Thank You Hashem – Week 183

  • My friend just had a baby boy- thank you Hashem..
  •  Received my tax ex card in the mail and took a chance and emailed the co. thanking them. I added if possible to credit my past purchases for the tax and they said of course no problem..thank you Hashem for the extra gift.
  • Thank you Hashem for 183 weeks of Simcha emails… every time I get one I remember the positive energy that went into starting these emails and it puts a smile on my face to see how beautiful it is to focus on a few of the berachot Hashem is constantly giving us!
  • Hashem thank you for a new experience, that I had mixed emotions about experiencing. Helped me grow as a person.
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful, healthy, and perfect baby born to our family!
  • Thank you Hashem for my beautiful healthy daughter! Children are so precious and are such a beautiful gift from Hashem
  • Today I witnessed a kidush Hashem I saw a person getting publicly humiliated and he did not respond. He took the embarrassment with basically not opening his mouth or answering back at all. In my eyes it was not an embarrassment but I give him kavod and respect for holding back and absorbing the embarrassment in front of people. He is elevated in my eyes. I later went over to him and complimented him and asked him for a beracha. We are taught that a person who holds back in a moment like that has ability to give berachot. B’ezrat Hashem he should see much honor and happiness..
  • (from the archives).. – I have been thinking of writing this Thank you Hashem for some time now, but I am not sure how to put it into words, so here goes.0CT.13, 2012-I was attending a celebration party at my shul, when all at once I was stunned with a cardiac arrest. I stopped breathing for about 7 minutes.The Hatzolah Arrived and started to work their magic on me. They took me to the hospital, where I remained until OCT.28.I did not know where I was until about a couple of days before being sent home. I woke up and saw these huge gloves on my hands, and felt something in my throat. I realized that something had happened to me. I was not in any pain, as I was on heavy drugs.When I first arrived, my family was told that they did not think I would come out of this alive.My wife was the hand of G-D.She was very aggressive with all of the doctors that were there to help me. She took steps and made sure that I was going to have the maximum care .She was relentless. I would not have survived without her .She was there for me day and night.There are not enough words for me to say THANK YOU HASHEM.I thank you every time I see the scar on my chest. It is a good reminder to me.I thank all of the people that prayed for me, I can not ever thank you enough. I thank my family for being there for me every step of the way.Thank you HASHEM for giving me this gift of life.
  •  Thank you Hashem for the order that was waiting for me on my voice mail when I arrived to my desk.

Thank You Hashem–Week 98

  • Was just reminded of 2 instances where the chesed of Hashems “Nature” saved peoples lives. Thank you Hashem for the chesed of making body weight lighter in the water, remembered 2 cases of children able to lift up a person that was under water and possibly drowning. Outside of the water they would not have had the strength to pick them up but because of Hashems chesed of making body weight lighter in the water they were saved!
  • Thank you to all who are responsible for this terrific email. It is very uplifting. Thank you Hashem for Thank you Hashem
  • Thankful for my trip to Israel and being able to share it with my son & husband.Thankful for a new perspective from Hashem on NYC, and its purpose for me.
  • I was driving in Lakewood and saw a beautiful bus type of van that was from Bikur Cholim to drive people to and from the hospital . Shortly after I saw another similar type of beautiful van from Bikur holim also to use for Hospital transpotation. Only by our great people do you see these considerate ideas in helping out one another. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for happy occasions to share with family and friend
  • My friends daughter has become a kallah,mazel tov

from Rabbi Miller-Every person who’s called a Jew should thank Hashem when he opens his eyes in the morning. It should be his first thought in the day. If a person learns to thank Hashem for life and to recognize Hashem in nature around him, then it won’t be too difficult for him to understand that the Am Yisrael has been chosen for a special privilege, and Torah and mitzvos are gifts on top of everything else.

  • HashgachatPratit heard from my neighbor- a man who was a widower went on a business trip to Las vegas. Was a trade show there and many people from our neighborhood were also on this trip. While there this man suffered a heart attack and baruch Hashem there were our Brooklyn Hatzalah members present and they took care of him immediately and watched over him as he recovered. While there with him in Las vegas one of the Hatzalah members mentioned to this man that he has a wonderful mother inlaw who is a widdow and he would like them to meet when they get back to Brooklyn. He agreed and Today they are happily married Baruch Hashem. Hashem is the master of everything.
  • Thank you Hashem for answering my tefillah today
  • from Mitzvah man- Just received a text from a volunteer that said the following.” I sat down in my store today to write a check for $360 for a child to go to camp” As soon as I signed the check,4 customers walked in my store” each customer bought an item for $450 each that I NEVER SELL “I didn’t do this for any reward but it was very nice to get rewarded on the spot”  The giver is Happy,the parents of the child are Happy.and the child is Happy. Everyone’s a Happy Camper.. Shabbat Shalom.
  •  I went to visit an elderly woman and was having a nice visit and she happily and proudly directed my attention to her beautiful shabbat flowers that Mitzvah man delivers to her each week-kidush Hashem- Thank you Hashem for our great people , ps-going for a bikur holim visit today and because I saw the flowers had the idea to contact Mitzvah Man to see if he has flowers available for this patient and sure enough he instantly on the spot replies with info where to pick them up from. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael
  • Listen to this, had a Bris a Wedding and an Engagement party to go to on Wednesday and a Bris a Wedding and an Engagement party to go to on Thursday- Thank you Hashem for simachot
  • My car lease was up and had to be returned the next morning. Was at a friends house the night before and when I got back to my car the door handle was hanging down practically scraping the street and the door had scratch marks all over it. Someone tried to break in and steal it. Now I had to return the car the next morning without being able to fix it. I was sure they would charge me a fortune for returning the car with that damage. Baruch Hashem , got the final bill and they did not ask for a red cent. An open miracle being when you return a leased car they examine the car looking to tally up a nice bill for you. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem for the Torah that lights up my life
  • Went to a wedding last night with a friend and Got to see a gadol Hador ,Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky shlita’ and bh’ we were able to get a Beracha.

Thank You Hashem – Week 5

  • Thank you Hashem, that we have many Rabbis from our community that give weekly classes to thousands ….
  • Thank you Hashem that I got SIMCHA THANK YOU HASHEM 5
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing my wife and me to send our Son to Israel to learn. We hope and pray for his success.
  • Thank you Hashem for a wonderful week of Shevah Berachot.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me two great brothers and Sisters in law. It’s such a blessing that everyone gets along and loves each other.
  • the pleasure of being able to teach my 5 year old to ride a 2 wheeler
  • I went a couple of weeks ago to get a suit at a local retailer who was having a clearance sale. (Mind you my budget doesn’t allow this purchase but my job needs it). Anyway I tried on all the suits and none fit except for one company called “Jack Victor”. Fits me like a glove – gorgeous. How much I asked, “Those are not on sale, sorry those are Jack Victors man, $595.00 a suit” ok so I left. I give a class in the city twice a week so Tuesday my wife came with me. She said lets go into Lord and Taylor for a few minutes before your class. So we went to the 10th floor and there are signs, clearance 60% off on all Jack Victor – also enjoy another 20% off and then another 15% off today only And free shipping each suit came out to $150 bucks for the same exact suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Hashem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you for the chesed of giving us the special month of Elul
  • Thank you Hashem that I am able to speak to you in my own words every single day at anytime, thank you for always listening and sometimes even answering us immediately.
  • Thank you that I don’t have to go to China next week and I can continue spending that time with my family, in my home, praying in my shul every morning with a minyan and learning in my class every night  B”H!
  •  Wish I could put into words the thanks for Hashem for letting me and my family have the zechut of having sheva berachot for my nephew in our house on Shabbat- the kedusha and achdut was a real Kiddush Hashem and something that can not be described- thanks to all that were there that made it so special…
  • Thank you Hashem for my teeth
  • I saw Rabbi Brog one morning standing still on the sidewalk looking up into the sky, I ran over to say shalom alechem good morning and of course he greeted me with that zillion dollar smile, I said to him if you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing, what are you looking at? He said oh, I was just looking at those roof workers (picture the scene, roof workers on a slanted roof of a house in Brooklyn with no protective net or anything, a sneeze or breeze and who knows?) was just staring at those workers and saying THANK YOU HASHEM that I don’t have to do such a thing. (Keep in mind he was stopped in his tracks middle of block with his head angled upward for many minutes thanking Hashem) – Thank you Hashem for letting me witness this…
  • thank you Hashem for Rabbi Gedalya Trenk  and our special relationship and also the siyata dishmaya in how we met, we were learning masechet succah one summer, our first spending in Lakewood and my friend Robert Beida went to the book shelf at Ateres Ashaya to get a masechet succah and was looking on the shelves for one, at the same time Rabbi Trenk was there looking for a gemara as well and (not sue who asked who) asked what masechet are you looking for and answered masechet succah, Rabbi Trenk with his warm smile said I am also learning masechet succah- and we started to learn it together ,started learning at nights together, having seuda shelisheet together speaking all year round on the phone together, sharing much torah together and enjoying a special friendship with this HAPPY walking Kiddush Hashem, what can I say-to know him is to love him…Hashem should bless Rabbi Trenk with everything wonderful.
  • One night in Brooklyn, my grandfather suddenly felt a heart attack coming on and before it actually kicked in quickly told my grandmother to hurry and call Hatzalah, he then collapsed- having a massive heart attack. Within 20 seconds!! Hatzalah was in their home and had a defibrillator and was able to use it and save my grandfather. What was the hatzalah volunteer doing there? He “happened” to be visiting his parents on his way to Boston 2 doors down from my grandparents and “happened” to have his Hatzalah radio and defibrillator with him.
  • Was going to buy a laptop so I can use it a remote office site during the summer, my friend happened to have an extra laptop being he just got a new one and gave me the old one-Thank you Hashem and “friend”!- my printer was on the fritz and was about to buy a new printer from staples and stopped off at this same friend on the way, he had just opened up a new printer and asked me if I know anyone who can take the awesome older printer from him, that it is a color laser and works great and is in excellent condition and wants to make sure it doesn’t go to waste- that was hello to my new color laser printer-Thank you Hashem and “friend”…Hashem always provides for us at the perfect time.


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