Thank You Hashem – Week 228

  • Mitzvah Man – Had a call for an elder person who needed Shabbat food cooked and delivered to his home for a few weeks during the winter. A volunteer stepped up and did the cooking and delivered delicious Shabbat food to this person. The volunteer was asked only to do it for a few weeks. She did it for SEVEN YEARS! Seven years every week-cooked and delivered. This chesed is off the charts. Thank you Hashem for our wonderful people.

  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to serve you in aruba
  • Thank Hashem for the most amazing trip to Israel thank You for giving us land that we can call home and thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for giving me the money to be able to go I’m very lucky.
  • Thank you Hashem, I saw a girl was almost hit by a bus as he was turning in, she was almost under the wheel and the girl started running and the bus realized the last sec.
  • Thank you Hashem, he sent my workmate to tell me where I should go for my TMJ, as I was suffering a while and didn’t know what to do about it. she told me where she went and b”h was able to be helpeThank you Hashem for healing my father after 8 weeks in the hospital and rehab. Thank you for letting the doctors discover and take care of a second issue for which he was not admitted to the hospital for.
  • During the summer I did not get an order from a company I was working with. I accepted it and thanked Hashem. This morning Hashem just showed me how bad it would have been to deal with such people. Thank you Hashem for your protection.
  • Had an important test being done by the Doctor. They prepared me for a terrible outcome. I opened my tehilim and prayed very hard. I made a donation to sedaka. I went back in to the office and Baruch Hashem they told me they were mistaken and everything is fine. Thank you Hashem for every wonderful day that everything is fine.
  • Baby girl Shabbat , Bris Sunday, BAR MISVAH Monday, Wedding Tuesday, Engagement Wednesday and a Wedding Thursday all to be followed up with Shabbat Kodesh. Thank you Hashem for simachot.
  • I had great reason to get angry and upset with someone and really blow my top. I held it in and said ok to everything they were firing at me and I did not lose my cool. A few moments later I was rewarded with a great financial gain from this person based on the fact that I did not scream at him. He told me he could not believe how I controlled myself and ended up giving me a great financial deal after gaining his trust. Thank you Hashem for helping me pass this test.
  • I received a call from a potential customer. They sounded like a small operation. I went down to see them and was shocked at the large order they gave me. This was clearly Hashem showing me who runs the world. Thank you Hashem.
  • Bishvil li bara Hashem et haolam-for me the world was created- I suffered an injury to my foot and was forced to wear ugly crocs to work. Something I would never wear. I was able to do this and not be embarrassed because somehow the world thinks ridiculous Crocs are normal. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Ozeri and all he does for all of us.

Thank You Hashem – Week 131

  • Thank you Hashem for a person like Aaron Laniado A’H- we will miss him
  • was on my way to speak at an event, I wasn’t really that well prepared. I opened email to confirm the address before leaving the house and saw that it was the next night- I now had time to prepare and BH I found out before leaving!
  • I had a lumpy item staring at me in my office for a very long time. For  fun I said I will put it on ebay and see what happens. Hurray someone paid 100 bucks for it. Thank you Hashem.
  • I bought some items in a store on Sunday and at the register they asked for my email address. I normally do not provide one but for some reason I did. Checked my spam email today and was about to delete all but saw one from this store and said I will have a peak,it was a receipt for my transaction. Was about to delete it but for some reason had a look at it first. I saw that they charged me for quantity of 2 of an item I only bought 1 of. I called them up,they are checking the cameras and crediting my card. Thank you Hashem for setting all of this up.
  • I had to take my car for car inspection, so I went to a place on McDonald Ave & they told me that it is at least a 40 minute to 1 hour wait.  I pulled out & prayed to Hashem to find me another inspection place that I wouldn’t have to wait so long.  I drove down McDonald and found another place one block away from the other place.  I pulled in & asked if he can inspect my car & he said sure.  I asked how long the wait is & he said to pull my car in & he will do it right away.  Thank you Hashem for helping me find a place so quick & a place that I didn’t have wait even one minute.
  • Thank you so much Hashem for an amazing and healthy mid winter vacation. It gave us a chance to recharge and to spend precious time with family. On vacation I had a minor car accident. B’h we were ok and there was no major monetary damage to either car. Thank you hashem so much for watching over us, protecting us and for keeping the damages to a minimum.
  • Monday Jan. 25 – That morning there was a technicality concerning a big order I wrote and I needed to email a certain document to the buyer to accept the shipment. My boss said he would get the document right away so the order would ship just in time for my January commissions. Thank you Hashem. So as I walked into work the next morning I ask my boss did he get the paperwork? He said ” not yet but if we don’t ship the order this week we can ship it next week. “. I said ” I need it to go out this week to make my January  commissions !! Now came the test. should I go back to my boss and explain again that I need this to ship or trust in Hashem, I did my hishtadlut and said to myself I need to trust, have Bitachon, so I left it as is. That afternoon the document came through and I was good to go. Thank You Hashem. I called my warehouse and asked if they could ship the order by Thursday. They said yes. So Thursday came and I asked the warehouse” did it ship? ” They said no but we have an appointment with the trucker in the morning to pick up. So Friday at 12 pm the order got picked up. Thank You Hashem. 12:05 my buyer calls me frantic” DO NOT ship the order the document is not valid!!” so at 12:08 I called my warehouse and they managed to get the trucker to come back and unload the order. It just shows that even till the last minute Hashem is in charge of everything. And even though the situation did not turn out how I wanted it , its all for the good. Thank You Hashem for running the world so perfect.
  • Received a call ” hi mitzvah man” I have 1 friend that just got divorced from a goy” he wants to turn the corner and start to head in the right direction “age 40 he Never put tefillin on” the other friend only puts tefillin on when I go visit him in Florida twice a year”also age 40. Can we get the tefilin” they can’t Afford it” bingo within 1 week, New tefillin koracha talet embroidered. 2 Jews putting on tefilin Every day.Our goal his to bring people closer to Hashem Shabbat shalom. Mitzvah man
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to do the mitzvah of Hashevat Aveida and to help have my kids participate in it as well and see the beauty of this mitzvah. The other day I went to pick up my son from school, I ended up getting delayed more than usual and didn’t get back home till about 20 minutes after my usual time. As we were approaching my house, I noticed a wallet sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk right in front of my house ! I looked around to see if anyone was around that may have dropped it. There was one woman getting into a car. I asked her if it was hers, she said no. I kept looking all around and didn’t see anyone. I picked it up and looked inside to see if there was any identification..perhaps it belonged to a neighbor, or someone I knew. There were 2 credit cards and some money in it. I didn’t recognize the name,and there was no further ID that could help me locate her. I took the wallet inside and left it near the door and told my daughters we are going to check on the computer and try to find this lady to give her back her wallet. My 8 year olds face lit up, and she said “We’re doing a big mitzvah called Hashevat Aveida Mommy! “. I smiled and said “Be”H, we will find her, and when we return it to her, the mitzvah will be complete”. I go to my computer and try typing in NY white pages- her name doesn’t come up. I try just googling her name and it shows that she lives out of town…It’s not such a common name…so I’m thinking maybe she’s not from here? I keep looking and looking no luck. Finally I decide to look up her last name in the other city that it said she’s from..I get a whole listing of the last name and one of them says he’s related to her…I call the # , a girl answers and I tell her “Hi, maybe you can help me ..I’m trying to locate this person b/c I found her wallet in front of my house in Brooklyn, NY, do you know her?” She says “YES, she’s my sister !”. I was like “WOW Thank you Hashem!” I tell her “Was your sister visting Brooklyn?” She says “She lives in Brooklyn, do you want her #?” I said “Yes, please thank you so much! ” She kept thanking me over and over and I said “NO, thank YOU ! I’m so happy I found the right person to help me find her!”. I proceeded to call the # and a young woman answers, I ask her “Are you…….?”…She hesitates a little.  and I say …”I found your wallet”..She says “WHAT?! Oh my Gosh?”. I said “Did you realize it was missing?” She said ” You know I didn’t? you must have just found it about 20 minutes ago- yes?” I said “YES!”. She said “It must have fallen out of the carriage when I was picking up my baby…I can’t believe it ! Thank you so much!”. She said “How did you even find me?”. I told her the whole story. She said “Wow, thanks so much for trying so hard to find me. I used to live out of town and got married and moved here. The last name was her Maiden name and her family still lives out of town. She thanks me again and says she will pass by soon to pick it up. My kids are standing and listening to everything and they said “Did you find her?????” I said ‘YES, BH ! We found her and she’s going to pass by in a little while to pick it up!”. My kids were glued to the window waiting for her to come. I was busy inside when they all started yelling “MOMMY !!! SHE’S HERE !!!! :LET’S GO GIVE IT BACK TO HER !!! and they all ran downstairs. I got the wallet and went outside with them to meet her and give her back her wallet. She’s a very sweet young married girl with a baby. She was so happy. She said “I can’t believe it, you must have found it literally right after I dropped it that it was still there !”.  I told her “Hashem made me find it, b/c I was actually delayed getting home..I never get home at that time. I would have usually been home already for 20 minutes and would never have seen it, but Hashem delayed me so I would find it for you right after you dropped it !” She said “AMAZING BH !”. My kids were so happy and I turned to them and said “Now we completed the mitzvah BH !”. Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time to do this mitzvah and teach this wonderful mitzvah to my young children.

Thank You Hashem – Week 128

  • Omg I love you Hashem!! I was walking down ocean parkway… Every block looks the same and I’m just walking and walking and then I’m like hey where am I? It is so my type that I walked 3 blocks more than I had to… I got to the corner and it was just the right block I had to go down!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to partake in a double siyum that my son made. He actually finished one of the masechets as we were on a plane flying to a vacation. Most people on planes are busy with their tv sets and computers but my son was busy learning Torah. We are very proud of him. Thank you Hashem.
  • From Misvah man-Got a call Thursday nigh from a donor ” Michael” I just bought a new pair of Tefillin to give to a needy person”$800 top quality” I replied ” I don’t have someone but will let you know if I get someone who needs”   As soon as I hung up the phone an organization we help called me in a panic ” we have a poor client”his Tefillin was just stolen from his car” he doesn’t know what he’s going to do” he’s frantic”  My reply- “sure no problem” drop by to pickup your new tefillin”     Everyday miracles and the hand of Hashem.
  • Received an email that my credit card payment is due, I find the bill and open it up and see about 71 dollars was due 2 weeks ago. I call up to take care of it and they say I do not owe anything, that in fact I have a $4 credit with them! They owe me money!  Thank you Hashem.
  • Mabrook on a great simchat Bar Misvah
  • Thank you Hashem for taking care of a problem I have been having at work.
  • my friends son has gotten married Mazal Tov
  • Thank you Hashem for EVERYTHING, and answering me on the important issues in life. That I may not see at first are the most important ones. Your guidance lights up the world.
  • An old acquaintance of mine has married off a daughter , mabruk to all
  • I Went to get a coffee from 7-11 , went to pay the muni –meter, for some reason it rejected my quarter, when I put my hand in to take back my quarter Hashem sent me a gift, 3 quarters. I went into 7-11 and saw the coffee was only 50 cents today.Thank you Hashem for the free coffee.
  • I had a terrible pain on my hand and wrist. I was at the point that I could hardly button my shirt. I went to the Dr. thinking I was going to end up in a cast being it I know the feeling of a broken bone and this felt broken. The Dr. told me it was Tendinitis, I did not want a shot so he gave me a cream. After 1 day of putting the cream on the pain Baruch Hashem is totally gone. Thank you Hashem that it was not broken and thank you Hashem that I did not take the shot. Ein Od Milvado.
  • Was feeling a little down today and upset about my financial situation. All of a sudden someone walked by who has had some serious problems of his own and he had the most warm and beautiful smile on his face. Thank you Hashem for sending me this lesson at this exact moment when I needed it.
  • Have brisses to attend on Shabbat , Sunday and Monday, mabruk and Thank you Hashem for these new neshamot
  • Chasdei Hashem, video on Yeshiva world of car accident showing car all smashed and flipped over. The driver was treated for minor injury and is ok. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for letting us finally feel some nice wintery cold weather.
  • Visited a not so pleasant place but it made me appreciate all of my blessings. Thank you Hashem for all that you do for me and my family, I do not take it for granted I really really really appreciate it.
  • I was at a wedding and hate to use the valet parking because it can take very long to get your car back, but for some reason I used it. I meant to give my ticket 15 minutes before I wanted to leave but I forgot. I went out to give my ticket and prayed to Hashem I shouldn’t have to wait long. I get outside and I see my car is there and the valet is telling the driver that is in my car” I said 324 not 234”, I interrupt and say wait I am 324. Thank you Hashem. After that incident I have been giving to the valets and having very quick turn around.
  • Having a pain on my foot so I would like to Thank Hashem for all the many many thousands of days Baruch Hashem that I did not have any pain on my foot or any where else as well.
  • Thank you Hashem for finding me the perfect shiduch , I am so grateful for this hesed.

Thank You Hashem – Week 124

  • Just want to say the new Thank You Hashem website is absolutely gorgeous!  Thank You for all those people who put in so much effort to make it so nice!
  • Thank you Hashem for a safe and fun trip with my family.
  • Thank you Hashem for all of the wonderful Doctors that I do not need to go and see.
  • I had a bunch of different things to take of yesterday and for some reason it all seemed to be going wrong. I went to bed with nothing done and hoped things would somehow work out. Baruch Hashem this morning one by one Hashem pulled everything together so perfectly. I got through to two people who hadn’t answered my phone calls the day before. The seamstress charged me a quarter of the amount I thought I would have to spend and everything worked out so beautifully! Thank You Hashem for taking care of everything!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful children who help me grow every day. I learn so much from them even when I feel annoyed or upset. Thank you Hashem for my great parking space today!
    Thank you Hashem for waking me up to some real concerns and helping me see things more clearly when it comes to my children.
  • Read about an open house in Toms River where the neighbors are not happy about Jewish families moving in & showing their true anti-Semitic colors… They purposely used up the open parking spots on the block as well as other tactics to scare off prospective buyers. Police needed to be called down to keep the situation under control. Thank you Hashem for reminding us that Eisev hates us. Reminded me of a few other things to thank Hashem for, such as the fact that I am not a Goy & that I live in a totally Jewish area where all the neighbors get along, I can walk for several blocks in every direction without seeing a Goy & many shuls all around me. Also very thankful that we do not have an Arab population living near us that we have to be mindful every second we are outside as to our surroundings. We pray that Hashem continues to shower us with these benefits. Also, thank you Hashem for a short work week! Gives us a chance to catch up on our needs & thank Hashem even more!
  •  Thank You Hashem for, absolutely, positively, turning my life around. Help me be as holy of a man as I can possibly be. My inner most desire is to be closer to you. EVERYTHING else is secondary.
  • Thank you Hashem for the zechus of having my son reach the age of Bar Mitzvah. & for allowing my parents from Chicago to come in for the simcha. Their flight got cancelled on both Sunday & Monday, but were still able to attend. Thank you Hashem for all the friends & family you blessed us with to join in the Simcha. Thank you Hashem for giving Yehuda the tools to finish 5 out of 6 sedarim of mishnayos in honor of the Bar Mitzvah. We are all very proud of him!!
  • thank you Hashem for the beautiful snow!! (sent in during winter accidentally was left out, but never too late to thank Hashem and appreciate snow even before we get to see any this winter 🙂  )
  • I have a possibly very difficult situation to deal with. I am not mentioning it to anyone and just trusting in Hashem that he will take care of the problem and resolve it. Hope to reply back here that the problem is gone…So far starting to work out without mentioning to anyone but Hashem , hopefully will get completely taken care of quickly. Bh , Baruch Hashem update, right before you send out the emailing- Hashem has come thru for me! Problem is taken care of! Thank you Hashem and a lesson well learned, I totally relied on Hashem, I worked on myself to do this, I will not say it was easy but I worked on it and Hashem delivered. THANK YOU HASHEM! I want to make a Li-chaim!
  • Thank you Hashem that I am not even remotely tempted to go on any of these Pesach trips that keep getting emailed to me. In fact if you would charge me thousands of dollars to stay home and be around my seder table with my wife and children I would gladly pay it. Priceless.
  • I had 2 printed inspiring Holocaust stories to give to my friend. Was holding them for about 2 weeks for some reason even though I see him 2 or 3 times a day. For some reason I ended up giving it to him this morning. He messaged me after reading each one of them telling me how much he loved these stories. He then sends me another message asking if I set him up? I said what are you talking about? He says the moment after he finished reading these 2 Holocaust stories he gets a text from Mitzvah Man saying he has 15 Holocaust survivors that he wants to send Shabbat flowers to and is looking for sponsors. My friend with the special heart that he has, of course jumped on this misvah. Thank you Hashem for so perfectly timing everything in the world.

Thank You Hashem–Week 98

  • Was just reminded of 2 instances where the chesed of Hashems “Nature” saved peoples lives. Thank you Hashem for the chesed of making body weight lighter in the water, remembered 2 cases of children able to lift up a person that was under water and possibly drowning. Outside of the water they would not have had the strength to pick them up but because of Hashems chesed of making body weight lighter in the water they were saved!
  • Thank you to all who are responsible for this terrific email. It is very uplifting. Thank you Hashem for Thank you Hashem
  • Thankful for my trip to Israel and being able to share it with my son & husband.Thankful for a new perspective from Hashem on NYC, and its purpose for me.
  • I was driving in Lakewood and saw a beautiful bus type of van that was from Bikur Cholim to drive people to and from the hospital . Shortly after I saw another similar type of beautiful van from Bikur holim also to use for Hospital transpotation. Only by our great people do you see these considerate ideas in helping out one another. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for happy occasions to share with family and friend
  • My friends daughter has become a kallah,mazel tov

from Rabbi Miller-Every person who’s called a Jew should thank Hashem when he opens his eyes in the morning. It should be his first thought in the day. If a person learns to thank Hashem for life and to recognize Hashem in nature around him, then it won’t be too difficult for him to understand that the Am Yisrael has been chosen for a special privilege, and Torah and mitzvos are gifts on top of everything else.

  • HashgachatPratit heard from my neighbor- a man who was a widower went on a business trip to Las vegas. Was a trade show there and many people from our neighborhood were also on this trip. While there this man suffered a heart attack and baruch Hashem there were our Brooklyn Hatzalah members present and they took care of him immediately and watched over him as he recovered. While there with him in Las vegas one of the Hatzalah members mentioned to this man that he has a wonderful mother inlaw who is a widdow and he would like them to meet when they get back to Brooklyn. He agreed and Today they are happily married Baruch Hashem. Hashem is the master of everything.
  • Thank you Hashem for answering my tefillah today
  • from Mitzvah man- Just received a text from a volunteer that said the following.” I sat down in my store today to write a check for $360 for a child to go to camp” As soon as I signed the check,4 customers walked in my store” each customer bought an item for $450 each that I NEVER SELL “I didn’t do this for any reward but it was very nice to get rewarded on the spot”  The giver is Happy,the parents of the child are Happy.and the child is Happy. Everyone’s a Happy Camper.. Shabbat Shalom.
  •  I went to visit an elderly woman and was having a nice visit and she happily and proudly directed my attention to her beautiful shabbat flowers that Mitzvah man delivers to her each week-kidush Hashem- Thank you Hashem for our great people , ps-going for a bikur holim visit today and because I saw the flowers had the idea to contact Mitzvah Man to see if he has flowers available for this patient and sure enough he instantly on the spot replies with info where to pick them up from. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael
  • Listen to this, had a Bris a Wedding and an Engagement party to go to on Wednesday and a Bris a Wedding and an Engagement party to go to on Thursday- Thank you Hashem for simachot
  • My car lease was up and had to be returned the next morning. Was at a friends house the night before and when I got back to my car the door handle was hanging down practically scraping the street and the door had scratch marks all over it. Someone tried to break in and steal it. Now I had to return the car the next morning without being able to fix it. I was sure they would charge me a fortune for returning the car with that damage. Baruch Hashem , got the final bill and they did not ask for a red cent. An open miracle being when you return a leased car they examine the car looking to tally up a nice bill for you. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem for the Torah that lights up my life
  • Went to a wedding last night with a friend and Got to see a gadol Hador ,Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky shlita’ and bh’ we were able to get a Beracha.

Thank You Hashem – Week 96

  • Ein od Milvado- The unheard of happened, I won a parking ticket dispute. I hold this is almost an impossible thing to happen especially having information from someone connected on the inside saying it is pretty much impossible to win. I almost didn’t even send in my argument, I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction but said ein od milvado I will give it a try. I received the email response and almost didn’t even bother opening it. I opened it and saw Hashem’s hand clearly, they said amount due-0 , dismissed. Thank you Hashem – also got to see the gaavah in the system. They couldn’t dismiss it gracefully they had to add this knock to the decision description to try and make me feel bad , “Dismissal is not on the merits of the case presented” This backfired on them because it dot make me feel bad at all, it actually made me recognize the hand of Hashem even clearer, so it made me feel even better!
  • Do you remember my missing ice cream story? Well, I came home yesterday, and couldn’t find my cell phone. When my daughter called my phone, I followed the ring to find that it slipped down between the seats. When I bent down to get it out I found my GPS there too, which was missing SINCE PESACH! Anything that happens in this world, is for a good purpose. Sometimes we think we know why, sometimes we don’t, but it always has a good reason.Thank you Hashem for taking such good care of us.
  • There is a man that is a huge supporter of the Mitzvah Man and one day Mitzvah man asks him to jump in and actually do one of the cheseds that come his way. The nice man says he is very busy and doesn’t know if he can do it. MM convinces him to take a small amount of time out and go visit one of the many holocaust survivors that they visit. The man agrees but says he can only stay 10 minutes and not longer,his schedule doesn’t allow him the time. After meeting the special sadeket Mm sent him to, and seeing a frum and holy lady before him after all she had gone thru, he ended up staying 40 minutes. He went to a Holocaust survivor’s home who had lost it all in Auschwitz. Her parents, all her siblings all her aunts and uncles all her cousins, everything! She was the only survivor.All alone but did not give up. She survived to build a family of torah true misvah observance. Her children are involved on all fronts of torah and chesed. Running Bikur cholim in their towns and involvement with many organizations. Her son on his own started Hatzalah in his state,quite an achievment. Her home has pictures of her children and grandchildren and you can see they are all religious. She proudly shows the visitor what she was zoche to build after surviving such torture. She did not mention a word about finances or anything close to it. The man out of no where asks if there is one thing you can have, what would it be? She says my dream would be to have the honor to be buried next to my husband in Israel but unfortunately that will never happen,our funds will not allow for it. The man walked out and on the spot jumped on this opportunity and made arrangements to make sure that this woman has her dream and is buried beside her husband after 120. He took care of this on his own and now this wonderful sadeket will have her dream fulfilled by the kindness of this nice and generous man. The way she is living her life after all she went thru is nothing short of a Kidush Hashem and this man was affected by seeing it and saw the chance to do something special, extra special for a special woman. We are a great great nation!
  • Just said the tefillah from the Shlah Hakadosh erev rosh chodesh Sivan and recalled a few years ago my sister was on a trip in Israel and she contacted me from there and asked what I was doing. I replied I just finished saying the tefillah from the Shlah Hakadosh for erev rosh chodesh sivan. She replied that I will not believe where she is standing, she was at that second at the kever/gravesite of the Shlah Hakadosh!! and I emailed the tefillah and they were able to say the tefillah on erev rosh chodesh right by the kever of the author of this tefillah. The timing was perfect especially Israel being 7 hours ahead they were able to say it before the correct time had passed. May we all see great Nachat from our families-Thank you Hashem for our families.
  • I was driving down east 10th st towards ave J , parking very difficult there. I asked Hashem to please send me a parking space right on the corner of East 10 and Ave J , I continue driving on east 10th and find a parking about 4 spots off of ave J. I did not take it, I had trust that Hashem would have the spot right on the corner waiting for me. Continued driving and Bingo, Hashem had this spot I requested waiting with my name on it, right on the corner as requested. Thank you Hashem
  • Engagement of my friends son last night mazal tov
  • Thank you Hashem for letting us make a wonderful sheva berachot. For our niece. And for wonderful friends who made the night a success
  • I read something so beautiful today from Rabbi Nachman which I must relay to all of you, as it is truly such an essence to happiness: To earn a decent wage and to find a decent place to live – return to G-d. Then you will transcend above time and space. You will escape the pressure of this world; your attitude will improve and you will become optimistic. G-d will then freely pour His goodness out to you both spiritually and physically. BH Chag sameach to all.
  • Thank you Hashem for another wedding anniversary and thank you Hashem for my wonderful Wife


  • Thank you Hashem! I was putting all my change in a tzedaka box this morning adding up to a certain amount. As the day went by I was taking a walk outside and I found change on the floor. I once heard that when you find money it’s a present from Hashem so I picked it up. When I added up the amount it came out to be the same amount I put in tzedaka this morning. Thank you Hashem for the present!!
  • Thank you Hashem for free will or the idea of it to allow me to move forward in a positive direction. One can free their mind and create a positive path for a new journey. The journey Hashem intended you to take— but allowed you to find it on your own , via obstacles causing us to learn — and become stronger .
  • Bnei Binyamin and Rabbi Seruya is an ultimate simcha.
  • Mitzvah man sent 2 volunteers to go visit a Holocaust survivor a few years back. 2 nice young girls took it on themselves not only to go for a visit and be on their way, they actually befriended this elder woman and started taking her on errands and spending plenty of quality time with her. They visited her every week for 3 years straight! This was very noble of them. The relationship was special and continued happily during these years. Mm gets a sad notification that BD’H This holocaust survivor has passed away. He replies back that he would like to pay a shiva call if they can get him the address. The girls notify him that this woman has zero family and is totally alone, there is no where to make a shiva call to. The burial is going to be in Israel and that they are at The Airport right now waiting to board the plane!!! They are making a special trip to Israel to handle the levaya! This is taking hesed to the next level. The purity of our wonderful people and the beautiful hesed that they do.
  • I came back from the grocery, put everything away, realized that I don’t know where I put the fish I bought. I started thinking maybe I left it in the store, maybe in the car…. Then I decided to check if maybe I absent-mindedly put it away already. I opened the fridge, and there it was! together with A FULL TUB OF ICE CREAM! If I hadn’t thought to look for the “missing” fish, I would’ve found a full tub of melted ice cream when I got home from work.
  • Thank you Hashem for my health, and the health of my whole family. My 9 year old cousin was, Lo aleinu/ bar minan, diagnosed with the dreaded illness. Nesan’el ben Tzipora Feiga. I have 2 sweet children, my daughter’s best friend & her sister, staying by me now, because their parents are in the Hospital with their 1½ year old brother with Meningitis, Lo aleinu/ bar minan. Refoel Eliezer Nosson ben Toba My wife took off from work today to stay home with 1 of them, because she has fever, took her to the Doctor, then to the hospital for bloodwork. after she was done she asked a Jew there for the phone # to call a car-service. she said it’ s ok I’ll take you. Where do you have to go? (like naa’seh v’nishma!) Mi k’amcha Yisroel. May Hashem send a Refuah sh’leima b’karov to all of k’lal yisroel, and bring us the Geulah Shleima speedily in our days. Amen.
  • 2 of my close friends had grandsons- Thank you Hashem – Mabruk
  • wedding last night-thank you Hashem for simachot
  • Was looking thru one of the Jewish newspapers and saw a list of all the gemachs, could not believe how long the list was and for all the thoughtful gemachs people think of. Thank you Hashem for your kind nation that you created. Olam chesed Yibaneh
  • My friends daughter got married last night lots of mazal tov for everyone
  • Chasdei Hashem – I Was trying to get a beracha from Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, I spoke to someone in Bnei brak, but didn’t ask him to go in for me, I sent an email to him, requesting that if he is going can he get me a Beracha. Meanwhile Rav Chaim wasn’t feeling well and 10 people went to his house to pray, while there on his own this person went to Rav Chaim and BH gave a beracha. As he gets back home he opens the email from me about a beracha, he calls me up laughing chasdei hashem BH
  • My daughter brought her earrings home from school in a plain envelope. They were sitting on the counter and the next day they were missing. My wife went outside and checked thru the garbage to see if the housekeeper threw them out thinking it was an empty envelope. Chasdei Hashem , last week my wife lost earrings and found them and this week my daughter lost earrings and my wife found them while searching thru the garbage outside.
  • Thank you Hashem for joining us in our homes every single Shabbat making our precious gift sparkle even brighter , and also thank you for picking up the tab too…

Thank You hashem–week 94

  • My wife lost her earring somewhere on the floor and we couldn’t find it. the next day I said let’s say that pasuk … We said the pasuk and literally 25 seconds later we found it … Thank you Hashem!!!
  • Got a call that my son was hit by a car while on his bike. Ran over to the area as quick as I could not having any idea what to expect and Baruch Hashem he is ok. Some bumps and bruises but we know it could have been much worse and we are very grateful to Hashem for protecting him. (Baruch Hashem he was wearing a helmet and a reminder to always make sure your kids have their helmets on.) Got this call while I was talking to a neighbor about giving sedaka, maybe this discussion at the exact time of the accident is what protected him? Thank you Hashem.
  • 2 brit milahs this week and a pidyon haben. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for taking care of everything for me last week and for straightening some issues out for me, with me basically not having to lift a finger. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the simcha of Lag Ba-omer
  • Got in touch with someone volunteering to do work as a chesed for free. I told him thank you and I will try and get him some business. He replied, no it is not necessary at all. Thank you Hashem for our Jewish people who do chesed lishaim shamayim without looking for any personal benefit. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael.
  • I came to check on my summer home over the weekend and found water all over the place. I tried calling a plumber to come but no one called me back it took over a week for someone to get there. By that time the damage got worse. I called my insurance company to let them know about the damage and they were refusing to pay out on the claim because I was not there all winter. So i started getting people to come and clean up the mess. By the time they came I had a different water problem from a sewer backup and my water heater. This time when I called the adjuster he told me that this would be covered. Thank you Hashem for looking out for me and taking care of the problem
  • Hashem lets you hear what is meant for you to hear. Today I must thank Hashem for letting me hear a musar very helpful to me from an unlikely source. I got in my car and turned on the radio and the end of a commercial was on for the lottery. The words I heard as I turned on the radio were eye opening “Prepare for your future life” I was like wow, that is our job in life, to prepare for our future life in olam haba. And then it sent me another reminder saying it was from the ny lottery. Reminding me that I am a lottery winner being picked by Hashem to be a special Jew and child of his. Thank you for letting me hear this message in this memorable way. May we all do our jobs well and prepare ourselves for our future life in Olam Haba.Thank you Hashem for giving me the zechut of performing the tremendous mitzva of pidyon haben!
  •  Thank you Hashem for the sight of seeing precious Jewish school children on their way to their Lag Baomer trips, Hashem should bless them all.
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to pray at the kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.
  • Thank you Hashem for another Birthday
  • Thank you Hashem that I lost me earring and I found it moments later. Actually my son found it. Thank you Hashem for my son and all of my wonderful children
  • Want to thank Hashem for making me a Jew. I heard such amazing stories this week of the community coming together and helping out selflessly in someone’s time of need. The things I heard were nothing short of remarkable. Thank you for letting me be part of our nation.
  • Thank you Hashem for the technology that allows me to see on the spot the kedusha of kever Rashbi on Lag Ba-omer , was very inspiring.
  • was petrified, saw an incoming call from a high maintenance customer that may have been calling to give me some headaches. Didn’t take the call and opened tehilim instead and prayed to Hashem. He didn’t leave a message and called 3 more times. I prayed very hard and called him back. Thank you Hashem it was nothing.
  • The Power of a Misvah Lishaim shamayim Mitzvah Man gets a call that there is a woman in Lakewood in a coma if anyone can go visit. He sends out a text and gets a reply from a girl in Deal and volunteers to go. He prepares her that it may be difficult that this is a coma patient and the volunteer said no problem I am going to do it. She gets there and ends up spending 2 ½ hours with the coma patient. She read tehilim there. She rubbed her arms and hands. And she actually sat at her bedside singing to her.Can you picture this pure chesed? As she is rubbing her hands and singing to her the patient suddenly opens her eyes and says my legs are hurting. The volunteer was stunned and went quickly to get the nurses and alert them that she opened here eyes and is speaking.They say can’t be that’s impossible. She tells them she opened her eyes and said her leg is hurting her. They go to the room and are stunned to see the patient is not in the coma. I am sure the pure heartfelt chesed played a big part in this.

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