Thank You Hashem – Week 132

  • Continuation from the” Big shipment story” from last weeks Thank you Hashem. So here we are Friday Feb. 5 exactly one week from the cancelled shipment. I get a email from my buyer at 1:30 ” the document for the order is valid!! Ship the order today!!”I called my warehouse right away and they told me the order was never unpacked and they can ship it out Monday!  Thank you Hashem for giving me Bitachon for this situation. Please grant me to always have Emunah & Bitachon. (added note-this person trusted that all Hashem does is great and accepted that he did not get the order and even sent in a Thank you about not getting the order, and now Hashem rewarded him for passing his test and handed him the order back, Ashrecha!)
  • Last Friday just before lighting the candles. My 4 year old daughter got a seizure; we were extremely frightened as she didn’t wake up after a few minutes. Right then my dear wife accepted upon herself to be more בצניעות Tzeniut- in a certain area. Wonders happened and my child opened her eyes right after, fresh and healthy like nothing happened. We went into the hospital, they say that it was probably a febrile seizure and that is nothing to be worried of. Thank you Hashem for this miracle. I wanted to share this story with everybody to see the strong power of taking upon a good deed of self-sacrifice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the area of modesty. It could be in Shabbat or kashrut. The main thing is that it pushes us beyond our comfort zone.                                                               As a side note, If a situation like this would happen to me a year ago or so, I would of been very frustrated and depressed of why things like this happen to me but since I started to listen to the powerful Amuna lessons given by Harav Duvid Ashaer , I was so calm knowing that my loving father did that and we are all so secure in his merciful hands. I highly recommend everyone to sign up for the short daily lessons though or by phone 6054754799 ID number 840886. I bet that It will change your life forever. Thank you Hashem for being so good to us, for giving us one more chance every morning. Thank you Hashem for all the normal days you give us.  Thank you sincerely.
  • My daughter is a kallah and we are so proud of her growth and see her ability to be a fantastic wife. I want to thank Hashem for letting me and my wife see this accomplishment in our daughter and for the zechut to see how happy she is, we are very proud of her.Thank you Hashem
  • I wanted to go to a class that a Rabbi was giving, but my friend told me that she wasn’t driving, and it was too far to walk there.  I decided to take the train and go, and I remember thinking as I was filling up my metro card that Hashem pays back the money you spend for doing  a mitzva. Two days later, I received a book that I ordered from eBay and when I opened it I saw an envelope sticking out. The person wrote on the envelope “$6 refund for shipping”. Meanwhile,this book was the cheapest one I found from all  the websites, including shipping! When do you ever get someone who would send back extra money that they took after they already charged your credit card?! Thank You Hashem for paying me back double the amount I paid for the train and for showing me that a person never loses out from a mitzva!
  • We had a very special beautiful Bar Misvah boy read the Torah in Bnei Binyamin this shabbat.He read so beautifully, it was like sweet pure music. We are very proud of him. Siman Tov U mazel Tov!
  • השגחה פרטית story: A Rav along with a group of his בעלי בתים from America decided to meet the family whose father was murdered by a terrorist attack. They planned on giving each child a gift, money for the family and to be מחזק the family. A few minutes before they called my wife to ask her if I can introduce them to the family, I had a student who claimed to be an ‘atheist’ heading to my house for a three hour conversation. I told my wife that I am expecting the boy; he is on his way and therefore cannot escort the group. My wife suggested I take him along, which I did! He was so inspired by the family’s אמונה that there was very little work left for me to do! On the way out, the Rabbi handed me 800 shekel! I had no money to buy food for שבת!  On that note- – שבת שלום!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful children , thank you Hashem for the hanna-ah you give me from my children, this week my younger daughter sorted out all of her crinkled up dollar bills and counted out all her money, she then went and called her grandmother and told her that she counted all her money and has $32 , and can you please take me to the store tomorrow so I can buy a present for my sister to give her at her shower. Thank you Hashem for this moment.
  • Thank you Hashem for the snow this past weekend. The kids had a great time with the change of routine & getting a chance to play in it. Plus the many benefits Hashem gives us with a slow process of how the moisture goes into the ground when it snows as opposed to a rain.
  • (snow storm)Had 2 weddings in Brooklyn Sunday night. B”H my block was plowed Sunday afternoon so I was able to drive my car to Brooklyn. & had 2 open miracles in finding parking right near both halls with mounds of snow everywhere in hard areas to park even without the snow! Was able to attend full Chupah by 1st wedding & daven Maariv & got to the 2nd wedding in time to catch the first dance. Thank you Hashem!
  • Bar Misvah this week and an engagement , simachot for everyone B’ezrat Hashem.
  • I was in a rush and I ran out of the house without a pacifier for my baby. He was ready for his nap but was screaming in his car seat because he needed his pacifier. I was not gonna be back anytime soon and was becoming desperate. After 10 minutes I suddenly remembered a pacifier that I borrowed from my mother. It was in my car for like 3 months and I never returned it to her. Thank You Hashem that I happened to have the pacifier there waiting for me for a time like this.
  • I lost an item many years back. I did not forget about it and it suddenly turned up. Thank you Hashem for returning it to me. Somehow I believe that Hashem gave it back to me because I never gave up hope on having it back. Thank you Hashem for this kindness

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