Thank You Hashem – Week 135

  • Thank you Hashem for Dr. Albert Matalon
  • Thank you Hashem for letting us “live the Parasha” these past few weeks. A few weeks ago I wrote how my children and I found and returned a lost wallet and were able to do the mitzvah of Hashevat Aveda -Returning a lost object. That Shabbat we were reviewing the Parasha at the Shabbat table with the kids and all their sheets and we read about Hashevat Aveda ! I said “WOW, look at that, this week’s Parasha talks about Hashevat Aveda and BH this week we were able to fulfill that mitzvah.
  • Last week I had finally given my husband a long overdue birthday present! He had mentioned a long time ago that for his “50th” he wanted to get a Ketoret on parchment. I had been saving up to buy it for him and BH I was able to finally give it to him last week. Reviewing the Parasha at the table, my husband said, isn’t amazing? This week’s Parasha talks about the Ketoret, the same week you gave me my present! Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for getting me an apt in Florida for my parents for the month of February. I’m bringing them home today…they had a great break from the cold weather!
  • Guadalcanal, what I heard as a kid, my grandfather A”H had fought on the infantry on the Islands against the Japanese; I had seen his Helmut, solid metal and was extremely heavy! I have been told by my father A”H and my grandmother (may she live to 120 and healthy) bits and pieces what he had gone through during those battles. She wouldn’t even tell us what he had seen, waking up at night with nightmares…. The US Army would transport many soldier to the island on smaller boats which swarmed the beaches, they were under heavy attack as they jumped off the boats in the water, Carrying many heavy items which made it even harder as they had gotten wet. They would need to run to the beach and then try to take cover in a fox hole, then set up to start firing back. As he was jumping for Cover he had gotten shot in the leg From a Jap in the tree (he turned around and shot him) the army had taken him out ,as he was wounded onto one of the ships to take care of him. They set up 3 beds with wounded Soldiers, my grandfather was in the middle of the 3. Chazal Tell us that everything that happens is planned from Hashem, every bullet, everything has a place and a Cheshbon, many miracles have happened for our grandfathers that had fought during those battles ravaging the world!         While on the ship an enemy plane came swooping down and attacked, it had hit and killed the solider on his right, and the soldier on his left and had Missed My Grandfather. Pure Chasdei Hashem! … looking down the road many years later those bullets saved family’s that are benei torah today, helping the community and so on! We don’t know Hashem’s Master Plan, but one thing we can safely say, it’s the best possible plan. Thank You Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my beautiful new wig ! I have needed a new wig for a very long time, but buying  a new wig isn’t like buying a new skirt LOL…Anyway, last week, a friend of mine texts me one word..It was a name. I thought she texted by accident since out of nowhere she just texted me a name. I texted her back “I think you texted me accident…LOL”. She texts me back “No, on purpose !” She calls me back and says – “She’s having a crazy wig sale ! the wigs are $……!” I said “Are you sure?! You can’t even cut a wig for that much !”. She said “I’m sure, I was just there ! go see !”. I said ‘Does she have my color? ” (as I have a very difficult hair color)She said “Probably go look”. I call someone who works there and said ” You have a sale on wigs for $ …..?” She said “Yes, I didn’t tell you? It’s been going on for over two months now….” I said “No, you didn’t tell you have my color???”. She said “I don’t know if we have any left, but call me in the morning and I will look. I text her first thing in the morning and she says ” We have one left in your color but  hurry and come it might get sold” I told her” I can’t get there till the afternoon, if it’s meant, it’s meant”. I went there in the afternoon, she shows it to me..I said “Oh it’s nice !”. It’s VERY different than what I”m used to, but I will try it. They put it on me and BH it’s a perfect fit !’ It didn’t need one thing done to it ! I told her “Is this really the price??” She says “Yes”. I said “Ok Please just cut the tag off, I will wear it out !!!!”. BH I have been getting compliments on it everywhere I go. Thank you HASHEM !!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to see your kindness in my challenges
  • Was walking to the train this week and saw an empty envelope on the sidewalk not addressed no writing on it at all. Picked it up,. Ah, maybe there is money in there? Opened it up, no money. Inside was a hand written note from a Rebbe from Lakewood that has taught for many years and had a heart attack recently and can not support his family and medical expenses.He Needs help. I wrote a check and sent it. So I did find money! Hashem actually sent me a mitzvah from out of no where. Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to do a mitzvah.
  • Hashem sent me to visit a friend in the hospital and to hear mussar from an unlikely source, a Saudi Arabian goya woman! She was there for her brother and she lives in Saudi Arabia, seemed to be very wealthy and told us how having money and being rich is not what life is about. Money does not make you happy.
  • Heat has been broken for over a week. Thank you Hashem for keeping us warm the entire winter
  • I was so excited to receive the invitation from my dear friend, who always brings simcha to people and chizuk with his emails. I’m thrilled that he’s making a simcha and wish him all the brachos in the world.
  • 2 brisses this week , and 2 engagements- thank you Hashem

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