Thank You Hashem – Week 188

  • About a month ago, I was making Sheva berachot for a friends daughter whom we are close to. I saved four hundred dollars on the side to pay for the Simcha. 5 days before got a call from my sons Yeshiva that my 5 yr old son fell & needed stitches on his forehead. So I Picked him up and went to Dr. They said it was very deep needed a plastic surgeon. So we went to the surgeon she said she doesn’t accept my insurance and I need to pay out of pocket. When she was done she presented me with a bill for $400. So I gave her a posted dated check for two days from then. I got home and told my wife that we didn’t have money to buy food and necessities for the Sheva berachot. She said no worries Hashem will send. Two days passed and the check was going in and we needed to prepare. My phone rings and I see it’s from a friend. He proceeds to tell me that he was going over his accounts and he never paid me commission for once referring a relative to him a few years back & that I should come pick up a check for $400 which is sitting on his desk. Baruch Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the unexpected Zechut to be a sandak for my nephew this last week!
  • Thank you Hashem for zechut to emulate you collecting money for yetomim & almanot
  • Thank you Hashem for being able to have 2 guests who are here from Israel this week.
  • The other day I was driving and accidently the passenger door in the front seat wasn’t closed properly and flew open while I turned a corner. B”H the passenger was belted in – and wasn’t leaning on the door. B”H there were no cars parked on that side of the road which the open door would’ve smashed, nor were there people on the street who would’ve been hit…… Thank you Hashem for this gigantic open miracle and the zillions of miracles that I don’t get to see each and every day. I love you so much Hashem!
  • I was on my way to visit a friend in the Hospital. On my way he calls me and says did you leave Brooklyn yet? I say I am on the fdr drive already, why? I figured he was going to say that he needed a ride for someone. He answers, do you have an extra kippah in your car? I say why?- he says the man in the next bed sharing his room is 91 years old. He just put on tefilin together with him for the 1st time in 56 years!!! He said the man was crying like a baby. He said he has my kippah and said he does not want to take it off, he wants to keep it on and wear a kippah! Mi KiAMECHA Yisrael. I get to the hospital and my friend is not in his room , I call him and ask where are you? he says quick come meet me I am doing bikur cholim visiting someone on the other side of the floor. Some people are very special Baruch Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the court case was dismissed and thank you Hashem that I am a Jew and you are always patient with me. I love you my father the king
  • Heard a couple of people close to me are doing better with recovering from illnesses. Thank you H-Shem for healing them and thank you H-shem for my and all of am yisroel’s health.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me a good day !
  • Thank You Hashem for all of the unique opportunities You give us to show You how much we love You!
  • Pidyon , a Brit milah, Bar Misvah and wedding all in the same week Baruch Hashem. As I type this I am noticing the link of these simachot-How wonderful is Hashem. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem. You protect me from the hackers that are on my Mac who have not left me alone.
  • I know they are abusing my privacy but I thank you Hashem for giving me courage to be strong in the face of adversity.
  • A special note from 7 year old Malka Hirth A”H “I sing to Hashem, I thank you for my life, even though I would like it to be different, I know he has a plan for me, the best possible plan” she said on the way to the emergency room. Malka was niftar This year. May this be a tremendous zechut for her.
  • As always, there is so much to thank Hashem for. I would put high up on the list that my father is pretty much ok after falling down the stairs Motzei Shabbos & hitting his head & going unconscious. Was rushed to the hospital & had a couple of CAT scans & Baruch Hashem all looks good. A few stitches & stayed for the night in the hospital, but all looks good now & back to normal. C”V, could’ve been a lot worse.
  • My son went to Far Rockaway for Shabbos & was a whole “to do” figuring out hot to get him there. Thank you Hashem for arranged to have a Lakewood resident in Lawrence for Shabbos & they were able to hook up & got a ride home quickly & easily. & it turns out the person giving the ride is a friend I know from yeshiva more than 35 years ago!
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful weather forecasted for Shabbos. Looking forward to Pesach & warmer weather. Spring is always a beautiful time & we should appreciate what comes with it. Thank you!
  • Thank you Hashem for the excitement of Pesach slowly building up. May we greet Mashiach and enjoy Korban Pesach this year Bh.

Thank You Hashem – Week 126

  • Just read the Thank You Hashem from this week- thank You Hashem for watching over Bnei Yisrael always and Your amazing Hashgacha that is always on us! Thank You for the small good things in life that shows how much You care about us, and for the small “annoying” things that gives us kapparah!Thank You for everything!
  • This week brought me one of the happiest feelings I have ever felt. My cousin who is as close to me as a brother, raising and guiding me my whole life was zoche to the engagement of his daughter. I cannot imagine a happier feeling, it is as if my own daughter is getting engaged. What makes me happy is the fact that I see a person who works so hard on himself to become great is able to see the fruits of his labor in his children. At the end of the day money, vacations, cars are all nice but what we take with us is our misvot, maassim tovim and the legacy we leave to our children. He should be zoche to marry off all of his children to see grandchildren and great grandchildren keeping in his holy ways!
  • Bought something that had written all over the receipt, final sale. No returns, no exchanges, no refunds. Prayed to Hashem before I went into the store and Baruch Hashem they gave me a refund. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the indescribable simcha of my daughter becoming a Kallah and for being able to add the most wonderful (future) son in-law anyone could ever ask for, to my family. Thank you so much Hashem. I do not take this for granted- The great Rabbi Menachem Mannes Mandel zs’l used to bless my children all the time , especially the day we would bring them home from the hospital for the first time, that they should be zoche to marry healthy talmidei chachamim and that me and my wife should be zoche to be there to enjoy the simcha with them healthily. Thank you Hashem.
  • As Rabbi Seruya said so beautifully – just keep smiling. BH there is simcha everywhere. Came across the following ” Life is filled with gifts. They may not be the kind of gifts that we always want to have, often deemed by most of us as materials, but life gives us the best kind of gifts that no riches can ever provide. Just look around, feel within your heart and you will catch sight of them.”
  • Thank you Hashem for the engagement of my cousin to a good friend of mine
  • Thank you Hashem for the Hashgacha Peratit that happened to me. I usually get a ride home with someone from my work and yesterday I needed to go straight from work to boro park and had to be in boro park by a certain time. I was wondering how I’m going to get there by train or car service. In middle of the day this girl who usually drives me home comes to me and says she is not going straight home since she has a pidyon in boro park. The place was exactly 3 blocks from where I needed to go. Thank You so much Hashem for making it easy for me since it was hailing outside also!
  • Thank you Hashem for my daughters 11th birthday abal 120 happy and healthy years of serving Hashem
  • I heard an amazing story this morning about this Talmid Chacham who got hurt badly in a terror attack, he was so badly hurt and Dr said he will never be the same, Am Israel got together to daven for him and with his determination to get better he exceeded all expectations today he is getting married!!!! To a girl who organized endless Tehilim groups and chesed in his name without even knowing who he was!
    This is to show you that when we do selfless chesed for others we ourselves see yeshuot and more importantly don’t stop the tefilot, bora Olam hears them!!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for LIFE!
  • My wife jumps and says uh oh forgot the mini pizzas in the oven , gets to the kitchen, Baruch Hashem she forgot to turn the oven on. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem I made the bus today!!   Keep smiling 🙂
  • Was starting to look for parking at 11:20 am, alternate side is 11:30, I drive pass a car on the good side of the street and I see he is starting to pull out, I quickly stop, back up wait for the spot and bingo got a good spot instantly, as he pulled out I waved Thank you to him , but really I owe Thank you to Hashem.
  • Walking back to my car I see that orange envelope, a ticket on the windshield. Felt bad for a moment then said I accept it Thank you Hashem. Can’t imagine why I have a ticket, I am parked legally, I look at my inspection stickers and all is fine. I take the ticket off the car and it is an empty envelope , no ticket, someone was having some fun with me and put the envelope on the windshield, Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem , went to a store and was waiting by the register for the cashier to come over and ring me up. I catch a glimpse of the lost and found and see something that belongs to my friend that he lost 2 weeks ago. I quickly call him and ask if he found the item and he says no, but I do not give up hope, Hashem can return it to me in the blink of an eye.The power of Bitachon, I tell him Chazak uBaruch for that attitude, I will bring it to your house in 3 minutes! Thank you Hashem

Thank You Hashem – Week 7

BSD Though I have enough reasons not to take time now to write, but the worthiness of being Makir Tovah to HKBH outweighs all my reasons not to. BeChasdei Hashem I made a wedding this week for my youngest daughter. The Simcha is indescribable. But one factor is on my mind specifically. In the past I used to dance the entire wedding both the first dance and the second almost all the time in the center with each of my friends. This time even before my daughter became a Kallah I was worried “How will I be able to dance? I get winded just walking to Shul on Shabbos! I’M so out of shape for lack of exercise that my Doctor wrote me a “prescription” on his pad to walk every day etc. I’m going to disappoint everyone!’ A few days before the Chasunah I “happened” to see a Malbim on the posuk in Shmuel  שמואל א פרק יז when Dovid was trying to convince Shoul that he could take on Golyos and vanquish him”שמואל א פרק יז

אֶת הָאֲרִי גַּם הַדּוֹב הִכָּה עַבְדֶּךָ וְהָיָה הַפְּלִשְׁתִּי הֶעָרֵל הַזֶּה כְּאַחַד מֵהֶם כִּי חֵרֵף מַעַרְכֹת אֱלֹהִים חַיִּים:

וַיֹּאמֶר דָּוִד יְקֹוָק אֲשֶׁר הִצִּלַנִי מִיַּד הָאֲרִי וּמִיַּד הַדֹּב הוּא יַצִּילֵנִי מִיַּד הַפְּלִשְׁתִּי הַזֶּה

And I used to think the pshat is that Dovid said that he was quite a mighty warrior and Shoul could entrust him to eliminate Golyos.

But the Malbim writes,

מלבי”ם שמואל א פרק יז

(לז) ויאמר דוד. הוסיף לחזק בטחונו מצד אחר, מצד השגחת ה’ על יראיו, אמר שהגם שיהיה כחי חלוש נגד הארי והדוב ונגד הפלשתי, הנה ה’ אשר הצילני מהארי והדב בהשגחתו, הוא יצילני גם עתה דרך נס. לפ”ז תחלה דבר כפי המנהג הטבעי, ופה דבר כפי ההשגחה והנס. ואל זה הסכים שאול כי יבטח בהשגחת ה’, לכן אמר לך וה’ יהיה עמך:

Meaning That Dovid said “Did I have the power to kill a lion, did I have the power to kill a bear – certainly not!!- so it was certainly HASHEM’S help that enabled me in the past, so too now Hashem will help supernaturally to kill Golyos”

So I said to myself did I have the energy in the past to dance a whole Chasunah CERTAINLY NOT! And by the next one! And the next one! So HASHEM helped me dance so too will he help me now!

PS Oh did I dance! As never before!

Simchos for all of you! And all Klal Yisroel Ksiva veChasimah Tovah

  •  Thank you Hashem for being our father, we are like your only child, holding our hand and guiding us, even in hard times, a father is always there for his child, no matter what, you love us like a father and a son. After my father a”h passed away, I didn’t understand why Hashem created the emotions of a father and son, I knew everything Hashem does is for a purpose, Hashem had finally opened my eyes – you know why, because that is the connection of Hashem and us, we are his children and Hashem is our father he loves us – Keracham av al banim ken terchem Hashem Alenu – Hashem have mercy on your children just like a father has mercy on his son. Thank you Hashem
  • I want Thank Hashem for all our GREAT RABBIS who help guide & give us advice on any topic, especially Rabbi Ozeri. Thanks
  • Wow not normal these emails are making Hashem very happy!!! This is what it’s all about being grateful 2 Hashem. What a zechut u have Uncle Raymond!
  • Had zechut to pray by Rabbi Bitton in Lakewood this summer and had zechut to witness many Kiddush Hashem’s- Last week Rabbi Bitton was running a 3 day learning program (yarchei kalla) for people from the Persian community (they come to Lakewood and have a program for few days together, very inspiring to see and hope to do one this winter for some Brooklyn guys) After tefilla we got to see the excitement they had for Torah and for the special town of Lakewood, One man came in and told Rabbi Bitton that shadchanim want his daughter to marry a talmid chacham that she is great girl and should marry a talmid chacham, the man did not want to hear of it and said no thanks-a day into the program the man came to Rabbi Bitton and told him after what he is seeing here ,the torah life in action, he is calling the Shadchan to say he ONLY wants a talmid chacham! Rabbi Bitton said it was worth it to do the program just to hear those words. Ps- was also great seeing about 60 men of all ages from Panama this Monday doing the same program-Thank you Hashem for letting me see your children’s love for Torah…
  • Thank you Hashem for not sending me to Vegas for the Show- so I can be with my family and my neshama can be clean for Yom Hadin!
  • Thank you Hashem for saving one of my best friends from an accident last week- he should have a speedy refuah-AMEN!
  • Thank you Hashem putting me on the best block in Brooklyn with the best neighbors possible!
  •  thank Hashem for fishing line
  • Had beautiful baby boy baruch Hashem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for my fingers.
  • was in my office having conversation with someone about Hashem , they said that they believe in Hashem but do not believe that Hashem is involved with every little minor thing in the world, they said I believe Hashem is involved in wars and big things like that but I do not believe Hashem cares whether or not I can lift my finger like this or not…sorry I just do not buy it, the big stuff fine but if I can lift my fingers is not on Hashem’s list of things to do..fine- not more than 3 hours later this person calls me up all excited-they tell me you are not going to believe this, I cut myself and had to come to the emergency room- I am sitting right now in the cubicle they put me in here at the emergency room, and they come to the guy in next cubicle and ask him what’s the matter? And he says- “I am trying to move my fingers and I can not, they do not move no matter how much I try”…this person saw clearly the greatness of Hashem-wow!
  •  2 Las Vegas stories 1- arrived in Las Vegas late Thurs night for a show. Set up Friday morning. After set up 3:00 my friend and I decided to go to super market to get food for Shabbat. Grabbed a cab and asked to take us to closest market and wait. He said he cannot wait since he has to return his cab at 3:30. He gave us a card with a number to call for cab. Pulled into a Vons but we said is there an Albertsons around here( since we are familiar with Albertsons). Pulled out and went another mile to Albertsons. Finished shopping at 4:15. Called number for cab over an hour wait! Shabbat mincha at 7:00. Right behind us 2 guys on our plane? Are you guys going to Venetian can we have a ride?  Sure. In car they told us they were going to Target but decided last minute to shop At Albertsons. Didn’t even have to wait a minute for ride back. Hashem is Great. Thank you Hashem. Story 2- saw my cousin at the end of show and she said she had the best show ever!! She told me that her biggest show is in September this year on Rosh Hashanah and she canceled. Now she has goyim that she could send to work it but out right cancelled. She told me that Hashem gave her all that business at this show.  Hashem is Great!
  •  Thank you Hashem for that special Shabbat Spice that is always so perfect
  •  Thank you Hashem for a healthy body that works perfectly!! When we thank Hashem and show him gratitude from the things we DO have then in the future Hashem will see that we appreciate it and hell continue to give it to us. … Its chas vishalom when we don’t thank Hashem for things he says oh he doesn’t appreciate this ok ill make him appreciate it … So bh well avoid all these tzarot by thanking Hashem now while were bh healthy and everything is going beautifully !!
  •  Thank you Hashem for the greatest gift shabbat and thank you for letting us spend it with our beautiful family’s!!!

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