Thank You Hashem – Special

Thank you, Hashem! This is one of those things that I don’t know where to begin so I will begin with thanking Hashem for the beautiful exciting site of seeing my daughter go into labor at about 4:30 am Friday night. My wife headed to the hospital with them as we had our controlled chaos in the house preparing to get her ready for the car service. I went to shul in the morning and came home to be with my kids and have Shabbat lunch together with them.

I then made the long joyous walk to Maimonides Hospital. Imagining I would be walking into the room greeted with a mabruk it’s a ___.  Baruch Hashem walked into the room and they were still waiting around in the labor room. I was grateful to Hashem that I would be able to be by the birth of my first grandchild. Things were very calm and I decided to maybe go out into the hallway for as stroll, as I was preparing to walk out the Dr. was walking in, she quickly and calmly said, we are ready let’s have this baby and she sent me outside behind the curtain of the room into the hallway. She said in 15 minutes we will have a baby here. I was overwhelmed I couldn’t believe my ears. I am the excited crying type and was flushed with emotion and started praying right there in the hallway like a man on a mission. Things were moving along in the delivery room as I was praying in the hall. Feeling a drop woozy I then remembered reading on our Parasha sheets in Peh Tahor from Rabbi Brezak all about the shehakol campaign and the great shehakol stories from people making the beracha. I called thru the curtain to my wife to send me out a bottle of water, my wife looked for the water and I hear the Dr. say who is the water for? she said for my husband-my wife knows her husband and said don’t ask-he needs the water, and quickly got the water to me. I said a very loud shehakol in the hallway with kavana and within 5 minutes the baby was born without me hearing one sign of discomfort from my daughter Baruch Hashem! She had a baby boy! I danced in the hallway singing Hashem’s praises out loud in front of everyone as I promised Hashem I would do when I hear the news of the baby being born. We were overwhelmed with joy.

We had a great hour or so of Simcha that I am so grateful for-then the nurse comes to us and says she wants the pediatric surgeon to come and speak to us-we were like, who? what? – she said she might see an issue. They explained to us a certain situation that he had but can be corrected. The surgeon came and told us that there was a way to do it with 1 surgery but that was 1 in a million and made a motion with his hands shrugging it off and said I am not even going to talk to you about that option it is 1 in a million and this is not the 1 over here. He then explained the 3-part solution that would require 3 separate surgeries spaced out over 2 or 3 months! We were stunned by the turn of events-worried for what lied ahead but ok knowing he was going to be ok after this strenuous process. Now it was time to get into motion of seeing what to do- Baruch Hashem we are blessed with Rabbis and organizations that words cannot describe that get everything in motion and guide our decisions. I was not happy to have this hospital do this procedure but needed to hear what to do. My mother was the first call, the entire Shabbat I said we need my mother she knows how to react in these situations. She told me call Rabbi Raymond Beyda, I say but I think he only deals with halachic issues, she said call- I did-was great move, I can’t describe how Rabbi Beyda helped thru out the whole process clearly, not sugarcoating anything. He had me get in touch asap with Rabbi Shuki Berman, he said he will email him to take my call right away-before I could call him, my phone rings and its Rabbi Shuki Berman, my mother called him and Rabbi Beyda emailed him. I utter out the long name of what is going on and he quickly says yes, it’s a 3-surgery situation, get him out of this hospital Dr. Rosen is a specialist in this field he is in Long Island Jewish Medical center- give me the word and I will get the transfer to happen-I was stunned- I said I will speak to my family and get back to you. We made several calls and it was unanimous that we must get to this specialist. Everyone’s reaction was the same.

Got the wheels in motion with Shuki Berman. He calls back with instructions to go down to the NICU and what to tell them. This was about 2 am. We followed instructions and they were not eager to let us out. They sat us in a conference room intimidating us and explaining why we will have such a hard time if we leave. The Dr. said there is a 0 percent chance of you leaving in the middle of the night especially on a weekend. The Dr. stepped out to get a chart from the baby. I text Rabbi Beyda the status, he told me to have my wife go in the hall and call the 516 number Shuki gave me and tell them we will handle the ambulance for the transfer, he said this is what holds up the insurance and it will get things going. They will say ok-he said trust me this will do it, go. My wife was nervous about going into the hall and calling but Hashem took care of it. The door opens with a nurse standing there with a phone in her hand and says, if you will handle the ambulance I can approve the transfer right now-is that ok? we were like-ok we approve…Baruch Hashem.

About an hour later there we were on highways driving to this Hospital in Long island and my son in-law says to me- That Dr. said 0 percent of leaving in the middle of the night. Here we are-we get there and it is a different world. We are greeted with smiles and told we know this is a difficult time for you but we are going to do anything to make it as pleasant as possible.

Everything going nicely and in order over here. The surgeon speaks to us and tells us the same 3 surgery process and then mentions the possibility of the 1 surgery if they physically see a certain step taken by the baby. I said the other hospital said it is 1 in a million, do you think this can happen? He says I think it is possible. Wow- we had an opening of hope. As time was progressing we were not seeing this step by the baby. My son in-law asked the Dr. what if the step is happening inside but just not showing outside can we do it, to that they replied sorry but no. A few hours later my son in-law calls me and tells me the surgeon just called him and said that she is not going to be performing the surgery that a different surgeon is taking over. I said no way I am calling the Surgeon and telling her, we escaped and came here in the middle of the night for you, not to be handed off. I was ready to push hard. Before calling I call Shuki and tell him what happened so he can help on his end. He asked who is the new surgeon and I tell him his name and he quickly says this is a Beracha from Hashem- he is the chief surgeon there! You have been upgraded, he is the teacher for the other surgeon and he is her elder and has much more experience, do not call the hospital. Thank you, Hashem, for controlling me.

That night in the room we ask the nurse if she thinks there is any chance of the 1 surgery even though they did not physically see this step? She politely said sorry but it seems like we are doing the 3-surgery process, so sorry. The next morning, the day of the surgery me and my wife were in the room with the new surgeon and his team. You can see he was the real deal. They begin to give us information and they say there is a chance they can do the 1 surgery procedure but he will not know for sure until they are in the surgery. If not, he will have to switch to the 3-surgery option. I thought I was hearing things. We all agreed to go for it. We couldn’t believe it, he was willing to do it even though he did not physically see the step the other surgeon needed to see. He said it is close enough on the inside that he is confident even without physically seeing it.

Hashem sent this experienced surgeon to us against our will for him to have the knowledge needed to go for the 1 surgery process without physically seeing it. Hashem is pushing all the buttons. I was with my son in-law many hours straight but when the surgeon called him I happened to not be there. I would have probably got on the phone and begged her to stay and do the surgery. Hashem had me call Shuki before calling the surgeon and he gave me the information on the new surgeon and stopped me from possibly ruining everything.

We were all praying so hard for the surgeon to be masliach and able to do it with the 1 surgery option. Before the surgeon left the room, I told him how hard we have been praying to do this 1 option that we were told was 1 in a million. I told him how highly Shuki spoke of him and how happy I was that he is the surgeon. I then told him how I am praying for him to be successful with this and all his surgeries. I told him there is a G-d that is in control and we are his messengers. He was very accepting and jokingly said I hope I can live up to your expectations. I said me too!!

Surgery begins. Our most awesome family behind us all the way. Tefilot all over by so many of our caring out of this world people, sedaka being given all around, learning Torah all around. Our people are so wonderful. Hashem somehow had me and my son in-law accidentally end up by the Lubavitcher Rebbes Kever and were zocheh to pray there. Hashem blessed me with such a group of friends, my phone did not stop with messages and calls. Even if I could not take the calls you have no idea how much they helped. I had/have a friend guiding me the whole way thru serious portions of this and non-sense as well- I am blessed to know such a person who is always there for me. Always. Intense praying thru out the surgery. The surgeon returns with the great news of Hashem’s kindness that he could do it with the 1 surgery. He told us of hashgacha that went on in the operating room how he there happened to be another surgeon he needed in the room that stepped in to help with a certain process. Hashem pushes all the right buttons for us. I stepped aside to call our worried family and friends. I am walking around the lobby and see my son in-law and daughter inside the gift shop giggling and looking at the toys and stuffed animals for their new baby, this was a magical moment for me-the page being turned seeing the new parents able to enjoy the Simcha of being blessed with a baby. I was so worried about them being stripped of that joyous pleasure so this was a tearful breath of fresh air for me to see. I rushed and bought my new grandson the stuffed singing doll they were looking at. Hashem is so great to us and guides us so perfectly. Thank you, Hashem, for my first healthy Grandson-Bh he should make you very proud! Serving you Bisimcha with 120 Happy and Healthy years.

Thank You Hashem – Week 178

  • thank you Hashem for making my son feel better !
  • Thank you Hashem for a husband that believes in me, and promotes my talent.  Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to be an Ima to my son who is a warrior, and gives me strength.
  • So proud of my son who has started learning Mishnah in school this week.
  • Thank you Hashem that my daughter has become a Bat Misvah
  • I was sitting at the Shabbat table Friday night with my wife and my two kids. My son who’s two and half years old and my daughter who’s four months old. I started reading the THANK YOU HASHEM weekly at the Shabbat table so that everyone can take part in the amazing things that happen. A few weeks ago, as I was reading it my son asked me for the papers so he can read it. I told him, first Aba will finish and then he can have his turn. Waiting patiently he listened to me reading it out loud and hearing me repeat the words thank you Hashem for the amazing story. When I finished reading it I gave him the sheet of paper and told him ok now we will listen to you read it. He took the paper stared at it and said thank you Hashem thank you Hashem for the story.  I want to thank Hashem for the amazing Nachat we get from this boy every day. May we watch him grow to be a chacham in klal yisrael. Amen.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving me from getting some big chargebacks from one of our customer. We shipped by error wrong barcodes on some items. Usually they would charge us to repack the items with the correct barcodes. I asked Hashem to fix the situation without losing any money. Lo and behold they somehow agreed to leave the wrong barcodes on them which is very rare. Thank you Hashem for always being there for us at all times.
  • how about an I’m sorry Hashem. Life has been so fast paced that we haven’t said thank you.  Bh  it is for good things. So thank you for our days that are filled with lots of fun things to do!
  • Thank you Hashem  For the reflectors on the highway road We can see when it’s pouring rain!! BH thank you Hashem
  • thank you Hashem, I’ve pulled my wisdom tooth out about a week ago and when you pull it out they give you antibiotics so it should not get infected. I wasn’t  really interested in taking it but I said you never know let me be safe and listen to my doctor. Baruch Hashem I did cause a few days later my son was unfortunately in the hospital and I was diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor said I would not be able to visit my son because I may spread more germs to him which may cause more harm. However when I told the doctor that I was already on antibiotics for my wisdom tooth being pulled out a week before and today was the last day of my medicine . He said well then great your good to go. your body already had the medication it needs to help fight it.  you an go visit your son!! thank you! thank you Hashem. Hashem really had everything all planned out to the minute .
  • Baruch Hashem all went well with the week of Sheva Brochos & Shabbos Sheva Brochos. Spent quality time with family & everyone came & went safely. Thank You Hashem! & no weather issues.
  • Thank You Hashem for watching over my daughter that went to Eretz Yisrael this week.
  • Looking forward to the inauguration of a new president for the United States of America who looks to be a lot friendlier to Israel than his predecessor. Thank You Hashem for our freedom to vote & freedom of religion.
  • Hashem sent me a nice sale that was totally unexpected. I was very happy. Suddenly the customer noticed the pricing and said to hold off, he needs to get an approval of some sort. I prayed very hard and spoke closely to Hashem. Made a kabalah. The next morning he calls and says, go ahead with the order as planned. Thank you Hashem.
  • Everyday after Shachrit my routine is to go to the bathroom before my hour plus bus ride to the city.  Over the years, we’ve gotten accustomed to having weekly collectors come around the Shul.  Some we are favorable to and some not so. One day this week, one of the non favorables came around. It turned out as he was finishing up collecting, we both met at the bathroom at the same time and washed our hands together and wound up saying the Asher Yasar together. Lately, I started saying the Beracha slowly, trying to have the proper kavanah and wound up saying it much slower than the collector from Boro Park. Afterward he said to me “Wow I started saying my Beracha fast as usual but when I saw you saying it slowly I slowed down to. I told him is a very important beracha and if said correctly it takes care of many if not all illnesses. I think after our encounter this religious man will saying  the beracha slower. YOU NEVER KNOW WHOS WATCHING YOU AND THE IMPACT YOU CAN HAVE ON OTHERS.  Maybe this story will impact you to.  Shabbat Shalom!!
  • So many wonderful simachot this week. Sunday had a bar misvah, Monday had a wedding, Wednesday had a bris and a pidyon. Thursday an engagement. Friday night the simcha of our precious Shabbat.

Thank You Hashem Special – Week 173

-My gold bangles were missing. I looked everywhere for them! I searched over and over for them. I had a worker in my home the day they went missing. My family suspected he took them. I said the prayer for finding a lost object and gave sedaka then I continued to look some more… sure enough I found them in a place that I had checked at least three times! Hashem opened my eyes and let me find them. Thank You Hashem!!!!

  • I just had a thought on Parashat VaYetzeh that I like to share with everyone. Yaakov Avinu prays for Lechem Leechol (bread to eat) Ubeged Lilbosh (and clothes to wear) that a person always has to Thank H-shem for all the food that we eat and that we are healthy to be able to eat it and for each and every piece of clothes B”H so many different colors, types, styles that we have and we can wear and B”H not walk around barminan in a hospital gown.

-I thank Hashem for the nes and Chesed he has done for us.  I would like to share with all of you an amazing story that changed our lives forever. On December 5th 2014   (יג כסלו) Friday morning, about 10 am while I was at work. I got a phone call from my house. Knowing that my wife would regularly be at work at that time, I picked up the phone with a little trepidation, not expecting to hear a strange voice letting me know that my wife had fainted and she was being rushed to Maimonides hospital. Before I go on I just want to let everyone know that the nes started that same day because my wife fainted at the front door with it open as she was about to leave to work and Hashem gave her enough strength to scream for help before losing consciousness.  A random person and a nurse that just so happened to be passing by heard it and rushed to my wife’s aid. The reason I say that, is because if it would have happened five minutes earlier she would have been behind a closed door and chas veshalom no one would have heard her and she could have been chas veshalom holding the baby. And if it would happen five minutes later she would have been in the car driving on the way to work with baby in the back Hashem yerachem. So I also thank Hashem for letting it happen that very minute and not before or after. (Back to the story) I got to the hospital as my wife was wheeled in and I have never seen her like that, it really scared me. They rushed her in to the cat scan to look at the head, only to come out and give me the worst news I can possibly get, that she had a brain aneurysm and that she has bleeding in the brain and they have to perform an emergency operation to release the pressure of the brain to try to stop the bleed. I broke into tears trying to take in what they had just told me and in the same time trying to think what decision to make. The doctor told me time is a big factor and we have to make a fast decision. B”h I had my sister and a special shaliach that helped me through out the whole time. They rushed her into the operating room to put a drain in the brain and at the same time the doctor will try to stop the bleeding with a less invasive operation which means going in through the main artery in the leg up into the brain. We right away spread the word and my wife’s situation went viral. The doctor came out letting me know that b”h he was able to put in the drain, but with the same breath told me that he couldn’t stop the bleed because of the place where it was, which was a non-common spot and on a very small vessel and he did not feel confident he can get to it. I can’t even begin to describe how that made me feel and what that made me think. The next step was to actually go in and remove a part of the brain so they can get to the bleed, with only Hashem knowing what the end results would have been. The doctor had said many things that I’d rather not repeat but one can only imagine what, (within 24 hours ______lo aleinu) . At this time she was in stable but critical condition and I had to act fast, like I said time was of the essence. B”h with much help of a lot of people especially that shliach that was able to guide me to the right doctor and actually called the Chief doctor in NY Presbyterian that he personally knows and made all the arrangements for my wife to be transferred there. At this point my wife was in the N.I.C.U on a respirator fighting for her life while we were waiting for transportation. Later that night, at about 10pm Friday night she was transported to NY Presbyterian hospital N.I.C.U. Shabbat morning me and my sister met with the Chief neurosurgeon and chief noninvasive neurosurgeon. They basically told me the same things over, letting me know how serious her condition is and that the aneurysm caused a stroke to the left side of her body. They both decided that they want to try again the noninvasive procedure, which means going through the main artery in the leg all the way up to the brain to try and stop it. If that didn’t work, they would then have to go in and remove some of the brain to get to it, and if she would survive it would be under very different circumstances and her life, our life would be changed for ever.  I asked the doctors why they feel they will be able to do it. They just said they feel they may have a 25% chance. They said that every hospital has different tools and they want to give it a try once more before going to the next step. The first thing I thought was that everyone’s tefilot all through the night definitely helped because that was the first relatively good news I had gotten. The doctor told me that the surgery would take anywhere from an hour to eight hours. I brook down crying shook the doctor’s hands and told him take care of my wife and we will be praying for him so that G-d directs his hands in the right direction. He thanked me and said he will do the best he can. B”h with everyone’s tefilot and all the tears that were spilled the doctor came out of the OR after about an hour and a half, and to be honest after telling me how complicated and how big the risk is and how long it may take I was scared to see him so soon and thought the worst. As the doctor sat down next to me in the waiting room I again just started crying not knowing what he is about to tell me. He took a deep breath and then told us about the big miracle that happened. He had gone in to view the aneurysm only to find out that a blood clot had formed over it, causing the bleeding to stop. I shook his hand and asked him if he believes in miracles. He smiled and said, “I know u guys pray a lot and have very strong faith. In my 30 plus years of being a doctor I have never seen anything like this and there is no other way of explaining what had happened.” The whole time I prayed to Hashem that I know that everything he does is letova but I ask that he please make it that it would be revealed good in my eyes. B”h not in my zechut but in my wife’s and everyone else zechut that had a part in it, my wife is here with us today and besides getting stronger and back to her self with physical therapy she is b”h fully functioning, in every aspect. They had said “if” my wife survives she would have to be in the hospital unit for 6 months and then in another care facility for another 6 months.In 1 month my wife walked out on her own 2 feet!. She exited her room to a round of applause from the entire staff in the hallway! A kidush Hashem.The day my wife was discharged the doctors came and asked her what she had felt through out the whole thing. My wife had a stage 4 aneurysm, 5 being the worst, and they said most people don’t make it through a stage 3, and that they never got to speak to someone that went through it. The last scan that my wife did, shows that the aneurysm has completely disappeared “on its own”.  Yishtabach ve’yithalel sh’mo l’ad.   I want to thank Hashem for giving us a miracle with in a miracle. Now when we celebrate Chanukah’s miracle we also celebrate our own. All I can say is always believe in Hashem because he is the only one that is hakol yechol and he can change everything even though it doesn’t seem so. Shabbat shalom and Chanukah sameach. (my wifes story/interview is written up in Bina magazine)

-Hashem thank you for a peaceful week

-my daughter got a ride home from production practice! from John Dewey! Thank you Hashem!  sometimes the little things are the big things. come home safe!

  • Thank you Hashem that my daughter got engaged to a wonderful boy from a wonderful family! Chasdei Hashem!

-It is amazing how we take the small things for granted. The hose of one of the faucets in my kitchen sprung a leak & the plumber is in the process of getting the replacement piece. Meanwhile, even though we still have one perfectly operating sink, we see how much we rely on both sinks & never give it a second thought. Thank you Hashem for the wake up call with  a relatively minor nuisance!!


  • My daughter had a Bas Mitzvah celebration this week & we are very proud of her. Thank you Hashem!!


-My daughter was driving & hit a meshulach that was crossing the seat. B”H he only had minor bruises. A reminder how important it is to use reflectors, especially on these long winter nights & if dressed in dark clothing.

-Thank You Hashem my son is becoming bar mitzvah tonight

-We greatly thank Hashem for letting us experience a very pleasant, meaningful, safe, healthy and enjoyable trip in Eretz Yisroel!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 158

  •  Thank Hashem for another beautiful day. How I appreciate just a normal day- with no major challenges. I have learned to become more appreciative of Hashem’s decisions.
  • I was driving down the road and a car suddenly was about to shoot out of a driveway. Baruch Hashem I saw him and was able to honk. He slammed his brakes. As I drove by him I noticed he was not even looking at the road, he was holding a phone to his ear with his face pointing down. Thank you Hashem for protecting me and I hope this person woke up from this.
  • Thank you Hashem for this wonderful heat wave that helps me to appreciate air conditioning. If it was up to me I would institute a beracha on air conditioning. Thank you Hashem for air conditioning.
  • I am Thankful for water.
  • Barouch Hashem!  My father was transported to the hospital for chest pain this morning, thank G-d it turned out to be absolutely nothing! Thank you Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for all that you do. Thank you for the amazing body you gave us that can do so much each day anew. Its amazing!
  • It was SOOO hot outside and I really didn’t want to take a walk to the bank. I had exactly $50 on me and needed to go to Moishas to get groceries. I went and kept trying to calculate roughly what I was buying to make sure I didn’t go over. When I got to the cashier I was watching the total as she was ringing things up holding the $50 in my hand to pay. Towards the end I said to myself I may have to put back one or two things and suddenhasly the total shows up on the register and the cashier tells me $50. I looked again and was like WOW ! Thank you Hashem ! I handed her the $50 and walked out with my packages. PS – I never EVER  had my total come out to an exact dollar amount like that…It;s usually $49.89, $52.78 things like that….I clearly saw Hashem’s hand helping me out. Thank you Hashem !
  • Very early this morning I was out on the beach. I wanted to go up to a second floor pavilion to daven. The stairs were locked. It was way before any of the beach personnel would be around……Out of no-where a beach staff member appeared. I told him that I wanted to go up – he said “no problem” and unlocked the elevator shaft – I didn’t even know that there was one…….Thank you Hashem for that messenger.Thank you Hashem for an absolutely magnificent davening high on the beach – away from everyone – facing a stunning clear blue sky and delicious sun-shine!!!
  • Thank Hashem for letting me bring my wife home from the hospital.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting us in situations where we realize how much we really need you!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me attend a great siyum by my nephew and for seeing how nicely our family is growing in Torah.
  • Thank you Hashem that my children and all the children in their camps went and came home from their trips safely.
  • Thank you Hashem for our community Rabbis who went beyond the call of duty on Tish Bav. Spending their fast day in extreme heat trying to inspire us. May we see a new Bet Hamikdash speedily.
  • Thank you Hashem, a customer sent me a check for an invoice that I thought was already paid. I looked it up and it was not paid yet. For some reason I put it in the wrong section. I feel like this is a gift directly from Borei Olam.
  • My cousin was given a very prominent position in a Yeshiva. We are so proud of him and hope he excels. Thank you Hashem for this opportunity.

Thank You Hashem – Week 152

  • Thank you Hashem for letting me witness personally true gadlut and Yirat Shamayim. I was at a Vaad given by Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Schustal of BMG in his office. A small setting with about 9 or 10 guys sitting around his desk as the Rav gives over precious gems to us. The shiur was great but what I learned from the Gadols actions had a greater effect on me then the shiur. As he was giving the class over to us, we all sit very quietly listening to every word. The Rabbi was concentrating deeply on the musar he was saying over to us from Shir Hashirim and in the middle of his deep concentration all of a sudden we hear a rumble of thunder. Without any over enthusiastic reaction, the Rosh Yeshiva simply turned his head to the window behind him (most probably to make sure it was really thunder and not a truck or something else) and then he calmly said the beracha on Thunder. It was very natural to the Rav, to see how he lives with an awareness of Hashem at all times even while in the middle of an intense vaad was incredible. He did this so simply and natural, showing how he lives with a what does Hashem want from me right now attitude. To see how effortless it was for him was a lesson on its own for all of us to work on being able to have the feeling that Hashem is with us at all times and we should be ready and looking for opportunities to do our avodat Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that so many of the technical details of the camp project that I am involved in worked out so nicely.
  • Thank you Hashem for EVERYTHING! 🙂
  • Thank you Hashem for providing me with a gift at work. I was able to show my boss something in the right perspective.
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me find a job for the summer!
  • Thank you Hashem for the watching over us and protecting us. Thank you for all the wonderful things you give us and for helping us cover our bills at the end of each month.
  • Thank you Hashem for Daat Torah. I was placing an amazon order for a customer and on the purchase screen it said press here for free delivery on Saturday. The next option was free shipping Wednesday. I didn’t need it Saturday , Monday would be fine but Wednesday not so good. I was concerned that I was demanding work to be done for me on shabbat. I called a hotline for halachic questions (beit horaah) and asked my question to the Rabbi that answered the phone. He simply said order it tomorrow and then choose the free 2 day that will now be Sunday instead of Saturday. This way I stay out of the possible problem. Perfect solution. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem For being in the Hospital for 2 days for my 2 year old Son. He had an Infection and it spread. He needed IV antibiotics BH all is ok, it’s really amazing how Hashem constantly Watches over us, takes care of us, the simples things of a small infection Sent us to the Hospital for 2 days! It’s amazing BH  All is in your Hands Hashem. “We are in good hands with Hashem” (not Allstate) 🙂 Thank you Hashem
  • I lost my rain coat last week and wasn’t in the mood to have to buy another one. The forecast had rain in it and I wasn’t sure what to do. Minutes before Shabbat I found it in my bedroom closet. (cleaning lady decided that it belongs there)… I therefore have to thank Hashem for making me find it but also that He provided me with a raincoat in the first place.
  • thank you Hashem for giving me such a wonderful group of 6th grade boys to teach this year at yeshivat Shaare torah… Its amazing to see all that they progressed.
  • Entered Costco in jersey and forgot that to get a wagon you need to deposit a quarter to disconnect the chain… Didn’t think I had one and it would have been a huge inconvenience figuring out what to do… Guess what.. I had one… Baruch Hashem!
  • Was reminded of this situation that happened to me and I want to thank Hashem for it. I was pulling up to a red light and was not paying attention. I looked away and did not notice that there was a pick up truck in front of me already at the red light. My car drove right into the back of the truck. I got out to see the damage. It seems like there was a nice amount of damage on his car and Bh somehow almost none on mine. He was a scary type of goy and his car was all shiny and well polished. I thought I was in for a problem.I prayed to Hashem and then calmly told him not to worry that I will take care of everything. It looked like an expensive damage and I was unsure if I should go thru insurance or make him an offer. For some reason Hashem put in my head to say out loud, Maybe we should call the police. At that moment he said he is in a big rush and asked for my number. He said he will call me in a little while to take care of the damage. I told him no problem and that I am sorry and will handle all the repairs. This was over a year ago and he has NEVER CALLED! Thank you Hashem.
  • I thank Hashem for my health, and my life, and the health of my children and wife. Boruch Hashem we were blessed with a healthy baby boy a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have a Minyan in the hospital (Monmouth Hospital in Deal) and there were approximately 2 dozen men there whose wives gave birth.While in the hospital I met 2 frum men who were also blessed with babies, but theirs had complications. May Hashem help them both grow up to have long, healthy lives.                     Rabbi Miller Z”L would often say: If you thank Hashem for your health, he’ll be more likely to continue granting it to you.

Thank You Hashem – Week 150

  • I had a car rental while out of town. At the counter they tried to convince me to take the pass for the tolls. I refused being I had no need to travel anywhere requiring a toll. They persisted and kept telling me how if I go thru a toll there is no option to pay cash and I will automatically be charged $80. They had me initial that I understand this and accept. Fine. Of course I end up driving over a small bridge that has such a toll and no option to pay cash. I say oh well what can I do, $80 charge will be applied. I just got an email from the rental company that says invoice. I open it expecting to find the 80 dollar charge but it was only for $7.90. I double checked to see if there was a zero missing on the bottom but there was not. Thank you Hashem.
  • Mi ki Amcha Yisrael- my friend is laying in a hospital bed and calls me and asks me to go and buy nice shabbat candle sticks and candles and bring it to the hospital. I ask why and he says he is mekarev the nurse and she is interested in coming closer to Hashem. He spoke to her about lighting candles for shabbat. He told her he will buy her candle sticks and she was very happy and said that if he bought her candle sticks she promises she will light candles for shabbat and she will even call him to tell him that she did it. Our people are great, sick in a hospital bed still caring about bringing people closer to Hashem and the nurse as well jumping in happily wanting to come closer to Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem for…EVERYTHING!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for my parents. Their dedication to helping my family is priceless. We take parents sometimes for granted, but they are precious jewels always by our side. Always shining light on us with guidance.
  • Thank you Hashem that my good friend got engaged!
  • I visited a friend who is caring for a parent that isn’t well – realized closer up minor and major things that I can do, that this friend’s parent cannot do. Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem that another school year is coming to a close. It was a good year.
  • thank you Hashem. thank you.
  • Thank you Hashem that things are normal in my life.
  • Read in the news today how a terror attack was averted in Manhattan today. 3(call them what you want) were stopped in their car in the Holland Tunnel for a broken windshield. When cops checked the car – they found all types of weapons, explosives, etc. and that the crew was headed straight into NYC. Who knows what they were up to…….Hashem always protects us. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t. Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for my new office that is much better than my old one and much less expensive as well.
  • My friends son got married last night-mabruk
  • Engagement party last night-mazal tov
  • I had some unfinished business at work before leaving Friday before shabbat and shavuot. The yeser hara was telling me how can you leave, stay longer and take care of it. I did not give in and instead I left work for Shabbat and the Holiday and asked Hashem to please take care of it. A jews job is to know on shabbat not to worry about his business that Hashem is taking care of everything. I returned after the holiday and that is exactly what happened. Everything all worked itself out on its own. Hashem handled it all for me without me having to lift a finger. Thank you Hashem for Shabbat.
  • My friend has become a grandfather- mabruk on the baby boy.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me be part of a kahal that knows and appreciates the importance of Torah. Many are planning to be away for the summer but are leaving with plans on continuing their learning programs together while away. This inspired me to join in as well.
  • I was deciding between 2 different items at a store. One was $70 more than the other. I decided to go with the more expensive one. I went to the register with it. When the cashier rang it up it showed  $70 cheaper than the price marked. She called her manager to check it and the lower price was correct. It was put on sale moments earlier and was not marked to show the new price yet.  Thank you Hashem for this extra savings and for giving me the better item at the same price as the cheaper one.
  • Brit milah this shabbat- mazal tov.
  • My eyes have been itching me due to allergies. This made me stop and appreciate my eyes. Thank you Hashem for my eyes, they are truly priceless.
  • I parked my car by a meter and the muni meter machine would not take a credit card.The machine kept saying error. I had no change on me. I prayed to Hashem not to get a ticket while I ran into the store. Came out after shopping and no ticket. Thank you Hashem, do not think this is unappreciated.


  • Thank you Hashem! I was putting all my change in a tzedaka box this morning adding up to a certain amount. As the day went by I was taking a walk outside and I found change on the floor. I once heard that when you find money it’s a present from Hashem so I picked it up. When I added up the amount it came out to be the same amount I put in tzedaka this morning. Thank you Hashem for the present!!
  • Thank you Hashem for free will or the idea of it to allow me to move forward in a positive direction. One can free their mind and create a positive path for a new journey. The journey Hashem intended you to take— but allowed you to find it on your own , via obstacles causing us to learn — and become stronger .
  • Bnei Binyamin and Rabbi Seruya is an ultimate simcha.
  • Mitzvah man sent 2 volunteers to go visit a Holocaust survivor a few years back. 2 nice young girls took it on themselves not only to go for a visit and be on their way, they actually befriended this elder woman and started taking her on errands and spending plenty of quality time with her. They visited her every week for 3 years straight! This was very noble of them. The relationship was special and continued happily during these years. Mm gets a sad notification that BD’H This holocaust survivor has passed away. He replies back that he would like to pay a shiva call if they can get him the address. The girls notify him that this woman has zero family and is totally alone, there is no where to make a shiva call to. The burial is going to be in Israel and that they are at The Airport right now waiting to board the plane!!! They are making a special trip to Israel to handle the levaya! This is taking hesed to the next level. The purity of our wonderful people and the beautiful hesed that they do.
  • I came back from the grocery, put everything away, realized that I don’t know where I put the fish I bought. I started thinking maybe I left it in the store, maybe in the car…. Then I decided to check if maybe I absent-mindedly put it away already. I opened the fridge, and there it was! together with A FULL TUB OF ICE CREAM! If I hadn’t thought to look for the “missing” fish, I would’ve found a full tub of melted ice cream when I got home from work.
  • Thank you Hashem for my health, and the health of my whole family. My 9 year old cousin was, Lo aleinu/ bar minan, diagnosed with the dreaded illness. Nesan’el ben Tzipora Feiga. I have 2 sweet children, my daughter’s best friend & her sister, staying by me now, because their parents are in the Hospital with their 1½ year old brother with Meningitis, Lo aleinu/ bar minan. Refoel Eliezer Nosson ben Toba My wife took off from work today to stay home with 1 of them, because she has fever, took her to the Doctor, then to the hospital for bloodwork. after she was done she asked a Jew there for the phone # to call a car-service. she said it’ s ok I’ll take you. Where do you have to go? (like naa’seh v’nishma!) Mi k’amcha Yisroel. May Hashem send a Refuah sh’leima b’karov to all of k’lal yisroel, and bring us the Geulah Shleima speedily in our days. Amen.
  • 2 of my close friends had grandsons- Thank you Hashem – Mabruk
  • wedding last night-thank you Hashem for simachot
  • Was looking thru one of the Jewish newspapers and saw a list of all the gemachs, could not believe how long the list was and for all the thoughtful gemachs people think of. Thank you Hashem for your kind nation that you created. Olam chesed Yibaneh
  • My friends daughter got married last night lots of mazal tov for everyone
  • Chasdei Hashem – I Was trying to get a beracha from Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, I spoke to someone in Bnei brak, but didn’t ask him to go in for me, I sent an email to him, requesting that if he is going can he get me a Beracha. Meanwhile Rav Chaim wasn’t feeling well and 10 people went to his house to pray, while there on his own this person went to Rav Chaim and BH gave a beracha. As he gets back home he opens the email from me about a beracha, he calls me up laughing chasdei hashem BH
  • My daughter brought her earrings home from school in a plain envelope. They were sitting on the counter and the next day they were missing. My wife went outside and checked thru the garbage to see if the housekeeper threw them out thinking it was an empty envelope. Chasdei Hashem , last week my wife lost earrings and found them and this week my daughter lost earrings and my wife found them while searching thru the garbage outside.
  • Thank you Hashem for joining us in our homes every single Shabbat making our precious gift sparkle even brighter , and also thank you for picking up the tab too…

Thank You Hashem – Week 7

BSD Though I have enough reasons not to take time now to write, but the worthiness of being Makir Tovah to HKBH outweighs all my reasons not to. BeChasdei Hashem I made a wedding this week for my youngest daughter. The Simcha is indescribable. But one factor is on my mind specifically. In the past I used to dance the entire wedding both the first dance and the second almost all the time in the center with each of my friends. This time even before my daughter became a Kallah I was worried “How will I be able to dance? I get winded just walking to Shul on Shabbos! I’M so out of shape for lack of exercise that my Doctor wrote me a “prescription” on his pad to walk every day etc. I’m going to disappoint everyone!’ A few days before the Chasunah I “happened” to see a Malbim on the posuk in Shmuel  שמואל א פרק יז when Dovid was trying to convince Shoul that he could take on Golyos and vanquish him”שמואל א פרק יז

אֶת הָאֲרִי גַּם הַדּוֹב הִכָּה עַבְדֶּךָ וְהָיָה הַפְּלִשְׁתִּי הֶעָרֵל הַזֶּה כְּאַחַד מֵהֶם כִּי חֵרֵף מַעַרְכֹת אֱלֹהִים חַיִּים:

וַיֹּאמֶר דָּוִד יְקֹוָק אֲשֶׁר הִצִּלַנִי מִיַּד הָאֲרִי וּמִיַּד הַדֹּב הוּא יַצִּילֵנִי מִיַּד הַפְּלִשְׁתִּי הַזֶּה

And I used to think the pshat is that Dovid said that he was quite a mighty warrior and Shoul could entrust him to eliminate Golyos.

But the Malbim writes,

מלבי”ם שמואל א פרק יז

(לז) ויאמר דוד. הוסיף לחזק בטחונו מצד אחר, מצד השגחת ה’ על יראיו, אמר שהגם שיהיה כחי חלוש נגד הארי והדוב ונגד הפלשתי, הנה ה’ אשר הצילני מהארי והדב בהשגחתו, הוא יצילני גם עתה דרך נס. לפ”ז תחלה דבר כפי המנהג הטבעי, ופה דבר כפי ההשגחה והנס. ואל זה הסכים שאול כי יבטח בהשגחת ה’, לכן אמר לך וה’ יהיה עמך:

Meaning That Dovid said “Did I have the power to kill a lion, did I have the power to kill a bear – certainly not!!- so it was certainly HASHEM’S help that enabled me in the past, so too now Hashem will help supernaturally to kill Golyos”

So I said to myself did I have the energy in the past to dance a whole Chasunah CERTAINLY NOT! And by the next one! And the next one! So HASHEM helped me dance so too will he help me now!

PS Oh did I dance! As never before!

Simchos for all of you! And all Klal Yisroel Ksiva veChasimah Tovah

  •  Thank you Hashem for being our father, we are like your only child, holding our hand and guiding us, even in hard times, a father is always there for his child, no matter what, you love us like a father and a son. After my father a”h passed away, I didn’t understand why Hashem created the emotions of a father and son, I knew everything Hashem does is for a purpose, Hashem had finally opened my eyes – you know why, because that is the connection of Hashem and us, we are his children and Hashem is our father he loves us – Keracham av al banim ken terchem Hashem Alenu – Hashem have mercy on your children just like a father has mercy on his son. Thank you Hashem
  • I want Thank Hashem for all our GREAT RABBIS who help guide & give us advice on any topic, especially Rabbi Ozeri. Thanks
  • Wow not normal these emails are making Hashem very happy!!! This is what it’s all about being grateful 2 Hashem. What a zechut u have Uncle Raymond!
  • Had zechut to pray by Rabbi Bitton in Lakewood this summer and had zechut to witness many Kiddush Hashem’s- Last week Rabbi Bitton was running a 3 day learning program (yarchei kalla) for people from the Persian community (they come to Lakewood and have a program for few days together, very inspiring to see and hope to do one this winter for some Brooklyn guys) After tefilla we got to see the excitement they had for Torah and for the special town of Lakewood, One man came in and told Rabbi Bitton that shadchanim want his daughter to marry a talmid chacham that she is great girl and should marry a talmid chacham, the man did not want to hear of it and said no thanks-a day into the program the man came to Rabbi Bitton and told him after what he is seeing here ,the torah life in action, he is calling the Shadchan to say he ONLY wants a talmid chacham! Rabbi Bitton said it was worth it to do the program just to hear those words. Ps- was also great seeing about 60 men of all ages from Panama this Monday doing the same program-Thank you Hashem for letting me see your children’s love for Torah…
  • Thank you Hashem for not sending me to Vegas for the Show- so I can be with my family and my neshama can be clean for Yom Hadin!
  • Thank you Hashem for saving one of my best friends from an accident last week- he should have a speedy refuah-AMEN!
  • Thank you Hashem putting me on the best block in Brooklyn with the best neighbors possible!
  •  thank Hashem for fishing line
  • Had beautiful baby boy baruch Hashem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for my fingers.
  • was in my office having conversation with someone about Hashem , they said that they believe in Hashem but do not believe that Hashem is involved with every little minor thing in the world, they said I believe Hashem is involved in wars and big things like that but I do not believe Hashem cares whether or not I can lift my finger like this or not…sorry I just do not buy it, the big stuff fine but if I can lift my fingers is not on Hashem’s list of things to do..fine- not more than 3 hours later this person calls me up all excited-they tell me you are not going to believe this, I cut myself and had to come to the emergency room- I am sitting right now in the cubicle they put me in here at the emergency room, and they come to the guy in next cubicle and ask him what’s the matter? And he says- “I am trying to move my fingers and I can not, they do not move no matter how much I try”…this person saw clearly the greatness of Hashem-wow!
  •  2 Las Vegas stories 1- arrived in Las Vegas late Thurs night for a show. Set up Friday morning. After set up 3:00 my friend and I decided to go to super market to get food for Shabbat. Grabbed a cab and asked to take us to closest market and wait. He said he cannot wait since he has to return his cab at 3:30. He gave us a card with a number to call for cab. Pulled into a Vons but we said is there an Albertsons around here( since we are familiar with Albertsons). Pulled out and went another mile to Albertsons. Finished shopping at 4:15. Called number for cab over an hour wait! Shabbat mincha at 7:00. Right behind us 2 guys on our plane? Are you guys going to Venetian can we have a ride?  Sure. In car they told us they were going to Target but decided last minute to shop At Albertsons. Didn’t even have to wait a minute for ride back. Hashem is Great. Thank you Hashem. Story 2- saw my cousin at the end of show and she said she had the best show ever!! She told me that her biggest show is in September this year on Rosh Hashanah and she canceled. Now she has goyim that she could send to work it but out right cancelled. She told me that Hashem gave her all that business at this show.  Hashem is Great!
  •  Thank you Hashem for that special Shabbat Spice that is always so perfect
  •  Thank you Hashem for a healthy body that works perfectly!! When we thank Hashem and show him gratitude from the things we DO have then in the future Hashem will see that we appreciate it and hell continue to give it to us. … Its chas vishalom when we don’t thank Hashem for things he says oh he doesn’t appreciate this ok ill make him appreciate it … So bh well avoid all these tzarot by thanking Hashem now while were bh healthy and everything is going beautifully !!
  •  Thank you Hashem for the greatest gift shabbat and thank you for letting us spend it with our beautiful family’s!!!

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