Thank You Hashem – Week 145

  • Thank you Hashem for our little preemie son and for finally allowing us to bring him home from the hospital and enjoy him!
  •  Thank you Hashem for letting me be here.
  • Thank you Hashem. Everything you do is for the good. gam zuh letova! nothing happens in this world without your decree.I love you. even when I had some pain I remembered to think of you and remember the above blessing.
  • Got called upon to do a misvah and I said I will do it later. The yeser Hara was convincing me to wait. I decided go right now and do it. Good thing I did, as I got there someone else was about to do the misvah and I was able to jump in and say I am here. Thank you Hashem for our power to defeat the Yeser Hara.
  • I was parked across the street from where my kids where attending a Sunday afternoon program, waiting for them to be dismissed. When I saw them coming out I got out of my car to cross them over, when suddenly my youngest saw me and jetted across the street without looking, his brother not paying attention ran right behind him. Noticing the on coming car I went into a panic, but thanks to someone double parked, the car needed to slow down. Thank you Hashem for reminding us that you’re always protecting us and keeping us safe.
  • Yesterday in middle of the night I woke up with a terrible cramp in the calf area, it still hurts me now as I’m writing this email But I said to my wife, wait a minute! Are we appreciating enough for all the times when our body functions 100% ok. If we would realize that. We would always be so appreciative and happy knowing that Hashem  Is so good to us, keeping us healthy and fresh all the time. ..Went to the bank to withdraw $2500 to pay a bill but the teller tells me that we are short in cash so he can give only $1500 today. I left the bank and prayed to Hashem that I should be able to get the money today, Hashem gave me the idea to try again with a different teller, he said we are short with money but I could give you $20 bills if this is ok. I said sure, no problem.
  • Thank you Hashem for always being there for me and for everyone. Guys Hashem loves everybody deeply, we are his kids!!
  • Thank you Hashem, was carrying a load from the car, hands were full, got to the front door and BH the last person didn’t close the door all the way, BH didn’t have to drop everything to open the door just pushed it right open! Thank You Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem, that there is a surgery to fix my son’s heart. We are awaiting the surgery date, knowing you will guide our surgeon, and my son will have a full recovery.
  • The reward for a mitzvah is another mitzvah. I was leaving Moishys and I helped an elderly lady with her heavy wagon. As I got home I saw another elderly lady and was able to help her with her suitcase. Thank you Hashem
  • I was driving in an unfamiliar area and mistakenly drove right thru a red light. Baruch Hashem there were no cars or people going the other way. I was a little flustered and about 2 blocks later I drive thru another red light without realizing it and also no one was going the other way Baruch Hashem. Thank you Hashem for protecting me thru these mistakes. I also became much more alert because of these mistakes and have been much more careful.
  • I was working in the warehouse one day. I stepped on a pallet and suddenly I felt my foot go down between the slats, and I lost my balance and fell. Partially on the pallet and partially on the hard concrete floor, banging my head against the solid steel rack. I stayed there for a minute wondering if I would even be able to get my phone out of my back pocket, if it didn’t smash, to call Hatzalah. Then I decided to try to get up and see what happened. I got up, totally amazed that I was able to walk and move as usual. Of course I was bruised and a little achy, but by the Chesed of Hashem I didn’t need any medical attention at all. within 5 minutes I was back to work! Thank you Hashem.
  • My wife made a grocery order first thing in the morning, to be able to put up supper and have it ready with plenty of time before the kids get home from school. At some point when the order didn’t come, my wife called the store and they said they sent it out a while ago, you should have it soon. A little while later I got a call from upstairs neighbor at my old address that my order was delivered there. I called the store, they said they’re sorry, they’ll pick it up and bring it to us. It the meantime it was supper time already at home, so the kids had sandwiches.The next day we took my son for allergy testing, they said he’s allergic to peanut. We told the Doctor to guess what he had for supper the night before. a peanut butter sandwich!! With no allergic reaction.The doctor said that the test results must have been a false positive, and we should consider him not to be allergic to peanut.Imagine, if the store would have delivered my order to the correct address, he would not have eaten that sandwich. We would not have known otherwise and would have considered him allergic to peanut and having to deal with avoiding peanuts for nothing. (He does/did have a number of other food allergies.)Again, Thank you Hashem.
  • I was on the phone with a customer of mine who is in the garment business. For some reason I happen to mention the salvation army to him. He replies and tells me that his company has 90,000 brand new articles of clothing packaged in retail packaging, all sizes. Great merchandise , licensed merchandise that he wants to give away.They are all ready on pallets. He asks if I can call salvation army and see if they would like the clothing and if they would like to come and pick it up. I say that it beautiful,great idea, and I will take care of it. As we are speaking I am feeling that I wish I can think of a better home for this clothing than salvation army goyim. I quickly thought of Chai Lifeline, I tell him a little bit about them and he agreed for me to call them and have them come and pick it up. They were very happy to hear from me and are making the arrangements. Thank you Hashem.

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