Thank You Hashem – Week 144

  • We were going to Deal for Passover & I wanted to get on the highway by 2 p.m., but we had a few more errands to run prior to getting on the highway & you know how long it takes to do errands on Erev Hag in Brooklyn!!!.  While we were in the car I get a phone call from a someone who I don’t know & she says I got your phone number from a friend & she wants to know if I was going to Deal for the holiday.  I tell her we are & she says “are you already on your way or are you still in Brooklyn”? I tell her that we are still in Brooklyn & she says “GREAT!, I have flowers for someone in Deal & a gift for her daughter, would I mind taking them to Deal”? I said no problem, I will be by in a few minutes to pick them up.  We finally get on the highway & we hit tons of traffic, waze tells me that our estimate time of arrival at our destination is 5:30 p.m., I said WOW, that is so late! We have to get to Deal, deliver the flowers & gift, unpack the car, bath the kids & get to shul, etc…. so much to do!!! My older daughter says “don’t worry Dad, you are doing a mitzvah & Hashem will help us get ready for the holiday”.   My daughter opened up my eyes & helped me realize that everything happens because of Hashem! Thank you Hashem for my children & for delaying our departure and giving us the opportunity to do this mitzvah!
  • I am learning ZOHAR,
    I never understood ZOHAR before.
    thank you for this beautiful light.
    I love you.
  • Hashem can send you Parnasah from the most unlikely sources. My mother sent a simple  maintenance worker to my office. We got to talking and he ended up giving me a very nice order. You never know Hashem is going to send you your parnasa. Hashem is the one and only source. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that I am able to go to Eretz Yisroel IY”H! After hours and hours looking for the right ticket and the right price…… Can’t be grateful enough!!!
  • I called Amazon with a question about my account. At the end of the phone call the rep on her own tells me that they put a free ten dollar credit on my account to use in the future. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me how foolish I was for not having the proper trust in you. You are the best and do only what’s best. I learned my lesson. Thank you Hashem for controlling everything in our lives.
  • I received something I ordered online and it was too small. I went to the site to order the larger size but see the sale price was not there any longer. It was only a few dollars difference but figured I would try and call on the phone and see if they will handle the exchange at the old price. They put me on hold and come back and say there is no way for them to apply that old price, I say ok. They continue and say but I will wave the $6 return shipping fee on the supplied return label and I will apply $10 into your account so you can purchase the item in the right size. I called asking them to save me three dollars and Hashem had them save me 16 dollars. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for RJB and for his special gift of knowing how to brighten up a persons day.
  • Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by life
    but then there are moments when you give me such beautiful things and insights and this makes me very very happy.
    thank you Hashem. I want to belong to a truly thankful family.
    thank you Hashem. we love you. This website makes me very happy in addition to limitless happiness you create in the world Hashem.
  • Lost my keys / Prayed to Hashem / found my keys. Thank you Hashem for hearing our prayers.
  • I went to do bikur cholim and visit an elderly person who is recovering from a surgery. The person was so happy and gave me the most genuine and warm beracha, I had tears in my eyes. No doubt that I got the better of this deal. Thank you Hashem for allowing 2 people to feel good from this visit. I have no doubt who did who the favor.
  • I was on my way to buy flowers for the holidays. Before I got to the store my wife calls and says we just got a very nice surprise. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was just delivered to our home as a gift. Someone was kind enough to send the flowers as a hakarat hatov for a chesed my wife and I did for them. Thank you Hashem for the perfect timing.
  • Thank you HASHEM. My son who was allergic to a number of foods just passed a food challenge, and is now able to eat some of what he previously couldn’t. Our ability to eat so many things, is a gift from Hashem not to be taken for granted. We MUST appreciate every food we eat.

Thank You Hashem – Week 3

  • Thank you Hashem I am getting  married on Monday night! Thank you Hashem for all the preparations and      furniture shopping and moving is going nice and easily thank you Hashem      for all the siyata dishmaya
  • Enjoyed last week’s email – here is another one
  • This made my day – Thank you Hashem! HE gave me the zechut today to get a check from a friend for my brother’s yeshiva – I asked my friend for a check, wrote the amount I wanted on my hand, and my friend wrote out the check! It is a really difficult job asking people for money but I do it for the yeshiva with my whole heart. Thanks Hashem for making this one go smoothly and for giving my friend the zechut to give!
  • We came home Sunday night after spending Shabbat in Deal. My wife noticed that the back door was unlocked. Something was very wrong. I ran upstairs straight to the bedrooms and noticed at once that our closets were in total disarray. It was obvious that someone was in the house- everything was moved around and it seems that they tried to put everything back in place. As we look through each shelf we could not believe it. There was a brand new smart phone still in the box that they didn’t take. Pen, a watch, cuff links, new wallet (in the package), purses, checkbooks, credit cards, all still there. With a smile my wife checked for an envelope hidden under one of the shelf liners. She counted out the cash- not a dollar missing. This was a substantial amount of tzedakah money that she collected to help a local family going through a difficult tzara. To our amazement nothing was taken! Back on the first floor they didn’t touch any of the silver or the candle sticks. My laptop was sitting on the table in open view untouched. They went through the bookcases and overlooked the valuables. We discovered later that burglars broke into the house through the kitchen window. We usually don’t leave jewelry in the house when we leave for the weekend. On Friday afternoon after my wife was already on the road, she could not remember packing the jewelry case into the car. She decided to turn around and drive back to the house and double check. The case with my entire wife’s jewelry was right by the couch. Had she remembered a little later into the trip she likely would have decided it was too late to turn back and the bag would have remained in the house and out in the open. Hashem put the thought into her mind just in time!
    We take for granted every day simple things, like coming home to a perfect safe home after being away. A simple Sunday night evening could have C”V turned out much different. We walk into our homes every day and expect everything to be the way we left it. This story showed me that this too is a chesed from Hashem.
    No matter what we may be going through in life, if we just open our eyes to the clear miracles that Hashem sends us we will be reminded that there is nothing to worry about- it is all from Him and He is always looking out for our good. Comment- (do you think the sedaka money played a part in protecting you?)
  • Ultimately, as happiness comes from God, no one but us ourselves, through being grumpy and ungrateful for our abundant miraculous blessings can remove happiness!
  • In modim I will thank Hashem for rashi.
  • This is so nice to read every week…
  • Thank you Hashem for putting this idea in Raymond’s head and having him follow through with it…making all smile and feel the Shecheenah…
  • just playing football with my son he smashed his eye into someone else’s elbow big huge black and blue mark, BH nothing serious, a millimeter away would have been c’v very scary in the eyeball
  • Thank you for my friends going to eretz hakodesh next week.
  • (story sent in from Rabbi Ashears Emunah email) I heard a remarkable story about G-d’s protection from Rav Shlomo Farhi, who is involved in outreach in England. He once got a knock on the door from a teenage boy, who said, “Rabbi, I know that Hashem loves me, but right now I am facing a difficult situation and I was wondering if you could help me.” Rabbi Farhi asked the boy, “How do you know G-d loves you?” “There’s no question about that at all,” he said. He proceeded to tell him that during the previous summer, in 2005, he would travel by train to choir practice every Thursday morning. It was a long trip from his home, and he needed to be there at 9am. One morning, as the train was just a couple of short stops away from his destination, he looked at his watch and saw it was 8:30. There was a Starbucks shop across the street, so he figured he had plenty of time to get off, get himself a cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes, before getting back on the train and going to practice. Soon after he got off the train, he heard a deafening explosion. He turned around and saw that the train was blown up. With tears running down his face, he watched the mayhem that ensued, with sirens blaring and fire engines and ambulances rushing to the scene. He tried calling home to inform his family that he was all right, but the cell phone system had crashed The boy started walking home, and two hours later, he walked through the door. He found his parents crying and sobbing. As soon as they saw him, they rejoiced. “You’re alive” they exclaimed. “We can’t believe it! You were on that train!” They told him that there was a synchronized terror attack on the London transit system, and multiple explosions took place at 8:50am. “No,” the boy said, “it didn’t happen at 8:50, it happened at 8:30!” “That’s wrong,” his parents replied. “All the news stations reported that the attack took place at 8:50.” The boy looked at his watch, and his mouth dropped. It still read 8:30. Hashem had made his watch stop so he would think he had enough time to go get a cup of coffee, and this is how his life was saved. “Do you have a picture of that watch?” the Rabbi asked. “Rabbi,” the boy said, “If you want I will give you the watch to keep.” He ran home and brought back the watch. The Rabbi looked at it, and saw that it was stopped at 8:30. “If I ever experience any doubts in my emuna at any point for the rest of my life,” the Rabbi said, “I will look at this watch and remind myself that Hashem is controlling the world.”
  • A good friend of mine who is 83 went into a coma about 4      weeks ago. I thought he would not make it. I randomly called his cell      phone this past Sunday and he answered!! He has a long road to recovery      but his mind is good and      He is still around. Hashem      made a miracle. Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for these comfortable shoes
  • Hi. Before our grandson was born I found myself on McDonald ave checking out the new catering hall on ave o. It was created by Freddy & Tita serour my wife’s cousin they partnered up w Hayat caterers. I loved it. This is where I would have my Rabbi Nathan Escava circumcise my 1st grandson. The birth was on motzei Shabbat my eldest son Zack & Lisa were in NJ for Shabbat as soon as it was over she got the birthing pangs. Zack was ill throwing up so they enlisted my youngest son to drive back by 12:30 Morris I Chrem was born. We had a terrific crowd even though it was the 1st Sunday of the summer. Freddy told me the shul isn’t ready I told him get it ready & he did he put ac in. It was the 1st tefilla the 1st brit milah in that shul/hall. It was the best milah ever Baruch Hashem. A happy day for the whole family. Thanks
    Morris. Chrem  Addendum. Jeff is my youngest Baruch Hashem he was there. That’s what brothers do for each other
  • it was holiday time was looking at expenses and said to myself doesn’t look like I can get a holiday suit this year oh well, then thought wait a minute Shabbat and holiday expenses are free and on Hashem bill, don’t think about it just get a suit and Hashem will pay for it…-not 5 minutes later I walked into my landlords office to pay the office rent and he asks, what size suit are you- I say      why? He says put this jacket on- wow looks great on you- ENJOY IT, IT’S YOURS! Brand new with all the tickets still on- Italian suit from Barneys!      Free on Hashem bill- INSTANTLY!! Thank you Hashem for the awesome suit!!!
  • Thank you Hashem that I was able to go to camp this summer- not everyone is able to go and I appreciate      that I was fortunate enough to go.
  • My friend’s son got engaged to another friend’s daughter



  • just got bunch of text messages from

a customer of mine canceling an order and angry with me because I went thru the honest circles in doing the order couldn’t believe it, I ran out to do something and looked up and said THANK YOU HASHEM, I accept it happily…1 minute later I get a call from a customer that I have a proposal out to for over a year!! And she says the order is approved! When can you come in? This order is about 6 times the size of the one I lost…Hashem is great!! Yaw thinks that’s the end of the story?? Story not over, I call the other customer back to let him know I have no problem losing an order for going thru the correct procedure and he can cancel no problem- he saw my reaction and had a change of heart it seems, and gave me the order back!- Hashem is awesome…


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