Thank You Hashem – Special

Thank you, Hashem! This is one of those things that I don’t know where to begin so I will begin with thanking Hashem for the beautiful exciting site of seeing my daughter go into labor at about 4:30 am Friday night. My wife headed to the hospital with them as we had our controlled chaos in the house preparing to get her ready for the car service. I went to shul in the morning and came home to be with my kids and have Shabbat lunch together with them.

I then made the long joyous walk to Maimonides Hospital. Imagining I would be walking into the room greeted with a mabruk it’s a ___.  Baruch Hashem walked into the room and they were still waiting around in the labor room. I was grateful to Hashem that I would be able to be by the birth of my first grandchild. Things were very calm and I decided to maybe go out into the hallway for as stroll, as I was preparing to walk out the Dr. was walking in, she quickly and calmly said, we are ready let’s have this baby and she sent me outside behind the curtain of the room into the hallway. She said in 15 minutes we will have a baby here. I was overwhelmed I couldn’t believe my ears. I am the excited crying type and was flushed with emotion and started praying right there in the hallway like a man on a mission. Things were moving along in the delivery room as I was praying in the hall. Feeling a drop woozy I then remembered reading on our Parasha sheets in Peh Tahor from Rabbi Brezak all about the shehakol campaign and the great shehakol stories from people making the beracha. I called thru the curtain to my wife to send me out a bottle of water, my wife looked for the water and I hear the Dr. say who is the water for? she said for my husband-my wife knows her husband and said don’t ask-he needs the water, and quickly got the water to me. I said a very loud shehakol in the hallway with kavana and within 5 minutes the baby was born without me hearing one sign of discomfort from my daughter Baruch Hashem! She had a baby boy! I danced in the hallway singing Hashem’s praises out loud in front of everyone as I promised Hashem I would do when I hear the news of the baby being born. We were overwhelmed with joy.

We had a great hour or so of Simcha that I am so grateful for-then the nurse comes to us and says she wants the pediatric surgeon to come and speak to us-we were like, who? what? – she said she might see an issue. They explained to us a certain situation that he had but can be corrected. The surgeon came and told us that there was a way to do it with 1 surgery but that was 1 in a million and made a motion with his hands shrugging it off and said I am not even going to talk to you about that option it is 1 in a million and this is not the 1 over here. He then explained the 3-part solution that would require 3 separate surgeries spaced out over 2 or 3 months! We were stunned by the turn of events-worried for what lied ahead but ok knowing he was going to be ok after this strenuous process. Now it was time to get into motion of seeing what to do- Baruch Hashem we are blessed with Rabbis and organizations that words cannot describe that get everything in motion and guide our decisions. I was not happy to have this hospital do this procedure but needed to hear what to do. My mother was the first call, the entire Shabbat I said we need my mother she knows how to react in these situations. She told me call Rabbi Raymond Beyda, I say but I think he only deals with halachic issues, she said call- I did-was great move, I can’t describe how Rabbi Beyda helped thru out the whole process clearly, not sugarcoating anything. He had me get in touch asap with Rabbi Shuki Berman, he said he will email him to take my call right away-before I could call him, my phone rings and its Rabbi Shuki Berman, my mother called him and Rabbi Beyda emailed him. I utter out the long name of what is going on and he quickly says yes, it’s a 3-surgery situation, get him out of this hospital Dr. Rosen is a specialist in this field he is in Long Island Jewish Medical center- give me the word and I will get the transfer to happen-I was stunned- I said I will speak to my family and get back to you. We made several calls and it was unanimous that we must get to this specialist. Everyone’s reaction was the same.

Got the wheels in motion with Shuki Berman. He calls back with instructions to go down to the NICU and what to tell them. This was about 2 am. We followed instructions and they were not eager to let us out. They sat us in a conference room intimidating us and explaining why we will have such a hard time if we leave. The Dr. said there is a 0 percent chance of you leaving in the middle of the night especially on a weekend. The Dr. stepped out to get a chart from the baby. I text Rabbi Beyda the status, he told me to have my wife go in the hall and call the 516 number Shuki gave me and tell them we will handle the ambulance for the transfer, he said this is what holds up the insurance and it will get things going. They will say ok-he said trust me this will do it, go. My wife was nervous about going into the hall and calling but Hashem took care of it. The door opens with a nurse standing there with a phone in her hand and says, if you will handle the ambulance I can approve the transfer right now-is that ok? we were like-ok we approve…Baruch Hashem.

About an hour later there we were on highways driving to this Hospital in Long island and my son in-law says to me- That Dr. said 0 percent of leaving in the middle of the night. Here we are-we get there and it is a different world. We are greeted with smiles and told we know this is a difficult time for you but we are going to do anything to make it as pleasant as possible.

Everything going nicely and in order over here. The surgeon speaks to us and tells us the same 3 surgery process and then mentions the possibility of the 1 surgery if they physically see a certain step taken by the baby. I said the other hospital said it is 1 in a million, do you think this can happen? He says I think it is possible. Wow- we had an opening of hope. As time was progressing we were not seeing this step by the baby. My son in-law asked the Dr. what if the step is happening inside but just not showing outside can we do it, to that they replied sorry but no. A few hours later my son in-law calls me and tells me the surgeon just called him and said that she is not going to be performing the surgery that a different surgeon is taking over. I said no way I am calling the Surgeon and telling her, we escaped and came here in the middle of the night for you, not to be handed off. I was ready to push hard. Before calling I call Shuki and tell him what happened so he can help on his end. He asked who is the new surgeon and I tell him his name and he quickly says this is a Beracha from Hashem- he is the chief surgeon there! You have been upgraded, he is the teacher for the other surgeon and he is her elder and has much more experience, do not call the hospital. Thank you, Hashem, for controlling me.

That night in the room we ask the nurse if she thinks there is any chance of the 1 surgery even though they did not physically see this step? She politely said sorry but it seems like we are doing the 3-surgery process, so sorry. The next morning, the day of the surgery me and my wife were in the room with the new surgeon and his team. You can see he was the real deal. They begin to give us information and they say there is a chance they can do the 1 surgery procedure but he will not know for sure until they are in the surgery. If not, he will have to switch to the 3-surgery option. I thought I was hearing things. We all agreed to go for it. We couldn’t believe it, he was willing to do it even though he did not physically see the step the other surgeon needed to see. He said it is close enough on the inside that he is confident even without physically seeing it.

Hashem sent this experienced surgeon to us against our will for him to have the knowledge needed to go for the 1 surgery process without physically seeing it. Hashem is pushing all the buttons. I was with my son in-law many hours straight but when the surgeon called him I happened to not be there. I would have probably got on the phone and begged her to stay and do the surgery. Hashem had me call Shuki before calling the surgeon and he gave me the information on the new surgeon and stopped me from possibly ruining everything.

We were all praying so hard for the surgeon to be masliach and able to do it with the 1 surgery option. Before the surgeon left the room, I told him how hard we have been praying to do this 1 option that we were told was 1 in a million. I told him how highly Shuki spoke of him and how happy I was that he is the surgeon. I then told him how I am praying for him to be successful with this and all his surgeries. I told him there is a G-d that is in control and we are his messengers. He was very accepting and jokingly said I hope I can live up to your expectations. I said me too!!

Surgery begins. Our most awesome family behind us all the way. Tefilot all over by so many of our caring out of this world people, sedaka being given all around, learning Torah all around. Our people are so wonderful. Hashem somehow had me and my son in-law accidentally end up by the Lubavitcher Rebbes Kever and were zocheh to pray there. Hashem blessed me with such a group of friends, my phone did not stop with messages and calls. Even if I could not take the calls you have no idea how much they helped. I had/have a friend guiding me the whole way thru serious portions of this and non-sense as well- I am blessed to know such a person who is always there for me. Always. Intense praying thru out the surgery. The surgeon returns with the great news of Hashem’s kindness that he could do it with the 1 surgery. He told us of hashgacha that went on in the operating room how he there happened to be another surgeon he needed in the room that stepped in to help with a certain process. Hashem pushes all the right buttons for us. I stepped aside to call our worried family and friends. I am walking around the lobby and see my son in-law and daughter inside the gift shop giggling and looking at the toys and stuffed animals for their new baby, this was a magical moment for me-the page being turned seeing the new parents able to enjoy the Simcha of being blessed with a baby. I was so worried about them being stripped of that joyous pleasure so this was a tearful breath of fresh air for me to see. I rushed and bought my new grandson the stuffed singing doll they were looking at. Hashem is so great to us and guides us so perfectly. Thank you, Hashem, for my first healthy Grandson-Bh he should make you very proud! Serving you Bisimcha with 120 Happy and Healthy years.

Thank You Hashem – Week 185

  • I needed a product for a customer of mine. My suppliers did not have it available and needed a few days to get it. I checked amazon and saw the same part but was more expensive. I ordered it being I needed it right away for this customer and paid the extra cost. There was a problem with the item , it was not functioning properly. Was able to unscrew it,open it up and repair it. For fun I gave them a call to tell them about this problem and they offered to refund me in full for my troubles. I guess it wasn’t more expensive after all. Thank you Hashem for putting the thought in my head to call them.
  • It could be hard to find Hashem in every day occurrences. We wake up every day and go about our business without truly stopping to realize how much He really does for us. The things we take for granted on a daily basis all exist as gifts from God and it is extremely important for us to realize that each and every day in order to be grateful for what we have. That being said, I forgot about this for a long time. So many amazing things were happening in my life- graduated college, got a new job, got engaged- and I wasn’t stopping to thank Hashem for any of it. I felt entitled to these common life accomplishments that every person goes through in their lives without truly realizing that not everyone gets to experience these amazing things. I was woken up out of my entitled phase of being when something on the border of miraculous happened to me in which I truly saw that Hashem is with me every step of the way and always has a plan. Last year, right before the Summer had started I got a new job. I was working in retail for about five years and had gotten an offer for my first ever salary paid job in an office near where I live. Not only was the job better pay, but it was in the field that I graduated college for which was a huge bonus. I thought to myself, “this is literally perfect, what can go wrong?” Little did I know, my boss was an absolute tyrant. We weren’t allowed to take our breaks during our 9 hour days without him knowing exactly where we were going and when we would be back. If he decided that we weren’t worthy of a needed sick day or extra break during the day, we were yelled at that he was the boss and there was no exception. On top of that, he became obsessed with what I was doing every minute of every day. I was being monitored and yelled at if I was doing anything he did not approve of. The environment was so toxic that it was affecting my everyday mood; it was just awful. I can handle verbal abuse, but the thing was that I was being singled out. And to make matter even worse, I was being singled out because I am a religious Jew. You see, my boss was an Israeli man who was married to a non-Jew, but he lived within our community’s vicinity. He resented the community because they did not accept him and his family and took it out on me. He would say horrible things about the community to me, regardless of the fact that I asked him to please keep those kinds of things to himself. He would mock me for keeping Shabbat and gave me the hardest time when it came to needing certain days off for holidays. I was scrutinized and penalized on a higher level than everyone else in my office because I was Jewish and this was extremely toxic to me.       For nine months, I stayed at my job thinking I had no other choice. I told myself I should be grateful for the position I had and stop complaining about the emotional burned it was taking on me. I felt so hopeless, but I prayed every single day for a solution to my problem.      A few weeks ago, I had started a second job on a part time basis for an established Rabbi in Brooklyn. I was working hourly on my own time completing a few projects for a brand new website being created for the Sephardic community at large. The work was rewarding and the extra money was great. I would have never known what was going to happen next. The second week into starting my second job, my job with the tyrant became extra terrible. I was being yelled at left and right for “not doing my job,” when all I was doing was my job and then some. Finally, something crazy happened. I had went to the bathroom and took a phone call after washing my hands from the DJ we booked for the wedding. The phone call was all of 3 minutes and when I walked out of the bathroom, there was the tyrant ready to pounce. “You were on the phone at work talking about your wedding, you are not doing your job!!” he yelled quickly. I tried to explain myself but I was answered with a loud, “I don’t care what you have to say. I am the boss and this is how I see it,” to which I finally broke. I left work that day and couldn’t even think about going back the next day. Then and there, I called the rabbi and spoke with him for a little while. He told me how he really needed someone full time to do the work that I was doing and we were able to work something out. I finally was able to leave that terrible job for good!!       So now I am doing meaningful work for a great man who is trying to create an amazing website for our community in which there will be daily halacha, classes, hashcacha pratit, and so much more in order to inspire so many individuals who need it. It really is a dream come true.       This experience allowed me to see that Hashem plans things for you without you even being aware of it in the slightest. I took that second job just for a little bit of extra money in my pocket, and look what came from it! An amazing new job in which I get to do mitzvot and get to work with amazingly righteous people on a daily basis.   Now I see that everything is from Hashem and if you pray hard enough, He will be there for you no matter what!
  • Thank you Hashem for the special month of Adar when we are given the special misvah to increase our Happiness. How awesome is that? Think about that for a minute.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time. I was able to be a good listening ear for someone who needed it. On top of that Hashem put the correct words in my mind to say to this person and build them up and give them confidence going forward. Thank you Hashem and Bh tons of beracha for this person.
  • Thank you Hashem for the gift of another week and of course to write in “Thank you Hashem emails”!  Last night I was driving and the GPS was having a mind of its own……I said aloud to Hashem to please help me find the sign to the highway that I needed – and very soon after – the sign appeared! Thank you Hashem for your kindness!   Thank you Hashem for a wedding tonight!      Thank you Hashem for my life that is surrounded with so many good things and regular normal things! So happy to just live!!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 170

  • Thank You Hashem !   Headed to my office after a morning appointment and a train ride that lasted too long . While I was on the train my phone went dead as I was using it all morning. The train exit is right in front of JC Penney and I wanted to stop there anyway on my way home so I ran in since I was late for work anyway another few minutes wouldn’t matter and once there I decided to use their rest room. I then ran to my office and pressed the elevator button with my mind racing about everything I had to do, and regretting the extra minutes at the store. The elevator crept up, let out a crunching sound and stopped cold ! No buttons worked ! I rang the emergency bell and no answer (but I was sure the super was in the building !) After a few moments I noticed a small button with a phone icon on it and pressed and a voice answered asking for the address and said help is on the way in 5 minutes. But 20 minutes later still no help and no phone !! The super did call out to me and said it would take a while to get me out. (Good thing I used the restroom at JC Penney )
    I took out my laptop and with no internet signal just sat on the floor and did some work until they got me out – I try not to think about what would have happened had I not gone in to the store, or if the elevator was crowded, or if it were at night, or if, or if, or if …THANK YOU HASHEM !
  •  I love you so much Hashem. I just felt the need to show and express my love and appreciation by sending it in to this forum. I just had to check on something that could have made my life have a lot of grief. I prayed very hard and connected to Hashem. Baruch Hashem it turned out that what I found was actually something positive for me AND TO MY BENEFIT and not the opposite. Thank you Hashem for controlling all and everything. Siyata Dishmaya for all the readers and all of kelal yisrael.
  •  Thank you Hashem for being zoche to celebrate my sons bar Mitvah and share it with so many wonderful people
  • Thank you Hashem for everything!!! I was stopped by the police last year in February in a speed trap. The city had just lowered the speed limit on that road so there were about 5 police cars waiting to catch people. I had noticed the police officer with her radar but didn’t understand why she was there. When I was given my ticket, I knew I had exceeded the new speed but I was sure I hadn’t reached the speed that was mentioned on the ticket. I decided I was going to contest the ticket. I was called into court on November 10th. When I came into the court room, it was full and it looked like they were really behind schedule. I waited patiently to appear before the judge, but to everyone’s dismay, the judge rescheduled everyone. I was the last to pass before the judge to get a new date. As the judge was telling me what day to come back, the prosecutor said something to the judge who told me I was acquitted! I didn’t ask why, I just said thank you, left the courtroom, looked up to Hashem and said Thank you Hashem!!! To this day I cannot come up with a reason as to why they acquitted it without my statement. The only thing I can think of is that Hashem is kind B’H!!
  •  a friend of mine reminded me that Rabbi Cohen taught that the worst level of sinat chinam-baseless hatred- is when you see your friend sinning and making mistakes and you do not care to help him and show him the right way. 2 days later another friend of mine calls me and asks if I can order an electric shaver for him. I say sure, for your son? He says no he just ran into a friend and it seems he is shaving with a razor. He wants to buy him the electric shaver and nicely teach him the right and correct way of the torah. I repeated Rabbi Cohens words to him as I handed him the shaver and it made him very happy as he marched on to go and teach his friend the right way. (shaving with razors are assur)
  • b”H our flight to Eretz Yisroel was perfect. In addition, all our luggage was together and waiting for us for our easy retrieval. Thank you Hashem for this great opportunity!
  • Hi, It’s just so clear in life that we really can’t control things and it’s not up to us. Just an example, we had an outlet that was sparking, that was a nes itself-my brothers keys that were connected to his pants somehow touched the outlet but somehow the fire dropped to the floor , the keys on his pants melted and he was not touched. This happened about a week ago and someone came the next day and said he can’t fix it and he’s going to be busy this whole week and cant come to fix it. He somehow showed up today, which he was not supposed to do. He was not going to come for at least another week. my mother asked him why he came today?, he said he had extra time. My mother showed him a different room to check if its coming from there. There was a problem there too and then he checked the dining room chandelier to see if it’s connected with that and he said it’s already burning and we would have had an electrical fire if he wouldn’t have came today. He said “I guess Hashem just sent me today, we think we can control things, he’s always watching us”
  • Thank you Hashem – there are just so many! Thank you Hashem for every single minute – every breath of life – every opportunity to fulfill your ratzon – our purpose on this world.
  • Thank you Hashem for the simchos I went to this week, for the normal stability and functionality of my family, for my friends, for my job, for enough money, for the ability to do everything that I need to do, for protecting me and my family for things that we will never know about, for the joy of life, for the hum-drum regular day to day life, to enjoy and spend time with other people, for health – mind, body, spirit, & soul, for the gifts – everything is a gift! And mostly for constantly looking after me and providing for me – non-stop – even though I absolutely deserve nothing of it!I love you, Hashem – forever!
  • 2 brisses and an engagement this week to go to. Thank you Hashem
  • I was handed my salary and saw I was overpaid, I immediately took the money out and returned it and marked it overpaid. My co-worker jokingly texted my boss to say I was overpaid unless I want to give a raise…he answered Yes- there is a raise! Hashem gives us what we need sometimes without even asking. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for Holidays that are real Emet and have special meaning to us.

Thank You Hashem – Week 157

  • Dear Hashem,

Thank you for letting me part of the legacy of my mother Rose Kassin A’h.



Sam Kassin

-Thank you Hashem for amazing costumers like RK .Some times I think why am I on earth, and say am I wasting my time working in this store?. Then I think of my many amazing costumers like you that have become more than customers, we have become great friends. And I know why I am here.

-Another amazing, beautiful day off from work. Thank you Hashem!

-My 2 boys went off to camp this week & B”H got there safely & are settling in nicely. Hashem gives us so much variety with the different seasons & activities. All for our benefit!!

  • Took my family to the pizza store on Sunday as we were trying to feed my 9 month old some pizza (small cut up pieces of course) she started to choke and cough,So I picked her up to make sure she was OK tried to see if there was anything stuck in her mouth (didn’t see anything) and after a few seconds she calmed down and was fine.We gave her some water and waited a few minutes to make sure she was OK She seemed OK was breathing normally so a few minutes later we tried feeding her again. I fed her a tiny piece of bread and same thing she started choking face turned red and she was crying and like gasping for air.This happened about 2 more times she would calm down drink something and was breathing fine  (We couldn’t figure out what was wrong she always eats regular food with no problem).    I tried feeding her 1 more time and the same thing happened this time I forced open her mouth all the way and found a shiny square sticker about the size of a quarter stuck in the back of her throat, Took it out of her mouth and bh she calmed down and was fine.    These 9 days are no joke THANK YOU HASHEM that my precious baby didn’t choke and we found the sticker in her mouth before chas vishalom anything worse happened to her! I can’t thank Hashem enough that she is perfectly fine now that was so scary as a parent to even imagine what chas vishalom could have happened! Hashem please watch over all of your children and protect us from any danger chas vishalom!

-Thank you Hashem for being at our side each and every day. There are no words to thank you for your endless beracha each day!

-Thank you Hashem for always listening to my prayers and for always helping me out!!
I said something in a crowd of people and one person got very upset because they took it very personally and as an insult not only to himself but to his entire family. Hashem knows I was in no way trying to insult anyone nor was I speaking of anyone but myself. B’H I have reason to believe the other people present understood me exactly the way I intended to be understood and they explained it to this person the following day. It is a horrible feeling to be falsely accused and B’H Hashem cleared things up for me!
Thank you Hashem for everything!

  • I went to the army terminal to pray mincha. BH we always have a minyan. On wed, we were short 1 guy, which never happens. Time was moving and it was getting late. All of a sudden someone comes storming in with a box of batteries. The place where we pray sells batteries. He was a regular sy guy who prays with us not so frequently. We’re all thinking GREAT NUMBER 10! but that’s not why he came, the box of batteries fell out of the window and came crashing down on a window in this other guys office, breaking the window and causing havoc in his office. Little did he know he was number 10 , and that’s why his window broke. Thank you Hashem

  • Thank you Hashem, I had a voice mail from someone asking me to call them back. It was one of those situations that it could have been a major problem or it could be nothing. I am talking possible major headache. I opened my tehilim and prayed very hard to Hashem. I did a misvah and I promised I would send a Thank you Hashem to this newsletter and make a kidush Hashem if it is a minor or nothing situation. Thank you Hashem that it was a very simple PRACTICALLY INVISIBLE situation. I love you Hashem and love this weekly email…..very next day,I was faced with another risky situation, I had the neder I made 1 day earlier in mind in sending a public Thank you to Hashem here and made the same neder with this situation. Baruch Hashem there was no situation it totally became non-existant!!! zero. Thank you so much Hashem for everything.

  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the money that I needed to pay a certain bill. Chasdei Hashem

  • ‎I was in an elevator with my 1 1/2 year old son and my sister. As the doors were opening my son stuck his finger  between the wall and the opening door. My sister pulled his hand out before it caused any damage. Thank you Hashem for preventing a really scary situation.

  • A few weeks ago I gave a person I don’t know so well a nice hello, shalom aleichem. Making small talk he ended up giving me a very nice order. Thank You Hashem. Yesterday I gave a person I did not see in a long time a very nice hello,shalom aleichem and he now has me speaking with his office regarding a nice order as well. I want to note that my intention in giving them a nice hello was not in order to receive something back, it was just an added bonus from Hashem. Thank you Hashem.

  • Thank you Hashem for the kidush Hashem that was made in hearing from the Rabbanim and family members about the way my Sitoh, Mrs Rose Kassin a’h lived her life. Something we all need to learn from. 109 healthy years on this world, Rabbi Diamond asked her the secret for longevity. Her answer was: “Always look for the good in everyone” May we all learn from these words.                             Thank you Hashem for my Sitoh.

It’s all a setup

Recognizing the ‘יד ה-the hand of Hashem in everyday life is so valuable; seeing through the natural way of the world and knowing that it is really Hashem behind the scene. People growing in Emunah begin to change their thought pattern. They notice Hashem in everything they do. It is such a beautiful service of Hashem.

Somebody told me that he has a children’s book, which tells the story of a little girl who woke up one morning, on her birthday, expecting to hear happy birthday from every member of her family, but nobody said anything. She really wanted a birthday party, but it seemed like everyone forgot. She decided she would throw herself a party. Meanwhile, her family was planning a surprise party for her later on, and had hidden everything away. She thinks to herself, “I need a cake.” She goes down to the basement freezer, and it just so happens that there is a big beautiful birthday cake there. “Perfect,” she thinks to herself. Then, she decides she needs games for the party, and she found all of her favorite games in a closet in a shopping bag. She thought, “Wow, just what I wanted.” She went to look for party favors, and it just so happened there were unopened packages of party favors all in one cabinet. “Great,” she thought, “Now I have everything I need to make myself a party.”

She carried everything to the kitchen and there she saw her family, and they all yelled, “Surprise!” This little girl thought she just happened to find a birthday cake and games. In reality, each item was placed in its spot for her birthday party. This is the story of our lives. We go here, and we happen to find exactly what we are looking for. We go there, and we find the perfect merchandise to sell. It was all a setup. Hashem was behind everything. But it looks so natural, and if we don’t think with Emunah, we could miss Him.

A man named Jack told me a few years ago that he had to go to the Orient on business. He would be there over Shabbat in a place with no Minyan. It bothered him a lot, so he investigated and discovered that a new Minyan may have opened up there.  He was given the number of a person to call when he arrived. On the plane, there was a problem with one of the seats, and the person who had that seat was moved right next to Jack. He spoke to the man for a minute and it turns out that he was also Jewish, travelling on business. However, he didn’t even get his name, since he liked to sleep on these long plane rides. He politely excused himself and turned away to sleep. When he arrived at his hotel, he called to inquire about the Minyan. He was delighted to hear that there was a brand new Minyan that recently opened. Just then, he noticed in the lobby the other Jewish man who had sat next to him on the plane. He went over to him and told him that he had just found out about the new Minyan, if he was interested. The man responded, “Wow. I am so excited. Everyone told me that there is no Minyan here. But, I am in the year of  saying Kaddish for my father, and I never missed a Kaddish yet. This was going to be my first time. You just saved me. Thank You.” Jack asked the man’s name, and he recognized it. “Who was your father?” he asked. It turns out, that man’s father was the one who helped put Jack into business years before and taught him everything he knew about the business. Now, the מכין מצעדי גבר-the Planner of man’s footsteps, with clear Hashgacha Pratit, set it up that he could help him by enabling his son to say Kaddish for him.

Hashem made a problem with the chair on the plane and put him right next to Jack to get them to meet. It was all a setup. Hashem plants what we need just in the right spot at the right time. If we recognize it and thank Him, then we are growing in Emunah.

  • Daily Emunah, Lesson # 812, Rabbi David Ashear

Thank You Hashem – Week 149

  • I got a pamphlet yesterday from the gas company. They wrote over there some tips on how to detect gas leaks. I said to myself that a few months ago I felt that rotten egg smell which they described that it is a sign of a gas leak. I called them up, they came right over. after inspecting, they’re telling my wife. madam, you have a gas leak in one of the pipes. You have no idea how lucky you are for calling us!! Thank you Hashem deeply for keeping us safe 24/7 and making us call the gas company who caught the leak.
  • My daughter and my niece ran up the stairs and told me to please put this in the Thank you Hashem for them. My niece was holding a toy of my daughters in her hand that had some sort of propeller blade that starts spinning very fast right when you turn it on. She pressed the button to turn it on while having her fingers in the way of the propeller. My daughter saw what was about to happen and quickly screamed to drop the toy, Baruch Hashem she dropped the toy on the spot right before it started to spin and possibly cause damage. Thank you Hashem for your protection!
  • THANK YOU HASHEM YOU ARE AWESOME! My sons surgeon is a GIFT from you. He is healing wonderfully.
  • Thank you Hashem for an awesome night of learning Torah on Shavuot.
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing us to take my wife home from the hospital right before Shabbat and the Chag.
  • Thanks you Hashem for an uplifting and healthy hag. Thank you for all the beautiful, happy and relaxing time we got to spend with our precious families.
  • Thank you Hashem for the acts of greatness I have witnessed this week. I am so proud to be part of klal Yisrael.
  • Brit milah yesterday , 3 weddings last night, Bar misvah Last night and another wedding tonight, Thank you Hashem for Simcha.
  • Thank you Hashem for this weekly email that speaks positive. Something the world needs to do a little more of. I was listening to the traffic on the radio and it occurred to me that 9 times out of 10 if there is no traffic on a highway or bridge it does not get mentioned. Only negative things get mentioned like an overturned tractor-trailer or major delay on the GWB. How about mentioning certain highways that are driving smoothly? Oh well..May all who are traveling always be safe and protected.
  • My summer-house that we rent was not available and the prices sky rocketed this year. I prayed to Hashem to please find us a great house at a great price. Thank you Hashem for getting us a BETTER house at an even greater price!!! Clearly you have answered my tefilah.
  • Great encouraging line Rabbi Wallerstein heard from his father. When thinking about being too busy to take on another project in helping klal yisrael and saying I have too much on my plate. He would remind himself what his father used to tell him – if you say my plate is full,” Get a Bigger Plate” (torahanytimes this week)
  • I was involved in a very high pressure situation. I would like to publicly thank Hashem for letting it all work out so perfectly.
  • I was walking to shul very late at night on Shavuot. I was alone on a dark unlit street. For some reason I made a tefilla for Hashem to please give a special shemira/protection for all of the jewish people who are out tonight . All of a sudden I hear a car playing crazy music driving down the street. He slowed down when he came close to where I was walking and suddenly pushed the gas and drove off. I instantly felt inside me that my tefilla for others to be safe and protected a moment earlier had just saved me from harm. Thank you Hashem for watching over us.
  • Thank you Hashem for the special feeling of having Shabbat kodesh connect straight into Shavuot.
  • Selfless act of chesed, Thank you Hashem and please bless the wonderful kind person who has donated her kidney to my good friend. They should both have a refuah Shelama.
  • I have a very expensive pen that has not been working for a very long time. This pen has sentimental value to me. I never had the heart to actually dispose of it. After a couple of years of seeing it on my desk I decided it was tame to cast it aside. I picked it up and saw it was still broken. I opened it up and fiddled with it a little and Baruch Hashem it has started to work again. I did not do anything different this time than in the past. Clearly Hashem has returned this expensive pen back to me. Thank you Hashem.
  • I was in a hospital meeting with a head of a delicate department. The Dr. told me that he has been involved in thousands of these procedures and there is nothing like the Jewish people. How they are always willing to help one another. How a Jew will help any Jew in need. He said that if a Jew sees another Jew in need it is automatic that he will stop and help him, even in the middle of the street and even if he does not know him. He says he does not see this trait by the goyim. Thank you Hashem for making me a Jew.
  • Thank you Hashem for my sons Birthday-may he grow up enjoying a healthy life of Torah and Beracha.

Thank You Hashem – Week 148

  • My 7 year old son lost a new pair of sneakers that he really loved. We searched every where high and low. We even checked by grandmas house. They were missing for about 10 days or 2 weeks and we looked all over for them. Last night we sat together and made the special tefilla with Rabbi Meir Baal Hanees. We first sat together and I explained to him what the words mean and made sure he understood what we were saying. He said it beautifully from his heart and held his sedaka in his right hand and gave it over to me. I held it and told him the next morning in shul I will give his sedaka. I prayed to Hashem to please let us find it, that it will now be a kidush Hashem especially in the eyes of my 7 year old son. He will see that we tried to find it and could not. And now only after his tefilla and sedaka that Hashem clearly returned it to us.I went to shul in the morning and as promised I gave his sedaka. I returned home from shul and my wife says, guess what? I already knew what was coming , she tells me our daughter found the sneakers! I asked when? And it was precisely the time that I gave the sedaka. I asked where they were and of course they were in a spot that we checked more than once. Hashem opened our eyes and let us find them. Most importantly was the kidush Hashem and that we and my 7 year old son clearly see how the missing sneakers were found. I want to add that I also heard a few times that when a person does something lemala min hateva, (over and above what he normally can do) that Hashem also acts with him lemala min hateva, My son gave more than the amount of sedaka he was required to on his own, and did it happily and Hashem returned his sneakers. Thank you Hashem.
  • thank you Hashem for teaching me that you don’t always get what you want but what Hashem needs you to get.
  • I had to look thru some old papers at the office. As I was thumbing thru them I found some notes I had made for myself regarding a strategy trying to get an order completed with a customer. Looking at it now after I have already completed the sale with the customer I must stop and Thank Hashem for taking care of this order and sending it to me. It was very inspiring sort of looking back in time and seeing how Hashem made it all play out. Thank You Hashem.
  • There were 3 Torah Dedications on Sunday- Thank you Hashem for letting us parade thru the streets of Brooklyn honoring our holy Torah.
  • My wife’s watch broke, luckily that it is still under warranty therefore she was able to send it in to repair. After they received the watch, they advised her that they cannot fix the watch so they’re giving her a new watch worth up to $180. Thank you Hashem for the new free watch.
  • Hashem thank you so much!I am honoring you with a beautiful meal and simcha tonight!thank you so much for YOM YERUSHALAYIM tonight!We love you!!Thank you for giving me Rabbi Arush and the zohar hakadosh.Thank you for teaching me when I didn’t have any teacher to explain to me what to do in the most difficult times. Thank you for listening to my prayers and guiding me this week.
  • I have a Bris to attend 3 days in a row! And 1 on Shavuot- Baruch Hashem
  • Hodu LaH-shem Ki Leolam Hasdo, we (my wife and I) have to express many many thanks to the Almighty.  B”H within the last week we had the Bar Mitzvah of my second son and the wedding of our 1st daughter,  B”H a lot of the people of the shul took time out of their busy schedule to join us in both our celebrations,  Yishtabach Shemo Laad. Yirbu Semachot VeIsrael.
  • Thank you Hashem for wonderful community members who take time out of their day to encourage others and give us Chizuk by posting THANK YOU HASHEM notes.  Like a child who brings a MITZVAH NOTE to the teacher and feels great when the teacher reads it aloud.  After all, we get caught up in our daily nonsense and don’t always remember to acknowledge things large and small that Hashem does for us, watches over us – making our lives better, protect us form harm, and keep us on the correct path.
  • I was so happy to hear that my friend won a poetry competition that is at a really high level. I am so grateful that if I have any questions for my music writing she will be more than happy to assist. It is such a nice feeling to win! She is really happy and I am happy to share in her happiness!! Baruch Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to do a kidush Hashem. I was in the pizza store and I got up and ordered another slice of pizza. They called me when it was ready and I picked it up from the counter. After finishing eating I got in my car and drove off. A few minutes later I realized that I don’t remember paying for the additional slice of pizza. I called the pizza store and the mexican guy at the counter answered. I described who I was and asked if paid for the pizza, he answered that I did not. I told him I am so sorry I didn’t realize and I would like to pay for it. He was silent on the phone and said wow, that is so nice of you, I can’t believe you took the time to find our number and go thru the trouble just for a few dollars. I told him I would like to give him my credit card over the phone , to that he said there is a 10 dollar minimum. (you would think he would be happy to get the money, but no he has to say he can’t take the credit card-only a goy)..Fine so I tell him I have to get back to work and I will come and bring him cash later. He says again Thank you so much that is so nice of you. (nice? I ate the pizza and owe the money, a goy can’t even understand that we are obligated to pay for this)..I go back to work and now time to go home. I pulled up to my house and realized I forgot to go back and pay him. I say to myself I will do it tomorrow, it is late and I am tired. Then I say, no , I will do it now before the Yeser Hara convinces me not to even do it tomorrow. I tell myself I have a priceless  chance to do a kidush Hashem and do not delay it,go now. I get back in the car and drive to the store and hand the mexican guy the money. He stares at me and for a few seconds doesn’t say a word. I tell him here take the money. He smiles and said, sorry I was just thinking we are closing soon and was telling myself I don’t blame that guy for not coming back to pay, I wouldn’t pay for it either, and now you are here, I feel foolish. He said thank you so much for coming back, it is only a few dollars. I answer that we have a great torah and our torah teaches us to pay for our purchases and to be honest. He smiles and says all of you guys are so nice. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 143

  • As I was doing my errands L’chvod Yom Tov – couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer number of people all around doing the same! Thank you Hashem for a community with so many healthy people! young/old/children/teenagers – so much joy preparing for the Chag! Thank you Hashem for so much blessing
  • I had to write a card to someone who is going through a hard time. I started typing up the text and everything just flowed! Was done in a few minutes. I kept reading the wording over and over again – couldn’t get over how beautiful and to the mark it was!  Thank you Hashem for the gift of writing! Thank you Hashem for putting all the right words together! Thank you Hashem that the message was well received and hit the mark! Thank you Hashem for everything!!!!
  • have a good short story to share it happened Monday I forgot to take my brief case with sefarim with me on the bus. I was so upset. I boarded the bus and remembered I had the tehilim app on my phone so I started to read the daily tehilim for Monday. When I finished I noticed I had a good 20 minutes left I said Hashem it would be great to be able to learn for the remainder of my train ride I wish I can do just that. Just then the old lady who was sitting across from me who was not Jewish handed me a bag with a Jewish magazine that also had a small pamphlet with laws of netilat yadayim and mayim acharonim. She said here give these to your children… I was so happy and said thank you Hashem and started learning the remainder of my ride.
  • This past Thursday night my 1 year old broke out with red dots on his body and he had a high fever as well. We called the doctor and he told us to go to the emergency room. The doctor at the emergency room wasn’t sure what it was so they sent us home. The next day the rash on his body got much worse we showed it to a pediatrician who thought it was the chicken pocks. As the day went on it started to look more like hives and the fever didn’t go away either by Friday night almost his entire body was covered in dark red blotches. My baby was extremely uncomfortable we went back to the emergency room again Friday night. This time the doctor detected the issue he had coxsickie which caused a hive like reaction all over his body! The doctor warned us that it’s only the second day and that  it’ll probably get worse for another week or so, with that we left. The next morning I wake up and I look at my baby and the hives were gone! I was shocked it was supposed to be getting worse. We brought him back to the doctor after Shabbat and he said he never saw anything like this before. THANK YOU HASHEM!
  • My sister had a very hard time sleeping, as she couldn’t breathe through her nose. She Boruch Hashem had a successful surgery to be able to breathe through her nose. We’re so lucky that Hashem gives us the ability to breathe without needing surgery.
  • I researched a topic in הלכה and within five minutes someone called with a question on that exact topic!
  • Thank you Hashem that when I came back to work after Yom Tov – there were so many Mazel Tov’s!!!!!! Thank you Hashem for a beautiful Yom Tov with my family!
  • I have so much love for Hashem right now, I can’t even express it in words.
    thank you! thank you for this website where I can tell the world how much I love Hashem.
    lets everyone love Hashem!
  • Read from Rav Zilbershtein: Lag B’Omer – 2015 There was a buss full of Passengers returning from Meron, and midway wanted to Enter the parking lot or garage, but the entrance to the parking lot had a Very long line of buses. The Driver said to the passengers: You have two options, Either enter the parking lot, but it will take about an hour, to enter the parking lot until we stop And go back to the bus, etc., the second option Continue driving without stopping to Bnei Brak, What do you prefer? All passengers responded unanimously they prefer to go straight to Bnei Brak Without stopping at all. As they drove the Passengers noticed that sundown was Approaching, and asked the driver to pull over so they could pray Minchah. The driver Agreed, but told them: as soon we Exit Route six, then I can stop on the side, and indeed he did, he entered Route Six, and found a place to stand on The side of the highway and stopped. The passengers got out of the Bus to pray. Suddenly when they started to pray,A soldier arrived and began to pray with them, after Prayer, they asked the soldier where did you come from? After all, the place is a highway, far From any settlement, and how he suddenly appeared here? The soldier replied: I am a Ba’al Teshuva, And on Rosh Hashanah I made a kabbalah to always pray with a minyan. And I indeed Baruch Hashem kept the kabala!.I was stationed in the south, my commander at noon today informed me that I can leave and don’t need to serve now. I found a driver who agreed to take me up here. I got out. Suddenly I see That it is sunset. And have not prayed Where am I going to find a minyan?I prayed to Hashem with all my heart Almighty please I want to pray with a minyan. And suddenly while I prayed to Hashem. Stops in front of me a Bus and people get out to pray. Hashem set up that this entire bus load of people will some how have to be put at this part of the highway in the middle of no where just for this one person who made a kaballah and cared so much about keeping it .Sometimes even today 2015 a person makes a kabala, Secretly inside concealed, no one knows and Hashem shows him his Haa’ra Panim!!
  • 2 engagements and a Bris this week, thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem I found tzion nephesh’s site daily zohar. It’s deep teachings make me happy.thank you Hashem.
  • Dear Hashem, I could never list all the things you have done for me since birth. I thank you for every miracle today and every miracle tomorrow. I know very little about my true self but God bless my Queen and your country. Bless you Hashem and may our works and lives always be pleasing to you,our God. “You are God my God, Where you go I will go also” I “Fear not because the Lord thy God is with me wherever you may go”. I believe this with this with my whole mind, body and being. Many times I layed on the floor, sick, in pain and tears, and many times you picked me up and set me back in your service, I am eternally grateful. May I someday worthy enough for the Kingdom of Hashem. “Michamolcha” (who is like you?) May you bless our true prophets, rabbis, and priests, our leaders, our spouses, our children and our overseers. “Though art with me”Shalom Avinu Malkenu (Peace to Our Father Our King)
  • I was looking thru old read emails to find a certain email I needed. What I found was even better, an old email with an rma of merchandise I have returned and have not been refunded for yet. I was able to reply and take care of a $375 refund that I forgot about. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 137

  • An important feature on my office telephone system stopped working. I went and I bought the component that needed to be replaced. As I was putting the new one in I saw the wire needed to be tinkered with, got an idea to pull out the new component and put the broken one back in and jingle the wire and see what happens. Sure enough it worked and I was able to return the new part and get a refund. Thank you Hashem.-Hashem was listening to my request which seemed so tiny and yet it was fulfilled pretty soon after I davened for it. I asked to see Debbie my school friend. We had the good fortune of this encounter today. I am so grateful to Hashem. Thank you. This was a very important meeting. I just know. thank you. thank you Hashem
  • I forgot to move my car for alternate side parking and I did not get a ticket. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be at the wedding of my daughter to the most wonderful chattan a person can ask for. Enjoying every moment of the Charlie horse following the wedding, was thinking to put some Bengay on but said I rather feel the Charlie horse as a reminder of the greatness of Hashem for allowing me the chesed of being able to dance all night by my daughters wedding. Thank you Hashem I love you and I know you love all of us.
  • Thank you Hashem once again that I am not even remotely tempted to go on any of these pesach trips that we keep getting bombarded with. Nothing like the Olam Haba feeling at our dining room table enjoying our seder with the ones I love most.
  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing weather this winter.
  • Thank you Hashem for my eyes in which to see the beautiful world and for my spiritual eyes in which to see you!
  • Baruch Hashem, my friend has become a father for the first time after 18 years of Marriage! Hodu La Hashem kitov ki liolam chasdo. Mabruk
  • I went to the airport to catch a flight and was running a bit late. Wisking thru the traffic, somehow I got there exactly one hour before the flight and was going to be able to board my flight. Or so I thought, I got to the check in and they tell me that I can not get on the flight, that the boarding is booked. I started to get angry but was trying to hold it in , I politely say that I am here on time how can it be that you will not let me on the flight. She says for some reason her computer is closed and does not allow any more activity for this flight. I caught myself from getting upset and said Hashem I accept it gam zu litovah, I ask if she can put me on another flight. She steps away and comes back with a big smile. She tells me that the flight I was shceduled for has an issue and will be delayed for a long time and that she was able to put me on a flight leaving in 20 minutes. She continues and says that had I been 2 or 3 minutes earlier I would have been checked in to the original flight and stuck with the delay but now I will be leaving 40 minutes earlier than my scheduled flight and as a perk she even sent my luggage on the ground to my new flight. Thank you Hashem for the traffic and for helping me to not get angry.
  • For some reason I ended up in Lakewood and found myself in the Bagel store. All of a sudden I get a tap on my shoulder and it is a friend that just happened to be in Lakewood visiting from abroad. I have not seen him for a very long time and some how Hashem pushed the buttons and put both of us here at this moment when neither one of us lives in Lakewood.
  • I prayed at a shul I do not regularly attend and picked up a divrei Torah to read. It is amazing how these words were exactly what I needed to read about at that given moment in my life. I folded the paper up and kept it with me so I can read it over and over again and work on myself. Thank you Hashem , I believe this was a message straight from you.
  • Visiting a friend in the hospital I was able to be reminded of all the wonderful chesed that is done by klal Yisrael. The visiting, the packages , the food you name it. It is very inspiring and made me proud to be a jew.
  • I went to the Dr. to check on something I was concerned about and Baruch Hashem it was something extremely minor that we treated within minutes and went away. Thank you Hashem for curing me.
  • Got to spend a very inspiring shabbos with some of the most special people. It was very uplifting and encouraged me to try and do more misvos with love and warmth.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Rabbis of our community who stop at nothing to help us in our time of need. Please shower them with much beracha.
  • was shopping and saw something that was more than I wanted to spend, one of the workers tells me by the way that item is on special and not as marked let me scan it. They scan it and it was perfectly priced for me. Thank you Hashem for this savings.

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