Thank You Hashem – Week 31

-From our friend who made a Seuda Hodaah this week and said to send this in (this is only 1 part of a long saga of what he has gone thru and how he has seen the Hand of Hashem many many times throughout his situation as many of you know)

My friend was in desperate need of a lung transplant… He has been waiting for a compatible lung since July and was in the hospital for the last couple of months where the Dr’s said you can’t go home anymore until we find you a compatible donor. One night at around 7:30pm, him and his wife were sitting in the hospital crying together…  “I can’t breathe anymore..  I don’t know how much longer I could hold on!!..  They decided to call the Dr. and told him” Dr.. The breathing is becoming very difficult and don’t know how much longer he could go on… What else can we do??  The Dr., (who is considered one of the top Dr’s in the country) said “I am so sorry,  I have tried everything and the only thing left I could do is connect you to a machine that will put you in an induced Coma and will prolong your life another 2 or 3 weeks tops! This will allow you to be comfortable and ease away from the suffering. They Hung up the phone!!! Tomorrow morning he was scheduled to go on the “coma Machine” The Dr had given up..he did his best. At 10:30pm THAT SAME NIGHT, HASHEM took over!! With the Dr clearly out of the picture and only 3 hours later “Hashem” “Called” my friend with a priceless gift…  A NEW LUNG!. Hours away from being put on this machine and weeks to live and Hashem saved his life at that very moment! In the blink of an eye can come the salvation! Baruch Hashem he is alive and well and doing very nicely Hashem also took care of it in his most perfect way, a couple of months ago was given hope of getting one lung from a donor but was let down, instead he received 2 young lungs which is what he actually needed ,2!    Hashem is perfect and great and Bezrat Hashem he should continue to have a refuah shelama along with all choleh Yisrael- Never give up hope.

-Was at the florist doing my regular Shabbat order and saw in the fridge they had a box of gardenias, I know they are $25 a box but right away had in mind , I am getting them, likvod Shabbat they are free, right away I tell the man I will also take the box of gardenias with my flowers (having in mind its free) and his next words are ok they are free- I do a double take, wasn’t sure if I was hearing myself or him and he repeats they are free for you today, I am giving them to you, I ordered them and I can’t use them (they had a small piece of yellow on it,actually makes the smell come out even better!) Hashem handed them to me for free on the spot-every time I made a beracha to smell it was reminded of the greatness of Hashem and that Hashem takes care of everyone all the time- Thank you Hashem for all of my free Shabbat treats.

-sandwich guy I mentioned on a past post came into my office today, got a Tuna sandwich and he gave me bourekas with salad,hard boiled eggs pickles etc.. free- Thank you Hashem

-I was driving my car and was angled up on a pile of snow and the front corner of my car slammed down and made very loud crashing sound, was sure there was major damage and when I parked, I prayed to Hashem to let it be that there is no damage at all , that it is clear only Hashem can make it that such a loud thundering smash produced no damage, I said I would send it to your weekly email if I get out of the car and see no damage- and there was absolutely NO DAMAGE- Thank you so much boreh olam.

-Simcha thank you Hashem! Had a bris, an engagement party, a bar misva 2 weddings and a pidyon haben to attend this week- beautiful simachot by everyone g-d willing and was healthy and able to sit and learn torah, the GREATEST simcha of all!

-was walking to shul in the morning and I slipped on unseen ice, my body started to twist I was possibly going to fall to the ground, I reacted quickly with shouting out shema yisrael and all of a sudden my body straightened out and I continued walking to shul without chas vishalom falling on the floor and getting injured-THANK YOU HASHEM!

-We had a baby in the 8th month and they kept him in hospital with issues of low blood sugar and jaundice, finally on 6th day he was good then his sugar was low again and they said we need to keep him .
Knowing the 8th day which is (zayin) 7 Adar is the proper day for the Brit Milah , we prayed very hard to the creator . They got passed the 24 hours and we were entering the eve of the 8th day which was Friday and if we didn’t get it done then we would have to wait. So we called mohel,caterer and flower place and booked everything with emunah that we would take our baby home and have a Milah on Friday without a hitch
The. Boreh Olam made a miracle of test after test in the next 25 hours leading up to this day of perfect tests, then the dr’s at 9pm gave us the go ahead to take him home, we got home at 1130pm and there were 15 people waiting to read a Zohar and the next morning we had a bris on the 8th day and bh all was well
Boreh olam saw how we wanted to make a hiddur mitzvah and he cleared the path to make it happen


-Thank you Hashem for everything and anything that you do for Klal Yisroel.

-my friend had a baby boy this week,mabruk!

-THANK YOU HASHEM for…well…EVERYTHING!! AS EVERYTHING that YOU do for us and everything, YOU in general is PERFECT,  and I don’t need to know why!  I LOVE HASHEM!! THANK YOU HASHEM!!

-was in a class and my wife texts me that my daughter was parking the car and got stuck on ice and a giant boulder of ice somehow, and the car is stuck blocking a driveway that has 2 cars parked in it! I stepped out and called her, she said there is no way to get the car out of there, they tried and tried and she rang the peoples bell to inform them but they did not answer, she put a note in their mailbox- Keep in mind this was Wednesday night when we were expecting major snow storm so needed the car out of there if not, possibly buried worse-got the idea to have them call Chaverim. I went back into the class and prayed that Hashem should take care of this and have the car moved away from these peoples driveway and that I can continue with the class with peace of mind- few minutes later my wife texted that Baruch Hashem Chaverim came and got the car out! Thank you for your wonderful army of soldiers Hashem, Chaverim are great! and thank you Hashem for taking care of this.

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