Thank You Hashem – Week 132

  • Continuation from the” Big shipment story” from last weeks Thank you Hashem. So here we are Friday Feb. 5 exactly one week from the cancelled shipment. I get a email from my buyer at 1:30 ” the document for the order is valid!! Ship the order today!!”I called my warehouse right away and they told me the order was never unpacked and they can ship it out Monday!  Thank you Hashem for giving me Bitachon for this situation. Please grant me to always have Emunah & Bitachon. (added note-this person trusted that all Hashem does is great and accepted that he did not get the order and even sent in a Thank you about not getting the order, and now Hashem rewarded him for passing his test and handed him the order back, Ashrecha!)
  • Last Friday just before lighting the candles. My 4 year old daughter got a seizure; we were extremely frightened as she didn’t wake up after a few minutes. Right then my dear wife accepted upon herself to be more בצניעות Tzeniut- in a certain area. Wonders happened and my child opened her eyes right after, fresh and healthy like nothing happened. We went into the hospital, they say that it was probably a febrile seizure and that is nothing to be worried of. Thank you Hashem for this miracle. I wanted to share this story with everybody to see the strong power of taking upon a good deed of self-sacrifice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the area of modesty. It could be in Shabbat or kashrut. The main thing is that it pushes us beyond our comfort zone.                                                               As a side note, If a situation like this would happen to me a year ago or so, I would of been very frustrated and depressed of why things like this happen to me but since I started to listen to the powerful Amuna lessons given by Harav Duvid Ashaer , I was so calm knowing that my loving father did that and we are all so secure in his merciful hands. I highly recommend everyone to sign up for the short daily lessons though or by phone 6054754799 ID number 840886. I bet that It will change your life forever. Thank you Hashem for being so good to us, for giving us one more chance every morning. Thank you Hashem for all the normal days you give us.  Thank you sincerely.
  • My daughter is a kallah and we are so proud of her growth and see her ability to be a fantastic wife. I want to thank Hashem for letting me and my wife see this accomplishment in our daughter and for the zechut to see how happy she is, we are very proud of her.Thank you Hashem
  • I wanted to go to a class that a Rabbi was giving, but my friend told me that she wasn’t driving, and it was too far to walk there.  I decided to take the train and go, and I remember thinking as I was filling up my metro card that Hashem pays back the money you spend for doing  a mitzva. Two days later, I received a book that I ordered from eBay and when I opened it I saw an envelope sticking out. The person wrote on the envelope “$6 refund for shipping”. Meanwhile,this book was the cheapest one I found from all  the websites, including shipping! When do you ever get someone who would send back extra money that they took after they already charged your credit card?! Thank You Hashem for paying me back double the amount I paid for the train and for showing me that a person never loses out from a mitzva!
  • We had a very special beautiful Bar Misvah boy read the Torah in Bnei Binyamin this shabbat.He read so beautifully, it was like sweet pure music. We are very proud of him. Siman Tov U mazel Tov!
  • השגחה פרטית story: A Rav along with a group of his בעלי בתים from America decided to meet the family whose father was murdered by a terrorist attack. They planned on giving each child a gift, money for the family and to be מחזק the family. A few minutes before they called my wife to ask her if I can introduce them to the family, I had a student who claimed to be an ‘atheist’ heading to my house for a three hour conversation. I told my wife that I am expecting the boy; he is on his way and therefore cannot escort the group. My wife suggested I take him along, which I did! He was so inspired by the family’s אמונה that there was very little work left for me to do! On the way out, the Rabbi handed me 800 shekel! I had no money to buy food for שבת!  On that note- – שבת שלום!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful children , thank you Hashem for the hanna-ah you give me from my children, this week my younger daughter sorted out all of her crinkled up dollar bills and counted out all her money, she then went and called her grandmother and told her that she counted all her money and has $32 , and can you please take me to the store tomorrow so I can buy a present for my sister to give her at her shower. Thank you Hashem for this moment.
  • Thank you Hashem for the snow this past weekend. The kids had a great time with the change of routine & getting a chance to play in it. Plus the many benefits Hashem gives us with a slow process of how the moisture goes into the ground when it snows as opposed to a rain.
  • (snow storm)Had 2 weddings in Brooklyn Sunday night. B”H my block was plowed Sunday afternoon so I was able to drive my car to Brooklyn. & had 2 open miracles in finding parking right near both halls with mounds of snow everywhere in hard areas to park even without the snow! Was able to attend full Chupah by 1st wedding & daven Maariv & got to the 2nd wedding in time to catch the first dance. Thank you Hashem!
  • Bar Misvah this week and an engagement , simachot for everyone B’ezrat Hashem.
  • I was in a rush and I ran out of the house without a pacifier for my baby. He was ready for his nap but was screaming in his car seat because he needed his pacifier. I was not gonna be back anytime soon and was becoming desperate. After 10 minutes I suddenly remembered a pacifier that I borrowed from my mother. It was in my car for like 3 months and I never returned it to her. Thank You Hashem that I happened to have the pacifier there waiting for me for a time like this.
  • I lost an item many years back. I did not forget about it and it suddenly turned up. Thank you Hashem for returning it to me. Somehow I believe that Hashem gave it back to me because I never gave up hope on having it back. Thank you Hashem for this kindness

Thank You Hashem – Week 111

-Thank you Hashem for a Great summer of learning and spending precious kosher time with my family!!!

– Thank you Hashem, I just completed my 10th year at the company I am working at.   Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be prosperous and truly thankful for allowing me to provide for my family and all their needs

– Thank you Hashem for this awesome Elul class I am taking.  I feel like it’s my first Elul. Here’s one thing we learnt: We were taught to write for twenty minutes about the self we want to create. This will be part of our map that will guide us through the year. Next year we look it over and bh we see how far we have come. Have a great year.

– This true story took place this year in Lakewood!! The Hovot Ha’levavot writes in the Sha’ar Ha’bitahon section that
Hashem never takes His mind, as it were, off of us, not even for a
second.  He knows everything about us, He knows precisely what we
need, and He plans the salvation that we need long before we ever know
about the problem.  When we look back and see how Hashem was planning
and working behind the scenes, we receive so much encouragement and
inspiration, and we feel so close to Him.  We are reminded that He is
with us at all times, and is constantly looking out for us.

This past Motza’eh Tisha B’Av, a Rabbi from our community woke up at
3:30am with some chest pains.  He woke up his wife, and they were
uncertain whether he was just experiencing some indigestion, or if
perhaps this was something serious.  Just to be safe, they decided to
call Hatzalah.  They were renting a home in Lakewood for the summer,
and they did not have the number for the Lakewood division of
Hatzalah.  However, the wife saw that on the phone, staring her right
in the face, was the word “Hatzalah” next to the speed dial.  She
called and asked that they send somebody, adding that this was not an
emergency and no sirens should be sounded so as not to wake anybody

The Rabbi went downstairs to wait for the knock on the door, and
within 30 seconds  Hatzalah members along with  paramedics were at the
door.  They brought with them a special high-tech machine that tests
the heart, and they detected that the Rabbi was in the midst of a
massive heart attack.  Then, suddenly, the Rabbi lost consciousness.
He had no pulse, and he looked lifeless.  The paramedics switched a
button on the machine and immediately started shocking him.
Thankfully, they were able to bring him back to consciousness.

It turned out that the Rabbi at that moment suffered the most severe
type of heart attack.  The LAD artery was fully blocked.  This artery
is nicknamed “the widow maker” because if it abruptly becomes blocked,
it causes a massive heart attack that generally leads to sudden death.
In describing the Rabbi’s condition, the doctor who treated him said
that normally, at the time of a heart attack, the electric current is
dimmed, and machines can bring it back to regular strength.  In the
Rabbi’s case, however, the lights were completely out, and they could
come back on only if Hashem turned the switch.  Even if one does not
want to accept that this was an open miracle, the only way the Rabbi
could be saved was by being shocked immediately at the time of the
heart attack.  The Hatzalah members reported that they had never
before succeeded in bringing somebody back after that kind of heart
attack.  Moreover, this kind of heart attack is very difficult to
detect.  The Rabbi’s symptoms were not signs of a heart attack.  The
paramedics were able to detect it only because they had with them a
special machine, which was then able to immediately start the
shocking.  If they had not detected the heart attack with this
machine, they would have started CPR.

The amazing thing about this story is that Hatzalah trucks are never
equipped with this special machine.  They have defibrillators, but not
detectors.  Why did the Hatzalah volunteers have that detection
machine with them? And why were they so close to the rabbi’s house at
3:30 in the morning when they received that call?

The first part of the answer is that during the previous day, Tisha
B’Av, the Rabbi’s wife viewed the Hafetz Haim Heritage Foundation
video, and was very inspired.  She committed herself to putting into
practice the message she learned from the video – the message of being
forgiving and indulgent.  At 1:30am, two hours before her husband’s
heart attack, the woman received a text message which made her upset,
and could have potentially caused a fight.  But she immediately gave
in and did not make any issue of the matter at all.  She later said
that perhaps Hashem gave her this opportunity to earn the merits she
needed to save her husband.
After her husband’s heart attack, she called the Hafetz Haim Heritage
Foundation to thank them for the inspiring video, and told them about
her husband’s heart attack.  The person on the other line
enthusiastically informed her that there is much, much more to this
story.  That person’s brother-in-law is a member of Lakewood ‘s
Hatzalah division, and on the morning of Tisha B’Av he received a call
from his son’s sleepaway camp that his son’s blood pressure had
dropped drastically, the result of an infection that harmed his heart.
The clinic where his son was treated wanted to transfer him to a
nearby hospital, but the father asked that the diagnosis be emailed to
him so he could show it to his doctor.  His doctor saw the diagnosis
and determined that the condition was quite serious.  The boy, he
said, needed to be transferred as soon as possible to the Children’s
Hospital in Philadelphia .  The clinic refused to transport the boy so
far away when there was a hospital nearby, so the father, who had an
ambulance, decided he would pick up his son and bring him to
Philadelphia .  It would take him three hours to get to the camp, and
then four hours to reach Philadelphia .  His doctor told him that he
must bring along with him special heart equipment and a team of
paramedics in case they are needed along the way.  This is how the
special machine, which was ultimately used to save the Rabbi’s life,
ended up in an ambulance of Lakewood Hatzalah.

After a full day of traveling, the ambulance and paramedics made their
way back to Lakewood .  Everybody was exhausted.  They reminded the
driver not to miss their exit – exit 89 – but the driver somehow
missed the exit anyway.  He had to proceed to exit 91, get off the
highway there, and then drive back.  When they got off the highway at
exit 91, they received the call about the Rabbi.  At that moment they
were just 20 seconds away from the house.  They sensed that this was
מן השמיים, as they had reminded the driver to get off at the right
exit, but he missed it.  And so, despite the fact that the call did
not sound urgent, they nevertheless brought in the entire team of
paramedics along with the special machine.  It was used the second it
was needed.

So many things had to happen for the Rabbi’s life to be saved.  He
woke up, the phone number was on the phone, and a Hatzalah vehicle
with a team of paramedics and the exact equipment the Rabbi needed
happened to be practically at his doorstep at 3:30am.  הנה לא ינום ולא
יישן שומר ישראל – Hashem never sleeps, and is always watching over us
to protect us.

After this incident, the owner of the Lakewood home which the Rabbi
and his wife were renting phoned to see if the Rabbi was alright.  The
Rabbi’s wife thanked her for having Hatzalah’s number saved on the

“Wow,” the woman said, “that is my old phone.  I had a new phone
system in the house, and I was planning to buy another one to bring to
the mountains for the summer, but I never got around to it.  So, I
decided to take my new phones with me, and I plugged in that old phone
right before I left.”
The new phone did not have Hatzalah’s number on it.  Hashem was
planning this salvation months in advance.  Also, it turned out that
the boy in sleepaway camp was misdiagnosed and his problem had nothing
to do with the heart. Baruch Hashem he is recovering nicely.
We are so fortunate that we have Hashem taking care of us at all
times, and working to solve our problems well before we even know
about them.



Thank You Hashem – Week 102

  • Moved into a summer rental home , got a phone call from my neighbor this morning saying that garbage pick up is this morning and that he saw our garbage was not pulled to the street last night so he went and pulled all  of our full garbage cans to the street for us. I said wow thank you , you could have just rang our bell and told us and we would have done it. He said it was late so he went out in his slippers and did it for us. Keep in mind they were full to the brim and this neighbor did this chesed for his temporary summer neighbor. Nothing like the special people of Lakewood- Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem – that I waited In the emergency room for 3.5hrs for my knee that dislocated- bh it was back in place before waiting that long!
  • Water delivery came and they sent purified instead of spring by mistake. I called them to handle the change and they said they wanted almost double the price for spring. I said I was told this price for spring. She said she will speak to her supervisor and let me know but she doubts it. On hold I spoke to my supervisor, borei olam and that instant she came back and said no problem we will keep the same price. Thank you to the real supervisor Hashem…
  • It was a few days before Shavuot. I needed to shop for Yom Tov but only had ten shekels to my name. I decided that I would borrow my friends credit card but never actually asked him for it since I felt very uncomfortable. It was during my lunch break that I decided to take a nap and was then woken up by a friend of mine who told me that a parent of one of my students was here to see me. I greeted him and discussed his son’s progress throughout the year. As I was about to leave,  he pulled me over to the side and handed me an envelope containing 1900 shekels!  I went shopping that afternoon and guess what –  the sum total was exactly 1900 shekels! I came home and was greeted by my daughter who asked me for 400 shekels. I told her that I don’t have any money right now. About 30 minutes later,  my wife opened the door and found an envelope containing 400 shekels!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to earn a greater reward in Olam Haba by being able to walk to shul in the rain this past shabbat, every step was so delicious
  • Was out of town and realized I needed merchandise picked up for a customer of mine. I was trying to get the nerve up to ask one of my co-workers to pick it up, he gets upset sometimes when I ask him. At that moment I was about to call him,he called me. He asked on his own out of the blue sky if I ever got the merchandise and now was my chance to mention if he would mind maybe picking it up, I asked and told him don’t worry if not I can get it later in the week. He said I am on my way to that exact warehouse right now, will be there in 5 minutes, please call and ask them to have it ready and I will be glad to get it for you. Thank you Hashem and Thank you co-worker.
  • Wedding tonight mabruk
  • My dear friend who shared his miracle on an earlier edition of Thank you Hashem of how he met his wife at an older age has just become a father! Baruch Hashem a healthy baby girl. Thank you Hashem!!
  • safe commuting all week thank you Hashem for your protection
  • The Yeshiva I work for in Israel is an American Yeshiva so they go home for summer break at the end of June. During the break I am able to learn on my own and take care of some errands and things to do. I also had a job assisting with an elderly man that helped bring in added parnasah but the man unfortunately has passed away and I have been looking for a similar type of job to do without much luck finding it . Today I went to take a haircut for some reason even though I really didn’t need one so badly. I came home and was going to go in the shower and I saw the piece on the shower head was broken. I called my wife who went to Yerushalyim today to ask if she knew about it and any ideas?. She said she will pick up a new one in the hardware store while in Yerushalayim. I said I can go over here locally don’t worry. She said but it is much cheaper where she is and she will go and buy one. I said but at our local store I can put it on our account instead of laying out the money in Yerushalayim. So I headed to the store and while at the counter there is a man speaking to the worker and asking him if he can send out an email that his elderly father just came to Israel and they need someone to help in taking care of him and they also need a room to rent in the mean time until his place is ready. I interrupt and tell him, that I actually have experience and I assist in caretaking with elderly people and I also have an available room. We went over to my home, he looked at it, agreed on the room and agreed on me assisting with his elderly father. All this from an unneeded haircut, Hashem connected all of this and put me in that store at that moment. Thank you Hashem
  • I had a notation to follow up with a customer that ordered some merchandise from me a couple of months ago to see if they wanted to order any more merchandise. All of a sudden they called me on their own today and ordered more. Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for people like Nicholas Winston who passed away today at age 106. He saved 669 Jewish children from the Holocaust. Today the total descendants coming from those children is over 6000.
  • Thank you Hashem, had a computer issue at the office that was about to cost a few hundred dollars. Gave 1 last attempt to see if it works, prayed to Hashem and it is back in action. Thank you Hashem

Hazak Ubaruch to all of you guys for keeping this going for 100 weeks. All the entry’s are equally great because they all represent Hakarat Hatov to Hashem, the ones listed here are just a glimpse and recap. The new messages for this week will b’h come out tomorrow as usual.

  • I have been thinking of writing this Thank you Hashem for some time
    now, but I am not sure how to put it into words, so here goes.0CT.13, 2012-I was attending a celebration party at my shul, when all at once I was stunned with a cardiac arrest. I stopped breathing for about 7 minutes.The Hatzolah Arrived and started to work their magic on me. They took me to the hospital, where I remained until OCT.28.I did not know where I
    was until about a couple of days before being sent home. I woke up and saw these huge gloves on my hands, and felt something in my throat. I realized that something had happened to me. I was not in any pain, as I was on heavy
    drugs.When I first arrived, my family was told that they did not think I would come out of this alive.My wife was the hand of G-D.She was very aggressive with all of the doctors that were there to help me. She took steps and made sure that I was going to have the maximum care .She was relentless. I would not have survived without her .She was there for me day and night.There are not enough words for me to say THANK YOU HASHEM.I thank you every time I see the scar on my chest. It is a good reminder to me.I thank all of the people that prayed for me, I can not ever thank you enough.
    I thank my family for being there for me every step of the way.Thank you HASHEM for giving me this gift of life.

-A good friend of mine who is 83 went into a coma about 4 weeks ago. I thought he would not make it. I randomly called his cell phone this past Sunday and he answered!! He has a long road to recovery but his mind is good and      He is still around. Hashem made a miracle. Thank you Hashem!

-at holiday time was looking at expenses and said to myself doesn’t look like I can get a holiday suit this year oh well, then thought wait a minute Shabbat and holiday expenses are free and on Hashems bill, don’t think about it just get a suit and Hashem will pay for it…-not 5 minutes later I walked into my landlords office to pay the office rent and he asks, what size suit are you- I say why? He says put this jacket on- wow looks great on you- ENJOY IT, IT’S YOURS! Brand new with all the tickets still on- Italian suit from Barneys! Free on Hashems bill- INSTANTLY!! Thank you Hashem for the awesome suit!!!

  • I just got bunch of text messages from a customer of mine canceling an order and angry with me because I went thru the honest circles in doing the order, I couldn’t believe it, I ran out to do something and looked up and said  THANK YOU HASHEM , I accept it happily…1 minute later I get a call from a customer that I have a proposal out to for over a year!! and she says the order is approved! When can you come in? This order is about 6 times the size of the one I lost..Hashem is great!! Ya think that’s the end of the story?? Story not over, I call the other customer back to let him know I have no problem losing an order for going thru the correct procedure and he can cancel no problem- he saw my reaction and had a change of heart it seems, and gave me the order back!- Hashem is awesome…

-Dear Hashem,   THANK YOU!                                                                                                                            For Your infinite kindness and compassion that You shower on us every minute! Thank You for the blessings in my life that are too many to count. For letting me be a part of Your family. Thank You for the things I know and see are clearly good and thank You for the things I’m not aware of but You know are good. Thank You for a life better than I could’ve ever asked for. For a family, school, friends, teachers, parents, siblings and the endless good that You alone provide. Thank You for giving me capabilities and talents. For my strengths, challenges, happiness, and health. Thank You for the Nisyonot that force me to grow. For the closeness I can achieve the more I learn. Thank You for giving the ability to pray. To talk to You, to beg, ask, thank, sing, and turn to You. Thank You for listening to our endless words of complaints when You never stop to give. Thank You for forgiving us when we’ve done so much wrong. Thank You for giving us a manuscript on how to live our lives the best way possible. For giving us a way to earn the best portion in the world to come. Thank You for such a beautiful world, and our ability to see it; hear it, smell it and feel it. Thank You for heart that beats, feels, loves, cares and gives. For a mind to control our body and a mind to let our control become Yours. Thank You for each stage of our lives where we learn new things and gain new perspective. For each time You took away our pain, soothed our hurt, tended our wounds, cried with us, lifted us higher and promised us a beautiful future. Thank You for little miracles we find in our lives. For the boundless joy we have as You give us Semachot. Thank You for shielding us from what other nations suffer. For giving us the pride of being Your children. Thank You for letting us believe, for the complete Emunah that You alone make the world turn. Thank You for those bursts of inspiration and light. For the smallest things in life that bring a smile. Thank You for the physical things in life that we must elevate, that sustain our being. The food, clothing, ice cream and fun. Thank You for Shabbat and Yom Tov and days we’re commanded to get close to You. Thank You for those messages You send us to remind us where You are. For those moments of loneliness, where we feel Your presence more than anyone. For that understanding we get that there’s no one to turn to but You. Thank You for the people in our lives that guide us towards You with such clarity. The people that care and respect each other. Thank You for loving us even more than a parent and child. For giving and giving and giving with no boundaries. For holding us tight and never letting go of Your children. For keeping us close to You throughout everything. Thank You Abba, Thank You Hashem for being a Father gives endlessly.

  • My husband and I have marveled at the tremendous honor (Zechut) it was to be involved, even in our own small way, in what we both call “The  Howie’s Story”.  This actually happened a dozen years ago, in one of our very first Succah’s.  We hope you will enjoy it in your Succah!  Twelve years ago I was an undergraduate student at NYU and it was precisely the Fall semester. As many Orthodox students in post-secondary institutions can attest, the Fall semester necessarily means a discussion with professors and group work partners about missed classes and due-date extensions.  Upon informing the group that I would have to be out for the holiday of Succot, a fellow student asked me to tell her a little about Succot.  She was interested in Judaism because her boyfriend was Jewish, although, she added, he was completely anti-Judaism.  After giving my classmate a ‘readers-digest’ version of the holiday, I found myself inviting her and her boyfriend to join us for a meal so she could see for herself what it was all about. She seemed elated and accepted, although she was skeptical that her boyfriend would be joining us. And indeed, the next day after class, I ran into my friend and her boyfriend. He was, as described, anti-all-things-Judaism and a bit outrageous and combative.  He stood there with his long dreadlocks and proudly showed me his tattoos.  He pontificated about his beliefs and the melding of this philosophy and that theory until I was looking for ways to make a quick exit.  Oh boy, I thought, what have I gotten into and what am I subjecting my family to by inviting this person into our Succah.

I slowly came to learn that Howie had actually come from a charadi family in Israel. His family life was not filled with the greatest of experiences. His upbringing involved both physical and mental abuse at the hands of a demanding father.He told us of the heavy -handed religion of an intolerant and derisive father.  Howie had barely made it out alive and I was sad for the young boy who was now the young man before me.    Well, eventually Succot rolled around and our special guests arrived with a bit of curiosity (on my classmates part), and cynicism on her boyfriend’s part. At first, it was a little tense as Howie tried once more to wax poetic the joys of Buddhism, or individualism or some such ism.  At this point I must acknowledge my husband’s wonderful demeanor and warmth.  He did not engage, argue and antagonize our guests. He simply was himself; kind, honest and steadfast in his beliefs.  We managed, however, to truly enjoy the meal and did our best to be hospitable and demonstrate ‘Hachnasat Orchim’.  As Howie and his girlfriend left our Succah that day, we were sure that that was probably the last Succah he would ever enter. We were wrong. Approximately four years later, My Husband and I were in for the surprise of our lives.  It was a cold winter day and we had all gathered at my brother’s house for a Torah-dedication.  The house was filled to the brim with all kinds of Yiddim, from Sephardic to Ashkenaz, from the ‘some-what’ observant to a large group of Chabad Chassid’s who danced and sang at the wonderful occasion.  As I watched the young men dance, I noticed one Chassidic young man, with long peyot and black hat, was headed for me and seemed to have something to say.  I was taken aback.  What could this ‘bachor’ have to say to me?  His first words…, “Do you know who I am?  I probably do not have to tell you who that Chassid was after all.  As it turned out, Howie told my husband what had transpired after his visit to our Succah.  He shared with us that our meal, in the Succah that day, was his very first positive experience with Judaism. Howie said he had never seen truly observant families talk with respect, love and warmth as he had seen that day.  He understood the religion of his youth was a corruption of something he had been denied.  And so his long journey back began, slowly but surely.  He thanked us as we stood dumb-founded at what we had been privileged to witness.    As we sit in our Succah today, you and I, let us be thankful for those that have returned and be hopeful for those that have not.  It is during this Yom-Tov that I often think of Howie and wonder why Hashem let my husband and I be a part of his story. Whatever the reason(s), it is as if we are still standing in that living room with a young Chassidic man, his dreads transformed to peyot, waiting before us to recognize him. We are still dumb-founded.

-I saw my cousin last night. As a non religious Jew growing up in a non religious house  he asked me to help him with 2 things: *He would like to read the parashas  of the Torah *and he wants me to put tefillin on him  Out of the blue he requested this! Hashem is amazing

– was at a simcha this week and ran into a friend I went to high school with – he looked at me noticing that I became more religious compared to what I was in high school and he- I hope temporarily- looks like he took a step in the opposite direction from school days-and he said to me – wait a minute-somethings wrong with this picture- you were cutting class and running to ball games and playing around in school wasting time while I was in the bet midrash learning-lol, how did I end up like this, and you end up like that?-he said it jokingly but I took at as a big compliment and want to thank Hashem for guiding me on the right path, that is how, with hashems help and i know I have much more to accomplish and pray that Hashem continues to guide me to live the happy torah life.Thank you Hashem

-one night in Brooklyn, my grandfather suddenly felt a heart attack coming on and before it actually kicked in quickly told my grandmother to hurry and call Hatzalah, he then collapsed- having a massive heart attack. within 20 seconds!! Hatzalah was in their home and had a diffibulator and was able to use it and save my grandfather. What was the hatzalah volunteer doing there? He “happened” to be visiting his parents on his way to Boston 2 doors down from my grandparents and “happened” to have his Hatzalah radio and diffibulator with him.

  • Baruch Hashem this week we have input from DEAL , LAKEWOOD , FLORIDA , MARYLAND , BROOKLYN  AND ISRAEL!! Hazak U baruch!

  • On day of the Holiday-erev yom tov,Was talking to a neighbor of mine about bitachon and trust in Hashem and how all of our Shabbbat and Yom Tov needs are on Hashems bill and go and spend freely and buy the best! And we were saying how a person has to believe it! I told them that Hashem can just make the money come out of thin air and land on your lap. Less than 1 hour later I was driving and was on a red light of a 2 way street and the other side of the street (cars going other direction) were also backed up, from a car on the other side that was lined up with my car I hear someone call out my name, I roll down my window and he shouts “ Happy Holiday,this is for you!” and throws a bunch of cash into my window! Upon returning home I saw my neighbor and repeated the kidush Hashem that had just happened! Thank you Hashem (and of course the shaliach)

– Rabbi Greenfeld told us at first day in Yeshiva in Lakewood where he is principal a father came over to him and told him he gets a mazel tov and he wants to tell him about it, he cleared time and went over to the father and the father says I get a mazel tov we had a baby girl..he said 17 months ago my wife found out she was a match for a liver to donate and she went ahead and did the liver donation, at the hospital the doctors told her she can not have children for 6 months after the procedure, she sighed and said I haven’t been able to have children for the past 11 years!!! 15 months later she is holding a baby girl!! Hashem says you give life to others, I will give life to you..Hashem is great.

-had an unexplained leg injury suddenly appear and was in tons of pain, went to the dr. and really couldn’t figure out what was going on, I received this emailing perfect timing and stopped and made a note to Thank Hashem every day in my teffilot for both of my legs- Baruch Hashem it has suddenly gone away!!

-Made a great trade today, Missed my bus to work this morning by 45 seconds to hear kadish in shul

-Was looking for a better warehouse space for very long time all the while kept staying by the one I was at for many years. Finally Hashem sent me the perfect warehouse-everything about it was perfect, the size,the dock the parking the area. Now the hard part was to tell my landlord at my existing warehouse that I wanted to leave, I didn’t know how to do it. All of a sudden after many many years in this warehouse  min hashamayim I get a notice in the mail telling me I must leave bu September 1!! Thank you Hashem for handling this for me and at the most perfect time- Thank you for my new warehouse

-Our dining room chairs are very uncomfortable. We’ve been looking for reasonably priced new ones but haven’t found anything we like. We were even willing to buy only two for now. This week on Wednesday we saw an ad for furniture on sale in our neighborhood. My husband and I went to the store and found a nice set of comfortable leather chairs. When we went to pay with our credit card , the man said cash only. I figured I would cash my paycheck tomorrow and come back to buy them.  I don’t know what came over me but when I cashed my check I didn’t feel like spending the whole thing on those chairs. I told my husband that I changed my mind and we should forget the chairs for now.  It wasn’t a rush. Later that day I got a text from my friend asking me if I was interested in taking her dining room chairs since they bought a new set! They are in perfect condition and look almost like the ones we were about to buy ! Thank you Hashem for sending us new chairs. *** oh btw the chair donor also had a story. His wife was bothering him about their chairs and he really didn’t want to spend now. Finally gave in and wife tried to get appt with chair lady every day this week. They were back and forth with plan yesterday when suddenly the mother in-law calls and says her friend is giving away brand new chairs. They jumped on it. Took them and called us to take their old ones! How great is Hashem!

Try this experiment:  Close your eyes for 3 to 4 minutes and go about like you normally would…. Open your eyes and Thank Hashem for eyesight…

-was in my office having conversation with someone about Hashem , they said that they believe in Hashem but do not believe that Hashem is involved with every little minor thing in the world, they said I believe Hashem is involved in wars and big things like that but I do not believe Hashem cares whether or not I can lift my finger like this or not…sorry I just do not buy it, the big stuff fine but if I can lift my fingers is not on Hashems list of things to do..fine- not more than 3 hours later this person calls me up all excited-they tell me you are not going to believe this, I cut myself and had to come to the emergency room- I am sitting right now in the cubicle they put me in here at the emergency room, and they come to the guy in next cubicle and ask him whats the matter? and he says- “I am trying to move my fingers and I can not, they do not move no matter how much I try”…this person saw clearly the greatness of Hashem-wow!

-This week- I got a bill for over $6,000 from when I was in the hospital. I called up the hospital and said sorry this is your plan and you’re insurance company already paid their responsibility – I called the insurance company to ask about it – they put me on hold – while I was on hold I told Hashem that he runs this world and that he can change the words around in their computers and change their minds in a split second. The lady came back on the phone and said your responsibility has been changed to $0 !! Thank you hashem!!!

–  I always have a dilemma every year regarding our “Holiday work party. “  My bosses are very sensitive ( but  good people) and they want the company to be at the party to show support and be unified, which I can understand…But the party is mixed with food and drink and non modest dress ( the goyim take this party thing to heart and change into party dresses etc…. )  and not a good atmosphere for Torah observant people…. So every year the few of us that are Torah observant talk about the situation, “ What can we do? “  , the bosses feelings will be hurt ( and as mentioned they are sensitive) “ “ we shouldn’t go , we will go and leave early” , “ its harmless”, etc… So this year I prayed to Hashem and prayed …” Hashem please let me not have to go to the party without insulting the bosses.”  ……  Got an email yesterday ….ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Holiday party this year will be Tuesday December 10…. Yahoo!!! I am away traveling for business that day….THANK YOU HASHEM!!!

-43 year old woman in community has her first children! Yes children-Twins.

  • Thank you Hashem  ! When contemplating over what I would be taking upon myself this year on Rosh HaShanah, I told myself  ” I really should cut my wig a’s very long, and I’ve really been trying to work on my tzeniut this year..that’s really the right thing to do”. I should also mention how much I really love my long wig, so for me it really is a very hard thing for me to do. Now, the only thing is that it’s around $200 to cut your wig, I really don’t have the money to do it. “Hashem, I really would like to do this so I can become a better person and serve you better, please help me and send me the money so I can cut my wig so I can be more Tzanua”. A few days went by and I was reading the Torah Times when I saw a full page ad that said “The following sheitelmachers are ready to share their time and expertise to SHORTEN YOUR SHEITEL FREE OF CHARGE ! and it had a list of names of #s. I said “WOW- Thank you Hashem, but…..I don’t know any of these women…I know they are all probably great!! but, this is so hard for me and I wish I could have someone I know do it….It wasn’t that much longer that a text came in “FREE TZENIUT WIG CUTS AT FORTUNE WIGS SALON ! Take advantage of this special opportunity on these most most awesome days of Aseret Yemeh Teshuvah“. I knew Hashem was talking to me and giving me exactly what I needed to go through with it, because of course that is my first choice of where I would want to have my wig cut. On Monday I walked to Fortune Wigs, and I will admit it was not easy walking there, but I knew I had to do it.  Esther saw me and said ” You’re here for a Tzeniut cut?” I said “yes, but I’m not so brave yet..just a little please”. She smiled and said “Don’t worry, I know my customers, we’ll do 1/2 an inch”. I smiled and said okay, you know with each piece you cut, it’s like cutting a piece of me”….She understood exactly what I was feeling and said “Pray now for what you need while I’m cutting” While she was cutting, she said we should really cut a dot more -just to make it all even because of some layers in the back”. I was a little hesitant but I said “ok ok it’s for tzeniut, cut it”.When she was done, I looked in the mirror and it looked great. It really wasn’t SO much shorter, but for me it was a big thing, and a step in the right direction, and be’H maybe I can try to cut a little more at another time when I’m ready. Esther gave me a big hug and kiss when we were done, and made me feel GREAT ! Thank you Hashem for guiding me every step of the way ! and Thank you Hashem for having Esther be the shaliach who helped me do it !

  • My son was doing an appendix surgery (can write a book on chesed that was done and the Hand of Hashem that was with us throughout leading up to the surgery) while the surgery was taking place my wife and I were in the surgery waiting room area praying and reading tehilim looking anxiously at every nurse who entered the room to see if they were coming to us to give us an update…finally one nurse approaches us as we are sitting down praying and says- we are sorry there seems to have been some complications with the surgery , our hearts dropped and we were focused on her every word and detail- was amazing how Hashem can just change a situation in the blink of an eye with a few words from a nurse- she continued giving us the details, I didn’t even blink just focusing on every word coming out of her mouth and as she is speaking she says “ and while she was on the operating table…” I jumped and said, did you say she? She says yes-your daughter-I stop her immediately and say we don’t have a daughter inside we have a son inside- she asked if our name is _______ I say no and she says so sorry-this is my mistake I have the wrong parents! Look how Hashem can change a situation instantly, we went from panicking having a child with complications and who knows what in one second and the next second hearing it is not our son- Hashem is great and we should all experience only positive blessings in those quick instances! And know of only the best berachot possible!

About 6 years ago our Shul was having financial issues, what Shul doesn’t, and was looking for ways to raise money. There is no committee and we had never done any major communal fund raising activities before so I suggested that we start a Raffle, being that I suggested it I was “volunteered” to run it. I had never done anything like this before but I decided to step up the plate, ask Hashem for the Ko’ach (strength) and do my best. Anyone who has ever had any experience with fund raising will attest that it is no easy task, the logistics, the speeches, the phone calls, e-mails, collections and of course motivating everyone in the Shul to buy into the idea of selling raffles. We decided to raffle a Menorah for Chanukah. B’H as time went on and we got closer to the drawing date it was very successful and we were able to raise a large amount of Money for the Shul. During this period of time my wife and I were trying to have another child for about 3 years, B”H, Bli Ayin Hara we already had a beautiful daughter. On the night of the drawing after I tallied up the total dollar amount we brought in for the Shul I went over to our beloved Rabbi’s house, Chacham Avraham Harari- Raful ZS”L to give him the good news, advise the Rabbi of the final figure and handed over the money that we had collected.  The Rabbi was very happy and gave me a Beracha to have a Ben Zachar (a son). Some time passed and we got pregnant, B”H our beautiful son was born 3 days before Chanukah the following year almost to the exact Hebrew date the Rav gave me that very Beracha, his Brit Mila was on Rosh Chodesh Chanukah! Truly a Chanukah Miracle!

–My kids were playing with my sons fisher price basketball set and they called me, Da look quick, look quick, I see my 5 year old son standing in the corner facing the wall , I asked what did you do,punish him? They said no-he is praying to Hashem to let him get the ball in the basket!!!! Thank you Hashem for letting me see this beautiful site!

-‎B’H. FOUND a metro card on the bus with $16.00 on it. Makes up for the one that got erased when I took my MRI before the summer

-MABRUUUUUKK!!! MAZAL TOV!!! OVER 200 HEALTHY BABIES BORN DURING SNOW STORM IN ISRAEL! Yes while they were totally shut down with 2 feet of beautiful snow!

-Hasdei Hashem – was in Israel with family for my father a”h 30 days, and while there, noticed my wallet was missing, we looked everywhere! I didn’t even remember which credit cards were in my wallet, imagine internationally and wallet missing!!! Concierge on credit card couldn’t do anything for me, after breakfast we all packed into my brothers rent a car, and my mother insisted to sit in the back. I was in front, she mentioned why don’t you say the pasuk lost objects, started saying it, and when said the very last word, my mother yelled out “Got it” thought she was joking, she said “No seriously here it is” the wallet must have fell out of your pocket in the back seat, and when I was saying the pasuk she felt the seat and found it . – Amazing. BH

3 years ago- my wife was almost 2 weeks overdue and forced to be induced with our first son. We checked into the Hospital around 530 pm Monday evening. They finally broke her water around 5 AM and things finally started to move along. Around 10 AM she started to push. 3 HOURS LATER still pushing, the Dr. said the baby isn’t coming out naturally, we will need to do a C-section. 2 PM the baby was delivered BH –9 LBS. Around 7 pm while is leaving the Hospital to go home for an hour to wash up, my wife called my father and myself back up to the room with the Dr.’s waiting to delivery some scary news….”your son is bleeding in his head and we do not know or think he will make it –it could be 24 hours” I fainted to the floor. After a few minutes we all gathered ourselves – got the entire community aware of the situation, Israel was notified right away and BH, Hashem should bless this community, we were all praying within minutes of the news. I was reading once that one of the reasons why the Bris is on the 8th day is because it takes that long for a baby to clot. BH our sons head clotted within 24 hours. The Indian Dr.’s words were to me “ ALL WE DID IS WATCH HIM BUT IT WAS G-D”  Within 1 week he was home.  BH Today 6th of shevat was is his 3 year Birthday. The Nahat we get from him is indescribable BH.       About 7 months ago we had another boy – throughout the pregnancy the Dr. told my wife somehow the baby needs to be less then 8 lbs if she wants to deliver natural. A few days into her 9th month her water breaks and within hours the baby was out easy and healthy.The baby was 7.5 lbs. if she went full term baby could’ve been 10 lbs. HASHEM IS TELLING US, I AM HERE FOR YOU JUST TRUST IN ME ! THANK YOU HASHEM FOR SHOWING MY FAMILY YOUR HAND!

-Ran into an old student of mine and he asked if I remember him, I quickly replied with his entire name (middle and all) and I can see he is now a frum jew-he tells me He is now a Rebbi teaching Torah and spreading Torah-he says you know why? Because I remember many years back on Shabbat of my Bar Misvah you walked in the extremely hot weather all the way to my house on Ave Z, you walked that long long walk in the heat just for me!-Had tremendous effect on him and made him want to go on the path of Torah-don’t under estimate even a small act!

-My close friend calls me up and asks if I need wine for mishloach manot, I tell him I actually can use between 4 and 6 bottles. He excitedly tells me quick come meet me over here right now I have wine for you but I am not giving you 4 bottles you are either getting 24 or 48 bottles. I was like what is going on?- he says just come on over quick. When I get there I see his car stuffed from the floor to the ceiling with cases and cases of wine. I could not believe my eyes how many cases were able to fit into the back seat of his car and I couldn’t help but ask how did you get all these cases of wine in here and what is going on? He tells me like this, this morning I realized I needed a nice amount of wine for our mishloach manot but was a little tight and didn’t have funds for it, I didn’t say anything to my wife about it. I prayed to Hashem to help me get some wine for mishloach manlot. My phone rings and someone asks if I know anyone who can use 4 cases of wine, I jump and say yes me! I send my son over there and my son calls me and says it’s not 4 cases of wine its 24 cases of wine!! And now I have all this wine to give away (that is this sadiks nature, to think how to give it away,not to keep it for pesach or whatever)- and he tells me how he called a certain Rebbi that he knew needed wine and dropped several cases off by him and blurts out to me the following- “pshat is like this- This morning I didn’t have any wine what so ever and now look at my car, it is overflowing with wine! Hashem I don’t know what I’m doing, I have a wife and children, Hashem just take care of everything!” – (knew I would regret not snapping a picture of his car stuffed with the wine cases J)..Hashem Thank you for always taking care of your loving children and believe me I can attest that this fellow Loves you Hashem!

-Was in a Jcrew store in the city and bought a bunch of stuff 25% off and got in my car and realized that a pair of shoes I bought was not on the receipt. I called the Rabbi and asked what to do? He said if it will make a kidush Hashem go back to the store. I was with my daughter and she said people always get paid back when they do these things and a kidush Hashem as well. I decided to go back and went to the manager knowing he would recognize me as a Jew more than the lady behind the counter, the manager took my receipt and checked it ,he kept typing and typing on the computer and I asked what are you doing writing me a new receipt? He said no, I am giving you 30% off of your entire order! I only had to pay them $7 for the shoes! Hashem is with us every second, even when he doesn’t show us so clearly but  the awesome part about this was the feeling I had knowing Hashem was right by my side showing me right there on the spot he was happy with what I did.. Thank you Hashem

Modern Day Yetziat Mitzrayim

A young Israeli boy of 12 yrs old, the youngest of 7 kids, had difficulty breathing from birth. Doctors said it was Asthma. 6 months before his Bar Mitzva, his Father, at age 53 went to sleep and never woke up. As an orphan, this boy becomes a Bar Mitzva while still having a hard time breathing.  At age 14, his windpipe totally closes and he can not breathe. Rushed to and from several hospital emergency rooms, each one injecting him with steroids to open his windpipe and getting very temporary results, the boy ends up on a respirator and unconscious for a week. Finally the doctors realize that his windpipe has closed and is given an emergency tracheotomy. At age 14 he had to breathe from a Trache pipe in his neck. He dropped out of Yeshiva as he was too embarrassed to continue. He stayed home for over a year in a major depression. At age 15 thru 18 he tried several surgeries on his windpipe to restore normal breathing, but the surgeries made things worse.

For a year and a half he lost his ability to speak. The boy was living a wild and dangerous lifestyle, primarily because he did not care if he died. At age 19 one of his sisters found the name of a surgeon in Boston that was world renown for trachea surgery.
Her and her brother set out to visit with this Dr in Boston for a consultation. The Dr said that he can do a reconstructive trachea transplant to restore his breathing but it would cost about $50,000. They went back home to Israel not knowing how they would manage to raise the funds. His sister wrote up a letter explaining the situation and mailed it out to Jewish philanthropists in the USA.

An anonymous recipient from Chicago agreed to sponsor the surgery in Boston and the boy with his sister were on their way to Boston. “Ashreichem Yisrael”- look and see how great Am Yisrael is, who take care of each other in a time of need. The boy himself became a great believer in Hashem and a Baal Bitachon. He built up a relationship with Hashem and cried out to Him constantly to save him from this nightmare and his personal bondage. The transplant and surgery seemed to go well at first and a stent was placed in the new windpipe to keep it open, but just like the Jews in Mitzrayim when Moshe first came to be their savior were excited and full of hope only to see the hardships become more intense, so too this boy was about to experience an even worse situation. His body began to reject the transplant and every 4-6 weeks the windpipe area would grow tissue and skin and close up the windpipe to the point where he could no longer speak or breathe normally until a surgery was done to reopen the windpipe.

For about a year, the boy lived in a basement in Crown Heights with a Trache tube and a humidifying tube machine that he needed to attach to his neck in order to sleep at night. He was all alone in a foreign country and travelled by bus every 4-6 weeks to Boston for a surgery to reopen his windpipe. He became so depressed that he contemplated suicide. The Kli Yakar at the end of Shemot points out that the darkest part of the night is right before dawn.

At this point, the boy was 21 years old and losing faith. His sister in Israel got a meeting with Rabbi Ades in Bnei Brak and when he heard that the boy was living alone without money, he called upon an acquaintance he knew in the Syrian community and asked him to take the boy to Rabbi Ozeri and try to find a temporary home for him. The sister flew in from Israel and both she and the boy stayed in the home of a community family. Rabbi Ozeri got involved and provided new clothing for the boy, and the boy began to feel wanted and comfortable with his new “family”.

His Bitachon was once again strengthened and his will to continue his fight for survival was restored. After a week or so, his windpipe once again closed up and he could not speak, he was only able to breathe thru his Trache tube in his neck. The father of the family and the new caregiver of this boy, drove him up to Boston for his appointment and  was introduced to the Jewish surgeon that was trying to help this boy become a normal breather. The surgeon walked in and took a look at the Community Man and said that in his entire career he never gave up on a patient, but he was prepared to give up on this boy! if not for the fact that the boy is now under the care of this man and his family!. It seems that for the many months that the boy was on his own, he did not have the discipline or the support of anyone to help him through this difficult journey of medicines and surgeries. The Doctor was fighting a losing battle and was not even getting a penny for all of these operations. Now that the situation changed, he was ready to continue the fight. He told the man that he needed 3 things for this to work. Discipline regarding taking his medicines, more frequent appointments in Boston and lots of Money.

This community man was now involved in a situation much more difficult than he ever imagined but if not for this “match” set up by Hashem thru Rabbi Ades, the boys life at best would have remained a nightmare. That night, the man and the boy strengthened themselves in Bitachon, understanding that Hashem can do anything believed that this will all work out. The next day the surgery was done once again to reopen the windpipe except this time Hashem put in the mind of the surgeon to remove the stent from the windpipe in hopes that this will prevent the body from closing the windpipe again. The doctor was not very confident but he gave it a try. 3 weeks later they were back in Boston and without knowing if the windpipe was closing or not, the boy stood on the very busy city street outside the tall office building of the doctor and just like Am Yisrael screamed out to Hashem from their bondage, the boy looked up to the sky and with tears streaming down his cheeks began to scream and beg Hashem to save his life and perform a miracle for him. Upstairs he went and the doctor did a scope into his throat to see how the windpipe reacted to the surgery of 3 weeks ago. Sure enough, the doctor was amazed. No more rejection!. The windpipe was healing and stayed open. The doctor took the man to the side and said that he was a Jew and not really observant but now he KNOWS that there is a G-d in the world and He is looking after this boy.  The doctor realized that a miracle indeed took place. The doctor still wanted to see the boy every 3 weeks to be sure that he was okay. They visited the doctor again and again and each time the scope showed that the windpipe was healing and remaining open. The Trache tube was no longer needed and the machine at night was no longer needed. The boy was on his way to a new life of normal breathing. He recognized the Chesed of Hashem and was constantly thanking Hashem for saving him. This passed week the doctor said it was safe for him to travel back to his family in Israel after being away from home for a year and a half. He is returning to Eretz Yisrael 3 days before Pesach to experience his own Modern Day Yetziat Mitzrayim.
Hodu LaHashem Ki Tov, Ki LeOlam Chasdo.

  • I was standing in a certain area eating an ice cream and all of a sudden a car screeches around the turn of the corner out of control and I froze. but for some reason I fell forward and the car smashed right into the spot I was in before falling forward- Thank you Hashem for having what I think is a malach protect me and throw me out of harms way.

-Got a call from a customer of mine that I have not heard from in many years. He very curtly said ok go ahead with the order, I said to myself,what order, what is he talking about? And he named the purchase order. I looked it up on my computer and it was for a proposal from 6 years ago! Thank you Hashem for this unexpected surprise, Hashem can send our parnasa in the most shocking and unlikely ways, showing us it is not us who is in control. Thank you Hashem!!!!

If Hashem had a Refrigerator, your picture would be on it. -If He had a wallet, Your photo would be in It. -He sends you flowers Every spring. 

-was dealing with a worker that works for a customer of mine for many years, a lot of times he would do things out of the ordinary and act a little crazy, like sending about 40 texts in a row in the middle of the night and other strange things to annoy me. I used to have a very bad temper and bh try hard to work on it. Many times I wanted to explode on him and let him have it but I held it in. The other day I was by his office and he tells me that he may be looking for a new job and that if I may know some companies that could use him to keep him in mind. He then adds but there is something you need to know, I have 2 felonies on my record, so in case it comes up I want to be up front with you. I ask what happened? and he pauses and says, he had a fight with someone many years ago and…                the person didn’t end up living! I was standing there in shock and he tells me he went to jail for 6 years (why so short I have no clue) and all I could think about was Thank you Hashem that I didn’t blow up on this guy, a murderer! all those times I wanted to scream at him and shamble him, who knows what he was capable of doing chas vishalom! Thank you Hashem for watching over me and my actions-remember-anger is dangerous-beware!

  • Mistakenly sent an email to someone who had the same name as the person I was looking for, the accidental target responded by offering me a job that is extremely promising, misunderstanding my intention. Hashem understood it.

-Thank You Hashem for Rabbi D.M. who went out of his way to get my kids to shul on Shabbat while I tended to my wife in the hospital

-A man who lives in Miami told me that for the last two years he’s been learning at night with a neurologist, and last week this neurologist’s mentioned his daughter had suffered daughter suffered a brain aneurism, a few years Back, לא עלינו.   Baruch Hashem, she is now healthy, but the doctor was telling his study partner about the incident.  The man asked him to describe the symptoms of a brain aneurism, and the doctor began explaining the symptoms with complex medical terminology. “Just tell it to me in plain English,” the man said. The doctor said, “Basically, it feels like the worst headache you ever had in your life.” This man then flew to New Jersey for the weekend to attend a family bar mitzvah, and ate the Shabbat meal with his in-laws.  Toward the end of the meal, he noticed that his brother-in-law was not in the room.  He asked what happened, and he was told that his brother-in-law didn’t feel well and went to lie down.  Sometime later, when the brother-in-law didn’t return, he grew concerned and went to see what the problem was. “I’m having a terrible migraine,” the brother-in-law said. The man asked him to describe the pain, and the brother-in-law said, “It’s the worst headache I ever had in my life.” The man rushed to his other family members and told them to call Hatzalah. “What, Hatzalah?!” they said.  “On Shabbat?!  For a headache?!” “Trust me,” the man said.  “This is very serious.” They called Hatzalah, and as the patient was talking with the paramedics he suddenly became paralyzed in half his body.  The paramedics gave him oxygen and did whatever they could to help.  They then rushed him to the hospital, where he took a turn for the worse.  He had to be taken by helicopter to another hospital which was capable of treating his condition. The Hatzalah volunteer told him that if the paramedics weren’t there at the time this happened, he would not have survived. The “Guardian of Israel” was watching, and He sent a messenger from 1,000 miles away in Miami who was equipped with the knowledge of what to do at the right time. We need to thank Hashem at all times for guarding and protecting us, and especially for preserving our lives all day, every day.

-While camping we spent some fruitless time fishing for salmon. However, there were some other people fishing and when they wanted to leave, their car wouldn’t start. After unsuccessfully trying to jump start it, my son drove one of them back to their camp cottage to get a spare battery and then drove him back. A few hours later as we sat around our campfire, two men approached us, asking if we were the ones who helped them with their car, and they presented us with 2 nice size freshly caught salmon! Thank You Hashem for showing me You have more than one way to provide us with food.

-Thank You Hashem that I was fortunate to spend the day this past Monday In Camp Simcha, it was the most amazing event I have ever been to!Something indescribable 70 – 80 people go up to pump up these kids that are not well it actually gives them a will to live!, I thought that we were giving them encouragement I got much more encouragement, the feeling you can describe.Thank You Hashem for Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha J

-was on my way to purchase an air conditioner and a friend telephones me and inquires if I have any idea who may need an air conditioner that he has an extra one that is not being used and he needs the space for storage. My response was, can you repeat that? He did, I said I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. I quickly made a u turn and said Thank you so much and told him where my car was headed and what I was planning to “purchase” Hashem had other plans. Thank you kind friend and they you to our creator!

  • Thank you Hashem that I got married this past Sunday night to the most wonderful wife! My story of meeting Audrey is purely from the cousin gave me Audrey’s phone number saying to call her up for a date. my response was that I know Audrey ,,,I’m not interested  ,,,, she’s not for me …. Something a regular guy would say about being set up. My friend Raymond’s mother in law approached me about Audrey around the same time (she and my cousin have no connection) and I gave her the same response. Soon after — I went out with another girl where our first and only date was a total disaster. It was really a bad night for me  ….When I get home, I say to myself  — what have I got to loose, its only a date. Let me call Audrey and be open minded. When I reach for her number to call ,,, we have a great conversation on the phone and I ask if she still lives in the city  … she tells me that she never lived in the city and that she’s lives in Brooklyn.We made plans for Thursday night…. I go ring the door bell and introduce myself to her father. All of a sudden….some girl who I never saw before in my life comes running out of the kitchen !!!!!!!It was a totally different girl who I thought I was picking up. A totally different girl than the one I said is not for me!This was all from Hashem!!I know everyone in this community and I never saw this girl before in my life…..It turned out I was pleasantly surprised that night and we continued dating until we got engaged in May. Hashem made two people approach me about Audrey, he sent me on a bad date so that I could learn to take more risks and he led me to my future wife. I am living proof of you never know give it a shot and let Hashem take care of everything else! Thank you Hashem for guiding me to my wife! Douglas Abade

-At 11:15pm. My son who was recently Bar Mitvah’d realized he forgot to pray Arvit. Since I was in bed for the night, I told him to pray in the house.   By the look on his face I saw that wasn’t really an option.   So I got dressed and took him to Landaus. Thank you Hashem for giving me a son that understands the true meaning of praying to you with a Minyan.

  • Someone approached me and told me that they have an extra Sucah and if I know anyone who can use it. I said I will keep it in mind. The same day a friend comes over to me and says I wish I was able to afford a sucah but things are very tight right now and will have to bounce around eating at peoples houses with my family. I smile and say , that’s what you think! Hashem has a sucah all prepared for you with your name on it, I make a phone call to the other person and Baruch Hashem within hours it was all set up. Thank you Hashem for putting me in the middle of this misvah and for letting me see siyata dishmaya right before my eyes. Ps my friend was thrilled with his new sucah!

-I am so grateful to Hashem to recently bringing me to Bnei Binyamin. Such a great kahal with such great tefilot, great learning, a great warmth and love for each other and most importantly a tremendous leader in Rabbi Seruya. Chazak Ubaruch Rabbi! You are wonderful BH. You are such a positive inspiration to all of us and with such sweetness. We love you.

  • I am in the year of saying Kadish for my mother a’h, and am very careful not to miss it and take precautions when traveling to make sure I do not miss kadish even though we still have my brother saying it as well. Was time to stop for the 11th month and I sent a text to my brother informing him to stop saying the kadish. A few days later a rabbi was speaking with me and we discovered that I miscalculated the date by a month and we were not supposed to stop the kadish. I felt terrible that there was a lapse in these days and my mother did not have someone saying kadish for her. I called my brother and told him the error and to disregard the text I sent him telling him to stop saying Kadish, he answered that his phone was broken and he never got the text and that he never stopped saying Kadish! Thank you Hashem for this protection that his phone “happened” to be broken at that exact moment and Thank you that my mother had this special zechut not to have any missed days of Kadish.

-was having a difficult time supporting my family and was praying to Hashem about it and as I heard myself, I said, am I nuts? Thank you Hashem for giving me a family!

  • I was having a talk with Hashem and asking him to please help me with parnasah, was a very emotional heartfelt tefillah and felt connected to borei olam at that moment. The exact second I finished my tefillah, literally that second, not a minute later-that very second before I even took another breath, my phone rings and as I hear it ringing I have in mind I hope it is a certain customer I am waiting to hear from and sure enough it is his name that appears on my phone. I pick up the call and Hashem has him give me an order right there on the spot. Thank you Hashem-you are the greatest!!!!!

-Approximately 12 years ago I opened up 2 large accounts for the company I work at. I slowly built up their business to become my 2 biggest accounts. 4 years ago my company wanted to re-structure all the accounts and these 2 were taken from me. In the exchange I was given other nice accounts to compensate but I still was upset since I worked so hard to increase their business and had built a nice relationship with the 2 accounts. 4 years later both accounts are almost bankrupt!!. I did not see it at the time but Hashem protected me.

-From a 10 year old girl – Thank you Hashem that it was raining so hard today , when I came home I stepped in a big puddle and I got soaked so I went upstairs and put on a thick pair of socks. I then went down to the basement to play and I stepped on a very sharp screw and I didn’t feel it because Hashem had me get wet and change into thick socks. Thank you Hashem.

-Was on the phone making a hotel reservation for me and my family, I was reserving the regular nice type room and the rep starts to tell me about the duplex room with the winding stair case. I found myself lost in imagination picturing how awesome this room is and was deciding if I should go for it, or maybe this is not a good chinuch for myself and my children, too much unnecessary gashmiut. The rep pushed for my decision and I said umm I’m not sure, what do you think? She says ahh go for it, you only live once! I snapped right back, YOU only live once! I’ll take the basic room-thank you. Thank you Hashem for reminding me that we have a better world coming.

  • I got a bill in the mail for the damage owed on a car lease that I returned for $1507.00, I was at home and with my family and I put it aside and said I am not going to get nervous over this and prayed to Hashem to please take care of this some how. The very next day I get another notice in the mail showing my bill is only $7, that I had a $1500 waiver for damage on my account! Thank you Hashem

  • A Rabbi in our community, – when his father passed away young (age 49) he had a younger brother that was 6 yrs old at the time and so he and his sisters took care of him. When it came time for his younger brother to get married they would put their funds together to help him with everything. The morning after he got engaged, he came home to find a check in the mail for close to $30k just what they needed for his brother to get married… was a check from a claim that they made when he was young and fell and hurt his arm and the lawyer said then……don’t rely on this, you’ll most likely never collect! So 12yrs later when he got engaged and needed it most, Hashem sent it because Hashem took his father away so Hashem becomes the orphans father!

-got a flat tire on a chol hamoed trip with my family. Endless stream of frum people pulling over to help us was the greatest thing my kids could see, better than any show, imax or arcade. What a lesson about what being a Jew means.(and someone took my wife and kids ahead to our destination, don’t worry, while I got the tire fixed 🙂

  • Mitzvah man sent 2 volunteers to go visit a Holocaust survivor a few years back. 2 nice young girls took it on themselves not only to go for a visit and be on their way, they actually befriended this elder woman and started taking her on errands and spending plenty of quality time with her. They visited her every week for 3 years straight! This was very noble of them. The relationship was special and continued happily during these years. Mm gets a sad notification that BD’H This holocaust survivor has passed away. He replies back that he would like to pay a shiva call if they can get him the address. The girls notify him that this woman has zero family and is totally alone, there is no where to make a shiva call to. The burial is going to be in Israel and that they are at The Airport right now waiting to board the plane!!! They are making a special trip to Israel to handle the levaya! This is taking hesed to the next level. The purity of our wonderful people and the beautiful hesed that they do.

  • My nephew and his wife were by a secluded area near the water on chol hamoed. They saw an area with trees and woods. They looked in and saw a chasidish father with his son just standing there all alone in the woods. All of a sudden the father screams out loud on the top of his lungs                     “ TOTTYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!  TOTTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!”….great chol hamoed trip and great Musar.

-Chasdei Hashem – I Was trying to get a beracha from Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, I spoke to someone in Bnei brak, but didn’t ask him to go in for me, I sent an email to him, requesting that if he is going can he get me a Beracha.  Meanwhile Rav Chaim wasn’t feeling well and 10 people went to his house to pray, while there on his own this person went to Rav Chaim and BH gave a beracha. As he gets back home he opens the email from me about a beracha, he calls me up laughing chasdei hashem BH

  • Thank you Hashem for joining us in our homes every single Shabbat making our precious gift sparkle even brighter , and also thank you for picking up the tab too…

-One summer in the early 1990’s, I asked my father to teach me how to “Lein” (read from the Torah). I was a little young for that, but my father who is an expert, decided to teach me my Bar Mitzvah Parasha – Parshas Naso.                                                                                                                     We did till approximately Sheini, then we discovered that my Bar Mitzvah Parsha really was B’ha’aloscha.                                                                                                                                            I was in a shul today / this morning for Shacharis, that I never davened Shachris in before. I was there because I needed a later than usual minyan.They had no Ba’al Koreh there today.                                I was the only one who was able to lein for them. Because Hashem had me learn it 20-25 years ago!                        Thank you Hashem!

-I had a flight scheduled to go to  Las Vegas early in the morning. Due to severe weather the driving was very slow and I wasn’t sure if I would make it on time to the airport. I made it on time but there was a very big line. They told me if I need to fly with my luggage I will have to take the next flight. I said ok what can I do? I will take the next flight. I was curious to see what Hashem had planned for me,let me see where this goes. I knew this was not for nothing. I ended up sitting next to executives of a large company on the next flight. We got to talking and one thing led to another and I ended up getting a $7000 job from them. Thank you Hashem for putting me on this flight.

-My friend was in desperate need of a lung transplant… He has been waiting for a compatible lung since July and was in the hospital for the last couple of months where the Dr’s said you can’t go home anymore until we find you a compatible donor. One night at around 7:30pm, him and his wife were sitting in the hospital crying together…  “I can’t breathe anymore..  I don’t know how much longer I could hold on!!..  They decided to call the Dr. and told him” Dr.. The breathing is becoming very difficult and don’t know how much longer he could go on… What else can we do??  The Dr., (who is considered one of the top Dr’s in the country) said “I am so sorry,  I have tried everything and the only thing left I could do is connect you to a machine that will put you in an induced Coma and will prolong your life another 2 or 3 weeks tops! This will allow you to be comfortable and ease away from the suffering.                                                                                                                      They Hung up the phone!!! Tomorrow morning he was scheduled to go on the “coma Machine” The Dr had given up..he did his best.        At 10:30pm THAT SAME NIGHT, HASHEM took over!!                                                                               With the Dr clearly out of the picture and only 3 hours later “Hashem” “Called” my friend with a priceless gift…  A NEW LUNG!. Hours away from being put on this machine and weeks to live and Hashem saved his life at that very moment! In the blink of an eye can come the salvation! Baruch Hashem he is alive and well and doing very nicely Hashem also took care of it in his most perfect way, a couple of months ago was given hope of getting one lung from a donor but was let down, instead he received 2 young lungs which is what he actually needed ,2!    Hashem is perfect and great and Bezrat Hashem he should continue to have a refuah shelama along with all choleh Yisrael- Never give up hope.

-Saw a picture of Derek Jeter walking thru tunnel that leads to the  yankee dugout and in the tunnel there is a sign that hangs from the ceiling as every player walks to the field they see this sign that reads,                                                                                   “I want to Thank the good lord for making me a Yankee”……….. shtuyot, non-sense                                                                                            THANK YOU HASHEM FOR MAKING ME A JEW!!!!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 88

* This week’s messages are L’iyui Nishmat – Shaul ben Salcha – Mr. Charlie Sultan A’h  

-Wedding Sunday and Monday, Barmisva and an engagement- Thank you Hashem for Happy moments

-On Shabbat as my father with his heart condition was being worked on by hatzalah in shul preparing to take him to the hospital, I asked the Rabbi if I should telephone my mother and get her ready for what was happening, and he said no, I should run over there right now (Baruch Hashem we have Rabbis to protect us from mistakes especially when our heads are spinning), I ran my fastest in the rain to my mothers house and told her what was going on. Hatzalah came and they went to the hospital, I told my mother I will try and walk over to the Hospital and to call me if there is an emergency. They took off and as I started to walk back, my legs were gone, I had terrible cramps and some sort of Charlie horse from running in my shoes full speed like that, I later found out it was shin splints. I made it home and started telling my wife what happened and she said the phone rang 3 times with a weird # , must have been the Hospital. Now I am thinking the worst because I told my mother to call if it is an emergency. I didn’t tell that part to my wife as I didn’t want to worry her. I didn’t want to leave right away, I stayed to see if the phone would ring again. It didn’t. My legs were in agony and having a lot of cramps and I had no idea how I was going to make this hour long walk. I also knew I should walk a little extra and up 2 flights of steps to check and see if my parents were sent home. I set out on my walk and took the very first step in front of my house, was very painful at step one but kept going and said Hashem it is 100% clear that I can not make this 1 hour walk to the hospital, I am totally relying on you to somehow get me there, physically I am unable to do it, but willing to do it. Hashem In zechut of the pain I am willing to absorb to do kibud av va-em , please send my father a refuah shelama , if something is going wrong Hashem please turn it around and make everything fine. I then painfully walked my way to my parents house and then headed to the hospital. Every ounce of pain was a pleasure and an honor! Especially knowing my deal with Hashem that I hope he accepted. I tried different ways of taking steps, sideways,not bending, twisting all different ways to try and make it go easier. I finally get to the Hospital and of course they have me running all over to each side of the Hospital to locate my parents. Finally I located them and my mother informed me of the emergency decisions she had to make due to my fathers previous heart condition and they decided to do an angiogram which may be risky given my fathers condition, and while inside they ended up doing a stent. My mother walks out of the room and my father calls me over and quietly tells me, the Dr. told me I suffered a heart attack but I told him not to tell Mommy, I don’t want her to be scared and nervous. Within the next few hours they took more tests and my mother strolls into the room announcing, Baruch Hashem it wasn’t a heart attack. I was like what? I immediately went out to the desk station and asked the Dr. and he confirmed it wasn’t a heart attack, I asked are you saying that because my father said not to tell my mother or are you for real?.

He says,no heart attack , the artery was closed about 80% and if you would’ve gotten here later it would have been a heart attack, the stent opened it back up preventing a heart attack . I don’t know how things work in shamayim but all I know is that I made that deal with Hashem to change anything wrong that may be happening-………. my father is told he has had a heart attack-……… and shortly after we are told he did not have a heart attack! Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hatzalah for getting my father to the hospital so fast avoiding a much worse outcome.

-Thank you Hashem for showing me the difference of the way a Jew does a chesed and a goy does a chesed. While in the hospital on shabbat and the goya nurse was telling me and my mother how they are bringing in an emergency cardiac arrest patient. I thought she was going to tell us how she feels bad or how she is going to help or whatever, but she did not. She tells us how she can’t believe this is happening that it is 630pm and she goes home at 7pm that now she will have to hook the patient up to all the machines and do all the paperwork. She was carrying on and on how she is supposed to be off at 7 and now she is stuck with all the paper work and I couldn’t hold myself back and I told her; When you are getting nervous while doing your paperwork I have an idea for you that may help, stop and think would you rather be the one in the bed with cardiac arrest, or the one doing the paperwork?…she immediately changed her tune and started telling us we are right and that she knows their is G-d in the world and she hopes he lets her into heaven and she went on how we are so nice and how nice we are treating all the hospital workers, so a kidush Hashem also came out of it. We were also able to see the wonderful chesed the Jewish people were doing in the middle of their personal shabbat time, stopping everything willingly and happily ,coming to the hospital with bags and bags of food,magazines,drinks you name it. Saw alot of chesed being done by the Jewish people with the correct attitude. Mi kiamcha Yisrael.

-thank you Hashem for a beautiful baby girl on erev Purim from my daughter Ilana and Manny Haber!

– A Rabbi in our community, – when his father passed away young (age 49) he had a younger brother that was 6 yrs old at the time and so he and his sisters took care of him. When it came time for his younger brother to get married they would put their funds together to help him with everything. The morning after he got engaged, he came home to find a check in the mail for close to $30k just what they needed for his brother to get married… was a check from a claim that they made when he was young and fell and hurt his arm and the lawyer said then……don’t rely on this, you’ll most likely never collect! So 12yrs later when he got engaged and needed it most, Hashem sent it because Hashem took his father away so Hashem becomes the orphans father!

-Thank you Hashem – for the chizuk of the Thank You Hashem messages!-Thank you Hashem – my wife took the car to the mechanic to look at, we have a leased van about to be up,The guy said the tires are very bald we should change them if C”V they blow on the highway its very dangerous. We had a maybe a month or 2 weeks left to the lease so we decided to wait. Sunday we drove to Lakewood For a chesed My wife dropped me off and went to shopping, after she came out the back tire was blown (metal coming out)Amazing – right after the chesed the tire blew! C”V It could have happened on the highway – Thank You Hashem

-saw a $95 charge for maintenance on a business bill,took a shot and called to see if they can waive it-Thank You Hashem, they called back and refunded it.

-My daughter lost her ipod at her friend house during the annual Purim party.  Her friend said she would look for it . My daughter came home yesterday upset that it was lost.  Today while she was at school another girl was going through her bag and she pulled out an ipod asking why is there an ipod in here?.  My daughter who was standing right near her said that’s mine where did you find it?. She said girl A just gave her the bag and it was inside. What Hashem wants you to have you have.  Bh and thank you Hashem for helping us find it.

Thank You Hashem – Week 81

-I travel a lot for work and know when to plan my trips a month to 2 months ahead. I book all flights and hotels myself. Before booking a trip the first thing I look at is what time I can pray in the morning, is that day Rosh Hodesh or a holiday. So Avodat Hashem first , business trip second.
Twice a year ( trade shows) I don’t take care of the booking, my boss does. Baruch HaShem I have great bosses( Shomer Shabbat, sedaka, kosher) but they see things more from a business view. So I get so upset since a lot of times the flight doesn’t allow sufficient time to pray before the boarding.
Now myself and 3 other salesman always travel together going there and coming back.  We did not get the itinerary yet and I said “I am so mad, I know that our flight is going to interfere with praying, I hate that!”  And that day I heard a Rabbi Diamond CD that said if you want to do anything spiritual for Hashem and you want it bad enough Hashem will make it happen!
So I asked my boss to email me the flight info.
I was on a separate flight then the other guys and it is leaving almost an hour and half later which gives me more than enough time to pray properly!
So I went to my boss and asked why I was separate? He told me that when he decided to book the tickets they were on sale so he bought mine and then had an emergency meeting so he did not buy the others. When he finished the meeting and went back to purchase the other tickets the cost went up 50%!! Thank you Hashem for allowing me the time to properly pray.

-Thank you Hashem for the beautiful snow day off with my children

– Thank you Hashem for making the Mayor shut down all the roads for the storm. We had to go to the hospital in the city today from Brooklyn, it took us under 30 minutes to get here! Yishtabach Shemo LaAad! Thank you Hashem for taking a situation that could have been potentially stressful in many ways and making it calm smooth comfortable and easy! We see your loving hand with us every second!

– Yesterday before the storm I took my car out.  As I was driving I thought I smelt something funny. I did my errands and on my last errand I was five minutes from home and the car was acting weird. It was snowing, it was cold and I got scared that something was wrong. I prayed and trusted. Please Hashem I need an easy spot next to my house.   You see I live on the landau block. Parking, it’s not easy. The brake light went on the smell was back and there was a perfect spot on ave L in front of the shul, with a tight steering wheel I backed right in and the car stalled.  Bh. I grabbed my packages and ran in the house.  Thank you Hashem for not letting me get stranded. Extra bonus, Thank you Hashem for the snow storm preventing me from getting a parking ticket while my car was stuck in the parking space for alternate side parking.      Also……..
Thank you Hashem for my new (old) house! And my beautiful new kitchen, carpet, paint etc……and for the mess too!!!!

-thank you Hashem for the beautiful snow!!

-Thank You Hashem – the weather has been predicted as a storm of History, 24 inches some even 36

we have gotten maybe 10 inches – Thank You Hashem we have HKB”H to rely on whom controls the world and weather

-Thank you Hashem – we have our warm jacket, gloves, hat and boots to walk in the snow and stay warm J

-Thank You Hashem – that snow is a nice white beautiful color!

-Thank you Hashem that as Rabbi Mannes Mandel zs’l used to say “the weatherman is a Navi Sheker”

– Was at a store buying something for my home and ended up having to majorly rush for school carpool, was having a worker bring the stuff into the car and the motor was running. My mother called me to go quickly inside to look at something that just came in that could be way better and there is only one of them available to go now before it is gone. I said the motor is running and in a big rush to make the car pool time,How can I go back in? I decided to make a quick dash in and saw it was gorgeous and much nicer than the item we bought, a no brainer. I also saw that the worker who was helping load the car went to the back of the store and I wasn’t by the car when he finished loading so didn’t give him a tip. I didn’t want to make a chilul Hashem so with the zero time I had, I ran to the back of the store to find him and give him a tip. I now saw that I definitely had no time to switch the item and started to literally run out of the store, from the rear of the store to the exit and as I am running I hear someone mumble something as I ran by them. I thought I better stop, maybe I didn’t realize and bumped into them as I was running, I didn’t want it to be a chilul Hashem chas vishalom, so I stopped and was starting to apologize and saw it was my cousin who saw me running out and jokingly said,” its ok don’t even say hello”. I quickly blur out 1000 miles an hour, in a rush for car pool, can you please go the front and purchase the item for me and leave it at the counter and I will come back after car pool… I couldn’t even wait for the answer I just ran out and called her from the car. She was able to buy it for me and all worked out, and got a much much nicer item at a fantastic price. Hashem put my cousin in this exact spot at this exact time for me as I was trying to do the kidush Hashem of tipping the goy worker. Everything fell into place perfectly. Thank you Hashem and Thank you cousin. Ps- when I picked up the receipt from my cousin before heading back to the store for pick up, my cousin happened to take a chance and asked me if I by any chance had an extra modem? She was rewarded on the spot and I “happened” to have a spare modem right in my trunk, I don’t know why but it has been sitting there for over 8 months! Now I know why. – added update-story just got better, my mother laid out the cash to pay for the item, I was giving her the money back and she kindly said keep it, it is a gift from me, I am buying it for you.Thank you Hashem and Thank you Mother…

-How about this.  My phone fell in the snow,I found it three hours later with 13 percent power left. Bh

Thank You Hashem – Week 80

-From a 10 year old girl – Thank you Hashem that it was raining so hard today , when I came home I stepped in a big puddle and I got soaked so I went upstairs and put on a thick pair of socks. I then went down to the basement to play and I stepped on a very sharp screw and I didn’t feel it because Hashem had me get wet and change into thick socks. Thank you Hashem.

-BH thank You for the beautiful weather, especially compared to January’s in other years, this year is amazing! 🙂

– Bris Sunday-Mabruk

– Thank you Hashem for the miracle of an airplane. You can go inside this tube of metal and get out on the other side of the world-a peleh.

-On December 1 I was infected with Bronchitis and Strep Throat, in addition with those systems, I was hit with painful pinched nerves in my lower back. Since that day my back has been hurting every day, some days worse than others. Some mornings I woke up with terrible back pain.On January 6 Tuesday morning I woke up with my right leg hurting. At first it was not so bad, just light pain and discomfort. As the day went on, it slowly started to get worse and worse. A friend called me to go to lunch, a block away from my office. As I was going, I realized I was limping and it started to hurt worse. The rest of the day in my office the pain was increasing. At the end of the day when it was time to go home, the pain was extreme and it was very difficult for me to walk just 3 blocks to the parking lot.       By now the pain was excruciating. As soon as I arrived home, I went straight to my Doctor, who gave me two shots and a prescription for anti-inflammatory medicine and pain killers. Till it was time to sleep the pain and discomfort kept increasing.        That night the pain was the worst yet and unbearable. There were thousands of shooting nerves all throughout my leg. During the night it got much worse. I was not able to sleep for even a single second. The pain was excruciating, I was crying and screaming in pain whole night. My wife was petrified and was up with me the whole night. The whole night I was contemplating to call Hatzoloh and go to the emergency room.       Wednesday morning the pain was continuing and terrible, I was not able to walk or stand up. Sitting, lying down or any position hurt immensely. No position or situation would ease the pain. At 7AM I went back to Doctor. He gave me 3 shots (a strong pain killer and 2 anti-biotics). He also did 2 blood tests and another test. He also sent me to go get an MRI.           The pain was unbearable, it killed to just even stand up for a second. I went to take the MRI. The office attendants kept asking me to get forms to fill out. I kept telling them, “You don’t understand, I am in so much pain, I can’t walk to your desk to pick up the forms.”  The MRI technician had me lay in a position, on my back with my leg bent, which was probably the most uncomfortable and difficult position possible (besides standing up) and said that I had to stay in that position for 20 minutes without even moving a drop. I told the MRI technician that it was totally impossible, I cannot do that, I will not last for 30 seconds in that position, let alone 20 minutes. I got up and left. I did not take the MRI.    I then had my wife drop me off by the train to go to work. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know how I did it. I was in tremendous pain and couldn’t walk. The long flight of steps was like going to gehenom and back.         In Manhattan, my office is one block away from the train. That one block was murderous. It took forever, I felt like I was going to die. I was limping and hopping and every few steps I had to stop and hold on to something. Many people stopped and asked if was ok, if need anything, if I need ambulance, hospital or doctor. The 34th street cleaning man saw me and started unscrewing his broom and was giving me the stick to use as a cane. He followed me down the whole block and kept insisting that I take it, he said he will get another one. When I finally reached the end of the block, he was still trying to convince me to take the stick, I didn’t stop thanking him and told him that I will be ok, my office is right across the street.The extreme pain continued throughout my day at the office. During the Amida of Mincha and Arbit, which we have a Minyan in my office, I had to sit, I was just not able to stand.      This Wednesday afternoon, I realized that the Doctors and medicine were not able to help me. I need something much stronger and more effective, something that had guaranteed results. I called my friend Gabi from Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael, and explained to him my problem. I asked him if he could please go to the Gadol Hador Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky for Beracha for Refuah Shelamah. It was now at night in Israel and Gabi called his friend Rabbi Yitzchak Ohev Sion, who said the next day he will go and give my name to Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky for Beracha for Refuah Shelamah.I continued the day at work, which was very hard and continued to have tons of pain. When it came time to leave and had to walk the 3 block to the parking lot, it was murder. That night, Wednesday night, I slept but still in great pain, but my heart and mind was at ease and happy knowing that I will be getting a Beracha from Gadol Hador, who’s Berachot are proven Miracles, many thousands of times over.      Thursday morning I woke up and as I put my foot on the floor and noticed I was able to walk. My leg was feeling much better. There was slight pain and discomfort, the nerves were tingling and my leg felt like it was asleep, but nothing like before. The Excruciating, dying pain was gone. I went to sleep unable to walk and woke up being able to walk again.     I turned to my wife and said this feeling I had-that, “I already received the Beracha from Gadol Hador.” I then emailed my friend Gabi in Eretz Yisrael, who confirmed that I already received the Beracha early that morning!.     For the next few days my leg was sore and had pressure and with each day it got better and better. Now I am able to appreciate and not take for granted, the Great Kindness from Hashem of allowing me to have Healthy normal legs. The Great Miracle of walking, which is totally a Chesed from Hashem, is not something I take lightly anymore.

-My wife brought a sandwich down to eat in the lobby of the hotel. She realized it was hamotsie so she went to wash. She put her ring in the bag with her sandwich, ate and threw the bag out in the lobby garbage. 5 hours later she realized and ran to the garbage which was already cleaned. After explaining what happened to the front desk they called the maid service who took her to a dumpster full of garbage bags. Not knowing where to start they looked in a few bags when low and behold my wife called out I found it. Thank You Hashem for making us find it easily and for a great trip

– Was working on a situation with a customer, I hung up with him,stopped and prayed to Hashem. Called him back and Bh it all worked out within seconds.

– I was just appreciating and Thanking Hashem for the very manageable weather we have been having so far this winter and remembered last years frozen brutal winter. I then said to myself, last years frozen winter is also perfect from Hashem and remembered a conversation I had with a farmer this summer and he commented how the extra cold winter was very good for his crop and helped him to have an extra great crop of fruits and vegetables this year. He also commented how it is good to have a “normal” type of winter weather wise and having the freezing winter like last year mixed in once every few years is what makes the crops perfect. I then informed him who made it so perfect. Hashem thank you for being perfect in all that you do for us.

– I was walking out my door Sunday and saw it was raining and was surprised when I took a little slip on hidden ice. Baruch Hashem I caught myself before I hit the ground. I started looking how the ice was so hidden and heard on the radio warnings not to leave your house and heard that there were 266 accidents reported on the jersey turnpike alone.Many bridges and highways closed.If you looked out your window all it looked like was a simple rain fall and I thought, wow this is like a Makah, this tiny sheet of hidden ice causing all this havoc. Being in the parashiot that we are in that speak about the makot in misrayim,we can’t even fathom what it was like at the time of the real makot. This icy day was a little tiny blip obviously. We can only learn from these real makot the greatness of Hashem and remember who is in control of the world.

Thank You Hashem – Week 77

– Thank you Hashem for making me a special Jew
If you think of it how many people there are in the world? Billions!! And Hashem chose me and you to be special Jews who are so close and see the greatness of Hashem!! We should all feel very lucky and always serve Hashem besimcha:)

– I can’t thank Hashem enough for my precious baby girl it’s really the most amazing thing watching her grow thank u Hashem for blessing us with this beautiful healthy baby

-my friend has gotten engaged-mazal tov

-WOW 78 WEEKS OF THANK YOU HASHEMS . Thank you Hashem for all the great that you do for us.

-my cousin got married last night-thank you Hashem

-Had a proposal for an order in to a client and he got back to me and made some changes making it a smaller order. I felt a little bad that it was not going to be as big of an order as I thought. After completing the order I looked at the invoice and Baruch Hashem it seems that the profit on the lower order came out higher than if he would have kept it the way I sent it. Thank you so much Hashem!

-Many years ago, I was a patient in the Maimonides Medical Center’s Emergency room, and I had a roommate, a nice Italian lady and we got to know each other, and we were speaking the entire night.The next morning, my friends from the Shul came to visit me and along came the lady’s daughter.
The daughter was so impressed with what I did for her Mother that she told me and my friends that she at that time was a nurse at Hyman Solomon Rehabilitative Facility, and if we had any relatives there, she would look out after them.
Approximately 15 years later, one of those friends, was in the rehab facility and bumps into THAT lady, and IMMEDIATELY the lady recognized THIS person and said, I know you, your name is Mr. — and he said, yes, how do you know me?? The lady said, don’t you remember me?, your friend was with my Mother in the ER almost 20 years ago, and my friend said, yes now I remember and the nurse said, what are you doing here??
My friend told her that his Mother was here, and the lady said, do you remember that promise I made to you and your friends when I was in the ER with you that day, and my friend says, yes I do.
So, the VERY next day, THAT lady went up to my friend’s Mother’s room, and started to take care of her, by taking care of the grooming details, showering her, feeding her, walking her, talking to her, etc….
So, when the son came by later on that day, the Mother asked her son, who is this lady, she came early this morning and she took care of me, like I was the Queen of England, I do NOT know her, and she told me that she will do this EVERY day until I get discharged, what did I do to get this kind of treatment??
The son told his Mother the following: Mother, many years ago, a friend of mine did a Chessed in the ER, and he did in such a way, that I thought that I would never see the reward that Hashem said would happened, and I thank you Hashem for making it possible, because Mother, THIS is that reward that was promised to us also 20 years ago, and I can’t believe that it is happening.
That lady came EVERY day, until his Mother got discharged. She told my friend, I made a promise THAT day, that I would take care of ANY relatives that come here, and I kept my word.
When my friend told me this, I look up to Hashem, and said also, Thank you Hashem, but also said, what a small world.
So the world does revolve, sometimes you do NOT see a reward, but THIS time, we did see a reward it was almost 20 in the making but it was a reward. So, I thank you Hashem for allowing me to do that ONE special Mitzvah in the Emergency Room, so my friend can get also the rewards of that special Mitzvah for his Mother.

-was in Israel this week and I tried to get out ahead of the snow. No seats available on the plane. Then one seat opened up and I got home safely BH, thank You Hashem

-It was snowing while I was carefully driving down a block. As I neared the corner to turn, I slowed down a bit more when suddenly a car was passing a red light.I short stopped and skidded and BH I stopped just in time to avoid a near accident. THANK YOU HASHEM!

-wow- for fun I put an item on ebay that has been sitting on my dresser for a while, I prayed to Hashem let it be sold easily – literally within 1 minute it was sold!!! What were the odds of someone searching for my oddball item that very moment that I put it on? Thank you Hashem

– Got to witness first hand the care and love Rabbi Moshe Zucker has for his fellow Jews who are hungry to grow and learn about our wonderful religion. A real Kidush Hashem

-I was in the car on the way to work and was not in a good mood at all. I had heard very bad news the night before and was having a hard time staying upbeat. Just then I got a phone call from someone sharing the best news! I was so happy to hear it and Baruch Hashem that’s what kept me going through the day! Thank You Hashem for orchestrating every detail and moment in our lives to the way you know will be best for us. May there only be Besorot Tovot in Klal Yisrael.

-peeked in on my 6 yr old son from the top of the basement steps and saw him singing along as he was looking in 1 of his boxes that he keeps his “kid stuff” in. He picked out his trick cards that he lost and stopped his singing, without knowing I was watching and says-“Thank you Hashem that I found my cards”. I thank you Hashem for letting me witness the purity of our holy children, very proud of him.

– Thank you Hashem for sending us Pinky Shwartz and Jack Hara to Bnei Binyamin Torah Center , all their hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated by the entire kahal.

-I went to a friend’s house, He said he’s on his way to visit his Brother in the Hospital. Boruch Hashem I don’t have any family members in the Hospital. May Hashem send a speedy recovery to all Cholei Yisroel.

-Thank you Hashem, on the wedding anniversary of my cousin Rabbi Alex Miller and his Rebetzin we can look back and remember the many great Kidush Hashems that were done to insure Simcha for the Chatan and Kallah at their wedding which took place while Brooklyn was in shut down mode covered in snow and imobilized.They should enjoy many years of Happiness together.

Thank You Hashem – Week 71

-I am so grateful to Hashem to recently bringing me to Bnei Binyamin. Such a great kahal with such great tefilot, great learning, a great warmth and love for each other and most importantly a tremendous leader in Rabbi Seruya. Chazak Ubaruch Rabbi! You are wonderful BH. You are such a positive inspiration to all of us and with such sweetness. We love you.

-My wife had a medical issue.  We had to spent the whole night in hospital,  BH, she got stabilized in the morning and they discharged her. Came home late from work and while opening the door of my car I hit a by-cyclist, luckily that he wasn’t hit hard and the police didn’t even give me a ticket.  Thank you Hashem for always being there for us, I love you and can’t even thank you enough for your unthinkable kindness. Thank you for the gift of Shabbos, I just can’t wait for it.

-Saw a great deal on dans deals and was able to buy stuff that originally cost 440 dollars for 82‎ dollars!Thank you Hashem for this deal

– Walking home Friday night with my 6 year old son he spoke the entire walk home all about the parasha, made the cold frigid air feel warm from the fire of torah. Then when we got home my son and my daughter sat with me and spent at least an hour non stop talking torah,parasha and about olam haba with such a sweet pure excitement- Thank you Hashem for this joy from my children and please let it continue.

– Our Dishwasher had a problem and got flooded; my landlord said he will fix it at no charge next week when he returns from Florida. I said ok not emergency, I can live without a dishwasher for a week. Then our sink had a problem and flooded also. We said how can we live without a sink? We said we better call a plumber even if we have to pay. That day I heard about some very serious problems that some of my friends were having and said I am grateful that this is the problem I am dealing with and nothing worse. I remembered learning in a class to thank Hashem for a problem so I said out loud Thank you Hashem for this problem and my husband said Amen. We called a plumber and he came over and saw the problem and was something simple,he fixed it and he gets up and says, NO CHARGE- Thank you Hashem and I am very grateful to this plumber as well.

-Someone called me on the phone while I was driving and asked to help do a chesed and collect some funds for an immediate need, that second I pulled up to a red light and the other side of the street adjacent to me was my close friend and his wife who usually jump on these type of chesed missions, the timing was perfect and I told them the situation. They did great and raised almost the entire amount on their own and did even better by telling the person the money is not a loan and they do not need to pay it back. I later found out the reason I saw them on the other side of the street was because they had a fender bender and were waiting for the police. We see how Hashem orchestrated them to be at that exact spot at that exact time. B’h in zechut of this misvah they did Hashem should replace any money lost on this fender bender on top of the Olam Haba they earned. Thank you Hashem for your great people who are always looking to help each other.

– Since reading one of the divrei torah sent out a couple of weeks ago that mentioned how we can do chesed with our cars, I tried to take advantage of this idea and want to thank Hashem for suddenly sending me many opportunities to use my car for chesed. This last Friday I was driving to work and saw a prominent Rabbi from our community walking in the cold and I pulled over and gave him a ride, he said I am going to the school to teach my class and would normally not take the ride and walk but something came up at home before I left and am now 5 minutes behind and would be late if you didn’t pull over for me. We got there and he thanked me and said jokingly, now I am 5 minutes early, what am I going to do for 5 minutes now 🙂

-after seeing the pictures of what the goyim/abid did in Ferguson and other parts of the country, burning down everything in site especially after being begged from the president and others to behave like human beings , how can we not stop right now and Thank Hashem that we are not goyim???

-my cousing got engaged –mazal tov to all

-My brother lost his wallet and he was searching all over for it but nowhere to be found. I asked him on the phone where did u have it last?. He had it the night before in walmart and that was the last place he saw it. I told him  say the pasuk and give tzedakah he asked me what’s the pasuk..I started saying amar  rabbi Binyamin…then he remembered it and said it by heart…the second he finished saying the pasuk a boy comes over to him and says I.found your wallet, it was in my suitcase!! Such Hashgacha!! Thank you Hashem!!

-mabrook , my friend had a grandson-lots of luck

-Thank you Hashem for sending me a reminder that you love every Jew unconditionally.

-Thank you Hashem that we are Jewish … The goyim celebrate a day called thanksgiving that I heard many non Jews call it their favorite holiday because there’s no expectations, all they have 2 do is spend time with there family and have a nice meal … We as holy Jews have that every single week (shabbat!!) Except we fill our “holiday” with praise and thanks to HASHEM ….. The goyim take 1 day out of the year and call it thanksgiving we Baruch Hashem are going strong on over 70 weeks with this amazing email which we read so many unbelievable stories which we thank Hashem for his infinite kindness and miracles he constantly does for us. Hashem is so good and is only good, the true thanksgiving is to Hashem … Every single day … Thank you Hashem I love you!!!

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