Thank You Hashem – Week 166

  • I went to do a chesed and help out a customer of mine. It was a very long drive and was above the call of duty but figured it was going to be a kidush Hashem. I spent several hours there and it took much longer than expected. At the end it was all worth it when the person I helped could not stop thanking me for coming all the way down and spending so much time there. I spent most of my work day pretty much closed for any business while I was there. Hashem had other plans. As I was driving back a customer calls me and says he would like to re-order the exact order he had put in with me a while back. He even added some quantities. Thank you so much Hashem for showing me how you can send parnasah so easily especially when we are doing the right thing and trying to be involved in Kidushei Hashem.
  • I was driving on a 4 lane street in the last lane. I was waiting by the light and when it turned green I automatically started driving, as I’m driving past the crosswalk out of the corner of my eye I see someone walking against the light across all 4 lanes, being that I was in the last lane I didn’t notice her and missed her by mere inches. She was a goya and kicked the back of my car and started cursing me out as if I was the one that did something wrong.after it happened I was a little shaken up and I called my husband to tell him what happened, he told me that he just finished writing in to thank you Hashem!!!! thank you Hashem from saving me from a near accident and thank you Hashem that I’m a Jew!
  • I just made a to do list at the office. On it I noted to call a customer regarding an invoice for payment that was a little overdue. At that moment my phone rings and it is that exact customer calling with the credit card. Thank you Hashem.
  • I lost an important item of mine. I started to try and manage without it. I then said hey wait a minute I didn’t even pray and ask Hashem that I be able to find it. I stopped and asked Hashem. Within 30 seconds I found it. Thank you Hashem
  • Someone blocked me in on alternate side parking. I was really upset cuz it was Friday and I had lots of errands to do.  After trying to get out of my spot for 45 minutes with no hope I just sat in my car and thought. what would I say when the person comes? Would I honk till they get annoyed? Will I yell?   Then I realized it was a Jewish car. I said its aseret yemi tushuvah- it’s a Jewish person you never know where or what they need to do.  I will just make it as if I was not waiting 45 minutes to get out.  just as I put my car in park to wait – a stranger passes by and asked me if I need to get out- I said yes, Im tired I’m really stuck. He said I’m a driver for a living. Come out of your car I’ll get it out for you. Within a minute my car was out of the spot. I don’t know how he did it. But I do know that Hashem sent him.
  • Thank you Hashem for the kidush Hashem I was able to be a part of.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the strength to go out to an amazing shiur given for my friend’s refoua shelema. I was exhausted and not in the mood to go, but BH Hashem gave me the strength to get up and go. The shiur was amazing and I am so happy I didn’t miss it!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me catch a mistake at work and being able to correct it before the holiday. Otherwise might have been a difficult situation.
  • I am thankful to have recognized my personality faults and will work on correcting them
  • Thank you Hashem for a wonderful last year. Thank you for being there every step of the way and holding our hand. Thank you for a chance to do teshuba and to start fresh this coming year b’h.
  • Thank you Hashem for the magical creation of a washing machine called Yom Kippur that cleanses all of us of our aveirot.

Thank You Hashem – Week 163

  • As I was leaving shul in the morning it was raining very hard. I parked about 2 blocks away and did not have a jacket or umbrella. I was trying to figure out how to get to my car without getting wet. I saw a friend’s car on a red light and said I will make a run for it and knock on his window and ask him to drive me to my car. As I am running I get to his car and see it is full so I keep running. I stop at the corner. Our old shul and am waiting under an awning deciding how to make the trek and get to my car. I say hello to a person who is in the shul and came to see who was by their entrance. I explain my situation as we are chatting. On the floor in the corner in an empty area where it looks like they were doing some repair work, I see an old umbrella. I ask if I can borrow it to go to my car and I will drive back here and return it. He says yes of course. I pick up the umbrella, Open it up as I start walking and see it is actually MY umbrella. I had left it in the shul 15 YEARS AGO!!!! Hashem had it waiting there for me for 15 years for this moment when I would need it. What were the odds of this?. Thank you Hashem. And yes I returned the umbrella and put it back. You never know if I or someone else may need it again. Besides do you think he would actually believe it was really                              mine from 15 years ago haha…Thank you Hashem.
  • Wedding tonight – mabruk.
  • A Million thanks to the Almighty.  I was driving with my family on the highway and were taking an exit to go to another highway and I wasn’t  carefully watching that the traffic was at standstill when my son who was seating in the passenger side lets me know that the car in front of me had completely stop.  I slam on the brakes and swerve to the left to avoid hitting him.  Baruch H-shem there was no car on the left side.  I notice that by the time it took the car to completely stop on the left my car would have been 1 and 1/2 car ahead that means it would have been a disaster.  B”H we went and came back fine after this miracle.
  • my wife opened the breakfront to take something out, something fell over, causing the Challa knife to fall out.  The knife hit her foot, landed near my baby, and Boruch Hashem no-one got hurt.
  • I was on my way taking a long drive to see an account of mine. The person told me she would be there at 2pm and I should just show up. About 15 minutes into the drive I decided I should call to just make sure she is there. She says sorry but she is stuck at motor vehicles and if I can please come tomorrow instead. Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to call. I would have wasted a lot of time.
  • Thank you Hashem for the month of Elul. It really feels like I can pour my heart out to you and that you are closer than ever (Hashem is in the fields)!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a sale from the most unlikely place. Showing me clearly who is in control of everything.
  • Thank you Hashem for new opportunities and support by peers.
  • Thank you Hashem for your protection. I was at the top of a staircase about to go down the steps. By mistake I only had half of my foot on the step and the other half was slipping off forward. Baruch Hashem I was able to straighten out and catch my balance and make it to the next step. Thank you HASHEM that I did not fall down the steps.
  • My daughters friend got an engaged- mazal tov
  • I davened this morning that Hashem should help me to feel his love all the time. I know He’s there and I know He loves me and watches/orchestrates everything especially for me – I just want the next level of feeling for real. Later in the day, I went to the shoe store. I wanted a particular shoe. There were two similar ones – each offering something – but no shoe had all of the specifics that I really wanted. I settled on one of them and the salesman went to call his other store as there were no more left in this branch. He comes back to me afterwards and tells me that the shoe which I really wanted – and it was something that they didn’t even make was available in my size at the other location. It seems that they made a small trial run or something like that and they had such a pair. Thank you Hashem for allowing me to FEEL your love. I love you, Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for our hearts that work 24/7 without stop. My grandma was taken into the emergency room to check out an irregular heartbeat. B’h it was something minor but it makes you stop and appreciate every second that the heart beats regularly and keeps us alive.
  • Mabruk on a great Bar mitzvah of my nephew. We are so proud of him.
  • I got a call from my customer to come pick up a check for an order.He said he will be at a certain address in 15 minutes. I had no time to go to my office to get the invoice with the amount. If I didn’t get it from him now I would have to drive over an hour later to pick it up. I prayed to Hashem that he would be ok giving me a signed check with no amount on it and let me fill it in later. Hashem can do anything even something unlikely like this. I see him unloading something from his car and I was ready to go ahead with my plan on asking him if I can fill it in at my office.I walk over to him and say hello. He on his own takes out the check form his pocket as if it was a piece of scrap paper and says here just fill it in, it is blank. He didn’t even ask me the amount or if I had an invoice or anything like that. Keep in mind this check was for several thousand dollars. What were the odds of this?. Thank you Hashem. Hashem can do anything if we believe in him and ask and pray for it. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 148

  • My 7 year old son lost a new pair of sneakers that he really loved. We searched every where high and low. We even checked by grandmas house. They were missing for about 10 days or 2 weeks and we looked all over for them. Last night we sat together and made the special tefilla with Rabbi Meir Baal Hanees. We first sat together and I explained to him what the words mean and made sure he understood what we were saying. He said it beautifully from his heart and held his sedaka in his right hand and gave it over to me. I held it and told him the next morning in shul I will give his sedaka. I prayed to Hashem to please let us find it, that it will now be a kidush Hashem especially in the eyes of my 7 year old son. He will see that we tried to find it and could not. And now only after his tefilla and sedaka that Hashem clearly returned it to us.I went to shul in the morning and as promised I gave his sedaka. I returned home from shul and my wife says, guess what? I already knew what was coming , she tells me our daughter found the sneakers! I asked when? And it was precisely the time that I gave the sedaka. I asked where they were and of course they were in a spot that we checked more than once. Hashem opened our eyes and let us find them. Most importantly was the kidush Hashem and that we and my 7 year old son clearly see how the missing sneakers were found. I want to add that I also heard a few times that when a person does something lemala min hateva, (over and above what he normally can do) that Hashem also acts with him lemala min hateva, My son gave more than the amount of sedaka he was required to on his own, and did it happily and Hashem returned his sneakers. Thank you Hashem.
  • thank you Hashem for teaching me that you don’t always get what you want but what Hashem needs you to get.
  • I had to look thru some old papers at the office. As I was thumbing thru them I found some notes I had made for myself regarding a strategy trying to get an order completed with a customer. Looking at it now after I have already completed the sale with the customer I must stop and Thank Hashem for taking care of this order and sending it to me. It was very inspiring sort of looking back in time and seeing how Hashem made it all play out. Thank You Hashem.
  • There were 3 Torah Dedications on Sunday- Thank you Hashem for letting us parade thru the streets of Brooklyn honoring our holy Torah.
  • My wife’s watch broke, luckily that it is still under warranty therefore she was able to send it in to repair. After they received the watch, they advised her that they cannot fix the watch so they’re giving her a new watch worth up to $180. Thank you Hashem for the new free watch.
  • Hashem thank you so much!I am honoring you with a beautiful meal and simcha tonight!thank you so much for YOM YERUSHALAYIM tonight!We love you!!Thank you for giving me Rabbi Arush and the zohar hakadosh.Thank you for teaching me when I didn’t have any teacher to explain to me what to do in the most difficult times. Thank you for listening to my prayers and guiding me this week.
  • I have a Bris to attend 3 days in a row! And 1 on Shavuot- Baruch Hashem
  • Hodu LaH-shem Ki Leolam Hasdo, we (my wife and I) have to express many many thanks to the Almighty.  B”H within the last week we had the Bar Mitzvah of my second son and the wedding of our 1st daughter,  B”H a lot of the people of the shul took time out of their busy schedule to join us in both our celebrations,  Yishtabach Shemo Laad. Yirbu Semachot VeIsrael.
  • Thank you Hashem for wonderful community members who take time out of their day to encourage others and give us Chizuk by posting THANK YOU HASHEM notes.  Like a child who brings a MITZVAH NOTE to the teacher and feels great when the teacher reads it aloud.  After all, we get caught up in our daily nonsense and don’t always remember to acknowledge things large and small that Hashem does for us, watches over us – making our lives better, protect us form harm, and keep us on the correct path.
  • I was so happy to hear that my friend won a poetry competition that is at a really high level. I am so grateful that if I have any questions for my music writing she will be more than happy to assist. It is such a nice feeling to win! She is really happy and I am happy to share in her happiness!! Baruch Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to do a kidush Hashem. I was in the pizza store and I got up and ordered another slice of pizza. They called me when it was ready and I picked it up from the counter. After finishing eating I got in my car and drove off. A few minutes later I realized that I don’t remember paying for the additional slice of pizza. I called the pizza store and the mexican guy at the counter answered. I described who I was and asked if paid for the pizza, he answered that I did not. I told him I am so sorry I didn’t realize and I would like to pay for it. He was silent on the phone and said wow, that is so nice of you, I can’t believe you took the time to find our number and go thru the trouble just for a few dollars. I told him I would like to give him my credit card over the phone , to that he said there is a 10 dollar minimum. (you would think he would be happy to get the money, but no he has to say he can’t take the credit card-only a goy)..Fine so I tell him I have to get back to work and I will come and bring him cash later. He says again Thank you so much that is so nice of you. (nice? I ate the pizza and owe the money, a goy can’t even understand that we are obligated to pay for this)..I go back to work and now time to go home. I pulled up to my house and realized I forgot to go back and pay him. I say to myself I will do it tomorrow, it is late and I am tired. Then I say, no , I will do it now before the Yeser Hara convinces me not to even do it tomorrow. I tell myself I have a priceless  chance to do a kidush Hashem and do not delay it,go now. I get back in the car and drive to the store and hand the mexican guy the money. He stares at me and for a few seconds doesn’t say a word. I tell him here take the money. He smiles and said, sorry I was just thinking we are closing soon and was telling myself I don’t blame that guy for not coming back to pay, I wouldn’t pay for it either, and now you are here, I feel foolish. He said thank you so much for coming back, it is only a few dollars. I answer that we have a great torah and our torah teaches us to pay for our purchases and to be honest. He smiles and says all of you guys are so nice. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 131

  • Thank you Hashem for a person like Aaron Laniado A’H- we will miss him
  • was on my way to speak at an event, I wasn’t really that well prepared. I opened email to confirm the address before leaving the house and saw that it was the next night- I now had time to prepare and BH I found out before leaving!
  • I had a lumpy item staring at me in my office for a very long time. For  fun I said I will put it on ebay and see what happens. Hurray someone paid 100 bucks for it. Thank you Hashem.
  • I bought some items in a store on Sunday and at the register they asked for my email address. I normally do not provide one but for some reason I did. Checked my spam email today and was about to delete all but saw one from this store and said I will have a peak,it was a receipt for my transaction. Was about to delete it but for some reason had a look at it first. I saw that they charged me for quantity of 2 of an item I only bought 1 of. I called them up,they are checking the cameras and crediting my card. Thank you Hashem for setting all of this up.
  • I had to take my car for car inspection, so I went to a place on McDonald Ave & they told me that it is at least a 40 minute to 1 hour wait.  I pulled out & prayed to Hashem to find me another inspection place that I wouldn’t have to wait so long.  I drove down McDonald and found another place one block away from the other place.  I pulled in & asked if he can inspect my car & he said sure.  I asked how long the wait is & he said to pull my car in & he will do it right away.  Thank you Hashem for helping me find a place so quick & a place that I didn’t have wait even one minute.
  • Thank you so much Hashem for an amazing and healthy mid winter vacation. It gave us a chance to recharge and to spend precious time with family. On vacation I had a minor car accident. B’h we were ok and there was no major monetary damage to either car. Thank you hashem so much for watching over us, protecting us and for keeping the damages to a minimum.
  • Monday Jan. 25 – That morning there was a technicality concerning a big order I wrote and I needed to email a certain document to the buyer to accept the shipment. My boss said he would get the document right away so the order would ship just in time for my January commissions. Thank you Hashem. So as I walked into work the next morning I ask my boss did he get the paperwork? He said ” not yet but if we don’t ship the order this week we can ship it next week. “. I said ” I need it to go out this week to make my January  commissions !! Now came the test. should I go back to my boss and explain again that I need this to ship or trust in Hashem, I did my hishtadlut and said to myself I need to trust, have Bitachon, so I left it as is. That afternoon the document came through and I was good to go. Thank You Hashem. I called my warehouse and asked if they could ship the order by Thursday. They said yes. So Thursday came and I asked the warehouse” did it ship? ” They said no but we have an appointment with the trucker in the morning to pick up. So Friday at 12 pm the order got picked up. Thank You Hashem. 12:05 my buyer calls me frantic” DO NOT ship the order the document is not valid!!” so at 12:08 I called my warehouse and they managed to get the trucker to come back and unload the order. It just shows that even till the last minute Hashem is in charge of everything. And even though the situation did not turn out how I wanted it , its all for the good. Thank You Hashem for running the world so perfect.
  • Received a call ” hi mitzvah man” I have 1 friend that just got divorced from a goy” he wants to turn the corner and start to head in the right direction “age 40 he Never put tefillin on” the other friend only puts tefillin on when I go visit him in Florida twice a year”also age 40. Can we get the tefilin” they can’t Afford it” bingo within 1 week, New tefillin koracha talet embroidered. 2 Jews putting on tefilin Every day.Our goal his to bring people closer to Hashem Shabbat shalom. Mitzvah man
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to do the mitzvah of Hashevat Aveida and to help have my kids participate in it as well and see the beauty of this mitzvah. The other day I went to pick up my son from school, I ended up getting delayed more than usual and didn’t get back home till about 20 minutes after my usual time. As we were approaching my house, I noticed a wallet sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk right in front of my house ! I looked around to see if anyone was around that may have dropped it. There was one woman getting into a car. I asked her if it was hers, she said no. I kept looking all around and didn’t see anyone. I picked it up and looked inside to see if there was any identification..perhaps it belonged to a neighbor, or someone I knew. There were 2 credit cards and some money in it. I didn’t recognize the name,and there was no further ID that could help me locate her. I took the wallet inside and left it near the door and told my daughters we are going to check on the computer and try to find this lady to give her back her wallet. My 8 year olds face lit up, and she said “We’re doing a big mitzvah called Hashevat Aveida Mommy! “. I smiled and said “Be”H, we will find her, and when we return it to her, the mitzvah will be complete”. I go to my computer and try typing in NY white pages- her name doesn’t come up. I try just googling her name and it shows that she lives out of town…It’s not such a common name…so I’m thinking maybe she’s not from here? I keep looking and looking no luck. Finally I decide to look up her last name in the other city that it said she’s from..I get a whole listing of the last name and one of them says he’s related to her…I call the # , a girl answers and I tell her “Hi, maybe you can help me ..I’m trying to locate this person b/c I found her wallet in front of my house in Brooklyn, NY, do you know her?” She says “YES, she’s my sister !”. I was like “WOW Thank you Hashem!” I tell her “Was your sister visting Brooklyn?” She says “She lives in Brooklyn, do you want her #?” I said “Yes, please thank you so much! ” She kept thanking me over and over and I said “NO, thank YOU ! I’m so happy I found the right person to help me find her!”. I proceeded to call the # and a young woman answers, I ask her “Are you…….?”…She hesitates a little.  and I say …”I found your wallet”..She says “WHAT?! Oh my Gosh?”. I said “Did you realize it was missing?” She said ” You know I didn’t? you must have just found it about 20 minutes ago- yes?” I said “YES!”. She said “It must have fallen out of the carriage when I was picking up my baby…I can’t believe it ! Thank you so much!”. She said “How did you even find me?”. I told her the whole story. She said “Wow, thanks so much for trying so hard to find me. I used to live out of town and got married and moved here. The last name was her Maiden name and her family still lives out of town. She thanks me again and says she will pass by soon to pick it up. My kids are standing and listening to everything and they said “Did you find her?????” I said ‘YES, BH ! We found her and she’s going to pass by in a little while to pick it up!”. My kids were glued to the window waiting for her to come. I was busy inside when they all started yelling “MOMMY !!! SHE’S HERE !!!! :LET’S GO GIVE IT BACK TO HER !!! and they all ran downstairs. I got the wallet and went outside with them to meet her and give her back her wallet. She’s a very sweet young married girl with a baby. She was so happy. She said “I can’t believe it, you must have found it literally right after I dropped it that it was still there !”.  I told her “Hashem made me find it, b/c I was actually delayed getting home..I never get home at that time. I would have usually been home already for 20 minutes and would never have seen it, but Hashem delayed me so I would find it for you right after you dropped it !” She said “AMAZING BH !”. My kids were so happy and I turned to them and said “Now we completed the mitzvah BH !”. Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time to do this mitzvah and teach this wonderful mitzvah to my young children.

Thank You Hashem – Week 126

  • Just read the Thank You Hashem from this week- thank You Hashem for watching over Bnei Yisrael always and Your amazing Hashgacha that is always on us! Thank You for the small good things in life that shows how much You care about us, and for the small “annoying” things that gives us kapparah!Thank You for everything!
  • This week brought me one of the happiest feelings I have ever felt. My cousin who is as close to me as a brother, raising and guiding me my whole life was zoche to the engagement of his daughter. I cannot imagine a happier feeling, it is as if my own daughter is getting engaged. What makes me happy is the fact that I see a person who works so hard on himself to become great is able to see the fruits of his labor in his children. At the end of the day money, vacations, cars are all nice but what we take with us is our misvot, maassim tovim and the legacy we leave to our children. He should be zoche to marry off all of his children to see grandchildren and great grandchildren keeping in his holy ways!
  • Bought something that had written all over the receipt, final sale. No returns, no exchanges, no refunds. Prayed to Hashem before I went into the store and Baruch Hashem they gave me a refund. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the indescribable simcha of my daughter becoming a Kallah and for being able to add the most wonderful (future) son in-law anyone could ever ask for, to my family. Thank you so much Hashem. I do not take this for granted- The great Rabbi Menachem Mannes Mandel zs’l used to bless my children all the time , especially the day we would bring them home from the hospital for the first time, that they should be zoche to marry healthy talmidei chachamim and that me and my wife should be zoche to be there to enjoy the simcha with them healthily. Thank you Hashem.
  • As Rabbi Seruya said so beautifully – just keep smiling. BH there is simcha everywhere. Came across the following ” Life is filled with gifts. They may not be the kind of gifts that we always want to have, often deemed by most of us as materials, but life gives us the best kind of gifts that no riches can ever provide. Just look around, feel within your heart and you will catch sight of them.”
  • Thank you Hashem for the engagement of my cousin to a good friend of mine
  • Thank you Hashem for the Hashgacha Peratit that happened to me. I usually get a ride home with someone from my work and yesterday I needed to go straight from work to boro park and had to be in boro park by a certain time. I was wondering how I’m going to get there by train or car service. In middle of the day this girl who usually drives me home comes to me and says she is not going straight home since she has a pidyon in boro park. The place was exactly 3 blocks from where I needed to go. Thank You so much Hashem for making it easy for me since it was hailing outside also!
  • Thank you Hashem for my daughters 11th birthday abal 120 happy and healthy years of serving Hashem
  • I heard an amazing story this morning about this Talmid Chacham who got hurt badly in a terror attack, he was so badly hurt and Dr said he will never be the same, Am Israel got together to daven for him and with his determination to get better he exceeded all expectations today he is getting married!!!! To a girl who organized endless Tehilim groups and chesed in his name without even knowing who he was!
    This is to show you that when we do selfless chesed for others we ourselves see yeshuot and more importantly don’t stop the tefilot, bora Olam hears them!!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for LIFE!
  • My wife jumps and says uh oh forgot the mini pizzas in the oven , gets to the kitchen, Baruch Hashem she forgot to turn the oven on. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem I made the bus today!!   Keep smiling 🙂
  • Was starting to look for parking at 11:20 am, alternate side is 11:30, I drive pass a car on the good side of the street and I see he is starting to pull out, I quickly stop, back up wait for the spot and bingo got a good spot instantly, as he pulled out I waved Thank you to him , but really I owe Thank you to Hashem.
  • Walking back to my car I see that orange envelope, a ticket on the windshield. Felt bad for a moment then said I accept it Thank you Hashem. Can’t imagine why I have a ticket, I am parked legally, I look at my inspection stickers and all is fine. I take the ticket off the car and it is an empty envelope , no ticket, someone was having some fun with me and put the envelope on the windshield, Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem , went to a store and was waiting by the register for the cashier to come over and ring me up. I catch a glimpse of the lost and found and see something that belongs to my friend that he lost 2 weeks ago. I quickly call him and ask if he found the item and he says no, but I do not give up hope, Hashem can return it to me in the blink of an eye.The power of Bitachon, I tell him Chazak uBaruch for that attitude, I will bring it to your house in 3 minutes! Thank you Hashem

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