Thank You Hashem – Week 226

  • Walking to my car this morning I see a garbage truck pulled up right beside my car. I just missed getting out in time. I did not get nervous and as I walked to my car I passed my neighbor and said looks like I am stuck for a while. As I approached my car the garbage man was walking right behind my car, I smiled and said How ya doing, he nodded and acknowledged my greeting which is a milestone, he is usually a very grumpy bitter person. He then gets in the truck and does something I never saw in my life. He puts the truck in reverse and backs up allowing me the space to pull out my car and be on my way. The power of a simple nice greeting to someone. Thank you Hashem.


  • I have been reading and studying Tehillim in depth, and I thank Hashem for all of the help He has sent my way.  Since asking Hashem for help with my learning, I have found many wonderful websites and online shiurim that go into depth on Tehillim.  I also ordered an interlinear book of Tehillim that is amazing.  I carry it with me everywhere.  Thank You Hashem for always putting what I need in my path.  Thank You also for eyes to see the words, ears to hear the shiurim, and a mind and spirit to learn and feel the messages of Tehllim.  I love You Hashem.
  • Hodu la H-shem ki leolam Hasdo.  B”H my son had his first baby, my grandson and everybody is healthy. B’H the brit is going to be this week,(Rosh Chodesh-Wednesday) and I”H I’m going to be the Sandak.  H-shem showers us with kindnesses constantly and we should always be able to see them blatanty and tell Him thank you.
  • I was reminded of this old story this past week and thought it would nice to thank Hashem for his Hashgachat Pratit. Several years back our area had a major snow storm and everything was basically snowed in. There was about 3 feet of snow on the ground. My cousin was getting married that night and it was a great simcha for our family even though we had no idea if and how any of us would get there. (The wedding itself is a whole other story that has been written up in jewish magazines). I believe 2 or 3 other weddings that night were forced to be done in their houses. Anyway, approximately 2 or 3 pm this snowy stormy day of the wedding my cousin very matter of factly calls me and calmly asks if I have a shirt for him that he can wear to his wedding. I was like what did you say? and he calmly repeats his request. Now it was my turn to be the older mature cousin and give him a lecture. I tell him you wait until the afternoon of your wedding day to try and find a shirt for your wedding?!?!? Are you for real? never mind the craziness of this storm-as I am lecturing him I am staring out the window at the snow storm, in the middle of my speech I see a car service trudging some how thru the snow. I quickly say I gotta go!! and hang up- I see the phone number on the door of the car and I quickly call the car service and rushingly tell him please stop the car on Avenue…right away- I tell him please I have a shirt can he just drive it around the corner? He puts me on hold, comes back and says run down to the car right now he is waiting. Hashem has a plan and takes care of everything and my cousin showed me there is never a reason to panic. Just relax and don’t worry and everything falls into place. His attitude that he lives with is a Kidush Hashem.-Happy Anniversary
  • thank you Hashem, I bought a salad and I usually get big pieces of broccoli and this time they gave me small pieces and my jaws-tmj were hurting badly today and I wouldn’t have been able to bite the big pieces.
  • This may not seem like a big deal but to me it felt like a hug from Hashem. I’ve been trying to find a very warm winter coat for a while now but anything I liked was out of my budget. Today my mother in law came in from Brooklyn for my daughter’s play and says “honey I brought you a coat” I said oh Moshe told you I was looking for one? And she said no! It is so so warm and elegant! And best of all it was free! Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for always helping me out and for bringing my yeshuah!! I was going through a rough time and Hashem showed me how it’s all okay and how I’ll be fine!
  • I have another simcha to add.  My husband and I started a new business last year, and I do the accounting.  Well, I don’t really know what I am doing and am learning as I go.  I received an email from the Department of Revenue to contact them right away.  My first instinct was to ignore the email out of pure fright.  Instead, I closed my eyes, asked Hashem for help, and had complete Bitachon that He would find a solution.  I called them back, and it was just a general question and nothing, thank G-d, serious. Thank you Hashem for showing me yet again that good things come when I put complete trust in You.
  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing trip to Cleveland for a family wedding. We had some crazy weather on the way there and b”h made it after a really long driving. Thank you for getting us there and back safely.
  • I have a new appreciation for my microwave. The spring that latches the door closed broke & my family got a gentle reminder from Hashem how useful this appliance is & how often we use it. Thank You Hashem for the microwave & all the other appliances in the house!

Thank You Hashem – Week 189

  • Thank You HaSh-m for showing us at the time You know is right whatever information You show us! Like the numbers that Thank You HaSh-m list showed!
  • Thank You HaSh-m for Your inspiration You give us!!
  • We love You HaSh-m!!
  • thank you Hashem  all 3 of my kids went to school today only slight resistance… manageable always a good day when they all get off to school in the morning!
  • WOW! To the wide readership out there!!!….Never even knew that there were Jewish people living in these places…..How much more so must I be to Thank Hashem publically as now I get a tiny glimpse into the ramifications it creates!   Chodesh Tov to all! Thank you Hashem for a wonderful Chodesh Adar – and for the opportunity to live another month. Thank you!
  • I don’t usually drive to my office.

I get a ride to work every day.

On the morning of March 23rd, I had to make the trip by myself.

Though there were predictions of much snow the precipitation in our area quickly became sheets of ice.

I met one of those sheets of ice on route 18 North.

Neither my car, nor I expected the resulting skid. The car began skidding and I, apart from being quite frightened, tried to remember those things I had learned years ago; “Steer in the direction of the skid, don’t use the brakes “.

I wasn’t doing too well. At one point I was facing the guard rail. I wondered how it would feel going right through that divider. Would the car be stopped at that point or, would we just continue falling?

I thought of my wife, my children and my mother.

The car continued to be uncontrollable, round and round we circled. Items were flying around in the car. OK, so this is it, I thought. I wondered if I would see my father who had passed away years ago. He was never too comfortable with my ability to drive. I expected an “I told you so”.

Without much time left it became obvious that someone else had begun to “pilot “the car. I had acquired a “co-pilot”. He was good. Obviously, he had some experience saving people’s lives.

With no assistance from me, we came out of the skid. We ended up facing the traffic on the highway. Miraculously, we were not hit by any of the cars driving in the other direction.

Thank you, G-d, for being my co-pilot!

  • I was working on a sale with a customer. I followed up with them and it looked bleak. I davened and thought of a different approach to take with them. Baruch Hashem it looks like it has worked. Thank you Hashem for introducing this idea to me.
  • Thank you Hashem for guiding me and my family on the right path of life. A life of Torah.
  • Before going on a family vacation I received a notice in the mail that was going to represent a great amount of stress to deal with. I chose to push it aside and deal with it when I returned. I came back and called up to deal with it. The person on the phone said to ignore the notice, everything has been taken care of and is cleared. Thank you Hashem. This was a great feeling.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me nachat. I was turning the corner walking to shul and timing was perfect. One of my sons Rabeim met me right on the corner and spoke so nicely to me about my son. Thank you Hashem for all of my wonderful children, may everyone see great nachat from all of their children.
  • Appreciating Hashem for our good health, which we often overlook until things change for the worse. Thank You Hashem for our day to day health.
  • Thank You Hashem for the zechus of going to a morning shiur before davening given by the Rav on the 10th anniversary of the Shiur!!
  • I went out of my way greatly in order to perform a chesed. Hashem has sent me a very nice gift as a result of me doing this chesed and being at that place at that moment. Thank you Hashem.
  • (from the archives)   was in my office having a conversation with someone about Hashem , they said that they believe in Hashem but do not believe that Hashem is involved with every little minor thing in the world, they said I believe Hashem is involved in wars and big things like that but I do not believe Hashem cares whether or not I can lift my finger like this or not…sorry I just do not buy it, the big stuff fine but if I can lift my fingers is not on Hashems list of things to do..fine- not more than 3 hours later this person calls me up all excited-they tell me you are not going to believe this, I got a cut,was bleeding and had to come to the emergency room- I am sitting right now in the cubicle they put me in here at the emergency room, and they come to the guy in next cubicle and ask him whats the matter? and he says- “I am trying to move my fingers and I can not, they do not move no matter how much I try”…this person saw clearly the greatness of Hashem-wow!
  • Thank you Hashem for the wonderful world of SHABBAT

Thank You Hashem – Week 178

  • thank you Hashem for making my son feel better !
  • Thank you Hashem for a husband that believes in me, and promotes my talent.  Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to be an Ima to my son who is a warrior, and gives me strength.
  • So proud of my son who has started learning Mishnah in school this week.
  • Thank you Hashem that my daughter has become a Bat Misvah
  • I was sitting at the Shabbat table Friday night with my wife and my two kids. My son who’s two and half years old and my daughter who’s four months old. I started reading the THANK YOU HASHEM weekly at the Shabbat table so that everyone can take part in the amazing things that happen. A few weeks ago, as I was reading it my son asked me for the papers so he can read it. I told him, first Aba will finish and then he can have his turn. Waiting patiently he listened to me reading it out loud and hearing me repeat the words thank you Hashem for the amazing story. When I finished reading it I gave him the sheet of paper and told him ok now we will listen to you read it. He took the paper stared at it and said thank you Hashem thank you Hashem for the story.  I want to thank Hashem for the amazing Nachat we get from this boy every day. May we watch him grow to be a chacham in klal yisrael. Amen.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving me from getting some big chargebacks from one of our customer. We shipped by error wrong barcodes on some items. Usually they would charge us to repack the items with the correct barcodes. I asked Hashem to fix the situation without losing any money. Lo and behold they somehow agreed to leave the wrong barcodes on them which is very rare. Thank you Hashem for always being there for us at all times.
  • how about an I’m sorry Hashem. Life has been so fast paced that we haven’t said thank you.  Bh  it is for good things. So thank you for our days that are filled with lots of fun things to do!
  • Thank you Hashem  For the reflectors on the highway road We can see when it’s pouring rain!! BH thank you Hashem
  • thank you Hashem, I’ve pulled my wisdom tooth out about a week ago and when you pull it out they give you antibiotics so it should not get infected. I wasn’t  really interested in taking it but I said you never know let me be safe and listen to my doctor. Baruch Hashem I did cause a few days later my son was unfortunately in the hospital and I was diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor said I would not be able to visit my son because I may spread more germs to him which may cause more harm. However when I told the doctor that I was already on antibiotics for my wisdom tooth being pulled out a week before and today was the last day of my medicine . He said well then great your good to go. your body already had the medication it needs to help fight it.  you an go visit your son!! thank you! thank you Hashem. Hashem really had everything all planned out to the minute .
  • Baruch Hashem all went well with the week of Sheva Brochos & Shabbos Sheva Brochos. Spent quality time with family & everyone came & went safely. Thank You Hashem! & no weather issues.
  • Thank You Hashem for watching over my daughter that went to Eretz Yisrael this week.
  • Looking forward to the inauguration of a new president for the United States of America who looks to be a lot friendlier to Israel than his predecessor. Thank You Hashem for our freedom to vote & freedom of religion.
  • Hashem sent me a nice sale that was totally unexpected. I was very happy. Suddenly the customer noticed the pricing and said to hold off, he needs to get an approval of some sort. I prayed very hard and spoke closely to Hashem. Made a kabalah. The next morning he calls and says, go ahead with the order as planned. Thank you Hashem.
  • Everyday after Shachrit my routine is to go to the bathroom before my hour plus bus ride to the city.  Over the years, we’ve gotten accustomed to having weekly collectors come around the Shul.  Some we are favorable to and some not so. One day this week, one of the non favorables came around. It turned out as he was finishing up collecting, we both met at the bathroom at the same time and washed our hands together and wound up saying the Asher Yasar together. Lately, I started saying the Beracha slowly, trying to have the proper kavanah and wound up saying it much slower than the collector from Boro Park. Afterward he said to me “Wow I started saying my Beracha fast as usual but when I saw you saying it slowly I slowed down to. I told him is a very important beracha and if said correctly it takes care of many if not all illnesses. I think after our encounter this religious man will saying  the beracha slower. YOU NEVER KNOW WHOS WATCHING YOU AND THE IMPACT YOU CAN HAVE ON OTHERS.  Maybe this story will impact you to.  Shabbat Shalom!!
  • So many wonderful simachot this week. Sunday had a bar misvah, Monday had a wedding, Wednesday had a bris and a pidyon. Thursday an engagement. Friday night the simcha of our precious Shabbat.

Thank You Hashem – Week 162

  • Thank you Hashem for the way a simple Hello can make someone feel so good. Think about that for a minute or 2.
  • I was working on finding a job for this year but I had a lot of specifications. I also needed a babysitter for my 2 children. Thank you Hashem for finding me the perfect job and a babysitter that comes to my house! I couldn’t have asked for more!
  • Wedding today , engagement party last night and Bris this morning- thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my beautiful nephew he brings so much joy to our family B’H!!
  • Thank you Hashem for an Unsung hero of our neighborhood and community. Yehudah Netanel
  • My kids buses always dropped my kids off on the corner  of my block across the street  from my house . It’s very hard since I have two other babies at home to wait by the stop every day. I decided to ask the two bus drivers if they can go down my block and just drop them off by my house and BH they  both said yes as a favor !!!! Chasdei Hashem . Ty Hashem for always taking care of me and helping me
  • I was on a line about to purchase $200 worth of a certain item. As I was waiting I was deciding if I should just purchase 100 dollars worth instead or just go for the $200 worth. I got to the counter and asked for 100 dollars worth. I leave the counter and I bump into a friend about 3 steps away and out of no where he hands me another 100 dollars worth and says here take this. I was saying no its OK, thank you don’t worry I have. He says here it is for you, I have plenty extra and can not return it and I see you are using the same item. He drops it into my basket. I was standing there shocked as I smiled and Thanked him. As he walked away I replayed the whole episode in my mind how I was originally on that line buying the 200 and I did not. Look how Hashem co-ordinates everything. I want to add had I purchased the 200 I would not have had any need for an extra 100 so this was all calculated in shamayim so perfectly. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the ability to do teshuba. There’s no eraser in the world that can wash the slate completely clean. However you gave us a gift that enables each and every one of us to start anew.
  • Thank you Hashem for a friend’s wedding last night.
  • Thank you Hashem for a shidduch that didn’t work out – yet – through it I got to see and be reminded of so many blessings that Hashem bestows upon me and my family all the time.
  • Thank you Hashem that I can type these words.
  • Thank you Hashem for the joy of living – and living in this beautiful world!
  • Hashem just saved me over $300 on an order I needed for work. Thank you Hashem
  • My son won a very nice prize in a chinese auction. The auction was for a great cause. Thank you Hashem.
  • I went to visit a customer’s location to make a strategy and try to get some more orders from them in the next few months. About 15 minutes after I left with my ideas in mind I receive a text from the buyer if I have a minute to talk. That didn’t sound good to me especially being I had a contract for other orders with them and was awaiting payments on some invoices. I was in a parking lot. I stopped and read tehilim and prayed to Hashem. I call the buyer up and he asks me if I have any ideas of a purchasing plan for him that he can implant right away. He has a certain amount of money he has allocated to use for orders right away and he wants to see if I had anything to offer. This was unbelievable. What were the odds of him contacting me at that moment, after just having left one of his locations and having a plan already in my mind to discuss with him at that very moment. I did not have to call him back and make a plan. I continued our discussion and spoke about my idea as if it was off the top of my head. He loved it and said ok. This was clear Hashgachat Pratit. Thank you Hashem for having total control over every moment in our lives.
  • Wedding Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday- Thank you Hashem for happy occasions to celebrate.
  • Thank you Hashem for all of the achdut and wonderful chesed I was able to be apart of this week.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the money I needed for an unexpected bill. Hashem always has the solution prepared for every problem.
  • I am in a great Torah shiur and it is so enjoyable. I want to thank Hashem for guiding me towards this program. I am a better person because of it and I am coming closer to Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 158

  •  Thank Hashem for another beautiful day. How I appreciate just a normal day- with no major challenges. I have learned to become more appreciative of Hashem’s decisions.
  • I was driving down the road and a car suddenly was about to shoot out of a driveway. Baruch Hashem I saw him and was able to honk. He slammed his brakes. As I drove by him I noticed he was not even looking at the road, he was holding a phone to his ear with his face pointing down. Thank you Hashem for protecting me and I hope this person woke up from this.
  • Thank you Hashem for this wonderful heat wave that helps me to appreciate air conditioning. If it was up to me I would institute a beracha on air conditioning. Thank you Hashem for air conditioning.
  • I am Thankful for water.
  • Barouch Hashem!  My father was transported to the hospital for chest pain this morning, thank G-d it turned out to be absolutely nothing! Thank you Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for all that you do. Thank you for the amazing body you gave us that can do so much each day anew. Its amazing!
  • It was SOOO hot outside and I really didn’t want to take a walk to the bank. I had exactly $50 on me and needed to go to Moishas to get groceries. I went and kept trying to calculate roughly what I was buying to make sure I didn’t go over. When I got to the cashier I was watching the total as she was ringing things up holding the $50 in my hand to pay. Towards the end I said to myself I may have to put back one or two things and suddenhasly the total shows up on the register and the cashier tells me $50. I looked again and was like WOW ! Thank you Hashem ! I handed her the $50 and walked out with my packages. PS – I never EVER  had my total come out to an exact dollar amount like that…It;s usually $49.89, $52.78 things like that….I clearly saw Hashem’s hand helping me out. Thank you Hashem !
  • Very early this morning I was out on the beach. I wanted to go up to a second floor pavilion to daven. The stairs were locked. It was way before any of the beach personnel would be around……Out of no-where a beach staff member appeared. I told him that I wanted to go up – he said “no problem” and unlocked the elevator shaft – I didn’t even know that there was one…….Thank you Hashem for that messenger.Thank you Hashem for an absolutely magnificent davening high on the beach – away from everyone – facing a stunning clear blue sky and delicious sun-shine!!!
  • Thank Hashem for letting me bring my wife home from the hospital.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting us in situations where we realize how much we really need you!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me attend a great siyum by my nephew and for seeing how nicely our family is growing in Torah.
  • Thank you Hashem that my children and all the children in their camps went and came home from their trips safely.
  • Thank you Hashem for our community Rabbis who went beyond the call of duty on Tish Bav. Spending their fast day in extreme heat trying to inspire us. May we see a new Bet Hamikdash speedily.
  • Thank you Hashem, a customer sent me a check for an invoice that I thought was already paid. I looked it up and it was not paid yet. For some reason I put it in the wrong section. I feel like this is a gift directly from Borei Olam.
  • My cousin was given a very prominent position in a Yeshiva. We are so proud of him and hope he excels. Thank you Hashem for this opportunity.

It’s all a setup

Recognizing the ‘יד ה-the hand of Hashem in everyday life is so valuable; seeing through the natural way of the world and knowing that it is really Hashem behind the scene. People growing in Emunah begin to change their thought pattern. They notice Hashem in everything they do. It is such a beautiful service of Hashem.

Somebody told me that he has a children’s book, which tells the story of a little girl who woke up one morning, on her birthday, expecting to hear happy birthday from every member of her family, but nobody said anything. She really wanted a birthday party, but it seemed like everyone forgot. She decided she would throw herself a party. Meanwhile, her family was planning a surprise party for her later on, and had hidden everything away. She thinks to herself, “I need a cake.” She goes down to the basement freezer, and it just so happens that there is a big beautiful birthday cake there. “Perfect,” she thinks to herself. Then, she decides she needs games for the party, and she found all of her favorite games in a closet in a shopping bag. She thought, “Wow, just what I wanted.” She went to look for party favors, and it just so happened there were unopened packages of party favors all in one cabinet. “Great,” she thought, “Now I have everything I need to make myself a party.”

She carried everything to the kitchen and there she saw her family, and they all yelled, “Surprise!” This little girl thought she just happened to find a birthday cake and games. In reality, each item was placed in its spot for her birthday party. This is the story of our lives. We go here, and we happen to find exactly what we are looking for. We go there, and we find the perfect merchandise to sell. It was all a setup. Hashem was behind everything. But it looks so natural, and if we don’t think with Emunah, we could miss Him.

A man named Jack told me a few years ago that he had to go to the Orient on business. He would be there over Shabbat in a place with no Minyan. It bothered him a lot, so he investigated and discovered that a new Minyan may have opened up there.  He was given the number of a person to call when he arrived. On the plane, there was a problem with one of the seats, and the person who had that seat was moved right next to Jack. He spoke to the man for a minute and it turns out that he was also Jewish, travelling on business. However, he didn’t even get his name, since he liked to sleep on these long plane rides. He politely excused himself and turned away to sleep. When he arrived at his hotel, he called to inquire about the Minyan. He was delighted to hear that there was a brand new Minyan that recently opened. Just then, he noticed in the lobby the other Jewish man who had sat next to him on the plane. He went over to him and told him that he had just found out about the new Minyan, if he was interested. The man responded, “Wow. I am so excited. Everyone told me that there is no Minyan here. But, I am in the year of  saying Kaddish for my father, and I never missed a Kaddish yet. This was going to be my first time. You just saved me. Thank You.” Jack asked the man’s name, and he recognized it. “Who was your father?” he asked. It turns out, that man’s father was the one who helped put Jack into business years before and taught him everything he knew about the business. Now, the מכין מצעדי גבר-the Planner of man’s footsteps, with clear Hashgacha Pratit, set it up that he could help him by enabling his son to say Kaddish for him.

Hashem made a problem with the chair on the plane and put him right next to Jack to get them to meet. It was all a setup. Hashem plants what we need just in the right spot at the right time. If we recognize it and thank Him, then we are growing in Emunah.

  • Daily Emunah, Lesson # 812, Rabbi David Ashear

Attitude is the Mind’s Paintbrush, it can Color any Situation

Rabbi Yechiel Spero told the story of a man named Shimon who was in dire financial straits. He owed tens of thousands of dollars to credit card companies and private lenders, and lost his job.  He was crushed.  How, he wondered, could he face his family?  How would he repay his mounds of debt?  There was no one to whom to turn.  He decided to go to the park to sit and try to clear his head.  He sat there for two hours, and started feeling even worse than he did when he first got there.

Suddenly, a man wearing pajamas came and sat down next to him.

“What’s wrong?” the fellow asked him.

“You want to know what’s wrong?” Shimon replied.  “My life is in ruins.  I have no money, I’m drowning in debt, and I have no one to go to for help.”

“Don’t worry,” the stranger assured him. “You might have heard of me – my name is Warren Buffet.  I could help you.”

Shimon couldn’t believe his ears. Of course he had heard of Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world.

“I’ve been watching you from the window of my apartment building,” Mr. Buffet said, “and I saw you looked upset, so I came to help you.  I will lend you $2 million for you to use to get yourself back on your feet.  One year from now, we’ll meet here on this park bench and you’ll return the loan.”

Shimon was beside himself. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined Warren Buffet appearing out of nowhere and helping him.  Right there and then, Mr. Buffet took out a checkbook, wrote a check for $2 million, and handed it to Shimon.

Shimon was so grateful, and from that moment his life started to drastically change. Having the check in his pocket made him an entirely different person, as it gave him the confidence and encouragement he needed to help himself.  He found a new job and rapidly scaled the company ladder, ending up securing a high-ranking position.  Every venture yielded spectacular results, and he started earning a lot of money.  He repaid his debts, and his wife and children, as well as his fellow community members, began respecting him more.

One year later, Shimon returned to the park bench at the designated time to repay his loan. Sure enough, Warren Buffet showed up, again wearing his pajamas.  He asked Shimon how things were going, and Shimon told him how terrific his life became since their meeting a year earlier.

“My life is spectacular,” he said. “It’s never been better, and this is all because of you.”  He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper – the $2 million check which he had received a year earlier, and which he never deposited.  He didn’t have to – just knowing that he had the money was enough to turn things around.

At that moment, two men in uniform approached Shimon.

“Is this man bothering you?” they asked Shimon. “He frequently escapes from the mental institute up the road, and we’re always looking for him. He likes telling people he’s Warren Buffet. I hope he didn’t give you one of his fake checks.” The men then took the stranger away.

Shimon couldn’t believe it. He was so thankful that he had believed this man.šššššššššššššššššššššššššššš

A boy named Shlomo who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of eight, & was not given too much hope. He battled the disease for years, and Baruch Hashem, he won. He eventually got married and, at the age of thirty, was told that he was totally healed. He made a seudat hoda’a – a meal of gratitude, for his family and friends. At the meal, he got up to speak & publicly thanked Hashem.

He said, “I also need to thank my pediatric oncologist who is in the audience today because unknown to him, he played a major role in my recovery. It was not his treatments or his medications. It was during a visit to his office at a time when my health was deteriorating, and my situation was very bleak. I overheard the doctor whispering to the nurse. He said, ‘You see that boy, he is a strong boy. He is going to survive. He is going to live. I am telling you. He is a strong boy, he is going to live.’ Every time a situation seemed too difficult to handle, I remember the doctor’s words, and I willed myself to survive.”

Shlomo then sat down and the doctor who was not scheduled to speak asked if he could address the audience. He said, “I have to tell you the truth. The story is not exactly as Shlomo related. I did not believe that Shlomo was going to survive. When Shlomo was leaving my office, another boy with a similar illness was entering. I told the nurse that that boy was strong and that he was going to live. Shlomo heard me and thought I was referring to him, and that is what gave him the will to fight.”

The words spoken by that doctor, although unintentional (we know there are no coincidences) literally brought life.



Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern

Thank You Hashem – Week 152

  • Thank you Hashem for letting me witness personally true gadlut and Yirat Shamayim. I was at a Vaad given by Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Schustal of BMG in his office. A small setting with about 9 or 10 guys sitting around his desk as the Rav gives over precious gems to us. The shiur was great but what I learned from the Gadols actions had a greater effect on me then the shiur. As he was giving the class over to us, we all sit very quietly listening to every word. The Rabbi was concentrating deeply on the musar he was saying over to us from Shir Hashirim and in the middle of his deep concentration all of a sudden we hear a rumble of thunder. Without any over enthusiastic reaction, the Rosh Yeshiva simply turned his head to the window behind him (most probably to make sure it was really thunder and not a truck or something else) and then he calmly said the beracha on Thunder. It was very natural to the Rav, to see how he lives with an awareness of Hashem at all times even while in the middle of an intense vaad was incredible. He did this so simply and natural, showing how he lives with a what does Hashem want from me right now attitude. To see how effortless it was for him was a lesson on its own for all of us to work on being able to have the feeling that Hashem is with us at all times and we should be ready and looking for opportunities to do our avodat Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that so many of the technical details of the camp project that I am involved in worked out so nicely.
  • Thank you Hashem for EVERYTHING! 🙂
  • Thank you Hashem for providing me with a gift at work. I was able to show my boss something in the right perspective.
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me find a job for the summer!
  • Thank you Hashem for the watching over us and protecting us. Thank you for all the wonderful things you give us and for helping us cover our bills at the end of each month.
  • Thank you Hashem for Daat Torah. I was placing an amazon order for a customer and on the purchase screen it said press here for free delivery on Saturday. The next option was free shipping Wednesday. I didn’t need it Saturday , Monday would be fine but Wednesday not so good. I was concerned that I was demanding work to be done for me on shabbat. I called a hotline for halachic questions (beit horaah) and asked my question to the Rabbi that answered the phone. He simply said order it tomorrow and then choose the free 2 day that will now be Sunday instead of Saturday. This way I stay out of the possible problem. Perfect solution. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem For being in the Hospital for 2 days for my 2 year old Son. He had an Infection and it spread. He needed IV antibiotics BH all is ok, it’s really amazing how Hashem constantly Watches over us, takes care of us, the simples things of a small infection Sent us to the Hospital for 2 days! It’s amazing BH  All is in your Hands Hashem. “We are in good hands with Hashem” (not Allstate) 🙂 Thank you Hashem
  • I lost my rain coat last week and wasn’t in the mood to have to buy another one. The forecast had rain in it and I wasn’t sure what to do. Minutes before Shabbat I found it in my bedroom closet. (cleaning lady decided that it belongs there)… I therefore have to thank Hashem for making me find it but also that He provided me with a raincoat in the first place.
  • thank you Hashem for giving me such a wonderful group of 6th grade boys to teach this year at yeshivat Shaare torah… Its amazing to see all that they progressed.
  • Entered Costco in jersey and forgot that to get a wagon you need to deposit a quarter to disconnect the chain… Didn’t think I had one and it would have been a huge inconvenience figuring out what to do… Guess what.. I had one… Baruch Hashem!
  • Was reminded of this situation that happened to me and I want to thank Hashem for it. I was pulling up to a red light and was not paying attention. I looked away and did not notice that there was a pick up truck in front of me already at the red light. My car drove right into the back of the truck. I got out to see the damage. It seems like there was a nice amount of damage on his car and Bh somehow almost none on mine. He was a scary type of goy and his car was all shiny and well polished. I thought I was in for a problem.I prayed to Hashem and then calmly told him not to worry that I will take care of everything. It looked like an expensive damage and I was unsure if I should go thru insurance or make him an offer. For some reason Hashem put in my head to say out loud, Maybe we should call the police. At that moment he said he is in a big rush and asked for my number. He said he will call me in a little while to take care of the damage. I told him no problem and that I am sorry and will handle all the repairs. This was over a year ago and he has NEVER CALLED! Thank you Hashem.
  • I thank Hashem for my health, and my life, and the health of my children and wife. Boruch Hashem we were blessed with a healthy baby boy a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have a Minyan in the hospital (Monmouth Hospital in Deal) and there were approximately 2 dozen men there whose wives gave birth.While in the hospital I met 2 frum men who were also blessed with babies, but theirs had complications. May Hashem help them both grow up to have long, healthy lives.                     Rabbi Miller Z”L would often say: If you thank Hashem for your health, he’ll be more likely to continue granting it to you.

Thank You Hashem – Week 151

  • This story takes place a little over 29 years ago. 6 months before my father’s passing… My Father A’H had a very good friend that opened a gift store on Ave U in 1987.  We didn’t know this at the time but my father used to visit his friend on a regular basis, sit and have coffee and help him buy and set up merchandise goods for the store.  Shortly after..My Father passed away. During the week of my Father’s Shiva, my father’s friend came to pay respects..told us many stories, including the one I just mentioned. He gave us a cassette tape and told us to listen to it after we got up from sitting that week..  Needless to say we were very anxious to find out what was on the tape.. We got up from sitting and my Mother, 2 brothers and myself ran to my room to listen to the recording..  To our surprise…  it was a recording of my father sing a famous song from the 40’s with his friend on the keyboard  “ I’ll Never Smile Again.. Until I smile at You!!”  Anyone that knows the Lyrics’ to this song could imagine the emotions that ran through us that night.  ..  needless to say, we all left my room crying like babies and a memory that would last a lifetime. This recording has been a family treasure for all these years and we have always been very thankful to my father’s friend for sharing this with us.. This past Sunday, 6/26/16,  I received an email noticed that my Fathers friend had passed away earlier in the day at 96 years old. ..  but what really hit me hard was that he passed away with no family and there was no Shiva for him… I assumed no one was saying Kaddish for him either. I reached out to the Rabbi in NJ where I know he used to pray and asked him if anyone was saying Kaddish for him..  The Rabbi wasn’t sure but advised to get this done and that someone should be hired to say Kaddish for him for the Year.. I told the Rabbi I would say Kaddish for the week and would hire someone to make sure it gets done for the entire year.  And that’s what I did. It can’t be that a man lives 96 years and the next day passes away never to be remembered again..I don’t know what Zechut this man had or the depth of his relationship he had with my father but I could tell you this….  .  Hashem has a master plan and in this case it started 29 years ago.  I want to Thank Hashem for giving me the opportunity to perform this Mitzvah and pray that his Ne’shamah is elevated throughout the year and years to come..    Amen!!
  •  Had the zechut to attend my sons High School graduation. Mabruk, may he grow to be a true ben Torah along with all of his classmates.
  • Bris , Pidyon and a Wedding tonight. Thank you Hashem
  • Last year while my parents were in Florida on vacation, they were walking along the seashore and were pulled into the ocean by a rip wave current, my father broke his back and my mother her leg, they both had terrible complications and got worse before getting better. BAROUCH HASHEM, Ishtabach shemo la’ad, a year later, my parents  are both doing well and are thankful every day (as is the whole family b’H), to our Amazing father in the sky, that they are  Barouch Hashem healthy and here with us ad 120 B’H!
  • Pidyon Haben tonight – mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for a job that I love. Waking up each day happy to go to work and having the ability to help people is a beracha.
  • Two of my neighbors have gotten engaged to each other- Mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me in position to do a kidush Hashem.
  • Thank Hashem for bringing my wife home from the hospital.
  • Thank you Hashem for such a thing as Dialysis that my friend was able to utilize. Thank you Hashem that my friend no longer needs to utilize Dialysis.
  • I was able to do a chesed with my car driving both to New Jersey and back to New York. This is something I prayed for when I first got the car. To be able to use it for chesed and misvot. Thank you Hashem.
  • I was away out of town and became ill. I called the Doctor back home and asked for a prescription. After I received it I realized being out of town I would not be covered for it on my insurance. I needed the medicine so I went to Walgreens. I gave them the prescription and on their own they saw me in their computer and I don’t know how but they had my insurance and I was covered. Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hashem for taking the illness away.
  • Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah and the incredible devoted members of Hatzalah. The Goyim can not fathom such an idea. We are a special people.

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