Thank You Hashem – Special, Week 169

About 20 years ago right after my father had passed away, I was approached by a neighborhood Yeshiva to do some fund raising for them. I had never done any sort of fund raising before. I didn’t know what to answer. I thought it would be a nice thing to do, a nice misvah right after my father passed away. They said I should get up in front of my shul and make a speech and then use the cards they would drop off by my house to mark the pledges down. Friday morning they dropped off 600 cards, but no speech. I am not a speaker and was left to fend for myself and try to get up in front of the kahal and make a speech on my own and do the fund raising for the Yeshiva.

I did it, I got up in front of everyone and made my appeal. After I spoke I was standing there with 600 cards. I looked to my side and saw a wealthy member of the shul, a friend of mine and I approached him and asked if he can start us out and help out the Yeshiva. His response shocked me. He started berating me. He started saying – How dare you approach me like this!, I will never help out this Yeshivah! and started to scream at me in front of the entire shul. I was humiliated beyond belief. He then angrily takes the card and tears it into pieces and THROWS IT IN MY FACE!!!  I put the other 599 cards in an envelope and gave up. I went home sat on the couch and cried like a Baby. I couldn’t continue,I was broken. I felt like I let my father down. I felt like I let the Yeshiva down. But that man deflated me. I was numb and could not go thru with this.

10 year later I get a call from a food organization asking if I can help fund raise for them. I paused and said this is my chance to get back on the horse and try again. I said yes and agreed to help out. I wanted to do avodat Hashem and was determined to do this Misvah that Hashem has resent to me.

I got to my place of business and had a wealthy community member show up as a customer that day. I approached her with a card for a pledge and began to ask if she can help out this wonderful food organization. Her reaction startled me. She angrily yells at me How dare you approach me over here for a donation!!! Who do you think you are!!. I am not here to give charity I am here for my own personal needs. I will not give you any donation. Don’t you ask me for any donations!!! I was shocked. But this time I was determined. I told myself I will not let her get me down. I will not give up the avodat Hashem I am trying to do. I am going to move on and continue full force ahead with great determination!

Within 6 months I was zoche to collect $140,000!!! Yes $140,000!

Being in the Parashiot we are reading this time of year the lesson was clear to me. Noach and Avraham were ridiculed and made fun of but they did not give up. They stayed true to the job of serving Hashem and did not let people bring them down. They persevered. This is our test. If we are growing and doing the right thing in serving Hashem we should not let a friend or colleague put us down. We must stay focused and continue in our avodat Hashem. Do not let any ridicule or any remarks take you off track. Keep on growing and doing the misvot we are required to do and stay strong believing and knowing that you are doing the right thing for Hashem and for yourself.

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Thank You Hashem – Week 161

  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to take my son for his first day of school —kindergarten.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting us in situations where we are forced to put all of our trust in you!
  • Thank You Hashem!!! For everything we see and don’t see!
  •  Thank you Hashem even though I had a hectic summer moving in and out of my winter rental in deal which was very hard and unsettling… I have the most special and amazing family anyone can wish for health shalom Bayit  and beautiful kids …. Thank you Hashem for everything
  • Thank you Hashem even though I am out of a job  now I know you are watching over me and setting me up for a even better job I love you Hashem Thank You HaShem for Rabbi David Ashear and the daily emunah that we could listen to whenever we need chizuk. Thank You for every single challenge that You give me.
  • Thank you Hashem that my twin brothers are engaged at the same time. It is truly a complete double simcha. Thank you Hashem for a safe and healthy relaxing summer. Looking forward to another great year b’h.
  • I ordered a 300 dollar laptop for about 100 bucks.Thank you Hashem….I was on the phone with my mother and at the end of the call she tells me that my sister left a laptop case in the hallway if I know anyone who needs a case..perfect timing- Thank you Hashem
  • I was on the phone with cablevision regarding a service issue. I noticed my bill was higher than normal and questioned them about it. They replied that my promotional pricing ended. I said Verizon has been soliciting me to switch over, they promptly interrupted and sent me to a retention person who immediately said she just applied the promotional price back to my account. Thank you Hashem. If I didn’t call them I would have never noticed the price difference of fifty dollars a month.
  • I received in the mail an ez pass violation. It said 1.50 toll and 50 dollars administration. Didn’t say what it was for or anything but the photo looked like I drove thru a booth that did not have ez pass.. I called them up with intentions to ask if they can please find it in their heart to waive the 50 dollar fee, that I did not realize and to try and speak to them about it. The guy answered the call and asked me some questions. I did not have my account number , I did not have my transponder number either. I thought uh oh, he will never want to hear my argument. I said ein od milvado and as I say it he starts saying on his own without me saying a word about anything, he says he is waiving the 50 dollar fee and all I have to do is pay the 1.50 now over the phone. I did not say 1 word about the violation, for all he knew I was calling to pay it in full. Hashem handled this for me without me having to open my mouth. We have to realize even when we do open our mouths in a situation it still is not us, it is Hashem. Thank you Hashem-ein od milvado.
  • School began today. As I watched parent after parent bring their child in for orientation – I couldn’t help but marvel and the wondrous site of Ka”H so many healthy children with the ability to come to school. Thank you Hashem! May it be a year of Hatzlacha and much Bracha for all!
  • Wedding last night and tonight- and a Bar misvah- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me your hand. I was dealing with a possible client and it wasn’t really clicking. Suddenly for no good reason things started to flow rather smoothly and was able to secure an order form them. Thank you Hashem for the hashgacha pratit and for letting me savor such developments before my eyes. I clearly did nothing to have the situation turn in the positive direction.
  • My car wasn’t starting and I was not in the greatest neighborhood. I gave it one more try and baruch Hashem it worked.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Ozeri and all he does for our community.
  • Thank you Hashem for the gift of Elul I hope to be able to properly take advantage of it.
  •  I had a very troublesome situation at work that was stretching close to shabbat. I tried my best to take care of it but as shabbat was approaching I said Hashem please take over. I left work and left it behind me. After shabbat I checked to see what happened and all was taken care of. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that my son was accepted into an excellent yeshivah. Something I have been praying for.

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