Thank You Hashem – Week 167

  • Thank you HASHEM for the great gift that you have given to us, the Magnificent HATZALAH. During YOM TOV  of SUCCOT,they gave me a possible life saving treatment in the ambulance that led to my speedy recovery.They are my heroes.


  • Thank you Hashem for the kedusha in my beautiful sukkah.
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful healthy and happy succot together with family and loved ones.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving me from what could have been a disastrous and very costly mistake in work. Right after I saw the error, and saw what huge consequences it could have had, I immediately said a perek tehillim and prayed to Hashem that it should all work out ok. I said, Ein Od Melevado, I know Hashem that everything is from you and whatever happens is all for the best I’m not going to panic or get nervous. Shortly thereafter BH it was all resolved very easily with no issues. I resolved right after that to send in my Thank you Hashem right after.
  • Thank you Hashem for watching out for me and my family and having us not eaten from that cheese that they just found out was not kosher. I had bought it awhile ago, and sliced it and after what we thought was a mistake with using a wrong knife, I told my family I’m not sure what the status is of that knife that it was sliced with- or with the cheese now that we used that knife (which I thought might have been a meat knife that I haven’t used in years). Let’s not eat it. I also took another look at it and said, I don’t like the way it looks either- I’m throwing it away. BH, Thank you for not letting us have eaten from it.
  • Thank you Hashem for a son in-law who wants sefarim for his birthday
  • Thank you Hashem for the safe returning of 4 sifrei Torah to the Ave O synagogue
  • Thank you Hashem for all of our blessings we receive daily.
  • Thank you Hashem for Alan Tobias. I just received a picture of the most beautiful wedding in Israel. It is a person I know that was struggling a lot with religion and struggling in getting back on the right derech. What we would sadly call a lost soul. With the patience and personal example of Alan this boy has turned his life around. He has moved to Israel and has gotten married today in Sefat. Tears rolling down my face as I stare at these pictures and videos sent by Alan. A miracle if you ask me. All due to the way Alan in his own simple way made him part of his life and lead by example. Kidush Hashem. How he invited him into his home for Shabbat and made him feel important. We all need to learn from this and to remember never give up on anyone. And extra Hazuk Ubaruch to Alan for making the trip to Israel to be with him and celebrate his wedding. Mazal tov to the happy couple.
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me the zechut to inspire people in my sucah.
  • Baby boy- mabrook.
  • My friends son has become a chattan. Mazel tov u bracha
  • My friend had a new baby boy- thank you Hashem!
  • 2 engagements on the same day – thank you Hashem.
  • My son called me on the phone and asked if I am at work and by my computer. I said yes. He says can you do me the biggest favor?  I was like yesss , here we go, what item does he want me to look up and buy for him.  He asks if I can go to the shas-a-thon website and tell him if his masechet is available for him to learn at the shas-a-thon. Thank you Hashem for my wonderful son.
  • Thank you Hashem for a great friends wedding tonight.
  • I attended a very inspiring siyum and want to Thank Hashem for sending me these moments of inspiration.
  • Thank you Hashem for a spectacular morning on the beach.
  • There was a car speeding down a one way street trying to make the light. I noticed it because he almost hit me as I was preparing to cross the street. He flew across the 2 way street and a man with a kippah on his head was calmly crossing and turning towards his parked car. He was strolling care free talking on his cel phone but he was about to get hit by a fast moving car. I quickly said Hashem yishmarecha! and somehow the car stopped right before hitting him. Thank you Hashem. Also see Hashems hashgacha how every person sees what is necessary for him to see. This man actually has no idea what so ever how close he came to being hit by this car, he had his back to the car at the time the car was approaching and never even saw what transpired behind him. I on the other hand HAD to see this, maybe in order to send a quick tefilla to Hashem? Who knows? Everything according to the perfect cheshbon.
  • In viewing how corrupt the world is as we watch the election. We are reminded how Hashem and the Torah are the only real true emet in this world. Thank you Hashem for the reminder.
  • Thank you Hashem for the gift of life and giving us a chance every day to become better Bh
  • Thank you Hashem for holding our hand each day and for never letting us fall. Thank you for helping a family member find a part time job just at the right time when the extra money is truly needed.

Thank You Hashem – Week 156

  • Thank you for putting this weekly Thank you Hashem email out for 3 years. It is remarkable. Baruch Hashem!

  • Thank you Hashem for your great gift, my 82nd birthday!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful Sitoh (grandmother) who has just passed away. She lived 109 beautiful years. Hearing the Rabbis speak at her levaya about the midot she had, meriting her such a long  healthy life showed us all what a kidush Hashem her life was. We will miss her very much-Thank you Hashem
  • I had to travel out of state to someone’s office. I recall there was a Yeser Hara in that office that was a test for me. As I arrived I prayed to Hashem that I should be able to pass the test. Hashem did even better, he removed the test for me from the office. It was totally gone and out of the office. Bishvil li bara haolam- Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Peace and Quiet that is Brooklyn during the summer – parking is available wherever we go, the Shul is calm and the A/C is on high – no waiting at the local restaurants, and the boardwalk is alive and well !
  • So much to be grateful for – don’t know where to begin!
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me how amazing you are and how you are always a step ahead B’H! Today I had to pick up and order for a client but did not have money on me. I was trying to figure out how I would go pick money up without going out of the way and taking too much time. Before I left the office another client called to tell me she was coming by to drop off her payment from a previous order! B’H Hashem saved me a lot of time and planned everything to perfection! Thank you Hashem for everything!!
  • My daughter and her 2 friends were swimming in the ocean. The waves were very big and rough. They were jumping over the waves as they were approaching. A very big wave came and my daughter maneuvered over it and found herself suddenly in a very deep part of the ocean. She could not reach the floor. She saw the other 2 friends in trouble as well. They were drifting further away from each other and they were trying to swim back but the rip tide was taking them out. My daughter felt her arms getting tired from treading and trying to get back in. Out of no where someone,a malach appeared in the water and threw the 2 friends a boogie board. He put them on it sideways and then he swam all the way over to my daughter. He knew what he was doing because he was a retired lifeguard. He got to my daughter and put her in some type of headlock hold and swam with her over to the boogie board. He lined them up and instructed them how to kick their way back to shore using the boogie board. It was not easy and he coached them all the way in and saved the 3 precious lives. Thank you Hashem for sending this retired lifeguard to save them. It was as if Hashem sent a Malach into the ocean for them. Thank you also to this person for seeing the situation and reacting to it.
  • Thank you Hashem for constantly watching over us and protecting us each day.  Thank you for the amazing zechut of visiting Israel this summer. It’s miraculous to get on an airplane in one country and a couple of hours later you get off in a completely different one. Years ago it would take days and weeks to travel by boat!
  • Thank You HaShem infinity times I can never thank You enough!
  • I just had a great talk with a guy who is off the derech. Hashem put the right words in my mouth at the right moment. Hashem had me hold it in for so long and then a few weeks later we got into one of our talks and Hashem put the idea in my head NOW-start to open up a talk with him about Hashem and Torah. The moment my mouth opened the words that are not my style started flowing out.Baruch Hashem we made some progress. I was able to see how even a person off the derech has a connection and a love of Hashem.
  • My friend was looking for a tenant for quite some time now. He found a tenant for a decent price. Thank you Hashem.
  • Had trouble with an employee at work. I put in my mind that ein od milvado. Everything is controlled by Hashem and bh it got solved quickly and easily. Thank you Hashem for that and for all days when there’s no trouble.
  • I was changing lanes and did not see there was a car in the lane I was going into. He was in my blind spot. Baruch Hashem he slammed his breaks and honked and I was able to swerve back into my lane. Thank you Hashem for protecting us and me we all be alert of our blind spots while driving.
  • IT’s a girl..Mabrook.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the most perfect shiduch over 20 years ago-everything a person can ask for in a wife.
  • I was about to commit to an order of insurance for work. I emailed the agent to go ahead and got replied that he is out on vacation and can not do it at the moment. Hashem put in my head to call Joey Sasson. I called him and told him I know it is small and he said no problem send me the info and I will take care of it. Less that 2 or 3 hours later I had the insurance done and even better Joey was about 20% cheaper. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 146

  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be Sandak at my grandsons Brit.  As he was a preemie, the Brit was postponed – we were uncertain as to when it would be.  It looked like we were at least another 2 weeks away. And so with a business trip that I had prepaid including an expensive conference for which I would be penalized heavily If I missed – I traveled.  Lo and behold I got a call the first day of the conference – the Doctor determined the baby was now fine ahead of “schedule” and the Rabbi said “Must be done tomorrow without further delay” Ignoring the conference sessions I spent hours on the phone rescheduling things and avoiding most penalties and got a red-eye flight home but with a connecting flight adding a few hours to the trip .  Still I would be home in time, and the bris would be in the afternoon.  As we were boarding the connecting flight they announced that the plane was unsafe and a new plane would have to be found !  (How do you just find an airplane ?) A few hours after that the airline rescheduled a different flight and we finally boarded a new plane.  I got home early afternoon with a couple hours to spare and in time to make the Brit !
  • 2 Brit Milas this week- mabruk to all.
  • With Gratitude to Hashem that we were able to help and bring someone close to our father in Heaven. Hashem can place him in a situation or certain place, and he never knows what can happen I actually remember contacting the website on how to proceed in Kiruv which I personally don’t have too much Experience and I believe they responded to do things slowly and easy.We think that kiruv has to be standing at a street corner and waiting for someone, yes that can help when needed. But sometimes the person can be an everyday person you may meet in your work place or in our warehouse packing a box for you. You never know when you can change a person.Our Accounting manager had a list of mishloach manot whom she gave out to people in the office.And one of them we noticed was someone in the warehouse. Mental note.One of the Chabad Rabbi’s – in the local town had come once a week and put on tefilin  for this person once a week Noticing he was a 60 year old Russian jew! We started talking with him and lo and behold he agreed to put on tefilin every day! BH We set up a team of few people this way between one of us to help him, talk to him etc.It was an amazing sight! He felt so happy to do this mitzvah! Every day we got a little close to him, his personal life. His children, his car BH we formed a bond.We started talking about Shabbos and how he wished he could keep the Shabbos but do to the circumstances he wasn’t holding at that point yet.His wife worked and he had to pick her up Friday night etc.Great idea! BH how about bringing in the light and beauty of Shabbos! BH we found a very nice Museum art candle sticks!We gave it to him as a gift! He loved it and agreed to light them every week himself!We bought him a Russian siddur he used at home to pray.Time passed and he has getting much better in putting on tefilin, we contacted the sofer, BH we were able to buy a used good condition Gasos tefillin! We chipped in and presented it to him! He was very happy! Peasch came around he got matzahs from the Chabad Rabbi..As we got a little more friendly he mentioned his youth in Russia. He was a firstborn!We had the courage to ask him if he had a bris, and if yes, was it done correctly?He mentioned that his father hid in a building in communist Russia and had done a secret bris. There was a rabbi there.But he wants to make sure that it was done good, he wants to have another bris!! He is ready.We asked a Sheila what should we do? The rav was talking and mentioned prob the bris was done correctly If his father had moser nefesh in Russia for a bris that he prob knew what he was doing and getting a correct mohel to perform the bris! When we told him he still insisted he wants the bris!! We had to convince he didn’t have to But wait he is a first born and he has no clue or recognition about a Pidyon Haben!We called up Rabbi Forscheimer in Lakewood nj and told him over the details. 10 mins of looking up and thinking.“do a pidyon haben Mesofek – with no beracha!!” Ok wow, we picked up coins that day in the town we worked in NJ.Great! The warehouse manager was a Kohen – we invited everyone upstairs to our main showroom We bought cookies cake, the works, and actually preformed a Pidyoin Haben in our office with a 60 year old man!!We took pictures – (at the end we found out no memory card J). It was an amazing day!Bh I still have the coins ( I asked the coin afterwards if I can have them)Time had passed and day in and day out BH he had put on tefilin! Baruch Hashem Sadly a few months later he had a stroke and was paralyzed his whole side down.He was in the hospital for a while and we called him while he was home.Hopefully he has a full recovery!Baruch Hashem that we was zoche to see that! The mitzvos, the love for a mitzvah, the will was amazing ! anything we brought up to him not only was he willing he had an enthusiasm Willing even to redo a bris at 60!! A yid, yid a neshama is thirsty!
  • Thank you Hashem that my cousin is still with us! He was swimming last Friday at a beach in Israel and got sucked in a powerful current, a friend swam out to him and also got stuck. He thought his end was close but then a elderly surfer with a grey beard surfed up to him and said he will get help, and he called over two surfers and each one pulled out one bahur and brought them to the shore and the elderly surfer had disappeared. Amazing!
  • My wife went to return something and when they asked for her license the lady told her I’m sorry I can’t take this it expired 3 months ago (my wife didn’t even realize it was expired). Ok so I told her don’t worry go to the DMV tomorrow I rather you not drive with a expired licence. Later that day we went to pick something up from down the block and all of the sudden out if nowhere the car starts making loud stuttering noises and starts shaking like crazy and something smelt like smoke . The car was un-driveable.. out if the blue. Ok so we parked the car on the street and Bh I was able to get it towed and fixed all under the warranty. There is no question in my mind that these 2 unexpected situations happened the same day forcing my wife not to be able to drive. That Hashem 1000% saved her from chas vishalom some sort of danger! one may say to himself and get frustrated why in the world is this happening to me but in reality it is Hashem saving you from chas vishalom who knows what. Thank you Hashem for ALWAYS protecting us even if we don’t see it!! And thank you Hashem for protecting my wife and kids!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for showing something to me in the Torah that i showed a friend via emailing this friend. I am sorry Hashem for the terrible times i didn’t respect your Torah. Your Torah is truly amazing. Yemincha Hashem Nedari Bakoach. Your right hand, O Lord, is most powerful; Your right hand, O Lord, crushes the foe. pasuk vav verse 6 ו יְמִינְךָ יְהֹוָה נֶאְדָּרִי בַּכֹּחַ יְמִינְךָ יְהֹוָה תִּרְעַץ אוֹיֵב
  • Thank you Hashem  for my arms, this morning, while sitting in my car, I noticed to my right birds picking up some grass and twigs for a nest they are making, I couldn’t help but wonder how much easier would things be if they had hands and not only a mouth to do their work. So thank you Bureh Olam for making our lives easier.
  • Thank you Hashem that it has been a regular week.Work. life, home, joy, beauty – just a normal and regular day in and day out.Thank you Hashem!Thank you Hashem for sparing me and my family from millions of things that I will never know about.

Thank You Hashem – Week 125

  • I was ordering a pair of shoes and they had a discount code for 15% off, I put it in while making the purchase and it took off 25% for this item. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem,had a few minutes before carpool so I ran into a store to look around. I saw a cute jacket. Only had 5 min. BH no line to pay, went straight to register and was surprised to hear the price. The jacket was on sale for 20% off.thank you Hashem that I bought a jacket in 5 minutes and saved money!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for everything that you give me BH I have a beautiful wife and child we are all healthy I am able to learn in yeshiva 3 sedarim a day I am not rich but I have everything that I need‎ I don’t feel like I am lacking anything materialistic I have a wonderful and loving family and in-laws and good friends. THANK YOU!
  • I want to give a Thank you to Hashem for this email and for the great website and to anyone who has any part in it, you surely have a great zechut.
  • Thank You Hashem I am healthy!! Thank You Hashem I woke up this morning!!Thank You Hashem for the warm weather!!
  • I was pulling out of a hotel on Monday morning with my family on a Hanukah trip, There was a sharp turn out of the hotel and I ended up hitting the curb of the sidewalk and immediately my tire went totally flat. I not only had my family in the car but also had my nephews and nieces in the car so my car was packed. We were supposed to meet other family by a park. I didn’t know what to do, I thought I remembered that there was a gas station immediately on the right turn after the hotel. I turned onto the first exit and realized I was getting on to highway 295 and the sign says the next exit is 5 miles away. I said that’s it its over, I made a poor decision. What am I going to do now? I pull up right in front of a state trooper police car that I saw about 100 feet ahead. He saw what happened and was very friendly (which in itself is a miracle) he told me he will call for some help, I figure great, now this is going to cost me an arm and a leg and is going to take up my entire day to tow my car. About 6 minutes later this truck pulls up with lights on and all. He comes down and changes my tire within a few minutes. I pull out my credit card to hand to him and say here, how much is it going to cost me? He says, no-it is free, I am a government agent, I say what are you talking about, he says I drive up and down the state highways of NJ, 295 is one of them and we check if any cars are having trouble and we help to get them back on the road. I then pointed to the intersection that I came from before “accidentally” getting on 295 and I ask if I stopped at that intersection would you have came over there? He said, no, if you would have stayed over there you would have to call a tow truck, we would not have covered that. It is amazing how Hashem made me decide to go off that road. I then tried to give him a tip and he said we are a government agency and not allowed to accept tips. All this happened and it didn’t cost me a dime. Chesed of Hashem, we got to the park right behind the other cars that we were meeting and were right on time. Amazing how everything all worked out. Thank you Hashem
  • Every breathe in life is so precious- Thank you Hashem
  • Life’s challenges (looking for work or a business, mortgage & rents due and food on the table) face me today. Thank you Hashem for filling my heart with faith that your kindness and mercy knows no bounds and that you provide for all!
  • I was at a red light in my car, the light just turned green, for some reason I didn’t start to go right away, Baruch Hashem that I did not go , a van did not stop at his red light and went straight thru. Thank you Hashem for protecting me.
  • “Wrinkles on a persons face should indicate where smiles once have been”, “Thorns on the Roses , or Roses on the Thorns?” Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Wallerstein and his special way of encouraging us and giving us the proper outlook on life.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me more than enough space to allow the people in my life to be themselves
  • Check this out. I planned on bidding on a car at the dealer auction today, but before I bid, I called the rabbi and asked if there’s a bracha I could say so everything would go well. He said a bracha but also told me to say chapter 21 of tehillim, which I did. I ended up getting the exact car I wanted, for 1000 less than wholesale market value. 🙂 Thank you Hashem
  • I drove passed a great parking spot by mistake, continued on and there was a spot right directly in front. Thank you Hashem
  • I called my cell phone carrier with a question and then asked something about my bill. They then asked if I would like a $10 discount every month as customer loyalty, I said sure of course. Thank you Hashem for this surprise.
  • Wow, just hung up the phone with a business associate, totally unreligious, he actually is a descendant of the Vilna Gaon, He has zero religion and has had ideas that are way off. We have had some positive conversations regarding Hashem and religion and some positive came out of it. He called me a few weeks ago to tell me he is now working in Williamsburg. He just called me now again to say hello. I asked how is Williamsburg and he starts mentioning how he is learning new things he never knew and is finding out more about Hashem. We had a very nice talk and I sensed the excitement in his voice when we starting talking about how much Hashem can’t wait to reward him for all the good deeds and Misvot he will do. We spoke about our job is TO DO (he was focusing on a lot of negative “don’t do’s” and punishments that someone was scaring him with, we turned it into speaking about how much Hashem loves us and wants to reward us) Thank you Hashem for the inspiration you sent me from this phone call and I pray that this person continues on the right path. Ps- added Hashgacha-what were the odds of this, He called me from Williamsburg, I happened to have an appointment in Williamsburg in an hour and mentioned that we should get together, he was thrilled. Let’s see how it goes.

Thank You Hashem – Week 116

  • Took my baby for a well visit to the doctor and the doctor told me you have a beautiful healthy and growing baby! Thank you Hashem for our health and for my beautiful child.
  • Wedding last night and tonight- Mazal Tov -Wedding of my friends son mabruk.
  • The world lost a great and special person in Rebetzin Henny Machlis z’l
  • I went to Israel for a year when I graduated High school. In a yeshiva called BMT I met an amazing man Rabbi Mordechai Machlis. I had never witnessed a person that was so warm and sincere. He spoke to you and you felt as if you were being embraced and loved. He taught us Ein Yaakov and encouraged us, a bunch of wild teenage boys who were in Israel for every reason except spirituality to participate and/or grow. One week he asked us to come for Shabbat….sounded good. So we walked on Friday night to Maalot Daafna. We get to the Machlis apartment and we were shocked. We saw Mrs. Machlis serving a meal for a couple of hundred people! She was taking the food from huge industrial size pots with a huge vivacious smile. The table was filled with all types of people, yeshiva students, tourists, young and old. There were drunks, homeless people; you name it they were there. But it gets better! Right before Kiddush Rabbi Machlis announces –“We have some amazing guests here tonight I would like to ask each person to share a thought or feeling that they have! But the rule is no politics. Here we are all equal, we are all Hashem’s children” . I remember the first speaker. He got up and his hands were shaking. He said “I am a Hungarian Jew the son of holocaust survivors. I am over 50 and have never performed a single religious act as a Jew. This is my first Shabbat and it feels so good!” The next speaker was a raggedy man with a scruffy red beard. He seemed to be covered with bracelets and necklaces and hiccupping from a bit too much to drink “My name is Reuven and I sell Jewelry. Thanks to the Machlises for letting me sleep in their car! “Over 200 people spoke. The Machlises made the forgotten feel remembered and important again. On Purim I already had started to come close to Torah and misvot. I came to the Machlis home for the seuda. By this time Mrs. Machlis had become very close to my future wife. She was busy preparing a huge meal with a huge smile. Her happiness and excitement was absolutely contagious. She called out to rabbi Machlis that she needed a case of wine from the car. I volunteered to get it. I walked in the door with a case of wine and the unthinkable happened! I dropped the case of wine. There was glass and wine all over the apartment floor! I was devastated and embarrassed. All of a sudden I hear screams coming from Rabbi and Mrs. Machlis. Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! All of a sudden there is the Rabbi with a circle of men around me dancing and singing. They took embarrassment and turned it into pure joy and happiness. They showed me what can be done with a neshama with unconditional love.
  • I got to see a Kidush Hashem unfold right before my eyes. I was in a store and for some reason a nice gentleman started talking to me and somehow it came up what he does for a living. I ask him if he knows my mother who works at a certain location and he mentions that he remembers when this other business (says the name) was at that location. I excitedly tell him I know Sol, the owner of the other business he mentioned (Name changed for story) very well and learn in same shul as him every day and night. The guy was taken aback and says Sol? Learning Torah, everyday?- I can’t believe it! He grew very happy and excited and started saying how he remembers him from back in the days and has not heard from him in many years. He said he never would have thought this person can become religious and learn torah. I tell him that his children are all bnei torah and learning torah and he lights up and says wow, this is great news. He gave me his number to give to my friend and asked him to please call him to say hello. This man got such a chizuk from hearing how Sol was able to turn his life around and become shomer Torah and Misvot he looked like he wanted to start to dance.
  • Thanks Hashem when life just calms down, you throw another amazing opportunity to enrich our lives!
  • I signed up for this weekend getaway in the Hamptons with other singles and I am terrified because I didn’t know anyone going and it is such a small group. Randomly an acquaintance messages me to invite me to go! Thank G-d I have a friend that I know will be going with me who I know and like spending time with 🙂
  • I shut the car door my finger. Boruch Hashem other than some pain, no real damage was done. I didn’t need stitches, splint, cast…… not on that finger, and thankfully not on any of my other fingers. Not then, and not any other time in my life either.
  • Thank you Hashem for watching over me, and keeping me safe.
  • I was unsuccessfully looking for some extra cleaning help for a while. I had written up a sign last week to hang up in my shul, but kept forgetting to hang it up. This morning, I ended up having to go to a later Minyan in a shul where I don’t usually daven, remembered about the sign, and hung it up in that shul instead. An hour later someone called to say that their cleaning lady has an extra hour in-between jobs. Directly across the street from me, 2 houses down!!
  • Thought I might have been missing a large amount of money, Baruch Hashem I was not- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for my jaw… It’s been hurting me and I read online that we use the joints in our jaws over 2000 times a day!! Wow thank you Hashem every day of my life that I used my jaw without pain!! What a chesed we don’t even realize when we use our jaws!!! Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem that my glasses broke because of me- if someone else broke them I would probably get angry. Also, thank You for letting me have my old ones and that I didn’t even have to search for them  – while I was looking for something else I found them!

Thank You Hashem – Week 114

  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing day of Yom Kippur where we have the opportunity to be cleansed from all of our‎ sins!
  • Had something going on with a customer on a possible return and was hoping they would keep the products. Didn’t hear back from them and was afraid to call them and rock the boat. Got an email from him today saying please send me a certain piece to add to the products so they can use and keep them. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for every possible thing I can think of….I wanted to really say thank you also for helping find my naseeb b”h and getting engaged to such a wonderful girl and family!! Thank you for letting me live this whole year!!
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Wachsman
  • Found 2 missing items immediately after reciting a special tefillah. Both on different days of aseret yemeh teshuva. Thank you Hashem!
  • thank you H-shem for Yom Kippur even though it’s hard on our bodies it’s the best for our Neshamot.  We feel really clean afterwards.
  • Thank You Hashem for giving us Yom Kippur so that our averot shouldn’t be out of control and for the beautiful, stunning words, tunes and songs that we have. And thank You that I didn’t have such an easy fast because it was kapparat avonot


  • My husband and I have marveled at the tremendous honor (Zechut) it was to be involved, even in our own small way, in what we both call “The  Howie’s Story”.  This actually happened a dozen years ago, in one of our very first Succah’s.  We hope you will enjoy it in your Succah!  Twelve years ago I was an undergraduate student at NYU and it was precisely the Fall semester. As many Orthodox students in post-secondary institutions can attest, the Fall semester necessarily means a discussion with professors and group work partners about missed classes and due-date extensions.  Upon informing the group that I would have to be out for the holiday of Succot, a fellow student asked me to tell her a little about Succot.  She was interested in Judaism because her boyfriend was Jewish, although, she added, he was completely anti-Judaism.  After giving my classmate a ‘readers-digest’ version of the holiday, I found myself inviting her and her boyfriend to join us for a meal so she could see for herself what it was all about. She seemed elated and accepted, although she was skeptical that her boyfriend would be joining us. And indeed, the next day after class, I ran into my friend and her boyfriend. He was, as described, anti-all-things-Judaism and a bit outrageous and combative.  He stood there with his long dreadlocks and proudly showed me his tattoos.  He pontificated about his beliefs and the melding of this philosophy and that theory until I was looking for ways to make a quick exit.  Oh boy, I thought, what have I gotten into and what am I subjecting my family to by inviting this person into our Succah. I slowly came to learn that Howie had actually come from a charadi family in Israel. His family life was not filled with the greatest of experiences. His upbringing involved both physical and mental abuse at the hands of a demanding father. He told us of the heavy -handed religion of an intolerant and derisive father.  Howie had barely made it out alive and I was sad for the young boy who was now the young man before me.    Well, eventually Succot rolled around and our special guests arrived with a bit of curiosity (on my classmates part), and cynicism on her boyfriend’s part. At first, it was a little tense as Howie tried once more to wax poetic the joys of Buddhism, or individualism or some such ism.  At this point I must acknowledge my husband’s wonderful demeanor and warmth.  He did not engage, argue and antagonize our guests. He simply was himself; kind, honest and steadfast in his beliefs.  We managed, however, to truly enjoy the meal and did our best to be hospitable and demonstrate ‘Hachnasat Orchim’.  As Howie and his girlfriend left our Succah that day, we were sure that that was probably the last Succah he would ever enter. We were wrong. Approximately four years later, My Husband and I were in for the surprise of our lives.  It was a cold winter day and we had all gathered at my brother’s house for a Torah-dedication.  The house was filled to the brim with all kinds of Yiddim, from Sephardic to Ashkenaz, from the ‘some-what’ observant to a large group of Chabad Chassid’s who danced and sang at the wonderful occasion.  As I watched the young men dance, I noticed one Chassidic young man, with long peyot and black hat, was headed for me and seemed to have something to say.  I was taken aback.  What could this ‘bachor’ have to say to me?  His first words…, “Do you know who I am?  I probably do not have to tell you who that Chassid was after all.  As it turned out, Howie told my husband what had transpired after his visit to our Succah.  He shared with us that our meal, in the Succah that day, was his very first positive experience with Judaism. Howie said he had never seen truly observant families talk with respect, love and warmth as he had seen that day.  He understood the religion of his youth was a corruption of something he had been denied.  And so his long journey back began, slowly but surely.  He thanked us as we stood dumb-founded at what we had been privileged to witness.    As we sit in our Succah today, you and I, let us be thankful for those that have returned and be hopeful for those that have not.  It is during this Yom-Tov that I often think of Howie and wonder why Hashem let my husband and I be a part of his story. Whatever the reason(s), it is as if we are still standing in that living room with a young Chassidic man, his dreads transformed to peyot, waiting before us to recognize him. We are still dumb-founded.

Thank You Hashem – Week 1

  • Our friend has become a grandfather- had a grandson thru his son who we saw grow up in our own shul- he is now a father! Thank you Hashem…
  • This thank you is above all the others. Today you hand delivered bags of goodies for our Seagate families. (Super Storm Sandy) What you did was more than just give a gift and I will explain why. You brought your children from the beginning they saw the loss they saw how we were living and how much we lost. They took pictures you explained it to them. They are sharing the joy as we rebuild I see it in their faces. I want you to know there is no school that could teach your children what you are teaching them. This is beyond what they learn from a rebbe or a teacher. To care, to help, to give, to personally deliver. May Hashem bless you that your children grow up to be as caring as their Imma and Abba. Thank you again and happy Purim!
  • Hashem found my wife a liver for a transplant
  • After seeing rubble in south NJ first hand, reality hit and my 8 year old daughter said Baruch Hashem now I see how Hashem saved and protected us in Flatbush…
  • Dear David, I am in Israel attempting to rebuild the business while YOU are working on rebuilding our home and my heart is full of gratitude at having met you. My son learns in a Syrian Yeshiva in Jerusalem called Lev Aharon.  What an interesting Hashgacha Pratis!  This past Thursday he made a Siyum (completion) of a Masechet (Talmud) and I surprised him and walked into the yeshiva just as he began to make the Siyum.  It was a memorable moment for both of us, one that he will never forget.  In any case, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Laniado, asked me to say a few words and I did.  I spoke about you, about Rabbis Mansour and Rabbi Ozeri!  There were tears in the eyes of everyone present!  It was a real beautiful Kiddush Hashem!  Sitting at the dais was none other than Rabbi Ozeri’s nephew!  He was deeply touched and moved as was I. Dear David, thank you again for spreading so much light for all of us!  You are indeed our treasure!
  • Sometimes people feel the need to see some big miracle to realize and thank Hashem but what’s even more special is the fact that bh we woke up this morning healthy do you know how many miracles that is alone if we really realized what Hashem is doing for us just by the fact that we go about our day normally and healthy without any problems then we really should just be thanking Hashem all day long … But either way just by thinking and recognizing the many miracles he does for us every day should give us the Simha we need and well show Hashem our gratitude towards him. If we look at it the right way there’s no bigger miracle then this and it will help us grow closer to Hashem!
  • Like I heard from Rabbi Malka the other night (repeated in the name of Rabbi Avigdor Miller A”H): I have 2 legs….I am a miiiiiiiilllllllllionaire!
  • We had a shipment of a certain large program ready to leave our warehouse to go to a customer. The customer did not see the final production samples yet but the goods were already received from factory and in our warehouse ready to go out. We were not able to ship until formal approval was given. B’h the customer approved all the samples as-is without any changes, etc… and the shipment went out the next day. Hashem is great to us!
  • Thank You Hashem I got to work today safely
  • Hundreds of thousands of children are safe and protected in camp
  • Did you thank Hashem that you could see today? That you could see clearly? In vivid color? Without a headache? Far & Close?
  • today I slipped on the steps, thank you Hashem for all the days I do not slip, I could not do it without you
  • Hashem let me be able to take my entire family to Israel for incredibly low price; otherwise I would never have been able to think about taking a trip like this.
  • I have to say that this is an excellent idea. Asher Cochaha – I think if we all took 1 minute out of our day to see the blessings we all have and to say thank you to Hashem, maybe it would lessen the tragedies that we have.
  • Today, Hashem has just blessed me with my 10th grandchild – a baby girl. Baruch Hashem – mother and baby are doing well.
  • Sssooooooo much to be thankful for. Don’t know where to start!
  • Thank you Hashem for protecting my friend in a car accident, car accidents don’t always have happy endings and we are much appreciative
  • Someone we all know (he is anav) reached out and started to mekarev-bring back to religion-  a person on an airplane to Israel ,the boy was from the Bronx and unaffiliated  (about 23 years old went to Israel with birthright)…, this was approx 1 year and half ago… Did not hear from the guy Got a call from the boy 2 weeks ago… He said he joined an orthodox shul and is putting on talet & teffilin everyday borrowing from someone!!… The Person went out and raised money to buy the boy a brand new talet and teffilin and a koracha! he no longer has to borrow and owns his very own teffilin, bh will grow into a ben torah. I met the boy yesterday, Wow….comes walking across the street in bright red shirt and shorts, tzizit hanging out… Wow… I spoke to the boy. He prays in English wants to learn how to read Hebrew…. He said that he feels embarrassed that he can speak fluent Spanish and doesn’t know Hebrew…G-d willing Hashem will help guide him back to our great religious torah life and make Hashem proud.

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