Thank You Hashem – Week 153

WOW. Thank you Hashem.

  • Thank you Hashem for keeping me safe while I was traveling.
  • Thank you Hashem that I have family that are away in camps and are doing well and enjoying.
  • Thank you Hashem for a delicious swim today. Clean and warm pool – clear blue sky – relaxing and enjoyable!
  • Wedding tonight Bris Friday , Pidyon Sunday – Thank you Hashem
  • July 4th weekend I found out that I needed to find a new residence. Shocked and terrified I took the right actions in reaching out to all my networks. A friend of mine suggested that I look in an area that was close to my favorite Chabad in Prospect Heights. I said no way that I will be able to afford that area, I searched 2 years ago and there was nothing in my range, especially not a studio! I had in mind what I wanted a renovated studio in a price no fee had to be safe I looked at a few listings and they were dumps… A friend of a friend reached out to find out about weekend plans in our group. He was a realtor. He happened to have a listing that was coming up for August 2 blocks away from the Chabad. A renovated studio, in my budget ! IT WAS A NO FEE to boot. Before the apartment was even on the market, our friend agreed to take me to see the place on JULY 4th. I signed the lease last week and I move in,in a month ❤ Even my Rebitzen said “How did you find this place?” , I said it came from G-d!
  • Thank you Hashem for making my simcha so beautiful. The simcha that was in the hall the night before was magnificent and Hashem sent me a gift. Hashem made it that we were able to utilize the beautifully decorated room for our simcha without having the enormous expense.                                        Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for our life saving HATZALAH Volunteers who never let us down and give us their all. Hashem should bless and protect them all.
  • Wow this is amazing, I was planning for 2 weeks to call a certain customer for an order that was a no brainer. He was definitely giving it to me it was just a matter of when I had the time to call him and put it in with him. I called him a few minutes ago and surprisingly he said they are not ready for the order that they need some more time. I hung up and I did not get upset 1 tiny bit. I had trust in Hashem and carried on like normal. 3 minutes later my phone rings, it is a customer who sometimes can be a little difficult. I answer the phone and he actually out of the clear blue sky gives me a surprise order that I had no idea was coming. This is a bigger order than the one I was attempting to get moments earlier. I see clearly that this is not coincidence. Thank you Hashem for running everything so perfectly for us all of the time.
  • ….add to the last post please…After living this situation and trusting in Hashem, the very next day (today) I was in a similar position. A customer was supposed to get an approval on an order for me from his superiors. It was a formality to get them to sign it. He calls me and tells me there is a small problem, they are giving him a hard time with the order for some reason and he doesn’t know what to do. He had me make a couple of changes that he said would help and told me he will bring it to them again. At first I was failing the test and started to get nervous and upset. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I stopped myself and reminded myself of what Hashem did for me just one day earlier. I smiled and said out loud, Hashem it is all in your hands I trust in you and please take care of it for me. Hashem showed me just one day earlier who is in charge. I was so relaxed. I smiled and was worry free. A couple of hours later I call the customer to make small talk and see if he says anything. After a few minutes he says oh by the way the signatures are on the order and approved. I calmly say as if it was an afterthought, Thank you so much I appreciate it. Smiled to Hashem and said Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 141

  • My wife gave birth 8 weeks early thank you Hashem for a healthy wife and healthy baby boy!
  • Thank you Hashem for the wedding I am attending-Mazel tov
  • New baby boy in our family- Thank you Hashem
  • Baby girl-mabruk.
  • BH Had a Bar Mitzvah Sunday and wedding on Monday and Tuesday Mabrook!
  • Shabbat Chatan this past shabbat- Mabrook
  • My friends daughter got engaged-so happy- mabruk
  • I went to visit a customer to sell him merchandise thinking I would profit about $200 for his order. In between going to him and calling the next day for the order I did a certain misvah that our rabbis teach us brings parnasah. Called the customer the next day , Just finished with him, bought more than I thought and made over $1000. Thank you so much Hashem.
  • I just heard wonderful news, one of the girls that my daughter prayed for on her wedding day to find their shiduch has gotten engaged! Mabruk! Hope to hear more good news. Thank you Hashem
  • I just heard about 3 girls a little older in age that have gotten engaged. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the struggles in life and thank you for all the times when there are no struggles in life. Thank you Hashem for the solutions to our struggles in life.
  • I was driving home very late one night and found myself in a very scary and dangerous area. There were very scary people hanging out on each corner staring at me when I would approach. I was very scared. A police officer signaled for me to pull over that he wanted to speak with me. I had no idea what he wanted. He asked me what I was doing, I told him I am a tiny bit lost and trying to get home. He saw that I was honest and not there to meet with any of these scary characters. He leans over and tells me to write down his badge number. He then tells me do not stop by the stop signs that I should carefully slow down about 10 feet before the corner and then carefully drive thru the stop sign avoiding eye contact with these dangerous people.  He said if a cop stops me to give them my badge number and tell them I advised you to do this. I followed his instructions and after a few blocks was able to get on the highway and home safely. Thank you Hashem for your protection.
  • Wedding last night, wedding tonight and wedding Sunday night. Thank you Hashem for happy occasions to celebrate.
  • I was about to go to the store to buy bread and my phone rings and it’s my mother and she says Hi I am in Moishy’s do you need anything. Saved me a trip, Thank you Hashem for my mother.
  • Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah, always there in an instant when we need them.
  • As I was driving the thought popped into my head that I need a car wash for Pesach but not in the mood to deal with lines. I was a little bit out of the neighborhood and thought maybe I can get lucky and find one here that is not too busy. Type car wash into my phone, and says .02 miles away, I follow the short directions and bingo, only 1 person in front of me. I then prepare to pay a little extra for the pesach sketch but they tell me all I need is package 1 for 9.99, he then hands me the ticket and says, here it is on special today for 7.99. Thank you Hashem.


(as was mentioned last week, but would like to note that the person that sent in these details is the person referred to in the story as the  “community member” and he is too humble to write what he and his family actually did for this boy and I am not about to do it here either but would like all to know that whenever you read what the community member did you must multiply it many many times. The chesed our friends witnessed first hand can not be described, they took the bull by the horns as they say, they could have easily just picked up the boy and helped find him a place to stay and then bring the case to Rabbi Ozeris lap and leave it at that and feel very happy with that great chesed, but they did not. This family single handedly revived this boy SPITIRUALLY and PHYSICALLY,He had zechut to be around this wonderful family and became “part of” the family bonding with the children and parents as well (they even took him on their family vacation!)-Mi kiamcha Yisrael! Hazak Ubaruch-Hashem should bless this entire family with everything wonderful and what you did for this boy is nothing less than spectacular!)

Modern Day Yetziat Mitzrayim

A young Israeli boy of 12 yrs old, the youngest of 7 kids, had difficulty breathing from birth. Doctors said it was Asthma. 6 months before his Bar Mitzva, his Father, at age 53 went to sleep and never woke up. As an orphan, this boy becomes a Bar Mitzva while still having a hard time breathing.  At age 14, his windpipe totally closes and he can not breathe. Rushed to and from several hospital emergency rooms, each one injecting him with steroids to open his windpipe and getting very temporary results, the boy ends up on a respirator and unconscious for a week. Finally the doctors realize that his windpipe has closed and is given an emergency tracheotomy. At age 14 he had to breathe from a Trache pipe in his neck. He dropped out of Yeshiva as he was too embarrassed to continue. He stayed home for over a year in a major depression. At age 15 thru 18 he tried several surgeries on his windpipe to restore normal breathing, but the surgeries made things worse.

For a year and a half he lost his ability to speak. The boy was living a wild and dangerous lifestyle, primarily because he did not care if he died. At age 19 one of his sisters found the name of a surgeon in Boston that was world renown for trachea surgery.
Her and her brother set out to visit with this Dr in Boston for a consultation. The Dr said that he can do a reconstructive trachea transplant to restore his breathing but it would cost about $50,000. They went back home to Israel not knowing how they would manage to raise the funds. His sister wrote up a letter explaining the situation and mailed it out to Jewish philanthropists in the USA.

An anonymous recipient from Chicago agreed to sponsor the surgery in Boston and the boy with his sister were on their way to Boston. “Ashreichem Yisrael”- look and see how great Am Yisrael is, who take care of each other in a time of need. The boy himself became a great believer in Hashem and a Baal Bitachon. He built up a relationship with Hashem and cried out to Him constantly to save him from this nightmare and his personal bondage. The transplant and surgery seemed to go well at first and a stent was placed in the new windpipe to keep it open, but just like the Jews in Mitzrayim when Moshe first came to be their savior were excited and full of hope only to see the hardships become more intense, so too this boy was about to experience an even worse situation. His body began to reject the transplant and every 4-6 weeks the windpipe area would grow tissue and skin and close up the windpipe to the point where he could no longer speak or breathe normally until a surgery was done to reopen the windpipe.

For about a year, the boy lived in a basement in Crown Heights with a Trache tube and a humidifying tube machine that he needed to attach to his neck in order to sleep at night. He was all alone in a foreign country and travelled by bus every 4-6 weeks to Boston for a surgery to reopen his windpipe. He became so depressed that he contemplated suicide. The Kli Yakar at the end of Shemot points out that the darkest part of the night is right before dawn.

At this point, the boy was 21 years old and losing faith. His sister in Israel got a meeting with Rabbi Ades in Bnei Brak and when he heard that the boy was living alone without money, he called upon an acquaintance he knew in the Syrian community and asked him to take the boy to Rabbi Ozeri and try to find a temporary home for him. The sister flew in from Israel and both she and the boy stayed in the home of a community family. Rabbi Ozeri got involved and provided new clothing for the boy, and the boy began to feel wanted and comfortable with his new “family”.

His Bitachon was once again strengthened and his will to continue his fight for survival was restored. After a week or so, his windpipe once again closed up and he could not speak, he was only able to breathe thru his Trache tube in his neck. The father of the family and the new caregiver of this boy, drove him up to Boston for his appointment and  was introduced to the Jewish surgeon that was trying to help this boy become a normal breather. The surgeon walked in and took a look at the Community Man and said that in his entire career he never gave up on a patient, but he was prepared to give up on this boy! if not for the fact that the boy is now under the care of this man and his family!. It seems that for the many months that the boy was on his own, he did not have the discipline or the support of anyone to help him through this difficult journey of medicines and surgeries. The Doctor was fighting a losing battle and was not even getting a penny for all of these operations. Now that the situation changed, he was ready to continue the fight. He told the man that he needed 3 things for this to work. Discipline regarding taking his medicines, more frequent appointments in Boston and lots of Money.

This community man was now involved in a situation much more difficult than he ever imagined but if not for this “match” set up by Hashem thru Rabbi Ades, the boys life at best would have remained a nightmare. That night, the man and the boy strengthened themselves in Bitachon, understanding that Hashem can do anything believed that this will all work out. The next day the surgery was done once again to reopen the windpipe except this time Hashem put in the mind of the surgeon to remove the stent from the windpipe in hopes that this will prevent the body from closing the windpipe again. The doctor was not very confident but he gave it a try. 3 weeks later they were back in Boston and without knowing if the windpipe was closing or not, the boy stood on the very busy city street outside the tall office building of the doctor and just like Am Yisrael screamed out to Hashem from their bondage, the boy looked up to the sky and with tears streaming down his cheeks began to scream and beg Hashem to save his life and perform a miracle for him. Upstairs he went and the doctor did a scope into his throat to see how the windpipe reacted to the surgery of 3 weeks ago. Sure enough, the doctor was amazed. No more rejection!. The windpipe was healing and stayed open. The doctor took the man to the side and said that he was a Jew and not really observant but now he KNOWS that there is a G-d in the world and He is looking after this boy.  The doctor realized that a miracle indeed took place. The doctor still wanted to see the boy every 3 weeks to be sure that he was okay. They visited the doctor again and again and each time the scope showed that the windpipe was healing and remaining open. The Trache tube was no longer needed and the machine at night was no longer needed. The boy was on his way to a new life of normal breathing. He recognized the Chesed of Hashem and was constantly thanking Hashem for saving him. This passed week the doctor said it was safe for him to travel back to his family in Israel after being away from home for a year and a half. He is returning to Eretz Yisrael 3 days before Pesach to experience his own Modern Day Yetziat Mitzrayim.

Hodu LaHashem Ki Tov, Ki LeOlam Chasdo.

Thank You Hashem – Week 25

– Thank you Hashem for The Special Childrens Center! This week our “Special Child” was off of school for winter vacation (?) Being home for over 10 days is difficult for him and us since he needs constant care. The center took him on overnights and really helped us get through it. May Hashem help them to continue their great work (until it’s no longer needed by anyone)


-Was driving with someone from Lakewood and were talking in the car as we were driving,

The driver mentioned something and I told him in response – LO ZOO HADERCH, this is not our way,

I don’t know why I said those words but just popped into my mind, meanwhile the driver was about to make a wrong turn and as the words were said he answered OH, sorry your right it’s the wrong turn – LO ZOO HADERCH,

Baruch Hashem.


-UPDATE TO STORY FROM WEEK 19, (“- Bh was learning the Daf, the gemera was speaking about a mezuzah on the door of the special chamber in the Beit Hamikdash that housed the Cohen Gadol for seven days before Yom Kippur, Hasdei Hashem someone was in the office at the time and we were discussing the gemara, and as a joke we remarked about our office, they have just recently done construction and have moved people around their offices, but they didn’t put up the mezuzah, my friend said, wait, get someone to put it up for you – Amazing, learning the gemara and Hasdei Hashem we are able to put into action… getting a mezuzah right away BH – Gadol Halimud shemavia leda maaseh, – greater is learning torah for it brings to action, Baruch Hashem. – a person does one mitzvah and it leads to another.”) –



-Hasdei Hashem – was in Israel with family for my father a”h 30 days, and while there, noticed my wallet was missing, we looked everywhere! I didn’t even remember which credit cards were in my wallet, imagine internationally and wallet missing!!! Concierge on credit card couldn’t do anything for me, after breakfast we all packed into my brothers rent a car, and my mother insisted to sit in the back. I was in front, she mentioned why don’t you say the pasuk lost objects, started saying it, and when said the very last word, my mother yelled out “Got it” thought she was joking, she said “No seriously here it is” the wallet must have fell out of your pocket in the back seat, and when I was saying the pasuk she felt the seat and found it . – Amazing. BH


-Hashem sent me a reward for a misvah I did a few years back, another misva! Was walking to my car to go and pray mincha and I saw a person standing outside a house, looked like he was looking for a minyan so I walk towards him and he says, remember me? (which I did instantly) you and your friend once were so nice and came to visit me when I was sitting shivah in this same house for my baby son, are you able to come in now and help with a minyan? My mother inlaw is sitting now and we are trying to get it together. Thank you Hashem for doubling my misvah and b’h may I join these fine people in celebrating simachot and very happy times as well!

(Also got to witness a kidush Hashem as there was a not yet frum older man there that was convinced to stay and pray with us and he heard divrei Torah and I saw first hand the light of Torah and emet take effect on him,he was so happy and he felt as if he accomplished something meaningful! And was so nice to see fellow Jews helping him to read the tefillot from the siddur and guide him how to say shema and all. Who is like the Jewish Nation! Mi kiamcha Yisrael!


-Thank you Hashem for our meaningful holidays and for Rosh Hashana-our new year in which we are given the opportunity to stand before you and speak of your greatness and be judged with everything good b’ezrat Hashem and not use our new year like the nations of the world to drink themselves into oblivion and endanger peoples lives.


– I did my hishtadlut and tried to get a certain job and Baruch Hashem I didn’t get it thank you Hashem!!


-I would like to Thank Hashem for giving Raymond the idea to start this beautiful weekly email. When it first started, we started reading the emails at the Shabbat table and then we would go around the table asking everyone to say something they thank Hashem for. My children are little, but BH they would give the most beautiful Thank yous that would make us SO proud! My 4 year old, Hashem bless her, loved it, and took it upon herself that every night at dinner time, all on her own she says “OK EVERYONE, IT IS TIME FOR US TO THANK HASHEM! DADDY YOU START” and she goes around the table asking each one of us to say something. When we get up to the baby, she says something for him – “He thanks Hashem for his pacifier!”He thanks Hashem for his toys” “He thanks Hashem for his bottle”…etc etc. Thank you for bringing this wonderful way to teach our children (& us) about Thanking Hashem & having Hakarat HaTov!


-Thank you Hashem that. I’m healthy in every way!! It’s the biggest beracha!


-My friend had a healthy baby boy this past week- Baruch Hashem


-Thank You Hashem that we run and they run… we run to Olam Habah and they run to?
Thank You that on jan 1st we get to run to learn Your EMET, Your TORAH that You gave to US…TRUE SIMHA (happiness)…while they run searching for some kind of happiness without realizing how to find such a thing and what it may mean to be b’simha! (With happiness)
“Yismach lev mevakshey Hashem” -The heart rejoices (will be happy) of someone that asks/seeks out about the ways of Hashem


-2 beautiful families, 1 beautiful engagement! – Mazal tov


-Mi kiamcha Yisrael-Only the Jewish people- On Wednesday  I heard Moshes supermarket was a pre snowstorm madhouse, at the end of the day I was driving by and said I will run in for a French bread for rosh chodesh but if the lines are crazy I will just leave, I grabbed the bread and saw a couple of lines with very little action and went to the register, then to my right saw another line a little smaller so walked over, a lady had a wagon not far behind and said excuse me I  am on the line, I said oh sorry I didn’t realize, I move to step behind her and she motions to the long aisle behind me and says- that is the line (I didn’t realize because to stay out of the way they continue the line by the aisle)-there was an entire aisle filled to the back of the store of people with their wagons waiting on the line!!- I said oh wow- she laughingly says you didn’t think you were that lucky did you? She says don’t worry you only have 1 item go ahead- I said no no its ok-she said just go –I said no its not fair to the entire line I would be cutting all of them not just going ahead of you, I was about to go just put the bread back and she announces down the entire aisle- “Does anyone mind if he goes ahead of us?” they all said together no problem, go ahead, I guess I was “that lucky”- thank you Hashem.

Mi kiamcha Yisrael- Chodesh Tov.

What is the key…

What is the key to success in life?

It’s up to you to know that everything Hashem has given you — how you react to them — is a test. All our character traits are also a test. If you utilize them properly to behave according to the guidance of Torah and you keep on thanking Hashem for them, then you will be successful in your life and be among the choicest of men. (Ohr Avigdor Shaar Avodas Elokim)

                      the Rabbi Avigdor Miller Simchas Hachaim Foundation

Thank You Hashem – Week 24

– Every morning we say the Beracha- “HaMechin Mitzadei Gaver”- Hashem prepares the steps of Man. Rav Shimon Schwab explains that Hashem is in control of every step we take, meaning Hashem leads us to go where He knows is best for us to go. Last Sunday, I made a last minute decision to fly to China for business. Every factory that I needed to work with was in Northern China and almost always when I went in the past I travel through Seoul Korea and then transfer into China. This time, Hashem, through my travel agent, got me great seats and a great itinerary with a connecting flight in Hong Kong. I left Monday Night and arrived in Hong Kong Wednesday morning early with a connecting flight at 10:25 AM to a city in China. I boarded the plan at 10:00 AM and was sitting and waiting for take off. At 10:25, the pilot makes an announcement that there will be a delay for a very unusual reason. He explains that the Walkway Bridge that connects to the door of the airplane broke and it was not able to detach from the door and so they needed to repair it before we can take off. Another 20 minutes went by and then I saw an Immigration paper on the seat near me and I remembered that I forgot to get a Visa which is needed to enter Mainland China. The airline was not suppose to allow me onto the plane without it but they overlooked it and now I realized that had the plane taken off, I would have not been permitted to enter China and they would have sent me back to either Hong Kong (many hours later) or NY which would have ruined my whole trip. I called the Flight attendant and she made a call and an agent came on the plane and told me to gather my things as he escorted me off the plane. At that point I thought of the Beracha “HaMechin Mitzadei Gaver”- and I started to realize that Hashem was taking me by the hand into Hong Kong for a reason that I did not yet know about. Hong Kong does not require a Visa, and so I got my bags and took a taxi into downtown Hong Kong, to the Shul in Kowloon where a nice Jewish man helped me get information on where to get a Visa in the shortest amount of time. As it turned out, I went to the consulate and they were able to get me a Visa for the next afternoon. Although I was in Hong Kong unplanned, I remembered that I have a Factory contact that was headquartered in Hong Kong and so I contacted them and they were happy to meet with me the next morning. That morning’s meeting ended up making my entire trip productive and filled with new business opportunities. I then got my Visa and continued on to China for a successful trip. Throughout the entire Journey I could not stop saying Thank You Hashem for leading me to a better situation. This was an obvious Yad of Hashem experience but the Beracha we say each day is to instill in us that EVERY place we go, planned or unplanned is being controlled by Hashem for our best interest. Ashrechem Yisrael!!!!!

– I was feeling under the weather, left work early, was thinking “I feel so sick”. Then I said Thank You Hashem for making me almost never feel like this. Thank you for giving me a healthy family. My next thought was “There are so many real sick people who wish they could feel as good as I feel now. My Rebbi Reb Nissan Kaplan often quotes the Gemara that the Tanna Rebbi Akiva was very poor. One day Eliyahu Hanavi came to his house dressed as a poor man. He said his wife was about to give birth, (or just gave birth – I don’t remember) and didn’t even have straw to lie on. R’ Akiva then gave the “poor man” some of his own straw. After the “man” left, R Akiva told his wife Rachel “you see there are poorer people than us”. We need to always remember that whatever situation we may face, there are always people facing bigger difficulties.

– was at a wedding of a worker of mine and got there when he was just getting into the yichud room, I managed to get to him in there to give him a mazal tov and so he can see me and I can wish him well and now I can leave and make it home and then to my regular shiur. Otherwise he would be coming out for the dancing at 930pm and would be cutting it very close. After I saw him I was contemplating what to do and thought of the misva to make a chattan happy and decided to stay and then rush to my class at 10pm…When you do a misva or chesed it is really for yourself- when he came out and I got to dance with him alone in the giant circle they formed, he gave me the most warm and sweet beracha as we were dancing together, had I left I would not have been able to make him so happy that these words of beracha came out of his mouth and receive this great beracha…it was an incredible moment and the kedusha was felt sincerely

– My friend got engaged-thank you Hashem

– B4 we got married we were looking 4 an apartment in Deal. For like 2 months and we couldn’t find anything so we decided to look in Lakewood ( not our 1st choice) but I said well do our hishtadlut in both places and Hashem will put us where were suppose to live.
The next week we started looking in Lakewood and right away we found a nice cozy apartment that we both liked, and it was in pine river the area we really wanted to be in and it was cheaper then the other places that we looked at in deal and bh everything worked so smoothly and we ended up taking that place. So we said ok this must be where Hashem wants us 2 live.
Now that we found a place in Lakewood we had 2 find a job for my wife local because the year before she worked in deal and its a far commute for her to do everyday so now we were going to try 2 find a job a little closer.
So around a week after we got the place in pine river my wife made a few phone calls to ask if any1 knew any jobs like for a playgroup in Lakewood ( which btw isn’t easy to find a few of her friends have been looking 4 the same kind of job in Lakewood and couldn’t find anything) and right away some1 told her she knew of somebody looking for a assistant in her playgroup so my wife called to ask about the job and she told us she’s busy with camp now but shell get back to us.
A few weeks later she called us back and BH she gave my wife the job. And where was this playgroup located? In pine river down the block from our house!
That’s Hashem telling us don’t worry about anything I am watching over you and taking care of you!!! Thank you Hashem for taking care of us and of all your children!!!!! We always have to strengthen our emunah when we see Hashem literally taking care of us and should never worry about anything just pray and do out hishtadlut!!!


– I was running late and on my way to the train.  As I approached I could see the train at the station stopped. Ok I figured pick up the pace to try to catch it. Needed also to fill my metro card. Got to the platform, and both machines were being used and no attendant was behind the glass.   So I said to myself, I will just wait patiently, take my time going up the stairs, and walk onto the train like a melech.  If Hashem wants me to catch the train I will.  So I waited patiently, strolled up the stairs, and walked onto the train like a melech. Thank you Hashem.

– I had a very expensive old pair of Shabbat shoes that the sole had gotten worn and had a sort of crack going thru it. I took a chance and called the company for fun and they took the shoes back and sent them back to me with a brand new rubber sole and fixed them all up like new shined up and all, or actually BETTER than new-this sole is actually much better and more comfortable then the original. Thank you Hashem for the free shoes likvod Shabbat kodesh.

– THANK YOU HASHEM for putting YOUR WORDS IN MY MOUTH, THOUGHTS in my head and similar how R’ Diamond puts it, taking me by the hand bringing me along the way.  I LOVE YOU HASHEM, THANK YOU!

– I had a mammogram today for a suspected growth.  Baruch Hashem, all is well.

– Hesed and team work! Mitzvah man takes care of a 95 year old Blind women, who lives ALONE, on the 3 rd floor of a vacant yeshiva.8 volunteers visit her weekly to take care of all her needs, shopping, Drs. Appointments, rides, cleaning, paper work etc…. A while back, a volunteer suggested buying her a special Automatic phone, and then she’ll plug in all her numbers so she won’t have to wait for us to come to help her make her phone calls. Last week, while alone, she got chest pains, she shouted into her phone, Hatzalah Hatzalah!!!”
I’m getting chest pains!!!” Hatzalah immediately picked her up, brought her to Maimonides hospital while she was having a heart attack! Hashem set her up with this automatic telephone, a gift that eventually saved her life!, mitzvah man immediately called Ikey Sabagh from friends of Maimonides offices as Ikey works there to make sure community patients are taken care of . Ikey responded” I wasn’t sure that she’s blind” ok I’m on it” Ikey and friends of Maimonides immediately  got Her a room, doctors and they performed a successful operation. 2 days later ,Ikey called and said she has NO insurance or family ,so they can’t send ambulance, mitzvah man arranged for volunteers to pick her up,
2 women, now the problem is lifting her up 3 flights of steps, again, hatzalah to the rescue,2 men showed up as soon as she arrived. Mitzvah man volunteer brought food and stayed with her to tend to her needs “she’s alive and well BH. From Mitzvah man to friends of Maimonides to Hatzalah, a community organized TEAM EFFORT!!!!!! ACHDUT!!!  Hashem should bless all of these and all our organizations at large- it is a great Kiddush Hashem and awesome how they all worked in sync saving this woman. Each organization is a piece in the puzzle. But wow, Thank you Hashem for that telephone!
(To volunteer for chesed opportunities with mitzvah man call 1866 355 1825 or go to


Thank You Hashem – Week 23

-Just came from heart doctor and after many test all is well. Even saw my heart on the cardiologist screen that my heart is beating BUT there are no batteries or Electric!!

-Thank you Hashem for having my Daughter get engaged to a wonderful boy from a good family just like mine. I also thank you for helping me to be able to make the wedding in the shul where I pray everyday at a price I can afford and a day that will make my wife and daughter happy.

-Thank you Hashem for the very special hidden sadik in our community, Dr. Fariwa

-THANK YOU HASHEM for the elastic that you make that holds up my socks and under garments. How inconvenient would it be if our socks had no elastic??? We’d spend half our day pulling up our socks!
Think about that tomorrow morning when you’re getting dressed… OLAM CHESSED YIBANE!!!

-Had a small fender bender , someone got in my car shortly after and while I was driving asked, is everything working in order, is the car making any fuzzy,screeching or shrieking noises? I said no and Baruch Hashem neither am I!!

-Thank you Hashem for providing me many opportunities to do Kiddushim Hashem at work, where I am surrounded by non-Jews and non-yet frum Jews.  Thank you Hashem for my wonderful family and friends, and for my job.  Thank you Hashem for always listening to my prayers and for providing me with all my needs! Thank you Hashem for helping me to find the light and truth of Torah.  Thank you, Hashem for showing mercy to all of Klal Yisrael and for forgiving us for our aveiros and accepting our teshuvah.  Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to Hashem for all of the chesed he has done me and for Klal Yisrael.

-Went to visit an extremely sick person in the hospital and as I was leaving the hospital room was walking to the elevator and feeling grateful that I am healthy enough to be able to walk out of the hospital on my own, but was also feeling very bad for the person I was visiting. As I was in the elevator with a sad feeling the doors open up on one of the floors on way down and who walks in? A religious couple with a baby seat and a newborn baby that they were getting ready to bring home from the hospital! A gift all wrapped up by Hashem! Hashem instantly sent me such an awesome message (many messages can be taken) and I was so grateful for this site. I was also able to give this couple a warm beracha and told them they should be zoche to dance with their new baby at her wedding BH. (Who knows? Maybe Hashem put me in that place at that time so they can all hear that beracha and answer amen-in which they did-hope it’s a great wedding to a great Chatan BH)

-ps on that same trip to the visit in the hospital was a big test for me to go, I was very very tied up with much to do with out enough time to do it but stopped everything and went- one of the things was to call a customer and ask if a check that I have been waiting for was sent out yet, and when I returned after business hours from the hospital stopped by my office and the check was in the mailbox- Thank you Hashem

-pss- on that same visit- during my visit overheard interaction with the patient behind the curtain sharing the room but never saw him, had no idea if it was goy or whatever? Then I hear him talking to the dr. and he respectfully tells him-you see that white board behind you, it says in Hebrew- ein od milvado, that means there is nothing else but g-d, that g-d is the one running the world and making all the decisions, no matter what you tell me you think is going on with me it is not you it is all in g-ds hands! Needless to say I paid this patient a visit and had a very nice visit with him and his family. I also repeated the words to the patient I was visiting and it gave him a big chizuk hearing these words! Ein od milvado!

-I was going to the city, about to board the train. I decided to beat my yetzer hara, I went back home for a second to get mini gemara to learn on train, when I got back to parking spot there was a rabbi who I took to the city on the train and helped him collect $ and showed him all offices and where to go.. If I didn’t stall to go home he wouldn’t of saw anyone to help him. It was about 1 pm middle of week.

-Lately I’ve been leaving my learning to pray early to avoid traffic to open my store on time. Today I woke up 730, went to shul, but stayed and spoke with someone about dibrei torah and I left at 820. I was scared ill be late. BH No traffic at all. Opened Store exactly at 930. Usually there’s traffic every day.

-On Passover one must burn hametz until its not even edible for a dog… As I’m burning and thinking if it’s burned enough, a dog passes by, goes up to the bread, sniffs it, and walks away. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

-Outside of mdy yeshiva, I saw a mercedes car on, unlocked and running, with of course the key inside. I went inside, and happened to ask my friend if he recognizes/knows the license plate? the car was his. The first person I asked.

-My friend told me he writes small letters to hashem before business meetings. As I was about to meet someone very important, I wrote a letter to HaShem asking that it goes well. The SECOND I finished writing and clicked my pen closed, he opened the door. A clear sign that HaShem waited for me to finish.

-In circa in Manhattan I was telling my friend how patience is key in business to ensure you make right decisions. As we’re talking Rabbi David Sutton walks in, says hello, and shares a divre Torah about how important it is to be patient

-I got pulled over by a very nasty cop. He told me I did 3 things wrong. I thought I was getting a ticket for sure. I then recited to myself, that HaShem controls everything, not cops. I was so calm and relaxed and knew the cop wasn’t in control. After 20 minutes in his car, he came out with a smile handed me my license and wished me a good night. Not one ticket

-MABRUUUUUKK!!! MAZAL TOV!!! OVER 200 HEALTHY BABIES BORN DURING SNOW STORM IN ISRAEL! Yes while they were totally shut down with 2 feet of beautiful snow!

– Thank you Hashem; My very old frying pan literally straight off the fire, cracked off the handle – The handle was in my hand, The pan on the table. BH fell onto the table and didn’t hit/hurt anyone.

It did melt through 3 plastic plates that were on the table.

It could’ve done very serious harm.

– Thank You Hashem for giving me a chavrutah to the emet of your ways!!

-was in Israel by snow and saw Hashgacha every moment, every icy step. The way ppl reacted and helped each other- Hashems ppl, charedi, chiloni, Chassidic, Zionist- was the greatest testimony to what a neshama is!

-(from my 5 year old son, the effect of reading this email out loud at the Shabbat table, was very happy to add this to the Thank you Hashem email) My 5 year old son runs to me holding his nose, I ask if he needs a tissue and he says yes,runs to bathroom to get one but door is locked-then looks at me and runs inside then runs back to me and says Daddy Hashem did a Nes (miracle) for me – before Hashem made me bring the tissue box to the couch and now when I needed a tissue and the door was locked it was all ready waiting for me on the couch. Hashem should bless all of us and our children to always see Hashems hand in everything.

– Hazal say that when a person is doing a mitzvah he is protected from harm going and coming from the mitzvah,

BH – Snowing this week, was driving to shul, the streets maybe had 2 – 3 inches and was snowing, going to minyan in the morning,

Was trying to make a right turn as was turning, the car lost control and slid sideways hard into the sidewalk and popped the curb,

There was a car parked a little further and BH missed the car, BH all was ok – had the car parked closer to the corner would have hit it,

BH all ok, wakeup call with no damage BH – Thank you Hashem.

-Went to 2 weddings this week-Mazel tov to all the wonderful families

-I asked someone in shul this morning if anyone won the 640 million dollar lottery and he answered that WE ARE THE LOTTERY WINNERS! WE ARE YEHUDIM! – congratulations to all you lucky mega jackpot lottery winners- Hashem has chosen us to be honored Jews and to have an olam haba, think of how many billions of people and creations there are in the world and now think of the odds of YOU being picked and chosen by Hashem to be crowned a Jew with much meaning in this world and the next! Thank you Hashem

Thank You Hashem – Week 22

-‎B’H. FOUND a metro card on the bus with $16.00 on it. Makes up for the one that got erased when I took my MRI before the summer


-Thank you Hashem and my wife too for chicken soup


-I thank you Hashem – very much- that I didn’t slip on the ice.


And I Thank you Hashem that when my son did slip on the ice and slid straight into the street, with a truck coming his way, you made sure the truck driver noticed the little 5 year old and managed to avoid running him over.


Like we say in the Amida V’al Nisecha Shebchol Yom Imanu, V’al Nifleosecha V’Tovoshecha sheb’chol es.

Thank You Hashem. 


AND THANK YOU RAYMOND KASSIN for spreading simcha & awareness of HAshems constant Chessed.


-attended a friends wedding this week was a great simcha


-Thank you Hashem that with all these advertisements for Passover vacations I am not even remotely tempted to leave the kedusha of my Seder table at home that you provide for me.


-Hearing stories of 2 different people in need of Lung transplants is a reminder for me to thank Hashem for my lungs and my health-may we all always be healthy and appreciate all that we have been given by Hashem in his great mercy.


-Thank You Hashem for Your CONSTANT, NEVER-ENDING, LOVING KINDNESS!  Including the many things I may take for granted and don’t properly apprecitae like the eyesight you gave me and the great wisdom that goes into the eye…the eye lids and eyelashes that protect them, allow them to close if something is coming towards them and when i want to go to sleep, the ability to see your beautiful world and what you put in your world, including my family, friends and Achenu Kol Bet Yisrael….and amazing acts and things people do (like these emails).  How can I ever truly thank You Hashem…


-Thank you Hashem, rented a truck for work and had taken my EZ PASS for the tolls after the work was done, the Truck was dropped off and form took my car and headed for the Garden state parkway near Mahwah to head back home, just before getting on the Garden State exit remembered the EZ PASS was left BH remembered before getting on the parkway otherwise it would have been a huge hassle to get off a different exit then turn around and get it later BH


-Thank you Hashem for the New Baby Girl, BH


-I Heard something very nice about the Topic of Hakarat Hatov, we say We recognize the Good Hashem has given us, BH, but Hakarah, recognizing and Thanking Hashem is when we realize we are Lacking something, and then Hashem – through His Chesed helps us and takes care of what is needed then we can have the gratitude and we are inspired, but if we have think that we are lacking nothing or its coming to us, we won’t come on to appreciating Hashem’s Hand and His Chesed.


That is what we say in Boreh Nefashot – Hashem You have created Beings with their deficiencies, and the Lehchayot bahem – and you liven them, Thank You Hashem


-Thank you HASHEM for the fingers that let me type this message


-BH this morning running late to pick up my boss for work, driving to his house as I was passing the railroad tracks in Deal the lights started to flash perfect timing to pass the tracks, if I was a few seconds later would have waited for the train and would have been even later – baruch Hashem


-One morning last week I was walking to the train and the weather was very cold. As I was bundled up in my winter coat I starting thinking about the heavy warm coat Hashem gave me.  How many people don’t even have a coat to wear in this frigid weather. The coat I have is lined with down so it is perfect for the winter. It has pockets in the right spot to protect my hands from the winds, the pocket bags are made of fleece so my hands stay warm! The coat has a hood that helps keep my head warm at all times. It also has a double zipper so I can open one if it gets too stuffy and still be comfortable. I didn’t design the jacket or sew it, Hashem made it especially for me! Then I was thinking about how it was bought, Hashem made it easy for me – on sale 50% off. Even further Hashem didn’t want me to feel that it was a handout so he gave me a parnassah so that I can feel that I “earned” the money to “buy” the jacket on my own. This is just one example if Hashem’s endless chesed.

On Tuesday of this week I got a package to my office from a factory overseas that we do business with. The factory owner decided to send me something as a gift and it is exactly my size… a winter jacket!! 

‎I love you Hashem. 


-Had weddings to attend Sunday and Monday night-mabruk to all the families.


-Thank you hashem for giving me the opportunity to go and spend Chanukah in Erets Yisrael it was an unbelievable experience


-Still getting the fabulous Chacham Ovadia Yoseph zs’l stories every day from Saul Kassin – we lost a true Gadol – thank you Hashem for letting us live in the same generation as Chacham Ovadia.

Thank You Hashem – Special

Few months have passed since my father a”h had passed away,  baruch Hashem my wife  and I were expecting a new baby,

2 days before she had given birth my father a”h had appeared to her in a dream, our family was sitting around the table

He was sitting by the head and all were crying, he asked why is everyone crying? Everything is ok! She explained that we missed him,

He looked at her stomach and started to smile and was very happy, waking up, my wife said over the dream, 2 days later the baby boy was born, all looked healthy and we had a bris,

8/31/10 The 6 week checkup had come along my wife had the other 2 kids as well and wanted to reschedule when the kids have school, but her mother convinced her to go anyways.

As the baby was being checked the doctor suddenly paused, noticing his heart was beating rapidly, she stepped out to call the other doctor, meanwhile the baby was nursing and as the doctor came in the baby had thrown up and his lips turned blue, we gave the baby a pacifier to calm down and again at a calm pace the baby’s heart rate was very high, the doctor called hatzalah and said better go straight to the hospital, I was at work and my wife called me said not sure but they are checking out the baby for his heart they are taking him to jersey shore hospital which was known for trauma

Meanwhile without us knowing the doctor was alerted of a baby coming in with heart failure, the ER was buzzing, nurses all around, happened to notice that this did not look like a normal small situation

The doctor walked in nervous and told the nurses all to stop and not knowing any details until all tests are done, he took an echocardiogram. 20 minutes later he closed the machine and said “mommy and daddy” this is not your fault, but the baby was born with a heart defect and needs open heart surgery, all his 4 pulmonary veins, which are the veins that carry the oxygenated blood from the lungs and then to the rest of the body, had over went the heart and connected to the wrong side, causing a circular route and mixing with non oxygenated blood, without having a way to enter in his body, the baby was at 70% oxygen level, they told us the condition was called TAPVR, this heart defect was 1 to 2 percent of all heart defects or 1 to 20,000 births, the miracle was he had another heart defect, a hole between the chambers which was called ASD hole that stayed open for 6 weeks when normally it closes the day of birth, to allow the blood to flow into the left  chamber and then into his body,  (the Cincinnati children’s hospital had said “Absence of an atrial septal defect (ASD hole) in Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return(TAPVR) is not compatible with survival.” there are 3 different TAPVR’S, the one he had was Supracardiac which was the best one to have and most of time the extra vein, has blockage which causes backup in the lungs and he didn’t have any blockage on his blood flow) mentioned from the beginning if anything needed we will be going to CHOP,

Upon the news rabbi Suki Berman told us, No go to Colombia presbertarion Dr Quaegebeur,(Dr Q.) which was a Messenger  from Hashem is the top of the world in pediatric cardiology,

We went home gathered clothing and items for the hospital, ran to the kollel made kaddish and got back to the baby, a team of trained paramedics and a doctor drove from Colombia and met us in jersey shore. That night an email blast was sent to over the entire Syrian community to pray for the baby, hundreds of tefillot were prayed throught the procedure, my boss had related after – his wife had prayed 45 min shemona esray, she spoke to me and said how much she cried for the baby, baruch Hashem how we see the power of tefillah, many emails have went out throughout the whole time and hundreds of teffilot and tears shed.

We arrived at night and tests have been done till 2 am and again waking up at 6 am for more, they told us we should not feed the baby from the night before just in case he can have surgery the next day, which they then advised no surgery today, Thursday morning sept. 2 went to go daven shachris in the hesed room

I thank Hahem that he opens our eyes to see his hand and realize it, He gives us the story and the feelings to realize it – During davening the words hit like a ton of bricks,  with tears realizing, everything is all from Hashem he created the world, the sun,

He created a little infant he created a tiny heart and veins, he created the veins slightly to the left or the right, making a world of a diffrence, mah rabo maasecha, everything is Hashem.

Surgery was planned for 1 pm they kept on reassuring us “don’t worry in Colombia these cases are not rare they all send to us…” 3 pm they were ready we met the anistigiologoist and we walked our baby up the operating room. And said our goodbyes, davening tehillim… Waiting in the waiting room, the anistigiligist was very happy and bubbly personality I can never forget, they had told us 50 years ago they would not have even touched the heart for surgery, B”h

At about 7:30 pm the doctor who was a straight European dr, doctor came out “where’s the parents?”

We came running he said in a serious nervous voice “the baby is much sicker than everyone thought” the baby had went like this for 6 weeks with all the stress on his heart

His heart was very dilated and we can’t close his chest up, we don’t know if there is any damage or not, but the baby is much sicker than everybody thought” you should have done the surgery when the baby was 2 days old” we asked the dr, was there damage to the heart? “ I don’t know he answered, I did what we had to do, we had to disconnect and reconnect the veins” the news was a shock we didn’t know what to say, the entire waiting room was in tears, what’s going to be with the baby , right then my sister approached my wife and said “this is the dream that daddy was telling us “why is everyone crying everything is ok” the nurse spoke to us after and explained the complications of the surgery

While they were operating, he was on heart bypass machine as they have done the repair and ready to restart the heart and finish the surgery the heart failed to respond, slightly later they have gotten the heart back in action but the extent of the complication and stress we don’t know if the heart was damaged,

the nurse also explained that the baby might go in and out of stability through the night tonight is very critical night,

After waiting some time we saw the whole team bringing the baby back in to the room, that sight I can never forget they all had a sad serious face on and all were looking down wheeling the baby into the ICU, the anistigioloigsts was pumping air for him to breathe, the baby was on every machine in the room, defibulater, on medication to pump his heart – melrinone, lasix, he had a small gauz pad covering his chest,

Feeding tubes, wires were attached to his heart for pace maker incase in need, was sedaded and temporariliy paralyzed in order not to move, almost right away another email was sent to daven as the procedure wasn’t as hoped.

The entire night the baby stayed stable what a miracle after such complications, the next day the nurse told us that she was waiting for the baby at 3am to crash but b”h stayed stable the whole night.

Throughout the time in the hospital many organizations got involved, helping on all ends “let me know what we can get you?” what do you want to eat? They ordered deli special for us

Chai lifeline was amazing they did not stop on all ways comforting us food, help, medical assistance, legal assistance, the bikur holim satmer and new square “mi kamcha Yisrael”

One goy related to me I can’t believe there would be a hospital better than Colombia, the only thing I can think of if maybe if they fed the parents – mi kamcha Yisrael, shabbos came around my wife was run down and then ended up in the ER the whole shabbos. Every little heart beat, every little number, every breath was watched, if the temperature slightly went lower than normal they threw on him a heating blanket to bring his temperture back, the sight of the baby motionless with all the machines hooked up, at that moment realize that only Hashem runs the world, in a moment of the doctors not knowing what will be. Baruch hashem the fact alone that Hashem open our eyes is alone special, a person to Realize its all in hashem hands the feeling is beyond a small hashgach story that our lives might have been touched on, it’s a feeling of life is in the hand of Hashem and no one else, the tehilim says kol haneshama tehall kah – for every breath I thank Hashem.

Sunday morning the doctors came around felt his chest and said “great we can close him up” baruch Hashem, Monday evening the next day they noticed that he might be able to breathe on his own somewhat and they  were able to take out the defibulator , the next day our rabbi – rabbi diamond came to visit and told us that we were run down and we must go home to sleep, the baby was getting better, we went home in the morning ran back to the hospital the baby is not eating, if not we have to re insert his feeding tubes which caused pain to the baby on our way we needed to fill up the low tire meanwhile I read accidently the wrong sticker, b”h hasgacha a worker was outside smoking and said wait you’ll pop your tire and helped us, so many little things throughout the time we realized Hashem had handpicked everything for us, Wednesday morning we got back to the hospital it was erev Rosh Hashanah -3 day Yom Tov

The amount of food we had from all the organizations was amazing; sadly they were 10 families in the hospital as well,

Chai lifeline called up “ are you in the ICU for rosh hashana, I said yes “ there is a rebbetzin from eretz Yisrael that needs help I can’t get any one to stay in hospital for 3 day Yom Tov, and asked if can help

Right before yom tov we met a grandmother and daughter were bringing her 3 yr child for surgery, happened to be rav Michal yehuda lefkowits z”l great great granddaughter, which was also related to rav haim kanievsky and rav shteinman, tried to help but due to all the HIPA laws we couldn’t  talk to the doctors but b”h Rosh Hashanah at least we had company In the ICU, when she went back to eretz Yisrael she was so amazed by the hesed organizations in new York it was her first time in America she was scared what is in new York? She was amazed by chai lifeline and all other organizations that helped,

baruch hashem  the davening rosh hashana morning hit like a ton of bricks  who will live, who will be healthy, life is in the hands of Hashem”

the first day rosh hashana (which was also my grandmother’s yharzeit) we left icu and the second day we were released, asking a rav before what to do, he advised us the halachos because of the danger to stay for infection etc.

The nurses in the icu were amazed that the baby b”h recovered so quickly

We came to Brooklyn and the whole family was shocked…. We surprised, Missed shofar ran to shul looking for someone but to no avail finally ten minutes before minha found a shofar and ball tokeih blew the shofar…

B”h after they baby went for checkups and the heart was less dilated, and the ASD hole closed on its own,

The miracle was the hole had stayed open for 6 weeks when normally it closes the day of birth,

B”h that was his opening to the heart for blood to flow to the entire body

Thank you Hashem for showing us your Hand, your love as our Father and king,

Hundreds if not thousands of people had received emails to pray, how many tefillot we prayed and how many tears were shed, we love you Hashem

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