Thank You Hashem – Special

Thank you, Hashem! This is one of those things that I don’t know where to begin so I will begin with thanking Hashem for the beautiful exciting site of seeing my daughter go into labor at about 4:30 am Friday night. My wife headed to the hospital with them as we had our controlled chaos in the house preparing to get her ready for the car service. I went to shul in the morning and came home to be with my kids and have Shabbat lunch together with them.

I then made the long joyous walk to Maimonides Hospital. Imagining I would be walking into the room greeted with a mabruk it’s a ___.  Baruch Hashem walked into the room and they were still waiting around in the labor room. I was grateful to Hashem that I would be able to be by the birth of my first grandchild. Things were very calm and I decided to maybe go out into the hallway for as stroll, as I was preparing to walk out the Dr. was walking in, she quickly and calmly said, we are ready let’s have this baby and she sent me outside behind the curtain of the room into the hallway. She said in 15 minutes we will have a baby here. I was overwhelmed I couldn’t believe my ears. I am the excited crying type and was flushed with emotion and started praying right there in the hallway like a man on a mission. Things were moving along in the delivery room as I was praying in the hall. Feeling a drop woozy I then remembered reading on our Parasha sheets in Peh Tahor from Rabbi Brezak all about the shehakol campaign and the great shehakol stories from people making the beracha. I called thru the curtain to my wife to send me out a bottle of water, my wife looked for the water and I hear the Dr. say who is the water for? she said for my husband-my wife knows her husband and said don’t ask-he needs the water, and quickly got the water to me. I said a very loud shehakol in the hallway with kavana and within 5 minutes the baby was born without me hearing one sign of discomfort from my daughter Baruch Hashem! She had a baby boy! I danced in the hallway singing Hashem’s praises out loud in front of everyone as I promised Hashem I would do when I hear the news of the baby being born. We were overwhelmed with joy.

We had a great hour or so of Simcha that I am so grateful for-then the nurse comes to us and says she wants the pediatric surgeon to come and speak to us-we were like, who? what? – she said she might see an issue. They explained to us a certain situation that he had but can be corrected. The surgeon came and told us that there was a way to do it with 1 surgery but that was 1 in a million and made a motion with his hands shrugging it off and said I am not even going to talk to you about that option it is 1 in a million and this is not the 1 over here. He then explained the 3-part solution that would require 3 separate surgeries spaced out over 2 or 3 months! We were stunned by the turn of events-worried for what lied ahead but ok knowing he was going to be ok after this strenuous process. Now it was time to get into motion of seeing what to do- Baruch Hashem we are blessed with Rabbis and organizations that words cannot describe that get everything in motion and guide our decisions. I was not happy to have this hospital do this procedure but needed to hear what to do. My mother was the first call, the entire Shabbat I said we need my mother she knows how to react in these situations. She told me call Rabbi Raymond Beyda, I say but I think he only deals with halachic issues, she said call- I did-was great move, I can’t describe how Rabbi Beyda helped thru out the whole process clearly, not sugarcoating anything. He had me get in touch asap with Rabbi Shuki Berman, he said he will email him to take my call right away-before I could call him, my phone rings and its Rabbi Shuki Berman, my mother called him and Rabbi Beyda emailed him. I utter out the long name of what is going on and he quickly says yes, it’s a 3-surgery situation, get him out of this hospital Dr. Rosen is a specialist in this field he is in Long Island Jewish Medical center- give me the word and I will get the transfer to happen-I was stunned- I said I will speak to my family and get back to you. We made several calls and it was unanimous that we must get to this specialist. Everyone’s reaction was the same.

Got the wheels in motion with Shuki Berman. He calls back with instructions to go down to the NICU and what to tell them. This was about 2 am. We followed instructions and they were not eager to let us out. They sat us in a conference room intimidating us and explaining why we will have such a hard time if we leave. The Dr. said there is a 0 percent chance of you leaving in the middle of the night especially on a weekend. The Dr. stepped out to get a chart from the baby. I text Rabbi Beyda the status, he told me to have my wife go in the hall and call the 516 number Shuki gave me and tell them we will handle the ambulance for the transfer, he said this is what holds up the insurance and it will get things going. They will say ok-he said trust me this will do it, go. My wife was nervous about going into the hall and calling but Hashem took care of it. The door opens with a nurse standing there with a phone in her hand and says, if you will handle the ambulance I can approve the transfer right now-is that ok? we were like-ok we approve…Baruch Hashem.

About an hour later there we were on highways driving to this Hospital in Long island and my son in-law says to me- That Dr. said 0 percent of leaving in the middle of the night. Here we are-we get there and it is a different world. We are greeted with smiles and told we know this is a difficult time for you but we are going to do anything to make it as pleasant as possible.

Everything going nicely and in order over here. The surgeon speaks to us and tells us the same 3 surgery process and then mentions the possibility of the 1 surgery if they physically see a certain step taken by the baby. I said the other hospital said it is 1 in a million, do you think this can happen? He says I think it is possible. Wow- we had an opening of hope. As time was progressing we were not seeing this step by the baby. My son in-law asked the Dr. what if the step is happening inside but just not showing outside can we do it, to that they replied sorry but no. A few hours later my son in-law calls me and tells me the surgeon just called him and said that she is not going to be performing the surgery that a different surgeon is taking over. I said no way I am calling the Surgeon and telling her, we escaped and came here in the middle of the night for you, not to be handed off. I was ready to push hard. Before calling I call Shuki and tell him what happened so he can help on his end. He asked who is the new surgeon and I tell him his name and he quickly says this is a Beracha from Hashem- he is the chief surgeon there! You have been upgraded, he is the teacher for the other surgeon and he is her elder and has much more experience, do not call the hospital. Thank you, Hashem, for controlling me.

That night in the room we ask the nurse if she thinks there is any chance of the 1 surgery even though they did not physically see this step? She politely said sorry but it seems like we are doing the 3-surgery process, so sorry. The next morning, the day of the surgery me and my wife were in the room with the new surgeon and his team. You can see he was the real deal. They begin to give us information and they say there is a chance they can do the 1 surgery procedure but he will not know for sure until they are in the surgery. If not, he will have to switch to the 3-surgery option. I thought I was hearing things. We all agreed to go for it. We couldn’t believe it, he was willing to do it even though he did not physically see the step the other surgeon needed to see. He said it is close enough on the inside that he is confident even without physically seeing it.

Hashem sent this experienced surgeon to us against our will for him to have the knowledge needed to go for the 1 surgery process without physically seeing it. Hashem is pushing all the buttons. I was with my son in-law many hours straight but when the surgeon called him I happened to not be there. I would have probably got on the phone and begged her to stay and do the surgery. Hashem had me call Shuki before calling the surgeon and he gave me the information on the new surgeon and stopped me from possibly ruining everything.

We were all praying so hard for the surgeon to be masliach and able to do it with the 1 surgery option. Before the surgeon left the room, I told him how hard we have been praying to do this 1 option that we were told was 1 in a million. I told him how highly Shuki spoke of him and how happy I was that he is the surgeon. I then told him how I am praying for him to be successful with this and all his surgeries. I told him there is a G-d that is in control and we are his messengers. He was very accepting and jokingly said I hope I can live up to your expectations. I said me too!!

Surgery begins. Our most awesome family behind us all the way. Tefilot all over by so many of our caring out of this world people, sedaka being given all around, learning Torah all around. Our people are so wonderful. Hashem somehow had me and my son in-law accidentally end up by the Lubavitcher Rebbes Kever and were zocheh to pray there. Hashem blessed me with such a group of friends, my phone did not stop with messages and calls. Even if I could not take the calls you have no idea how much they helped. I had/have a friend guiding me the whole way thru serious portions of this and non-sense as well- I am blessed to know such a person who is always there for me. Always. Intense praying thru out the surgery. The surgeon returns with the great news of Hashem’s kindness that he could do it with the 1 surgery. He told us of hashgacha that went on in the operating room how he there happened to be another surgeon he needed in the room that stepped in to help with a certain process. Hashem pushes all the right buttons for us. I stepped aside to call our worried family and friends. I am walking around the lobby and see my son in-law and daughter inside the gift shop giggling and looking at the toys and stuffed animals for their new baby, this was a magical moment for me-the page being turned seeing the new parents able to enjoy the Simcha of being blessed with a baby. I was so worried about them being stripped of that joyous pleasure so this was a tearful breath of fresh air for me to see. I rushed and bought my new grandson the stuffed singing doll they were looking at. Hashem is so great to us and guides us so perfectly. Thank you, Hashem, for my first healthy Grandson-Bh he should make you very proud! Serving you Bisimcha with 120 Happy and Healthy years.

Thank You Hashem – Week 227

  • Last week I had to take my son to the dermatologist.  While he was there, I had the doctor look at something on my foot.  It turned out to be nothing much, but he asked me if there was anything else I wanted him to look at.  I asked him to look at a bump I had on my face, and he told me that it was pre-cancerous and needed to come off.  He took it off then and there.  Thank You Hashem for getting me to the doctor in time.  Once again, Hashem you came through for me at the right time.
  • Thank you Hashem, we had a beautiful baby girl from my daughter Ilana and Manny Haber this past shabbat at 10am. This is the first Debbie (my wife’s namesake) and this weeks Haftarah for Beshalach just happens to be….”Deborah Eiysha Neviya!”
  • Thank you Hashem for bringing my yeshuah!!
  • I heard a beautiful story to say Thank You to H-shem.  “Somebody wrote to the Lubavitch Rebbe complaining that he can’t take anymore that he needs a bigger house, he has 2 boys and 2 girls and he lives in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Every time he comes home, his wife complains to him that their children don’t have room to play, to sleep, to do their homework and they are always fighting one on top of the other.  The Rebbe answers him:  1.  Mazal tov for getting married!!! Do you know how many people are looking to get married and they don’t find their zibbug?; 2.  Mazal Tov for having 2 boys and 2 girls!!!! Do you know how many people had been trying to have children for years and they don’t?; 3.  Mazal Tov for owning your own house!!!!  Do you know how many people have to pay rent and move every few years for not having a place of their own?  The Rebbe finishes the letter saying YOU AND YOUR WIFE SHOULD FIRST EXPRESS THANK YOU TO H-SHEM FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS THAT HE HAS BESTOWED UPON YOU. NOW PLEASE WRITE TO ME AGAIN WITH YOUR REQUEST.  The man was too shy to write to the Holy Rabbi again.”
  • Thank you H-shem for all the numerous blessings that you bestowed us every single moment of our lives, like Nishmat, even if we had all the ink in the world and unlimited amount of paper it’s not enough to say Thank you for one of the billions of Chesed that you do for us at every moment.
  • A year ago a person asked me to do a chesed for someone he knows that was sick. Of course I said ok and helped them out, it was nothing difficult a small simple chesed. A year later this person was talking to me and I tell him I am making my sons bar misvah in a couple of weeks. He asks if I have all the money. I answer and tell him the amount I am missing and am praying to have it by the time the bar misvah day arrives. The next day he hands me the exact amount of money to make the bar misvah. I asked where he got it from and all he said is that it was from someone who had hakarat hatov to me for something I helped them with. I figured it out that it was the sick person or someone in their family. Thank you so much Hashem for helping me out. I feel like you sent me that chesed opportunity a year in advance as a test to see if I would get this help to complete the bar misvah payment. Thank you to this person as well. This was such a nice thing for you to do. I did not help them looking for anything in return. Hashem is so perfect. Thank you Hashem for my sons bar misvah.

 From the archives..

  • I heard an amazing story this morning about this Talmid Chacham who got hurt badly in a terror attack, he was so badly hurt and the Dr said he will never be the same, Am Israel got together to daven for him and with his determination to get better he exceeded all expectations today he is getting married!!!! To a girl who organized endless Tehilim groups and chesed in his name without even knowing who he was!
    This is to show you that when we do selfless chesed for others we ourselves see yeshuot and more importantly don’t stop the tefilot, bora Olam hears them!!!!!!
  • Last Friday I was putting together a class on the subject of appreciating Hashem’s kindness throughout the year and truly being happy to serve Him with our Torah learning and performance of mitzvot. I was in a local shul and decided to write down some notes and points to focus on. The midrash was just cleaned up and the tables were ready for Shabbat without the regular random papers around that I would normally use for this. So after looking all over for just one piece of paper to write on, I finally found it- and turning it over, it was someone’s printout of this email. So I took this as a clear nod of approval from Hashem. For a class about “Thank you Hashem”, I was being told to use the back of this beautiful collection of people actually thanking Hashem!! May everyone who participates in this project be blessed with a year of siyata dishmaya, inspiration and closeness to our Creator!

Thank You Hashem – Week 188

  • About a month ago, I was making Sheva berachot for a friends daughter whom we are close to. I saved four hundred dollars on the side to pay for the Simcha. 5 days before got a call from my sons Yeshiva that my 5 yr old son fell & needed stitches on his forehead. So I Picked him up and went to Dr. They said it was very deep needed a plastic surgeon. So we went to the surgeon she said she doesn’t accept my insurance and I need to pay out of pocket. When she was done she presented me with a bill for $400. So I gave her a posted dated check for two days from then. I got home and told my wife that we didn’t have money to buy food and necessities for the Sheva berachot. She said no worries Hashem will send. Two days passed and the check was going in and we needed to prepare. My phone rings and I see it’s from a friend. He proceeds to tell me that he was going over his accounts and he never paid me commission for once referring a relative to him a few years back & that I should come pick up a check for $400 which is sitting on his desk. Baruch Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the unexpected Zechut to be a sandak for my nephew this last week!
  • Thank you Hashem for zechut to emulate you collecting money for yetomim & almanot
  • Thank you Hashem for being able to have 2 guests who are here from Israel this week.
  • The other day I was driving and accidently the passenger door in the front seat wasn’t closed properly and flew open while I turned a corner. B”H the passenger was belted in – and wasn’t leaning on the door. B”H there were no cars parked on that side of the road which the open door would’ve smashed, nor were there people on the street who would’ve been hit…… Thank you Hashem for this gigantic open miracle and the zillions of miracles that I don’t get to see each and every day. I love you so much Hashem!
  • I was on my way to visit a friend in the Hospital. On my way he calls me and says did you leave Brooklyn yet? I say I am on the fdr drive already, why? I figured he was going to say that he needed a ride for someone. He answers, do you have an extra kippah in your car? I say why?- he says the man in the next bed sharing his room is 91 years old. He just put on tefilin together with him for the 1st time in 56 years!!! He said the man was crying like a baby. He said he has my kippah and said he does not want to take it off, he wants to keep it on and wear a kippah! Mi KiAMECHA Yisrael. I get to the hospital and my friend is not in his room , I call him and ask where are you? he says quick come meet me I am doing bikur cholim visiting someone on the other side of the floor. Some people are very special Baruch Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the court case was dismissed and thank you Hashem that I am a Jew and you are always patient with me. I love you my father the king
  • Heard a couple of people close to me are doing better with recovering from illnesses. Thank you H-Shem for healing them and thank you H-shem for my and all of am yisroel’s health.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me a good day !
  • Thank You Hashem for all of the unique opportunities You give us to show You how much we love You!
  • Pidyon , a Brit milah, Bar Misvah and wedding all in the same week Baruch Hashem. As I type this I am noticing the link of these simachot-How wonderful is Hashem. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem. You protect me from the hackers that are on my Mac who have not left me alone.
  • I know they are abusing my privacy but I thank you Hashem for giving me courage to be strong in the face of adversity.
  • A special note from 7 year old Malka Hirth A”H “I sing to Hashem, I thank you for my life, even though I would like it to be different, I know he has a plan for me, the best possible plan” she said on the way to the emergency room. Malka was niftar This year. May this be a tremendous zechut for her.
  • As always, there is so much to thank Hashem for. I would put high up on the list that my father is pretty much ok after falling down the stairs Motzei Shabbos & hitting his head & going unconscious. Was rushed to the hospital & had a couple of CAT scans & Baruch Hashem all looks good. A few stitches & stayed for the night in the hospital, but all looks good now & back to normal. C”V, could’ve been a lot worse.
  • My son went to Far Rockaway for Shabbos & was a whole “to do” figuring out hot to get him there. Thank you Hashem for arranged to have a Lakewood resident in Lawrence for Shabbos & they were able to hook up & got a ride home quickly & easily. & it turns out the person giving the ride is a friend I know from yeshiva more than 35 years ago!
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful weather forecasted for Shabbos. Looking forward to Pesach & warmer weather. Spring is always a beautiful time & we should appreciate what comes with it. Thank you!
  • Thank you Hashem for the excitement of Pesach slowly building up. May we greet Mashiach and enjoy Korban Pesach this year Bh.

Thank You Hashem – Week 178

  • thank you Hashem for making my son feel better !
  • Thank you Hashem for a husband that believes in me, and promotes my talent.  Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to be an Ima to my son who is a warrior, and gives me strength.
  • So proud of my son who has started learning Mishnah in school this week.
  • Thank you Hashem that my daughter has become a Bat Misvah
  • I was sitting at the Shabbat table Friday night with my wife and my two kids. My son who’s two and half years old and my daughter who’s four months old. I started reading the THANK YOU HASHEM weekly at the Shabbat table so that everyone can take part in the amazing things that happen. A few weeks ago, as I was reading it my son asked me for the papers so he can read it. I told him, first Aba will finish and then he can have his turn. Waiting patiently he listened to me reading it out loud and hearing me repeat the words thank you Hashem for the amazing story. When I finished reading it I gave him the sheet of paper and told him ok now we will listen to you read it. He took the paper stared at it and said thank you Hashem thank you Hashem for the story.  I want to thank Hashem for the amazing Nachat we get from this boy every day. May we watch him grow to be a chacham in klal yisrael. Amen.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving me from getting some big chargebacks from one of our customer. We shipped by error wrong barcodes on some items. Usually they would charge us to repack the items with the correct barcodes. I asked Hashem to fix the situation without losing any money. Lo and behold they somehow agreed to leave the wrong barcodes on them which is very rare. Thank you Hashem for always being there for us at all times.
  • how about an I’m sorry Hashem. Life has been so fast paced that we haven’t said thank you.  Bh  it is for good things. So thank you for our days that are filled with lots of fun things to do!
  • Thank you Hashem  For the reflectors on the highway road We can see when it’s pouring rain!! BH thank you Hashem
  • thank you Hashem, I’ve pulled my wisdom tooth out about a week ago and when you pull it out they give you antibiotics so it should not get infected. I wasn’t  really interested in taking it but I said you never know let me be safe and listen to my doctor. Baruch Hashem I did cause a few days later my son was unfortunately in the hospital and I was diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor said I would not be able to visit my son because I may spread more germs to him which may cause more harm. However when I told the doctor that I was already on antibiotics for my wisdom tooth being pulled out a week before and today was the last day of my medicine . He said well then great your good to go. your body already had the medication it needs to help fight it.  you an go visit your son!! thank you! thank you Hashem. Hashem really had everything all planned out to the minute .
  • Baruch Hashem all went well with the week of Sheva Brochos & Shabbos Sheva Brochos. Spent quality time with family & everyone came & went safely. Thank You Hashem! & no weather issues.
  • Thank You Hashem for watching over my daughter that went to Eretz Yisrael this week.
  • Looking forward to the inauguration of a new president for the United States of America who looks to be a lot friendlier to Israel than his predecessor. Thank You Hashem for our freedom to vote & freedom of religion.
  • Hashem sent me a nice sale that was totally unexpected. I was very happy. Suddenly the customer noticed the pricing and said to hold off, he needs to get an approval of some sort. I prayed very hard and spoke closely to Hashem. Made a kabalah. The next morning he calls and says, go ahead with the order as planned. Thank you Hashem.
  • Everyday after Shachrit my routine is to go to the bathroom before my hour plus bus ride to the city.  Over the years, we’ve gotten accustomed to having weekly collectors come around the Shul.  Some we are favorable to and some not so. One day this week, one of the non favorables came around. It turned out as he was finishing up collecting, we both met at the bathroom at the same time and washed our hands together and wound up saying the Asher Yasar together. Lately, I started saying the Beracha slowly, trying to have the proper kavanah and wound up saying it much slower than the collector from Boro Park. Afterward he said to me “Wow I started saying my Beracha fast as usual but when I saw you saying it slowly I slowed down to. I told him is a very important beracha and if said correctly it takes care of many if not all illnesses. I think after our encounter this religious man will saying  the beracha slower. YOU NEVER KNOW WHOS WATCHING YOU AND THE IMPACT YOU CAN HAVE ON OTHERS.  Maybe this story will impact you to.  Shabbat Shalom!!
  • So many wonderful simachot this week. Sunday had a bar misvah, Monday had a wedding, Wednesday had a bris and a pidyon. Thursday an engagement. Friday night the simcha of our precious Shabbat.

Thank You Hashem – Week 151

  • This story takes place a little over 29 years ago. 6 months before my father’s passing… My Father A’H had a very good friend that opened a gift store on Ave U in 1987.  We didn’t know this at the time but my father used to visit his friend on a regular basis, sit and have coffee and help him buy and set up merchandise goods for the store.  Shortly after..My Father passed away. During the week of my Father’s Shiva, my father’s friend came to pay respects..told us many stories, including the one I just mentioned. He gave us a cassette tape and told us to listen to it after we got up from sitting that week..  Needless to say we were very anxious to find out what was on the tape.. We got up from sitting and my Mother, 2 brothers and myself ran to my room to listen to the recording..  To our surprise…  it was a recording of my father sing a famous song from the 40’s with his friend on the keyboard  “ I’ll Never Smile Again.. Until I smile at You!!”  Anyone that knows the Lyrics’ to this song could imagine the emotions that ran through us that night.  ..  needless to say, we all left my room crying like babies and a memory that would last a lifetime. This recording has been a family treasure for all these years and we have always been very thankful to my father’s friend for sharing this with us.. This past Sunday, 6/26/16,  I received an email noticed that my Fathers friend had passed away earlier in the day at 96 years old. ..  but what really hit me hard was that he passed away with no family and there was no Shiva for him… I assumed no one was saying Kaddish for him either. I reached out to the Rabbi in NJ where I know he used to pray and asked him if anyone was saying Kaddish for him..  The Rabbi wasn’t sure but advised to get this done and that someone should be hired to say Kaddish for him for the Year.. I told the Rabbi I would say Kaddish for the week and would hire someone to make sure it gets done for the entire year.  And that’s what I did. It can’t be that a man lives 96 years and the next day passes away never to be remembered again..I don’t know what Zechut this man had or the depth of his relationship he had with my father but I could tell you this….  .  Hashem has a master plan and in this case it started 29 years ago.  I want to Thank Hashem for giving me the opportunity to perform this Mitzvah and pray that his Ne’shamah is elevated throughout the year and years to come..    Amen!!
  •  Had the zechut to attend my sons High School graduation. Mabruk, may he grow to be a true ben Torah along with all of his classmates.
  • Bris , Pidyon and a Wedding tonight. Thank you Hashem
  • Last year while my parents were in Florida on vacation, they were walking along the seashore and were pulled into the ocean by a rip wave current, my father broke his back and my mother her leg, they both had terrible complications and got worse before getting better. BAROUCH HASHEM, Ishtabach shemo la’ad, a year later, my parents  are both doing well and are thankful every day (as is the whole family b’H), to our Amazing father in the sky, that they are  Barouch Hashem healthy and here with us ad 120 B’H!
  • Pidyon Haben tonight – mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for a job that I love. Waking up each day happy to go to work and having the ability to help people is a beracha.
  • Two of my neighbors have gotten engaged to each other- Mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me in position to do a kidush Hashem.
  • Thank Hashem for bringing my wife home from the hospital.
  • Thank you Hashem for such a thing as Dialysis that my friend was able to utilize. Thank you Hashem that my friend no longer needs to utilize Dialysis.
  • I was able to do a chesed with my car driving both to New Jersey and back to New York. This is something I prayed for when I first got the car. To be able to use it for chesed and misvot. Thank you Hashem.
  • I was away out of town and became ill. I called the Doctor back home and asked for a prescription. After I received it I realized being out of town I would not be covered for it on my insurance. I needed the medicine so I went to Walgreens. I gave them the prescription and on their own they saw me in their computer and I don’t know how but they had my insurance and I was covered. Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hashem for taking the illness away.
  • Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah and the incredible devoted members of Hatzalah. The Goyim can not fathom such an idea. We are a special people.

Thank You Hashem – Week 147

  • Thank you Hashem for saving our lives as we were crossing the street with the right-of-way when a driver trying to ‘make the light ‘ that already changed to red almost barreled in to us.  It happened so fast we didn’t even realize the mortal danger had he not short stopped after seeing us.  Baruch Shomer Yisrael.  My wife and I commented that we each had given Tzedaka randomly that morning…..
  • Thank you Hashem for everything you have taught me. Your teaching never stops. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you Hashem for answering so many of my tefillot.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Efraim Wachsman and his amazing classes and hizuk!
  • Thank You HaShem for all the semachot there was this week and BzH will be. Could never thank You enough!
  • Thank You Hashem for letting everything work out so great regarding my family and I moving into a new home.
  • 2 Of my friends children have gotten married to each other. Mabruk
  • 2 brisses this week- great simachot
  • Bar Misvah and an engagement party last night Thank you Hashem
  • I was out-of-town and at shul for mincha. Before we brought in Lag Ba-omer the Rabbi got up to speak. He spoke about the upcoming Lag Ba-omer celebration they were having and the importance and kedusha of that great day. He continued and mentioned how they will be selling candles in connection with great Tanaiim and Torah leaders. He mentioned how it is brought down if you get such a candle in memory of Avraham and Sara or of Rebbi Shimon etc.. how they will act as a conduit for your tefillot and they will represent you and your tefillot to Hashem. As he said the names Avraham and Sara I thought to myself wow, how great that would be to have Avraham and Sara representing you to Hashem. Deep down I really wanted this honor and connection with Avraham and Sara. Later that night I was by the celebration and the 1st candle being sold was Avraham and Sara. Something came over me and I put in a very reasonable early bid, a bid that would not usually be zoche to buy such a zechut. Hashem knew how much I wanted it and made the Rabbi sell it quickly and I was able to get the zechut that I really deep down wanted. Thank you Hashem. I knew that this was a gift from Hashem as I know that these candles can sell for a couple of thousand dollars each. Later that night we happen to be passing by another lag Ba-omer celebration and heard them bidding for the candles and they were being sold in the 3000 dollar price range. Thank you Hashem for the gift.
  • Thank you Hashem for the build up and excitement in anticipating staying up on Shavuot night learning our holy Torah. Can’t wait!
  • I went to a Dr. for a test and Baruch Hashem got back good results. I wanted to dance and sing to Hashem. So I did! Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hashem for all the times that I do not even need to any exams or tests, I will now dance and sing for that as well. Shabbat Shalom!
  • My friend’s daughter is getting married tonight  – Mazel tov and simachot for everyone Bh.
  • A customer of mine just called me unexpectedly and added some items to his order. Thank you Hashem.
  • It’s a BOY! Mabruk.
  • Bris Monday-mazal tov.
  • I delayed putting an order in for a client for some reason unknown. I just realized my error and called in the order. The price went down on the item I was ordering and made a larger profit because of the “unknown” delay. Thank you Hashem for making me put off this order.
  • I was about to go on a wild goose chase for a certain product that had a strange requirement that I needed to see before purchasing. On my way out I decided to look quickly on my phone for it and Baruch Hashem I found it before I even made it out the door. Thank you Hashem for saving me all that time.
  • I had to come up with a nice amount of money to pay for my sons Bar Misvah. I did not know how it was going to come together. All of a sudden Hashem sent me a Malach. A person calls me out of no where and says that he has x amount of money for me that someone gave him to give to a person making a simcha. He knew I was about to make a Bar misvah and thought of me. It was the exact amount I needed!. Hashem you are so perfect. Thank you Hashem for our joyous occasion.
  • Three times this week I put my hand in my pocket and found an extra 20 dollar bill!. Not once, not twice but all of the 3 times it happened were all about an hour after I had given extra sedaka to some collectors in shul. Thank you Hashem for letting me see this message clearly.

Thank You Hashem – Week 143

  • As I was doing my errands L’chvod Yom Tov – couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer number of people all around doing the same! Thank you Hashem for a community with so many healthy people! young/old/children/teenagers – so much joy preparing for the Chag! Thank you Hashem for so much blessing
  • I had to write a card to someone who is going through a hard time. I started typing up the text and everything just flowed! Was done in a few minutes. I kept reading the wording over and over again – couldn’t get over how beautiful and to the mark it was!  Thank you Hashem for the gift of writing! Thank you Hashem for putting all the right words together! Thank you Hashem that the message was well received and hit the mark! Thank you Hashem for everything!!!!
  • have a good short story to share it happened Monday I forgot to take my brief case with sefarim with me on the bus. I was so upset. I boarded the bus and remembered I had the tehilim app on my phone so I started to read the daily tehilim for Monday. When I finished I noticed I had a good 20 minutes left I said Hashem it would be great to be able to learn for the remainder of my train ride I wish I can do just that. Just then the old lady who was sitting across from me who was not Jewish handed me a bag with a Jewish magazine that also had a small pamphlet with laws of netilat yadayim and mayim acharonim. She said here give these to your children… I was so happy and said thank you Hashem and started learning the remainder of my ride.
  • This past Thursday night my 1 year old broke out with red dots on his body and he had a high fever as well. We called the doctor and he told us to go to the emergency room. The doctor at the emergency room wasn’t sure what it was so they sent us home. The next day the rash on his body got much worse we showed it to a pediatrician who thought it was the chicken pocks. As the day went on it started to look more like hives and the fever didn’t go away either by Friday night almost his entire body was covered in dark red blotches. My baby was extremely uncomfortable we went back to the emergency room again Friday night. This time the doctor detected the issue he had coxsickie which caused a hive like reaction all over his body! The doctor warned us that it’s only the second day and that  it’ll probably get worse for another week or so, with that we left. The next morning I wake up and I look at my baby and the hives were gone! I was shocked it was supposed to be getting worse. We brought him back to the doctor after Shabbat and he said he never saw anything like this before. THANK YOU HASHEM!
  • My sister had a very hard time sleeping, as she couldn’t breathe through her nose. She Boruch Hashem had a successful surgery to be able to breathe through her nose. We’re so lucky that Hashem gives us the ability to breathe without needing surgery.
  • I researched a topic in הלכה and within five minutes someone called with a question on that exact topic!
  • Thank you Hashem that when I came back to work after Yom Tov – there were so many Mazel Tov’s!!!!!! Thank you Hashem for a beautiful Yom Tov with my family!
  • I have so much love for Hashem right now, I can’t even express it in words.
    thank you! thank you for this website where I can tell the world how much I love Hashem.
    lets everyone love Hashem!
  • Read from Rav Zilbershtein: Lag B’Omer – 2015 There was a buss full of Passengers returning from Meron, and midway wanted to Enter the parking lot or garage, but the entrance to the parking lot had a Very long line of buses. The Driver said to the passengers: You have two options, Either enter the parking lot, but it will take about an hour, to enter the parking lot until we stop And go back to the bus, etc., the second option Continue driving without stopping to Bnei Brak, What do you prefer? All passengers responded unanimously they prefer to go straight to Bnei Brak Without stopping at all. As they drove the Passengers noticed that sundown was Approaching, and asked the driver to pull over so they could pray Minchah. The driver Agreed, but told them: as soon we Exit Route six, then I can stop on the side, and indeed he did, he entered Route Six, and found a place to stand on The side of the highway and stopped. The passengers got out of the Bus to pray. Suddenly when they started to pray,A soldier arrived and began to pray with them, after Prayer, they asked the soldier where did you come from? After all, the place is a highway, far From any settlement, and how he suddenly appeared here? The soldier replied: I am a Ba’al Teshuva, And on Rosh Hashanah I made a kabbalah to always pray with a minyan. And I indeed Baruch Hashem kept the kabala!.I was stationed in the south, my commander at noon today informed me that I can leave and don’t need to serve now. I found a driver who agreed to take me up here. I got out. Suddenly I see That it is sunset. And have not prayed Where am I going to find a minyan?I prayed to Hashem with all my heart Almighty please I want to pray with a minyan. And suddenly while I prayed to Hashem. Stops in front of me a Bus and people get out to pray. Hashem set up that this entire bus load of people will some how have to be put at this part of the highway in the middle of no where just for this one person who made a kaballah and cared so much about keeping it .Sometimes even today 2015 a person makes a kabala, Secretly inside concealed, no one knows and Hashem shows him his Haa’ra Panim!!
  • 2 engagements and a Bris this week, thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem I found tzion nephesh’s site daily zohar. It’s deep teachings make me happy.thank you Hashem.
  • Dear Hashem, I could never list all the things you have done for me since birth. I thank you for every miracle today and every miracle tomorrow. I know very little about my true self but God bless my Queen and your country. Bless you Hashem and may our works and lives always be pleasing to you,our God. “You are God my God, Where you go I will go also” I “Fear not because the Lord thy God is with me wherever you may go”. I believe this with this with my whole mind, body and being. Many times I layed on the floor, sick, in pain and tears, and many times you picked me up and set me back in your service, I am eternally grateful. May I someday worthy enough for the Kingdom of Hashem. “Michamolcha” (who is like you?) May you bless our true prophets, rabbis, and priests, our leaders, our spouses, our children and our overseers. “Though art with me”Shalom Avinu Malkenu (Peace to Our Father Our King)
  • I was looking thru old read emails to find a certain email I needed. What I found was even better, an old email with an rma of merchandise I have returned and have not been refunded for yet. I was able to reply and take care of a $375 refund that I forgot about. Thank you Hashem.

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