Thank You Hashem – Week 229

  • Last night I was at my niece’s wedding having a great time Bh.  I went over to my boss who was a guest at the wedding to say hello when he told me that he just lost a large amount money. Thinking it fell out of his back pocket, I helped him look around for it but no luck. He said Caparah avonot.  Throughout the night I continued to look around for it but nothing.  Towards the end of the night I went back to the bar (I must have looked under the table 5 times throughout the night) and found a credit card wallet with No money. Sure, enough the wallet belonged to my boss’s son who was also at the wedding. When I returned it to him, he didn’t even know it was missing. Hashem made my boss lose his money just so I could fine his son’s wallet…….  The next morning, I received a txt from my boss saying he found the money by the door of the Shul.   Amazing!!
  • So, I’m thankful for Hashem that so many times I don’t know where I’m going for Shabbos meals and it always works out.
  • Wow, I just passed a major test. I had good reason to really blast someone and let them have it. They sent me a text that was a bit insulting. I planned it all out and got on the phone with them ready to let him have it. As I started speaking to them I said you know what, for the sake of shalom let it go and don’t mention how he texted you very disrespectfully. I shut my mouth and made like nothing happened. Thank you, Hashem, for letting me pass this test.
  • Baruch Hashem, we had an order to ship from our warehouse to a customer, the customer received it but the order shipped incorrectly, again, reship, incorrectly again, the 3rd time bh they accepted it but the labeling was wrong. The issue was a big part my mistake, we should have ordered it correctly in china… But it was too late. The order was messed up, the customer was fuming and they have gotten the bosses involved… realizing what had happened this was a big bump in the road. Pressure crashing down on me. BH recently my wife mentioned she read from Rav Arush, that if a person thanks Hashem and accepts Hashem’s will it can all turn around. BH I Thanked Hashem and accepted it. My superior calls me later in the day. He recommended me to confront the bosses myself and apologize before they mention anything to me… bh Hashem has given me the courage to face them. Later, I receive a phone call with a compliment from my superior BH! the bosses were happy that we faced the fire acknowledged and took responsibility. Baruch Hashem, what could have been a big bump turned into a compliment! THANK YOU, HASHEM,
  • I feel so grateful to Hashem every time I call my parents on the phone.  The fact that they are alive and well, Baruch Hashem, is such a blessing.  I never take it for granted.  Every time I get to hear their sweet voices over the phone, I feel that Hashem has given me such a gift.  Thank you, Hashem, for every moment I can speak to them or can spend time with them.
  • I was online trying to make a purchase for business. It would not go thru for some reason. Every time I pressed the buttons it would not complete. It was strange and I said I will not do it now. Baruch Hashem, if it would have worked I would have lost at least $500. Thank you, Hashem, for this protection, clearly you orchestrated the transaction not being able to go thru and I saved the loss of this money. I love you Hashem
  • A conversation with Hashem: Me:  can I ask you a question?

Hashem: Probably!

Me:  Promise you will not get mad? Hashem: Do not be afraid.

Me: Why did you let so many things happen to me today?

Hashem: What do you mean?

Me: Well, it started with the fact that I did not get up in time.

Hashem: Yes…

Me: The car did not drive because I ran out of battery and I needed someone to help with cables.


Me: At lunch, they brought me the wrong dish, and by the time they fixed my order, I had to go and I did not eat.

Hashem: carry on…

Me: When I left the office, I came to answer the cell phone and it fell and broke.

Hashem: What more?

Me: And when I came home all I wanted was to relax from the terrible day with the new device I bought for a foot massage and found out it had been sold without an electric cable!

Hashem: I understand.

Me: Nothing worked out for me today! Why did you do this Hashem?

Hashem: The Angel of Death came to visit you this morning and I had to send my angels to fight him. I let you sleep at that time.

I did not let your car move because just as you were leaving, a drunk driver came back from the route you were driving and he would hurt you.

The restaurant worker who prepared your dish was sick and if you were infected, you would suffer and lose work days that I know you need.

The person you were talking to on the phone would go to lie about everything you said to him and cause you great harm, so I preferred not to answer.

Oh, and for the massage device … The specific device you bought was with an internal malfunction. If you plugged it in, it would send a short in the whole house and you would be in danger of severe electric shock.

Me: Wow, I did not think about all those things. I’m sorry I doubted you and complained without thinking there might be a reason for everything … Thank you God for saving me today from all the bad things that could happen to me.

Hashem: It’s okay, you have nothing to apologize for or admit. What matters is that you have learned and now you know that I do not do anything for no reason and have My own way of making My plans …

Such conversations happen with God every day, only we cannot hear His side of the conversation. With a little patience and faith, we will understand that even when it seems to us that He is ignoring, He listens well and in the end, His ways will become clear to us down the road. Thank You Hashem for all that You do every single day.

Thank You Hashem – Week 185

  • I needed a product for a customer of mine. My suppliers did not have it available and needed a few days to get it. I checked amazon and saw the same part but was more expensive. I ordered it being I needed it right away for this customer and paid the extra cost. There was a problem with the item , it was not functioning properly. Was able to unscrew it,open it up and repair it. For fun I gave them a call to tell them about this problem and they offered to refund me in full for my troubles. I guess it wasn’t more expensive after all. Thank you Hashem for putting the thought in my head to call them.
  • It could be hard to find Hashem in every day occurrences. We wake up every day and go about our business without truly stopping to realize how much He really does for us. The things we take for granted on a daily basis all exist as gifts from God and it is extremely important for us to realize that each and every day in order to be grateful for what we have. That being said, I forgot about this for a long time. So many amazing things were happening in my life- graduated college, got a new job, got engaged- and I wasn’t stopping to thank Hashem for any of it. I felt entitled to these common life accomplishments that every person goes through in their lives without truly realizing that not everyone gets to experience these amazing things. I was woken up out of my entitled phase of being when something on the border of miraculous happened to me in which I truly saw that Hashem is with me every step of the way and always has a plan. Last year, right before the Summer had started I got a new job. I was working in retail for about five years and had gotten an offer for my first ever salary paid job in an office near where I live. Not only was the job better pay, but it was in the field that I graduated college for which was a huge bonus. I thought to myself, “this is literally perfect, what can go wrong?” Little did I know, my boss was an absolute tyrant. We weren’t allowed to take our breaks during our 9 hour days without him knowing exactly where we were going and when we would be back. If he decided that we weren’t worthy of a needed sick day or extra break during the day, we were yelled at that he was the boss and there was no exception. On top of that, he became obsessed with what I was doing every minute of every day. I was being monitored and yelled at if I was doing anything he did not approve of. The environment was so toxic that it was affecting my everyday mood; it was just awful. I can handle verbal abuse, but the thing was that I was being singled out. And to make matter even worse, I was being singled out because I am a religious Jew. You see, my boss was an Israeli man who was married to a non-Jew, but he lived within our community’s vicinity. He resented the community because they did not accept him and his family and took it out on me. He would say horrible things about the community to me, regardless of the fact that I asked him to please keep those kinds of things to himself. He would mock me for keeping Shabbat and gave me the hardest time when it came to needing certain days off for holidays. I was scrutinized and penalized on a higher level than everyone else in my office because I was Jewish and this was extremely toxic to me.       For nine months, I stayed at my job thinking I had no other choice. I told myself I should be grateful for the position I had and stop complaining about the emotional burned it was taking on me. I felt so hopeless, but I prayed every single day for a solution to my problem.      A few weeks ago, I had started a second job on a part time basis for an established Rabbi in Brooklyn. I was working hourly on my own time completing a few projects for a brand new website being created for the Sephardic community at large. The work was rewarding and the extra money was great. I would have never known what was going to happen next. The second week into starting my second job, my job with the tyrant became extra terrible. I was being yelled at left and right for “not doing my job,” when all I was doing was my job and then some. Finally, something crazy happened. I had went to the bathroom and took a phone call after washing my hands from the DJ we booked for the wedding. The phone call was all of 3 minutes and when I walked out of the bathroom, there was the tyrant ready to pounce. “You were on the phone at work talking about your wedding, you are not doing your job!!” he yelled quickly. I tried to explain myself but I was answered with a loud, “I don’t care what you have to say. I am the boss and this is how I see it,” to which I finally broke. I left work that day and couldn’t even think about going back the next day. Then and there, I called the rabbi and spoke with him for a little while. He told me how he really needed someone full time to do the work that I was doing and we were able to work something out. I finally was able to leave that terrible job for good!!       So now I am doing meaningful work for a great man who is trying to create an amazing website for our community in which there will be daily halacha, classes, hashcacha pratit, and so much more in order to inspire so many individuals who need it. It really is a dream come true.       This experience allowed me to see that Hashem plans things for you without you even being aware of it in the slightest. I took that second job just for a little bit of extra money in my pocket, and look what came from it! An amazing new job in which I get to do mitzvot and get to work with amazingly righteous people on a daily basis.   Now I see that everything is from Hashem and if you pray hard enough, He will be there for you no matter what!
  • Thank you Hashem for the special month of Adar when we are given the special misvah to increase our Happiness. How awesome is that? Think about that for a minute.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time. I was able to be a good listening ear for someone who needed it. On top of that Hashem put the correct words in my mind to say to this person and build them up and give them confidence going forward. Thank you Hashem and Bh tons of beracha for this person.
  • Thank you Hashem for the gift of another week and of course to write in “Thank you Hashem emails”!  Last night I was driving and the GPS was having a mind of its own……I said aloud to Hashem to please help me find the sign to the highway that I needed – and very soon after – the sign appeared! Thank you Hashem for your kindness!   Thank you Hashem for a wedding tonight!      Thank you Hashem for my life that is surrounded with so many good things and regular normal things! So happy to just live!!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 152

  • Thank you Hashem for letting me witness personally true gadlut and Yirat Shamayim. I was at a Vaad given by Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Schustal of BMG in his office. A small setting with about 9 or 10 guys sitting around his desk as the Rav gives over precious gems to us. The shiur was great but what I learned from the Gadols actions had a greater effect on me then the shiur. As he was giving the class over to us, we all sit very quietly listening to every word. The Rabbi was concentrating deeply on the musar he was saying over to us from Shir Hashirim and in the middle of his deep concentration all of a sudden we hear a rumble of thunder. Without any over enthusiastic reaction, the Rosh Yeshiva simply turned his head to the window behind him (most probably to make sure it was really thunder and not a truck or something else) and then he calmly said the beracha on Thunder. It was very natural to the Rav, to see how he lives with an awareness of Hashem at all times even while in the middle of an intense vaad was incredible. He did this so simply and natural, showing how he lives with a what does Hashem want from me right now attitude. To see how effortless it was for him was a lesson on its own for all of us to work on being able to have the feeling that Hashem is with us at all times and we should be ready and looking for opportunities to do our avodat Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that so many of the technical details of the camp project that I am involved in worked out so nicely.
  • Thank you Hashem for EVERYTHING! 🙂
  • Thank you Hashem for providing me with a gift at work. I was able to show my boss something in the right perspective.
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me find a job for the summer!
  • Thank you Hashem for the watching over us and protecting us. Thank you for all the wonderful things you give us and for helping us cover our bills at the end of each month.
  • Thank you Hashem for Daat Torah. I was placing an amazon order for a customer and on the purchase screen it said press here for free delivery on Saturday. The next option was free shipping Wednesday. I didn’t need it Saturday , Monday would be fine but Wednesday not so good. I was concerned that I was demanding work to be done for me on shabbat. I called a hotline for halachic questions (beit horaah) and asked my question to the Rabbi that answered the phone. He simply said order it tomorrow and then choose the free 2 day that will now be Sunday instead of Saturday. This way I stay out of the possible problem. Perfect solution. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem For being in the Hospital for 2 days for my 2 year old Son. He had an Infection and it spread. He needed IV antibiotics BH all is ok, it’s really amazing how Hashem constantly Watches over us, takes care of us, the simples things of a small infection Sent us to the Hospital for 2 days! It’s amazing BH  All is in your Hands Hashem. “We are in good hands with Hashem” (not Allstate) 🙂 Thank you Hashem
  • I lost my rain coat last week and wasn’t in the mood to have to buy another one. The forecast had rain in it and I wasn’t sure what to do. Minutes before Shabbat I found it in my bedroom closet. (cleaning lady decided that it belongs there)… I therefore have to thank Hashem for making me find it but also that He provided me with a raincoat in the first place.
  • thank you Hashem for giving me such a wonderful group of 6th grade boys to teach this year at yeshivat Shaare torah… Its amazing to see all that they progressed.
  • Entered Costco in jersey and forgot that to get a wagon you need to deposit a quarter to disconnect the chain… Didn’t think I had one and it would have been a huge inconvenience figuring out what to do… Guess what.. I had one… Baruch Hashem!
  • Was reminded of this situation that happened to me and I want to thank Hashem for it. I was pulling up to a red light and was not paying attention. I looked away and did not notice that there was a pick up truck in front of me already at the red light. My car drove right into the back of the truck. I got out to see the damage. It seems like there was a nice amount of damage on his car and Bh somehow almost none on mine. He was a scary type of goy and his car was all shiny and well polished. I thought I was in for a problem.I prayed to Hashem and then calmly told him not to worry that I will take care of everything. It looked like an expensive damage and I was unsure if I should go thru insurance or make him an offer. For some reason Hashem put in my head to say out loud, Maybe we should call the police. At that moment he said he is in a big rush and asked for my number. He said he will call me in a little while to take care of the damage. I told him no problem and that I am sorry and will handle all the repairs. This was over a year ago and he has NEVER CALLED! Thank you Hashem.
  • I thank Hashem for my health, and my life, and the health of my children and wife. Boruch Hashem we were blessed with a healthy baby boy a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have a Minyan in the hospital (Monmouth Hospital in Deal) and there were approximately 2 dozen men there whose wives gave birth.While in the hospital I met 2 frum men who were also blessed with babies, but theirs had complications. May Hashem help them both grow up to have long, healthy lives.                     Rabbi Miller Z”L would often say: If you thank Hashem for your health, he’ll be more likely to continue granting it to you.

Thank You Hashem – Week 144

  • We were going to Deal for Passover & I wanted to get on the highway by 2 p.m., but we had a few more errands to run prior to getting on the highway & you know how long it takes to do errands on Erev Hag in Brooklyn!!!.  While we were in the car I get a phone call from a someone who I don’t know & she says I got your phone number from a friend & she wants to know if I was going to Deal for the holiday.  I tell her we are & she says “are you already on your way or are you still in Brooklyn”? I tell her that we are still in Brooklyn & she says “GREAT!, I have flowers for someone in Deal & a gift for her daughter, would I mind taking them to Deal”? I said no problem, I will be by in a few minutes to pick them up.  We finally get on the highway & we hit tons of traffic, waze tells me that our estimate time of arrival at our destination is 5:30 p.m., I said WOW, that is so late! We have to get to Deal, deliver the flowers & gift, unpack the car, bath the kids & get to shul, etc…. so much to do!!! My older daughter says “don’t worry Dad, you are doing a mitzvah & Hashem will help us get ready for the holiday”.   My daughter opened up my eyes & helped me realize that everything happens because of Hashem! Thank you Hashem for my children & for delaying our departure and giving us the opportunity to do this mitzvah!
  • I am learning ZOHAR,
    I never understood ZOHAR before.
    thank you for this beautiful light.
    I love you.
  • Hashem can send you Parnasah from the most unlikely sources. My mother sent a simple  maintenance worker to my office. We got to talking and he ended up giving me a very nice order. You never know Hashem is going to send you your parnasa. Hashem is the one and only source. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that I am able to go to Eretz Yisroel IY”H! After hours and hours looking for the right ticket and the right price…… Can’t be grateful enough!!!
  • I called Amazon with a question about my account. At the end of the phone call the rep on her own tells me that they put a free ten dollar credit on my account to use in the future. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me how foolish I was for not having the proper trust in you. You are the best and do only what’s best. I learned my lesson. Thank you Hashem for controlling everything in our lives.
  • I received something I ordered online and it was too small. I went to the site to order the larger size but see the sale price was not there any longer. It was only a few dollars difference but figured I would try and call on the phone and see if they will handle the exchange at the old price. They put me on hold and come back and say there is no way for them to apply that old price, I say ok. They continue and say but I will wave the $6 return shipping fee on the supplied return label and I will apply $10 into your account so you can purchase the item in the right size. I called asking them to save me three dollars and Hashem had them save me 16 dollars. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for RJB and for his special gift of knowing how to brighten up a persons day.
  • Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by life
    but then there are moments when you give me such beautiful things and insights and this makes me very very happy.
    thank you Hashem. I want to belong to a truly thankful family.
    thank you Hashem. we love you. This website makes me very happy in addition to limitless happiness you create in the world Hashem.
  • Lost my keys / Prayed to Hashem / found my keys. Thank you Hashem for hearing our prayers.
  • I went to do bikur cholim and visit an elderly person who is recovering from a surgery. The person was so happy and gave me the most genuine and warm beracha, I had tears in my eyes. No doubt that I got the better of this deal. Thank you Hashem for allowing 2 people to feel good from this visit. I have no doubt who did who the favor.
  • I was on my way to buy flowers for the holidays. Before I got to the store my wife calls and says we just got a very nice surprise. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was just delivered to our home as a gift. Someone was kind enough to send the flowers as a hakarat hatov for a chesed my wife and I did for them. Thank you Hashem for the perfect timing.
  • Thank you HASHEM. My son who was allergic to a number of foods just passed a food challenge, and is now able to eat some of what he previously couldn’t. Our ability to eat so many things, is a gift from Hashem not to be taken for granted. We MUST appreciate every food we eat.

Thank You Hashem – Week 114

  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing day of Yom Kippur where we have the opportunity to be cleansed from all of our‎ sins!
  • Had something going on with a customer on a possible return and was hoping they would keep the products. Didn’t hear back from them and was afraid to call them and rock the boat. Got an email from him today saying please send me a certain piece to add to the products so they can use and keep them. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for every possible thing I can think of….I wanted to really say thank you also for helping find my naseeb b”h and getting engaged to such a wonderful girl and family!! Thank you for letting me live this whole year!!
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Wachsman
  • Found 2 missing items immediately after reciting a special tefillah. Both on different days of aseret yemeh teshuva. Thank you Hashem!
  • thank you H-shem for Yom Kippur even though it’s hard on our bodies it’s the best for our Neshamot.  We feel really clean afterwards.
  • Thank You Hashem for giving us Yom Kippur so that our averot shouldn’t be out of control and for the beautiful, stunning words, tunes and songs that we have. And thank You that I didn’t have such an easy fast because it was kapparat avonot


  • My husband and I have marveled at the tremendous honor (Zechut) it was to be involved, even in our own small way, in what we both call “The  Howie’s Story”.  This actually happened a dozen years ago, in one of our very first Succah’s.  We hope you will enjoy it in your Succah!  Twelve years ago I was an undergraduate student at NYU and it was precisely the Fall semester. As many Orthodox students in post-secondary institutions can attest, the Fall semester necessarily means a discussion with professors and group work partners about missed classes and due-date extensions.  Upon informing the group that I would have to be out for the holiday of Succot, a fellow student asked me to tell her a little about Succot.  She was interested in Judaism because her boyfriend was Jewish, although, she added, he was completely anti-Judaism.  After giving my classmate a ‘readers-digest’ version of the holiday, I found myself inviting her and her boyfriend to join us for a meal so she could see for herself what it was all about. She seemed elated and accepted, although she was skeptical that her boyfriend would be joining us. And indeed, the next day after class, I ran into my friend and her boyfriend. He was, as described, anti-all-things-Judaism and a bit outrageous and combative.  He stood there with his long dreadlocks and proudly showed me his tattoos.  He pontificated about his beliefs and the melding of this philosophy and that theory until I was looking for ways to make a quick exit.  Oh boy, I thought, what have I gotten into and what am I subjecting my family to by inviting this person into our Succah. I slowly came to learn that Howie had actually come from a charadi family in Israel. His family life was not filled with the greatest of experiences. His upbringing involved both physical and mental abuse at the hands of a demanding father. He told us of the heavy -handed religion of an intolerant and derisive father.  Howie had barely made it out alive and I was sad for the young boy who was now the young man before me.    Well, eventually Succot rolled around and our special guests arrived with a bit of curiosity (on my classmates part), and cynicism on her boyfriend’s part. At first, it was a little tense as Howie tried once more to wax poetic the joys of Buddhism, or individualism or some such ism.  At this point I must acknowledge my husband’s wonderful demeanor and warmth.  He did not engage, argue and antagonize our guests. He simply was himself; kind, honest and steadfast in his beliefs.  We managed, however, to truly enjoy the meal and did our best to be hospitable and demonstrate ‘Hachnasat Orchim’.  As Howie and his girlfriend left our Succah that day, we were sure that that was probably the last Succah he would ever enter. We were wrong. Approximately four years later, My Husband and I were in for the surprise of our lives.  It was a cold winter day and we had all gathered at my brother’s house for a Torah-dedication.  The house was filled to the brim with all kinds of Yiddim, from Sephardic to Ashkenaz, from the ‘some-what’ observant to a large group of Chabad Chassid’s who danced and sang at the wonderful occasion.  As I watched the young men dance, I noticed one Chassidic young man, with long peyot and black hat, was headed for me and seemed to have something to say.  I was taken aback.  What could this ‘bachor’ have to say to me?  His first words…, “Do you know who I am?  I probably do not have to tell you who that Chassid was after all.  As it turned out, Howie told my husband what had transpired after his visit to our Succah.  He shared with us that our meal, in the Succah that day, was his very first positive experience with Judaism. Howie said he had never seen truly observant families talk with respect, love and warmth as he had seen that day.  He understood the religion of his youth was a corruption of something he had been denied.  And so his long journey back began, slowly but surely.  He thanked us as we stood dumb-founded at what we had been privileged to witness.    As we sit in our Succah today, you and I, let us be thankful for those that have returned and be hopeful for those that have not.  It is during this Yom-Tov that I often think of Howie and wonder why Hashem let my husband and I be a part of his story. Whatever the reason(s), it is as if we are still standing in that living room with a young Chassidic man, his dreads transformed to peyot, waiting before us to recognize him. We are still dumb-founded.

Thank You Hashem – Week 109

  • We were discussing ideas of how to keep our children occupied yet not cost us much money.  Suddenly, we received a call from a close friend of ours who was preparing to move to another country, who said that she had roller blades, bikes, a drum set, and an expensive ping pong table for FREE!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see such a beautiful kiddush Hashem today. By Rabbi Bitton in Lakewood I walked in to shul in the morning and there were 135 young men from Panama stopping their day to day lives,picked up and came to Lakewood for the week to learn torah and get chizuk. They had a full daily schedule posted up including all of their classes and special guest speakers, an all star cast to say the least. Was very inspiring to see their desire for growth in Torah. Also have to stop and Thank Hashem for letting me and my family live where we live, a makom that has much to offer for growing on the path of Torah. We should not take that for granted.
  • My son returned home from camp without his chumash. This was the last day of camp and we were not sure if we had access to get it. A couple of weeks later my wife went to the empty building, the door was open and the chumash was there. Thank you Hashem
  • Yishatabach shemo laad. Went to a kumzitz last Thursday night with approx 100 men. It was awesome. So holy. So fun. What a beautiful way to bring in shabbat. Music, dancing, singing, shmoozing, chulent, mazza, scotch and great togetherness with one purpose – to celebrate that we love Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for beautiful sights like green grass, blue skies and oceans of water.
  •  Had a voicemail from a customer that he wanted to return his order and change it for a different product. This would be a very big problem for me on many fronts especially that the product he was requesting may be impossible to get for him.. I made my hishtadlut and prayed to Hashem. Baruch Hashem the problem he had with the original product was not nearly as bad as I had thought and looks like it can be simply corrected for him. This was clearly from Hashem because I spoke to his co-worker and he also portrayed a much more difficult situation. Thank you Hashem, also just hit me, right before calling him I happened to complete the book of tehilim as part of my daily reading.
  • In shacharit today I was praying very hard for something and I was suddenly given the honor to do petichat hahechal. I was now able to pray right in front of the sefer torah in the aron hakodesh and was also able to pray for many others as well. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for taking care of a possibly very huge problem and making it into a little tiny one
  • Unbelievable thing happened. I was in shul in the morning and there was a gadol from eres yisrael in shul today. I put in my mind that I am going to walk over to him right now and ask for a personal beracha. All of a sudden out of no where as if he was reading my mind, the Rabbi walks over to me and takes my hand and starts to give me the warmest heartfelt beracha. Wow- thank you Hashem and thank you to this Gadol.
  • Thank you Hashem for your wonderful Jewish children. Witnessing first hand in my office a bunch of jewish friends coming together to try and help out a lady with a terrible suffering she is going thru. She is here in my office while the “helpers” are out trying to get her the help she needs. We are One and Hashem is One-ein od milvado.
  • Thank You Hashem – was carrying big plastic crates from the car, As I was walking up the small steps in the garage to go into the house the door was closed. How can I open the door? I would have to put down all the items open the door and then pick up the items and then bring them in. BH as I tapped the door, it wasn’t closed all the way and BH the door just opened… Thank You Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem – had an expense check from the office, even though it was small but really needed to funds. BH I got the check put into my pocket Was waiting to deposit it, after work I was in a rush and had to pick something up from TJ Maxx.. (shaver broke)I ran in and then ran out. The next morning I put my hand in my pocket to get the check out and I can’t seem to find it, I look here, I  look there and it is no where… if I go back to office they’ll give me attitude, how did you lose the check, I Don’t have time for this etc….. But I needed the funds. As we were driving into the office BH we had a CD on in the car from Rabbi Diamond, he was talking about bitachon, and praying, I turned to Hashem and asked him for the check. I Get to work, 20 minutes later, the receptionist calls me, and says the manager from TJ Maxx is on the phone saying something about a check. I answer the phone, she said she was the manager and she asked me if I was missing something – I said YES A CHECK. She said she found it, and it was actually signed (oops) she was trying to call me and couldn’t get the number BTW she was trying for about 20 – 30 minutes (around the same time we prayed to HASHEM…) BARUCH HASHEM….
  • Thank you Hashem for the magical day of Shabbat and for always sending it just in time.

Thank You Hashem – Week 104

  • A few weeks before the summer, I had exchanged $400 cash for 2 gift cards with a friend. I spent $150 that week, and before moving to deal for the summer I realized the remaining $250 were missing. I also realized that I was overdue on my maaser. (happened to be around the same dollar amount as the missing cards) the maaser got to where it needed to go, and 3 days later I found the gift cards in my father’s car right by the seat belt. Thank you Hashem
  • I was driving a rental car in Florida and a terrible muddy substance landed right on my windsheild. It disgusted me and the car came with no windshield washer fluid. As I was driving the very next minute I passed down county club drive which has huge grass in the center. The sprinklers went on and splashed all over my car. I looked up at Hashem and said thank you!!! Wow
  • Engagement tonight- mabruk
  • Baby boy to my friend- mazal tov
  • Thank you for 2 years of this Thank you Hashem email, I look very forward to it each and every week
  • The biggest mitzvah is to help a friend before he falls off his donkey. A man approached me the day after I read that “the Biggest, mitzvah is to help a man before he falls off his donkey. ” I just lost my job’ I need help till I get another job” immediately, I reached out to his close friends and raised 5000 dollars for him. After 1 month he approached  and said ” I just got a job” I can’t thank you enough for sustaining me for the past month with the 5000 it was a tremendous help and kept me going for the past month”‘ thank you,” When you hear if a friend in trouble, help him, before he falls off his donkey! Shabbat shalom
  • Was working remotely from New Jersey and during a thunder-storm in New York my Ny office computer went out and was unable to log in remotely and work from Jersey. My father did a chesed and went to my office for me and we troubleshooted everything over the phone and nothing worked. Looked like I had no choice but to drive an hour and a half each way and then spend who knows how much time trying to get someone to come fix it. We tried 1 last thing as a last resort before giving up, while my father put me on hold to do it, I prayed to Hashem to please make it work and Baruch Hashem it worked. My Father saved the day and a lot of aggravation. Thank you to my Father and Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem for giving me a moment to reflect how amazing you made my life. Thank you Hashem for giving us the volunteer to enthusiastically organize this weekly email that makes us so happy and appreciative of our great creator. Thank you “volunteer” – you are awesome as well as so pleasant and warm in everything you do. Love u.
  • Thank you Hashem for the new customer and order as well
  • I got stuck in the pouring rain twice today everything’s for the best so thank You Hashem!
  • Thank You Hashem that even though the Bet Hamikdash was destroyed many years ago we still mourn for it and keep praying and thank You for Your promise to redeem us from this galut
  • I was always very nice to a certain goy worker by a customer of mine, wanted to make sure I made a kiddush Hashem with him and that he saw our wonderful people in a positive light. He was at a much lower position but now he has been promoted to a much higher position in the company and is able to deal more directly with me putting in orders. Because of the nice way I always treated him he is very comfortable giving me orders to handle for him. Thank you Hashem for the reward for trying to mikadesh shem  shamayim.
  • Thank you Hashem for the brit milah this coming Friday Bh- Mabruk
  • Wow 104 weeks strong of these emails , this is something very very special. I am sure Hashem is proud of all that partake in this great kavod and kiddush HASHEM. Very proud to be part of this community.
  • Had a call coming in from a customer that I thought may be a complaint or problem. I prayed and then took the call. He says hello and then tells me he is by an associate of his and is referring him to buy from me as well and hands the phone over to the new customer. Thank you Hashem.
  • Heard an encouraging story of a man who accidentally damaged someones belonging. He got injured but the other party was only interested in him paying back the damage of their old broken down item.He wanted $500. This was a big test for this person and finally the person gave in and put it on Hashems shalom fund. A rav witnessed what happened and gave him a beracha to get all the money back. Within 1 day Hashem sent him all the money back! Even better, the person he damaged called him and said he had the item repaired and it only costed him $50 and he is sending him back $450! Great lesson and Thank you Hashem for your Shalom fund , a fund that bears one of Hashems names, Shalom.
  • Thank you Hashem for my neck and all the different directions it can move.

Thank You Hashem – Week 103

  • Thank you H-shem for always being with my family and me and watching over us.  Last week, my wife called me to work very worried telling me that she smells a very strong smell  like an electrical fire.  B’H I had the car and I rushed home very very fast to go and help her. B’H I got home in 7 minutes (usually takes me 15) Meanwhile I’m rushing home I’m praying to H-shem to please keep my family safe and the house also.When I get home my wife tells me that the fire is by the subway and not @ home.  H-shem turned a very bad situation into nothing.  Thank you H-shem.  I love you H-shem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my daughter’s Thank you Hashem notebook, I am very proud of her
  • One day, I couldn’t find my credit card. I looked wherever I could think of it being, gave up, and canceled the card. My car insurance was paid monthly by auto-pay with that card. They canceled my insurance policy. I tried to have it reinstated, but the insurance company said it’s too late, I need to take out a new policy. After asking me a few questions, the agent told me that he has good news for me. He said “I’m going to cut your insurance bill in half!!” It seems that my insurance company was merging with another co. and he checked the rates of both companies. The other company had much better rates in NJ where I live, so I ended up saving hundreds of dollars each year now. Because Hashem made me “lose” my credit card.I found my card. It was in my pocket the whole time. Inside the folds of a paper.Thank you Hashem!
  • My friends daughter has gotten married
  • Oh My ……am I thankful……. to you God.THANK U HASHEM for blessing my husband and I  to have the foresight to make the right decision for our family this week! A LIFE SAVER! And the sweet words you gave my son to speak–What a game changer this week… as we start the 3 Weeks…
  • I was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and the trial starts tomorrow. I told my lawyer I can’t make it until after Tisha B’av. He understood and is requesting a new date.
  • I was stressing a little over how I would pay all my bills I had coming up. I kept telling myself not to worry Hashem will take care of it, there is no reason to worry. I kept praying to Hashem, “please Hashem, You can do anything, even though I know there isn’t enough money in my account right now to pay them, but I know You can do anything and send it somehow”. The day one of the largest bills was due, and saying to myself I’m not sure what to do, might have to pay it late when the next paycheck comes.. I prayed really hard that morning, and went to the bank and checked and Baruch Hashem there was more there than I thought there was ! Thank you Hashem for sending the $ !!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the unseasonably mild weather we have been having !
  • 3 brisses today!
  • was tested regarding giving sedaka while I was a little short money wise. I beat the yeser Hara and gave sedaka anyway and that day Hashem sent me some nice orders. Thank you Hashem
  • Saw my friend at his work and he was standing in front of a gorgeous scenic picture of mountains water and grass and he said I wish I can go on a vacation and see that. He continues and tells me he just came back from a trip to Vermont and that is exactly what Hashem let him see. He showed me the most gorgeous pictures of Hashems creations.
  • Saw a man in shul this morning and he looked like he was from out of town. I saw something special about him. Shortly after, my friend told me that this man is responsible for opening up 39 Kollelim! and is being honored at a dinner.  Ashreichah Yisrael!
  • I had a very tiring day and had to make a long walk to the train to go to New Jersey. It was about to downpour and was in no mood at all for the trek to the train and then the train ride itself. I said Hashem I am not in the mood I wish I had a car and could just air out by driving to New Jersey and relaxing without this whole to do. I look up at the cars waiting on the red light and my eye catches the eye of one of the drivers. We both do a double take, it was my close friend and he says, I am going to Jersey now and am in no mood to drive I am exhausted, by any chance are you headed to jersey tonight and want to drive my car? Wow in a split moment Hashem took care of me on the spot.  I told my friend what went thru my mind and told him about your Thank you Hashem email. He has signed up for it and made me send this in right away. Thank you Hashem for sending me this ride at the perfect time, it is extra special being my friend hardly ever drives and “happened” to have his car that day.The day I needed it.
  • I had a situation with a customer regarding the amount of months we were delivering merchandise to him. He was very upset and said after the next few months expire call me regarding the new contract. In other words,probably not going further with your line.Made a tefilah to Hashem and Called him today expecting him to cancel and I accepted it from Hashem and was very calm. I calmly gave him 2 or 3 choices expecting a quick conversation and I was going to say no problem and move on. Well it was a short conversation, he calmly and quickly agreed for 36 more months!!!!. Thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem 5 weddings last week in one night and 2 the next day mabrook!
  • Thank Hashem for the halachot of tzniut only a Father who loves His children would make those laws to protect them
  • I lost my car keys and they could have been anywhere. I was in Lakewood , Deal , Long Branch ,7 eleven, peoples homes , shuls., shopping. Possibilities were endless. I said the special prayer and within 5 minutes they were found!. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 99

  • Was very proud to come home from work and see my daughter and our neighbor preparing to go and visit an elderly neighbor of ours. They bought her a cupcake in honor of Shabbat and bought her a card to go with it. They wrote a beautiful thoughtful card to her. They wrapped the cupcake in a box and wrapped it with a shabbat flower. Our elderly neighbor was very touched and very happy and I saw that she has kept the card displayed in her living room. Thank you Hashem for wonderful children. Ps- we went for another visit and my younger son also participated in the misvah- Hazak Ubaruch-Thank you Hashem
  • Was feeling bummed out and completely upset because a deal did not turn out the way I thought it would. Went to a memorial service of a friend and realized there is more to life , you win some and loose some.Then met up with new friends who invited me to join them for dinner 🙂
  • Mabrook on the lovely Bar-Misvah-harbeh nachat
  • I had a flight scheduled to go to  Las Vegas early in the morning. Due to severe weather the driving was very slow and I wasn’t sure if I would make it on time to the airport. I made it on time but there was a very big line. They told me if I need to fly with my luggage I will have to take the next flight. I said ok what can I do? I will take the next flight. I was curious to see what Hashem had planned for me,let me see where this goes. I knew this was not for nothing. I ended up sitting next to executives of a large company on the next flight. We got to talking and one thing led to another and I ended up getting a $7000 job from them. Thank you Hashem for putting me on this flight.
  • Brit milah today mazal tov to all!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending my daughter such a beautiful chatan with the finest midot-I can’t express the gratitude I feel today on the day of her wedding. My wife and daughter were getting nervous after she dated 8 different   boys and it did not work out. I told her not to worry -Hashem has it all figured out for you already just keep up the Tefilot. Sure enough the next boy that came around was the one we were waiting for… Thank you Hashem
  • I finished listening to the very inspiring radio interview on my computer at work with Gabby Sassoon (jroot radio , can hear it on their website-highly recommend) and afterwards was just sitting there absorbing all that I heard as the radio program continued with its chesed hour. People calling in with all types of chesed offerings, jobs, luggage handywork. All of a sudden a boy calls in and says he found an ipod next to Bnei Binyamin if anyone lost it call 718-. I jumped out and said, My sons Ipod! Min hashamyim, I quickly called and gave simanim and shortly after had the lost ipod in my pocket. My son brought his ipod for the shuls carnival so they can use it for the music but at the end of the day the ipod was gone. The shul was very considerate and didn’t want my son to feel bad about doing a chesed and losing his ipod so they gave him money to buy a new one. So now the shul can have the money back as well….gets better, I went to pick up the ipod and the young boy who found it answers the door and I am holding money in my hand to give him as a reward. I tell him thank you so much, here you go, go and get some delicious ice cream. He takes a step back and says no thank you, I only want the reward for the misvah. I try and push him to take it as a gift separate from the misvah but all he can say is no thank you I only want the misvah for returning it I do not want anything else. I even tried forcing the money into his hand and he stepped back and kept saying all I want is the misvah.Who is like our wonderful children-they are so special. Additionally I explained to him that because he returned it, the shul will have the additional money back so it is a double misvah.This made him even happier.
  • Thank you Hashem for my eyes and thank you Hashem for the ability to close my eyelids instantly in case something improper appears in front of them, Hashem you think of everything!
  • Bris this week-mabruk
  • my friends child is getting married tonight and another friends tomorrow night- Thank you Hashem for simachot
  • My daughters Birthday-thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful luxuries you let me enjoy in life. Such as my eyes , my fingers , my heart , my legs , my kidneys , my lungs , my ability to speak and communicate , my beautiful family just to name a few of the millions you have bestowed upon me and many in your world. Thank you Hashem for the chesed that you do for us every breathing moment.

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