switch to the 3-surgery option. I thought I was hearing things. We all agreed to go for it. We couldn’t believe it, he was willing to do it even though he did not physically see the step the other surgeon needed to see. He said it is close enough on the inside that he is confident even without physically seeing it.

Hashem sent this experienced surgeon to us against our will for him to have the knowledge needed to go for the 1 surgery process without physically seeing it. Hashem is pushing all the buttons. I was with my son in-law many hours straight but when the surgeon called him I happened to not be there. I would have probably got on the phone and begged her to stay and do the surgery. Hashem had me call Shuki before calling the surgeon and he gave me the information on the new surgeon and stopped me from possibly ruining everything.

We were all praying so hard for the surgeon to be masliach and able to do it with the 1 surgery option. Before the surgeon left the room, I told him how hard we have been praying to do this 1 option that we were told was 1 in a million. I told him how highly Shuki spoke of him and how happy I was that he is the surgeon. I then told him how I am praying for him to be successful with this and all his surgeries. I told him there is a G-d that is in control and we are his messengers. He was very accepting and jokingly said I hope I can live up to your expectations. I said me too!!

Surgery begins. Our most awesome family behind us all the way. Tefilot all over by so many of our caring out of this world people, sedaka being given all around, learning Torah all around. Our people are so wonderful. Hashem somehow had me and my son in-law accidentally end up by the Lubavitcher Rebbes Kever and were zocheh to pray there. Hashem blessed me with such a group of friends, my phone did not stop with messages and calls. Even if I could not take the calls you have no idea how much they helped. I had/have a friend guiding me the whole way thru serious portions of this and non-sense as well- I am blessed to know such a person who is always there for me. Always. Intense praying thru out the surgery. The surgeon returns with the great news of Hashem’s kindness that he could do it with the 1 surgery. He told us of hashgacha that went on in the operating room how he there happened to be another surgeon he needed in the room that stepped in to help with a certain process. Hashem pushes all the right buttons for us. I stepped aside to call our worried family and friends. I am walking around the lobby and see my son in-law and daughter inside the gift shop giggling and looking at the toys and stuffed animals for their new baby, this was a magical moment for me-the page being turned seeing the new parents able to enjoy the Simcha of being blessed with a baby. I was so worried about them being stripped of that joyous pleasure so this was a tearful breath of fresh air for me to see. I rushed and bought my new grandson the stuffed singing doll they were looking at. Hashem is so great to us and guides us so perfectly. Thank you, Hashem, for my first healthy Grandson-Bh he should make you very proud! Serving you Bisimcha with 120 Happy and Healthy years.

Thank You Hashem – Week 230

  • My friend is here from Israel, he has a great organization that feeds over 2,200 families for the holidays. He is a real baal chesed and does things lishaim shamayim. I was on the phone with him and he tells me how he went to do Bikur Cholim for someone yesterday in a Hospital in New York City. This alone was a big mesirut nefesh as he traveled from Lakewood to Deal to NYC for this. He said the brother of the man he was visiting was very touched by the visit and hands him five hundred dollars. He says what’s this? He says this is for your organization. You did such a great misvah by coming here for bikur Holim I would like to give you a donation. He said he put the money back in the man’s hand and said thank you so much I really appreciate it but I am here for the misvah of Bikur Holim, I did not come here so you can give me a donation. If you want to participate of course you can be part of it, you can call me and I will be happy to come over and pick up a check but I do not want to minimize this misvah of Bikur Holim. I do not want to put a price tag on it, I am here 100 percent to see your brother. The man could not believe his ears. To me this is a kidush Hashem. We should all learn to do things with the right intentions like this sadik.
  • My 18-month-old son was having bad stomach virus issues. This was going on for 3 days already and we were getting worried. We waited another day and then we went to the Radiologist. They did several sonograms and told us to wait in the waiting room and do not leave. They finally come out and tell us he has stomach Intussusception – which means that one of your intestines has folded over and he may need a certain air type of procedure right away. We send the info over to the pediatrician and head over there right away. We get there and he says this procedure will not work, I looked at the pictures and you need surgery right away. I called Columbia Hospital and have the number 1 surgeon in this field with his team ready for you. Go there right away. Rush to the hospital. On the way I call my Rabbi and tell him what is going on and he says his daughter had the same thing and mentions the air type procedure. I tell him they said it won’t work. He said to Tell them to try it. Now I am thinking I have the number one surgeon waiting for me to do this surgery, how can I tell him do me a favor let’s wait I want to try this procedure? I didn’t want to lose this surgeon. We get to the emergency room and register. The baby is crying in pain. I ask to please send us to the surgeon right away and they tell me he is not here that he is at a conference. The person from his team on his own says let’s try the air procedure and see what happens. They hook him up to the monitoring machines and Baruch Hashem it worked!! We did not have to do the surgery. Hashem planned out that the Surgeon that was supposedly waiting for us not be there, opening the window for us to do this procedure. The baby is doing great Baruch Hashem. We also experienced another siyata dishmaya. They had a very difficult time getting the IV into my son but finally got it. We were going up on the elevator and my wife notices my sons hand blowing up- she quickly ripped off the tape-the worker saw what was going on and pulled out the IV. It was not going into his vein, it was not in properly and it was causing his hand to blow up Baruch Hashem we caught this. Thank you, Hashem, for always watching over us.
  • For a few days I had several personal challenges that made it very hard to have Bitachon.  It was quite a struggle to remember that Hashem gives us troubles to make us stronger.  But, knowing that I am only human, Hashem gave me the space to work things out.  When I was ready to calm down and really look at the situation, Hashem was there waiting for me.  Thanks Hashem for not giving up on me even when I was not at my best.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the excitement of Rosh Chodesh Adar and the great Mazal that accompanies it.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for letting me go to work at a job that I enjoy.
  • thank you, Hashem, for protecting our home. The back door was open all night and day thank you!’
  • Last night, 10:30pm I went to purchase some food for my son and nephew in Yeshiva, who claim they’re starving! After the cashier rang up my balance, I was ready to pay but his computer froze. I needed to catch the Rebbi taking the package when it was still an earthly hour and it was getting late. After a few minutes of the cashier tapping keys with nothing happening in return, my teenage daughter who came along to make it go faster (but really wanted to finish studying and go to bed) let out a huff and said, “oh no! this is crazy!” I replied, “no, I thank Hashem for this tremendously! I’d much rather be in a lit, warm supermarket with ppl all around if I needed a late night, rather than be stuck out on the road with a flat tire in the dark and cold! (and no cell phone, since it fell down a drain by a parking spot a short while ago) As soon as I completed my thought the cashier’s tap on the key worked and he processed the payment! I was out of the store less than a minute later and made it to the Rebbi on time! my daughter left the store with her mouth hanging open
  • My 5-yr. old daughter said today thank you Hashem that my headband was sticking out of the ball pit so it didn’t get lost!
  • Thank you H-shem last week you gave me a great and wonderful gift to celebrate the Pidyon of my grandson that B”H has the same name as me.  May You always give my wife and me and my whole family more semachot. He should live healthy, happy, with Ahavat H-shem and Yirat Shamayim.
  • Thank You H-shem tonight is my birthday thank you for all the years you have given me together with my family.  May you let me live till 120 years healthy.
  • Thank you for these inspiring emails that help us remember Hashem and appreciate our blessings.

Saved By a Kidney

By Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern

There are many stories testifying to the gadlus (greatness) of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, stories heard from the countless number of people that visited his home seeking his wisdom and instruction.

A family in which one of the sisters developed a serious medical condition had to face a kidney transplant once it became clear the dialysis was not a viable long term option. The parents decided to look for a donor for a transplant. Four of the brothers were determined to be suitable donors. The potential donors agreed they would visit Rav Kanievsky and draw straws to determine which one of them would donate a kidney. The youngest brother became too frightened of surgery and told the others that he cannot give a kidney, but agreed to accompany them to Rav Chaim. They visit took place, and when they drew lots to determine who will donate a kidney, the lot fell on the youngest brother, the same one who stated he is too scared to go through with the transplant.

Those present were certain Rav Chaim would instruct them to draw again between the brothers who were not afraid. However, Rav Chaim told the youngest brother than since the lot fell on him, he must donate the kidney to his sister. “You will not lose from this but you will have good health” Rav Chaim told him.

As the young man tried to tell Rav Chaim he is scared, he was interrupted by Rav Chaim who reiterated that he must go through with ithe transplant and that he will have good health.

The transplant procedure began in Beilinson Hospital in Tel Aviv, where the young brother was in one room and the recipient, his sister, in an adjoining operating room.

After the doctors removed the healthy kidney from the young brother they were astounded to find a growth, albeit a small malignant one that was not detectable because it was under the kidney growing towards the pancreas. The doctors told the family that they never would have detected it without the transplant surgery, and that by the time the growth would have been detectable it would have been too late.

Since the kidney was not usable, the brothers returned to draw lots again at the home of Rav Chaim to determine who will merit giving a kidney.

Once again, it is seen that listening to the words of this Gadol Hador not only saved the life of the sister, who required a kidney, but the younger brother who had no idea that trying to donate the organ would save his life.

Thank You Hashem – Week 143

  • As I was doing my errands L’chvod Yom Tov – couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer number of people all around doing the same! Thank you Hashem for a community with so many healthy people! young/old/children/teenagers – so much joy preparing for the Chag! Thank you Hashem for so much blessing
  • I had to write a card to someone who is going through a hard time. I started typing up the text and everything just flowed! Was done in a few minutes. I kept reading the wording over and over again – couldn’t get over how beautiful and to the mark it was!  Thank you Hashem for the gift of writing! Thank you Hashem for putting all the right words together! Thank you Hashem that the message was well received and hit the mark! Thank you Hashem for everything!!!!
  • have a good short story to share it happened Monday I forgot to take my brief case with sefarim with me on the bus. I was so upset. I boarded the bus and remembered I had the tehilim app on my phone so I started to read the daily tehilim for Monday. When I finished I noticed I had a good 20 minutes left I said Hashem it would be great to be able to learn for the remainder of my train ride I wish I can do just that. Just then the old lady who was sitting across from me who was not Jewish handed me a bag with a Jewish magazine that also had a small pamphlet with laws of netilat yadayim and mayim acharonim. She said here give these to your children… I was so happy and said thank you Hashem and started learning the remainder of my ride.
  • This past Thursday night my 1 year old broke out with red dots on his body and he had a high fever as well. We called the doctor and he told us to go to the emergency room. The doctor at the emergency room wasn’t sure what it was so they sent us home. The next day the rash on his body got much worse we showed it to a pediatrician who thought it was the chicken pocks. As the day went on it started to look more like hives and the fever didn’t go away either by Friday night almost his entire body was covered in dark red blotches. My baby was extremely uncomfortable we went back to the emergency room again Friday night. This time the doctor detected the issue he had coxsickie which caused a hive like reaction all over his body! The doctor warned us that it’s only the second day and that  it’ll probably get worse for another week or so, with that we left. The next morning I wake up and I look at my baby and the hives were gone! I was shocked it was supposed to be getting worse. We brought him back to the doctor after Shabbat and he said he never saw anything like this before. THANK YOU HASHEM!
  • My sister had a very hard time sleeping, as she couldn’t breathe through her nose. She Boruch Hashem had a successful surgery to be able to breathe through her nose. We’re so lucky that Hashem gives us the ability to breathe without needing surgery.
  • I researched a topic in הלכה and within five minutes someone called with a question on that exact topic!
  • Thank you Hashem that when I came back to work after Yom Tov – there were so many Mazel Tov’s!!!!!! Thank you Hashem for a beautiful Yom Tov with my family!
  • I have so much love for Hashem right now, I can’t even express it in words.
    thank you! thank you for this website where I can tell the world how much I love Hashem.
    lets everyone love Hashem!
  • Read from Rav Zilbershtein: Lag B’Omer – 2015 There was a buss full of Passengers returning from Meron, and midway wanted to Enter the parking lot or garage, but the entrance to the parking lot had a Very long line of buses. The Driver said to the passengers: You have two options, Either enter the parking lot, but it will take about an hour, to enter the parking lot until we stop And go back to the bus, etc., the second option Continue driving without stopping to Bnei Brak, What do you prefer? All passengers responded unanimously they prefer to go straight to Bnei Brak Without stopping at all. As they drove the Passengers noticed that sundown was Approaching, and asked the driver to pull over so they could pray Minchah. The driver Agreed, but told them: as soon we Exit Route six, then I can stop on the side, and indeed he did, he entered Route Six, and found a place to stand on The side of the highway and stopped. The passengers got out of the Bus to pray. Suddenly when they started to pray,A soldier arrived and began to pray with them, after Prayer, they asked the soldier where did you come from? After all, the place is a highway, far From any settlement, and how he suddenly appeared here? The soldier replied: I am a Ba’al Teshuva, And on Rosh Hashanah I made a kabbalah to always pray with a minyan. And I indeed Baruch Hashem kept the kabala!.I was stationed in the south, my commander at noon today informed me that I can leave and don’t need to serve now. I found a driver who agreed to take me up here. I got out. Suddenly I see That it is sunset. And have not prayed Where am I going to find a minyan?I prayed to Hashem with all my heart Almighty please I want to pray with a minyan. And suddenly while I prayed to Hashem. Stops in front of me a Bus and people get out to pray. Hashem set up that this entire bus load of people will some how have to be put at this part of the highway in the middle of no where just for this one person who made a kaballah and cared so much about keeping it .Sometimes even today 2015 a person makes a kabala, Secretly inside concealed, no one knows and Hashem shows him his Haa’ra Panim!!
  • 2 engagements and a Bris this week, thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem I found tzion nephesh’s site daily zohar. It’s deep teachings make me happy.thank you Hashem.
  • Dear Hashem, I could never list all the things you have done for me since birth. I thank you for every miracle today and every miracle tomorrow. I know very little about my true self but God bless my Queen and your country. Bless you Hashem and may our works and lives always be pleasing to you,our God. “You are God my God, Where you go I will go also” I “Fear not because the Lord thy God is with me wherever you may go”. I believe this with this with my whole mind, body and being. Many times I layed on the floor, sick, in pain and tears, and many times you picked me up and set me back in your service, I am eternally grateful. May I someday worthy enough for the Kingdom of Hashem. “Michamolcha” (who is like you?) May you bless our true prophets, rabbis, and priests, our leaders, our spouses, our children and our overseers. “Though art with me”Shalom Avinu Malkenu (Peace to Our Father Our King)
  • I was looking thru old read emails to find a certain email I needed. What I found was even better, an old email with an rma of merchandise I have returned and have not been refunded for yet. I was able to reply and take care of a $375 refund that I forgot about. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 142


  • I went to Ikea to return something. I was also planning on buying a high chair for $20 while I was there. I was making small talk with the cashier, I mentioned to her that I had come the previous Sunday to do the return but there was a one-hour wait so I decided to come back another time. I was commenting on how crowded the store is on Sundays. She processed my return and then unexpectedly handed me a $20 gift card. She apologized for my inconvenience ….and that was exactly the amount I needed to buy the high chair. Thank you Hashem!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem I was washing my car for Pesach and was about to wash an area that was hard to get to. I wasn’t sure about it and all of a sudden Hashem took care of it without me having to lift a finger. All of a sudden soapy sud filled water made its way flowing right over the area I needed. It got cleaned all on its own. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank u Hashem for helping me find extra money I didn’t realize I had before the hag.
  • Time to truly appreciate g-d.
    Learning some torah just now and was on the internet looking at the nobel prize winner
    and I asked Hashem a question in my mind quietly and the question was wow this man is so lucky why is that some people get gifts to discover things and immediately I open the Tanach the bible on my desk and I read a Rashi commentary about the year of Yovel the Jubilee Year and it explains that The laws of Yovel, the Jubilee year teach that the land and freedom are Divine Gifts and that ownership reverts to those whom He (Hashem) G-d wills it.
    So clearly it was like an answer to me to my question and a quick confirmation of a beautiful reality which is that g-d gifts people with whatever gifts G-d wills each individual in this world to have.
    thank you Hashem yitbarach.
  • Thank You Hashem for my wife! 🙂
  • I was on the way to get a haircut before the holiday and know that the lines can be very long being the omer is coming. I needed to go to work after and was pressed for time. I prayed to Hashem to please let the place be empty so I can be quick. I get there and there is not one person waiting, the barber was sitting in his chair waiting for someone to walk in. As I am in the chair the place started to fill up. I was done in 15 minutes and avoided the new line by Hashem answering my tefillah. Thank you Hashem.
  • THANK YOU HASHEM for Pesach and for the mitzvah of no chametz I can’t imagine how the house would look if we didn’t have that obligation.
  • I lost a pair of car keys a while back and during pesach cleaning my wife was checking our jacket pockets and found the keys. Thank you Hashem and thank you to my wife.
  • Thank You Hashem – for everything you do.Was travelling to see someone in queens NY, I don’t usually carry cash with me, only credit card. I noticed my back tire was low, and I had to drive at least an hour and half each way. But when I pulled into gas stations I needed a few quarters for the air inflator (used to jersey that has air for free) I did not have any cash or change, finally I get to the destination, and missed the driveway,Iit was very hard to turn around. I Stopped at the gas station on the corner to make a u turn and then noticed BH the air machine takes credit cards Thank you Hashem!!, I missed the turn to end up in probably the only gas station that takes credit cards for air….
  • Usually Erev Pesach we have a regular day of work (of course I leave early). The day is usually hectic (siyum of bachor, burning hametz, shave early). Well this year Hashem gave me a real gift, for the first time ever our office is closed Erev Pesach. Why? When the company was making the Holiday schedule they thought that the goyim day of good Friday was that day. Did they make a mistake? They think they did but we know Hashem does not make mistakes he is perfect. Thank you Hashem for the awesome day to prepare for the sedar. I think Mashiach is here.
  • I had an engagement, a wedding, a bris and a sheva berachot to attend this week. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for all the Doctors I did not need to see this week. Thank you Hashem for my health.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping us move into a fine building – with a daily Minyan and fine neighbors, in an area that’s perfect, with a rent that’s reasonable, fixed up so nicely, and many other benefits.  As usual we allowed ourselves to be nervous and anxious before it all came together so well when our lease was up and we needed to go !And as usual we are embarrassed with ourselves for feeling that way after all we should have realized that everything would happens for the best, at the right time !
  • Thank you Hashem for the last minute order you sent me right before the holiday
  • Thank you Hashem for all of our Rabbis that we have that make it possible for us to have a Kosher Pesach. All the information we have available to us is amazing. Thank you Hashem for our Rabbis.
  • An issue at work suddenly popped up on me and put me in a jam that could very well take a large amount of time to handle. This came up right before the holiday and was in a pinch on how to handle this issue. Hashem some how put in my head the name of a friend of a friend that may have information for me on how to take care of this. The person was extremely helpful and actually took care of the problem himself. The issue has been taken care of rather quickly. Thank you Hashem and of course the wonderful person who helped.

Thank You Hashem – Week 141

  • My wife gave birth 8 weeks early thank you Hashem for a healthy wife and healthy baby boy!
  • Thank you Hashem for the wedding I am attending-Mazel tov
  • New baby boy in our family- Thank you Hashem
  • Baby girl-mabruk.
  • BH Had a Bar Mitzvah Sunday and wedding on Monday and Tuesday Mabrook!
  • Shabbat Chatan this past shabbat- Mabrook
  • My friends daughter got engaged-so happy- mabruk
  • I went to visit a customer to sell him merchandise thinking I would profit about $200 for his order. In between going to him and calling the next day for the order I did a certain misvah that our rabbis teach us brings parnasah. Called the customer the next day , Just finished with him, bought more than I thought and made over $1000. Thank you so much Hashem.
  • I just heard wonderful news, one of the girls that my daughter prayed for on her wedding day to find their shiduch has gotten engaged! Mabruk! Hope to hear more good news. Thank you Hashem
  • I just heard about 3 girls a little older in age that have gotten engaged. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the struggles in life and thank you for all the times when there are no struggles in life. Thank you Hashem for the solutions to our struggles in life.
  • I was driving home very late one night and found myself in a very scary and dangerous area. There were very scary people hanging out on each corner staring at me when I would approach. I was very scared. A police officer signaled for me to pull over that he wanted to speak with me. I had no idea what he wanted. He asked me what I was doing, I told him I am a tiny bit lost and trying to get home. He saw that I was honest and not there to meet with any of these scary characters. He leans over and tells me to write down his badge number. He then tells me do not stop by the stop signs that I should carefully slow down about 10 feet before the corner and then carefully drive thru the stop sign avoiding eye contact with these dangerous people.  He said if a cop stops me to give them my badge number and tell them I advised you to do this. I followed his instructions and after a few blocks was able to get on the highway and home safely. Thank you Hashem for your protection.
  • Wedding last night, wedding tonight and wedding Sunday night. Thank you Hashem for happy occasions to celebrate.
  • I was about to go to the store to buy bread and my phone rings and it’s my mother and she says Hi I am in Moishy’s do you need anything. Saved me a trip, Thank you Hashem for my mother.
  • Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah, always there in an instant when we need them.
  • As I was driving the thought popped into my head that I need a car wash for Pesach but not in the mood to deal with lines. I was a little bit out of the neighborhood and thought maybe I can get lucky and find one here that is not too busy. Type car wash into my phone, and says .02 miles away, I follow the short directions and bingo, only 1 person in front of me. I then prepare to pay a little extra for the pesach sketch but they tell me all I need is package 1 for 9.99, he then hands me the ticket and says, here it is on special today for 7.99. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 140

  • Thank you Hashem, I was so happy to see my friend Debbie from school today. It made me very happy.  Hashem really cares. Hashem knew how much I wanted to see her. Well done Hashem!
  • Thursday, I had very busy hectic day with many appointments .I had an important package to go out FedEx but no time to go to the post office.    I prayed to Hashem “please send me a FedEx truck” I Walked outside my store and a FedEx truck pulled up and gladly took my package.   In life when we go thru hectic times and then we get bailed out, we may think it’s us, or others or FedEx that helped, but it’s really Hashem that delivers.
  • Nothing is by accident. In the middle of Mincha I accidentally turned a few too many pages and glimpsed at some of the berachot in the upcoming Amidah. I thought to myself that I am not there yet, not in the amidah but will be on those pages shortly in the future and it helped me prepare my kavanah that when I get to those pages I want to be able to focus and concentrate on the powerful berachot of the amidah. Thank you Hashem for letting me prepare. It also made me think about Olam Haba , that I am not there yet and want to prepare here first..
  • Was assisting someone with a matter dealing with Renewal, an organization that helps with Kidney transplants and the woman on the phone at the Drs. Office in Lakewood after hearing me mention Renewal says oh Renewal they recently did a shiduch (a match). I figured she meant a shiduch of connecting a person who needs a kidney with a donor and I continued talking to her about how great that is. She interrupts and says, no they did a real marriage shiduch! I said what? She tells me how there were 2 donors at Renewal and they were put together and have gotten married. Wow..I was on the phone with Aj from Renewal and I mentioned this to him to confirm and he told me 100% true , that he went to the wedding. He made the story even greater by telling me how both of the donors are from Brooklyn and both happened to go to Minneapolis as a chesed to give chizuk to the patient who was preparing to receive a new Kidney. The 2 people met in Minneapolis and are now married. We clearly see Hashems hand here on many fronts, the reward for these peoples chesed, how they both are in NY but met very far away, how they both have the same midah of caring enough to go and fly out to Minneapolis to make a patient feel more comfortable- No doubt this is match made in Heaven by Hashem with the guidance of the fantastic organization Renewal.Thank you Hashem.
  • Brit milah yesterday, mabruk…
  • Was at the Geox store with my wife and the sales person comes and tells us that today they have a sale and we will get an additional 25 percent off of the sale price and if we buy 2nd pair we will get another 50 off of one of the shoes on top of the already reduced price. Got confused, laughed and said whatever you said sounds good. Got a great pair of Geox for $26! My wife’s were about $60. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a chesed to do.
  • Saved myself a 3 hour trip in the car by asking a simple question, Thank you Hashem for putting the right thoughts in our minds.
  • Got a free upgrade on my flight, Thank you Hashem.
  • Found out I was going to have extra expenses this Pesach year being I was going to have to have extra meals in my home this year. I did not get bothered by the extra expense even though it is a little tight right now and said to myself, my friend always reminds me that Hashem pays for Shabbat and Holidays. Shortly after finding out about the extra expenses someone approaches me with a gift card for a very nice amount to one of the biggest kosher supermarkets in town. Keep in mind this person never has given me a gift card like this before , this was given on a year that I was having extra meals and Hashem has taken care of it on his Shabbat and Holiday account. Thank you so much to this friend and of course Thank you Hashem for always taking care of all of our needs. Chodesh Tov to all.
  • Engagement party last night –Mazal Tov
  • Wow , Thank you Hashem , I just called the rent a car company to tell them that I made a reservation but never got an email confirmation and when I go on the site to see the car rental it shows a way higher price. They looked me up and said I do not have a reservation. Uh oh , I say here are my dates please see if you can get me the same price I originally had that was 200 less then what it shows now. She types it in and says there is a special deal right now and it will be over 100 less than my original reservation! I say can I do it online she says no it is only available at this particular airport and only available by doing it on the phone. Thank you Hashem for saving me over 300 dollars and Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to give them a call, something I normally would not do.
  • Was witness to enormous amounts of chesed and maasim tovim this week on many levels of Adam Lichaveiro. Made me realize how lucky I am to be a Jew. There is no one like our nation. Thank you Hashem for choosing me to be part it.

Thank You Hashem – Week 139

  • Thank you Hashem for such a wonderful Holiday of Purim to enjoy with friends and family.
  • Was trying to plan a trip to go away and for some reason things kept coming up and blocking me from making the plans. Finally was unable to go and planned it for a later date. Looking at the weather of where we were going shows many storms. Thank you Hashem for directing me as always.
  • Brit milah today- Mazal Tov
  • 3 chattans in shul shabbat- Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem’ that my phone works perfectly even after being submerged in water! Thank you for directing me to take the proper actions to prevent any damage. Mamash a miracle!
  • Thank you Hashem’ that my fever went away almost instantly after taking 2 Tylenols and taking a short nap. This allowed me to help my wife on Sunday taking care of the baby and chores around the house.
  • Lost my 180’s and found them on the seat of my car , lost my slippers and found them by the couch. Thank you Hashem
  • It was pouring rain outside. Gam Zu L’tovah. I woke up late, Gam Zu L’tovah. I was running late, had to go to a different Shul for Shacharis. Gam Zu L’tovah. I missed the turn for the street I should’ve taken. I had to go more out of the way now. Now I was going to be late for this Minyan too. Gam Zu L’tovah. In the pouring rain, not even 50 feet after the turn that I missed was a soaking wet Yeshiva Bochur waiting for a hitch. Of course I pulled over to pick him up. It was my old neighbor. very grateful to me and The Master Of The Universe who has it all planned out perfectly. Gam Zu L’Tovah.
  • Thank you Hashem for my friend who pushed me very hard and did not give up in trying to get me to give sedaka to his shul
  • I mistakenly tapped a car that was parked in front of me and didn’t realize there was a person sleeping in there, he must have been drunk or something. He reacted very violently so I took off. He started to chase me in his car. I was very scared and prayed very hard to Hashem to protect me. He was speeding up behind me and was about to hit me so I speeded up and this became a high speed chase, I was petrified having this crazy man chasing me in his car chas vishalom something unthinkable could happen. I was panicking and without realizing I quickly turned down a one way street to try and lose him but what I did not realize in my panic was that I was going the wrong direction on a one way street and to make it worse this crazy man continued his chase after me down this one way street in the wrong direction. I prayed to Hashem, stopped at the corner and braked pretending to put my car in park as if I wanted to get out of the car and confront him. He jumps out of his car like a maniac, I quickly floor it and cross over a big 2 Way Street that happened to have the light at yellow then turned red as I crossed and then oncoming traffic got in the way of this guy and I got away. Thank you Hashem for protecting me and for letting me be ok to speak about it. I love you Hashem.
  • I went to my storage place in Brooklyn in the middle of no mans land-goy land and the minute I got there the manager saw I was wearing a kippah and asked me to come and pray mincha with him. He took me to a huge warehouse accross the street where there was an sy wholesale business and we had a regular sy minyan. Thank you Hashem.
  • I raised $1050 yesterday for sedaka and $300 of it was mine. Today someone offered me $1200 worth of gift cards to any store I want, for 25 percent off, so I bought it and saved exactly the same amount I gave to sedaka yesterday. Wow thank you Hashem….just looked at the times and I paid the donation last night at 1:04 am and I was offered the gift cards at 1:18am,14 minutes after.
  • Can’t help but stop to thank Hashem for all the good in my life. Baruch Hashem I have an amazing husband and beautiful child, a spacious apartment, a job, food to eat, clothing to wear, my family’s health…I can go on and on Thank You Hashem!!
  • Thank you for my wonderful husband who took me on a beautiful vaction
  • Thank you Hashem for achdut and for letting me live and be part of our special community which in itself is a great great kidush Hashem. Thank you Hashem

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