Thank You Hashem – Week 174

  • Thank you Hashem for challenging times- they are perfect opportunities to show true authenticity!
  • From the archives… Thank you Hashem that I got married this past Sunday night to the most wonderful wife! My story of meeting Audrey is purely from the Shamayim. my cousin gave me Audrey’s phone number saying to call her up for a date. my response was that I know Audrey ,,,I’m not interested  ,,,, she’s not for me …. Something a regular guy would say about being set up. My friend Raymond’s mother in law approached me about Audrey around the same time (she and my cousin have no connection) and I gave her the same response. Soon after — I went out with another girl where our first and only date was a total disaster. It was really a bad night for me  ….When I get home, I say to myself  — what have I got to loose, its only a date. Let me call Audrey and be open minded. When I reach for her number to call ,,, we have a great conversation on the phone and I ask if she still lives in the city  … she tells me that she never lived in the city and that she’s lives in Brooklyn.We made plans for Thursday night…. I go ring the door bell and introduce myself to her father. All of a sudden….some girl who I never saw before in my life comes running out of the kitchen !!!!!!!It was a totally different girl who I thought I was picking up. A totally different girl than the one I said is not for me!This was all from Hashem!!I know everyone in this community and I never saw this girl before in my life…..It turned out I was pleasantly surprised that night and we continued dating until we got engaged in May. Hashem made two people approach me about Audrey, he sent me on a bad date so that I could learn to take more risks and he led me to my future wife. I am living proof of you never know give it a shot and let Hashem take care of everything else! Thank you Hashem for guiding me to my wife! Douglas Abade                                                                                                      …FAST FORWARD TO TODAY—Baruch Hashem my friend Douglas just had his 2nd BABY GIRL! Mabrook! Hashem is great.
  • Thank u Hashem for giving me the strength to go through my week. Things can be hard , but knowing it’s coming from u and it’s all for my best gives me reassurance that you’re taking care of me
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me receive tremendous nachat from my children
  • Thankful for intuition – Hashem’s radar
  • I had to call a customer telling him I made a mistake on an order he already has in his possession and the price is going to be several hundred dollars more than anticipated. I was thinking what and how to tell him. I prayed to Hashem and said just pick up the phone and say the truth like it is no big deal. Baruch Hashem he said no problem, he will pay it. Thank you Hashem
  • A couple of unexpected bills just popped up. I needed to come up with some extra money. The next day someone comes over to me and apologizes for being so late. I didn’t know what he was referring to. He then hands me money that he owed me that I had forgotten about. Thank you Hashem for the perfect timing.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Elbaz and the energy he brings to his inspiring Torah Shows.
  • Baby girl- mazal tov
  • My phone line was ringing. It was a customer that already had his order fulfilled and I figured he just had some sort of questions about it. Wasn’t in the mood but took the call. Turns out he is opening another location and just doubled his order. Thank you Hashem
  • its a BOY- mabrook to all
  • Had a Bar Misvah, an engagement and 2 brisses this week Baruch Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Simcha you sent to me at the perfect time.
  • I was about to lease a car from a dealer but got a little busy at work and did not have the time to complete it. It’s a good thing I did, he called me 1 week later with a special they were running on the exact car and I saved a substantial amount of money. Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to wait.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a misvah dioraita-from the Torah. It lead me straight into a 2nd misva dioraita proving that one misva leads to another misva. Thank you Hashem I am very grateful for these opportunities.
  • Thank you Hashem for the excitement that is in the air as we approach Chanukah!
  • Bar misvah this shabbat- Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 151

  • This story takes place a little over 29 years ago. 6 months before my father’s passing… My Father A’H had a very good friend that opened a gift store on Ave U in 1987.  We didn’t know this at the time but my father used to visit his friend on a regular basis, sit and have coffee and help him buy and set up merchandise goods for the store.  Shortly after..My Father passed away. During the week of my Father’s Shiva, my father’s friend came to pay respects..told us many stories, including the one I just mentioned. He gave us a cassette tape and told us to listen to it after we got up from sitting that week..  Needless to say we were very anxious to find out what was on the tape.. We got up from sitting and my Mother, 2 brothers and myself ran to my room to listen to the recording..  To our surprise…  it was a recording of my father sing a famous song from the 40’s with his friend on the keyboard  “ I’ll Never Smile Again.. Until I smile at You!!”  Anyone that knows the Lyrics’ to this song could imagine the emotions that ran through us that night.  ..  needless to say, we all left my room crying like babies and a memory that would last a lifetime. This recording has been a family treasure for all these years and we have always been very thankful to my father’s friend for sharing this with us.. This past Sunday, 6/26/16,  I received an email noticed that my Fathers friend had passed away earlier in the day at 96 years old. ..  but what really hit me hard was that he passed away with no family and there was no Shiva for him… I assumed no one was saying Kaddish for him either. I reached out to the Rabbi in NJ where I know he used to pray and asked him if anyone was saying Kaddish for him..  The Rabbi wasn’t sure but advised to get this done and that someone should be hired to say Kaddish for him for the Year.. I told the Rabbi I would say Kaddish for the week and would hire someone to make sure it gets done for the entire year.  And that’s what I did. It can’t be that a man lives 96 years and the next day passes away never to be remembered again..I don’t know what Zechut this man had or the depth of his relationship he had with my father but I could tell you this….  .  Hashem has a master plan and in this case it started 29 years ago.  I want to Thank Hashem for giving me the opportunity to perform this Mitzvah and pray that his Ne’shamah is elevated throughout the year and years to come..    Amen!!
  •  Had the zechut to attend my sons High School graduation. Mabruk, may he grow to be a true ben Torah along with all of his classmates.
  • Bris , Pidyon and a Wedding tonight. Thank you Hashem
  • Last year while my parents were in Florida on vacation, they were walking along the seashore and were pulled into the ocean by a rip wave current, my father broke his back and my mother her leg, they both had terrible complications and got worse before getting better. BAROUCH HASHEM, Ishtabach shemo la’ad, a year later, my parents  are both doing well and are thankful every day (as is the whole family b’H), to our Amazing father in the sky, that they are  Barouch Hashem healthy and here with us ad 120 B’H!
  • Pidyon Haben tonight – mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for a job that I love. Waking up each day happy to go to work and having the ability to help people is a beracha.
  • Two of my neighbors have gotten engaged to each other- Mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for putting me in position to do a kidush Hashem.
  • Thank Hashem for bringing my wife home from the hospital.
  • Thank you Hashem for such a thing as Dialysis that my friend was able to utilize. Thank you Hashem that my friend no longer needs to utilize Dialysis.
  • I was able to do a chesed with my car driving both to New Jersey and back to New York. This is something I prayed for when I first got the car. To be able to use it for chesed and misvot. Thank you Hashem.
  • I was away out of town and became ill. I called the Doctor back home and asked for a prescription. After I received it I realized being out of town I would not be covered for it on my insurance. I needed the medicine so I went to Walgreens. I gave them the prescription and on their own they saw me in their computer and I don’t know how but they had my insurance and I was covered. Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hashem for taking the illness away.
  • Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah and the incredible devoted members of Hatzalah. The Goyim can not fathom such an idea. We are a special people.

Thank You Hashem – Week 140

  • Thank you Hashem, I was so happy to see my friend Debbie from school today. It made me very happy.  Hashem really cares. Hashem knew how much I wanted to see her. Well done Hashem!
  • Thursday, I had very busy hectic day with many appointments .I had an important package to go out FedEx but no time to go to the post office.    I prayed to Hashem “please send me a FedEx truck” I Walked outside my store and a FedEx truck pulled up and gladly took my package.   In life when we go thru hectic times and then we get bailed out, we may think it’s us, or others or FedEx that helped, but it’s really Hashem that delivers.
  • Nothing is by accident. In the middle of Mincha I accidentally turned a few too many pages and glimpsed at some of the berachot in the upcoming Amidah. I thought to myself that I am not there yet, not in the amidah but will be on those pages shortly in the future and it helped me prepare my kavanah that when I get to those pages I want to be able to focus and concentrate on the powerful berachot of the amidah. Thank you Hashem for letting me prepare. It also made me think about Olam Haba , that I am not there yet and want to prepare here first..
  • Was assisting someone with a matter dealing with Renewal, an organization that helps with Kidney transplants and the woman on the phone at the Drs. Office in Lakewood after hearing me mention Renewal says oh Renewal they recently did a shiduch (a match). I figured she meant a shiduch of connecting a person who needs a kidney with a donor and I continued talking to her about how great that is. She interrupts and says, no they did a real marriage shiduch! I said what? She tells me how there were 2 donors at Renewal and they were put together and have gotten married. Wow..I was on the phone with Aj from Renewal and I mentioned this to him to confirm and he told me 100% true , that he went to the wedding. He made the story even greater by telling me how both of the donors are from Brooklyn and both happened to go to Minneapolis as a chesed to give chizuk to the patient who was preparing to receive a new Kidney. The 2 people met in Minneapolis and are now married. We clearly see Hashems hand here on many fronts, the reward for these peoples chesed, how they both are in NY but met very far away, how they both have the same midah of caring enough to go and fly out to Minneapolis to make a patient feel more comfortable- No doubt this is match made in Heaven by Hashem with the guidance of the fantastic organization Renewal.Thank you Hashem.
  • Brit milah yesterday, mabruk…
  • Was at the Geox store with my wife and the sales person comes and tells us that today they have a sale and we will get an additional 25 percent off of the sale price and if we buy 2nd pair we will get another 50 off of one of the shoes on top of the already reduced price. Got confused, laughed and said whatever you said sounds good. Got a great pair of Geox for $26! My wife’s were about $60. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a chesed to do.
  • Saved myself a 3 hour trip in the car by asking a simple question, Thank you Hashem for putting the right thoughts in our minds.
  • Got a free upgrade on my flight, Thank you Hashem.
  • Found out I was going to have extra expenses this Pesach year being I was going to have to have extra meals in my home this year. I did not get bothered by the extra expense even though it is a little tight right now and said to myself, my friend always reminds me that Hashem pays for Shabbat and Holidays. Shortly after finding out about the extra expenses someone approaches me with a gift card for a very nice amount to one of the biggest kosher supermarkets in town. Keep in mind this person never has given me a gift card like this before , this was given on a year that I was having extra meals and Hashem has taken care of it on his Shabbat and Holiday account. Thank you so much to this friend and of course Thank you Hashem for always taking care of all of our needs. Chodesh Tov to all.
  • Engagement party last night –Mazal Tov
  • Wow , Thank you Hashem , I just called the rent a car company to tell them that I made a reservation but never got an email confirmation and when I go on the site to see the car rental it shows a way higher price. They looked me up and said I do not have a reservation. Uh oh , I say here are my dates please see if you can get me the same price I originally had that was 200 less then what it shows now. She types it in and says there is a special deal right now and it will be over 100 less than my original reservation! I say can I do it online she says no it is only available at this particular airport and only available by doing it on the phone. Thank you Hashem for saving me over 300 dollars and Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to give them a call, something I normally would not do.
  • Was witness to enormous amounts of chesed and maasim tovim this week on many levels of Adam Lichaveiro. Made me realize how lucky I am to be a Jew. There is no one like our nation. Thank you Hashem for choosing me to be part it.

Thank You Hashem – Week 106

  • Thank You Hashem for giving me the 5 senses, that I could move,  walk, and talk and for everything that I take for granted Baruch Hashem You give me so much that I could never, ever thank You enough!
  • Thank you Hashem for the great news that our brother Jonathan Pollard is going to be freed from jail.
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful children who help me grow every day. I learn so much from them even when I feel annoyed or upset.
  • Thank you Hashem for my great parking space today!
  • Thank you Hashem for waking me up to some real concerns and helping me see things more clearly when it comes to my children.
  • To start the story of what happened to me, I want to explain my weekly schedule. I am young guy starting off with 1 boy, every day I work very hard In a business, But I need more resources to bring in money for my family,So I decided months ago I would buy some closeouts and every Sunday morning.  I would go to the flea market in New Jersey and bring in some extra cash. One Wednesday I was listening to the weather the forecast was stormy throughout the weekend And including Sunday, I thought to myself, the flea market is not an option this week. Suddenly I get a call “hello, I have tons of closeouts want to get rid of now it’s taking up space You could have it for pennies but you must pick up today or I’m just going to throw it out”  What should I do I said to myself I didn’t want to loss such deal I decided to take a shot and rent a trailer to pick up the goods.  I didn’t really have a place to store it so I left the rented truck in my driveway till Sunday morning.  Waking up Sunday morning, I ran to the window, the rain was coming down in buckets.  “I am paying rent on the van anyways It doesn’t hurt to go I have nothing else to do” I said to myself. on the way I stopped for a bagel to bring with me for breakfast. By the time I get to the flea market the rain stopped, But the ground was all muddy and not a person in site, I said might as well eat my bagel,    So I went to were my table was and sat to eat, Couple minutes later someone walked over to me “is this your truck, your towels?” I said yes, he responded “you know I’m on the other side of the market, you are my competition and taking my entire business I’ll buy the entire truck from you how much?” I just thought of a number $4,000 for the truck ,he says “no problem – come please drop to my house” After getting small deposit I dropped the goods to his house and got 4,000 cash Which I wouldn’t have made as much selling one by one. Thank You Hashem
  • As a young boy in Shaare Torah High School,I wanted to Continue after High school to advance my learning, I didn’t have the skills as of yet,A couple of months before applying I was tutored every night to prepare for a test In Gemarah to show how well I can study, day after day I would study just 1 page of gemarah Until I know it ok,It so happened, one Shabbat my older brother invited me to come to NJ, I Took him up on his offer, Being it was a long winter Friday night he told me lets go learn a little, my brothers friend knew me and wanted to study with me, He told me I hope you don’t mind lets learn anywhere an d he picked a gemarah and asked me  a big question and he answered, I thought nothing of it, Months past and the time came to take a test for what I have been preparing for The rabbi spoke to me and obviously he picked up that I have been studying this certain page, He said ok I just want to test you on something new you haven’t learnt, I said to myself great he is going to realize my poor skills and not accept me all that preparation was for nothing , he opened up a page which they will be learning next year and he happened to ask me the very same question I have learned with my brothers friend that Friday night months before, knowing the answer he was amazed that I was able to answer on my own, which he accepted me into the new school to advance my learning  – Thank You Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem For: my awesome $2.50 sandals from 5 below. For the 4 hours I spent on the beach this morning, from 5:30-9:30, alone, thinking about Hashem, especially while watching the sunrise. For the warm water and awesome waves, and the fox I saw on the beach at 6am . For the organic health food store with tons of kosher food near my hotel.
  • Thank you Hashem for our Rabbis that give themselves over to us relentlessly even on a tough day like Tisha B’av-we are so lucky to have them.
  • I was praying to Hashem regarding my parnasah as I was driving. At a red light I stopped and checked my email. Had an email from a customer saying he found an order he was supposed to give to me over a month ago, that it got lost some how. I guess my tefilah helped him find it. Thank you Hashem – Hashem is great! Say it out loud!
  • Here is my thank you Hashem- true story back in 2011 I was speaking to a friend who was having difficulty finding his match , he told me he was going to give up after dating for so long so many years with out any success…  I told him don’t give up hope, I have an idea , Give me your hebrew name I will include your name in the perek shira that I ready every day and god willing Hashem will help and you will find your shidduch soon..  Time went on and about a year and a couple of months later in 2012  my friend tells me Avi you I feel that your prayers are really working.. I asked what do you mean … he says some how my neshama feels very soon I will be engaged … I said ok keep that emunah… then on motzaie shabbat of parshat va etchanan I get the phone call from my friend he said guess what I am engaged your  prayers worked !! I was amazed and I realized that I have reached 515 or 516 prayers of Perek Shira  .. the gematria,numeric value of Veatchanan  and thanked Hashem for answering my prayers  …Prayers are real and said sincerely Hashem answers them and they have the power to turn seemingly helpless situations into miracles …

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