Thank You Hashem – Week 155

  • Thank you Hashem – So as I walking home from work the other day in the heat and a car pulled up next to me and offered me a bottle of water. Thinking back I just thought of an amazing idea in this crazy heat wave. Buy 1 water bottle get a 2nd one for a stranger on the street. It is such a small act of kindness and it can save someone’s life and make their day.
  • Last year I didn’t get any vacation pay from the company where I work for, I tried to argue with them but for some reasons (which I could understand) they wouldn’t budge. This year I prayed to Hashem to give me the vacation pay and I indeed received it. Thank you Hashem for the extra money.
  • Went to visit yesterday in hospital a father who gave away his kidney for his own son. מי כעמך ישראל. We should be proud that we are Hashem’s chosen nation.
  • Innocently picked up my phone to check the gps while at a red light, picked up my head a realized I wasn’t at a full stop.. Literally half a second before I would’ve hit the car before me. (this is just 2 weeks after actually breaking late and nailing the car in front of me!) so happy I only have to deal with one rather than 2! Thank you Hashem! 🙂
  • My wife has been asking to go away for a night, she needed a break very badly and told me to call for a Hotel reservation for Tuesday night asap. I knew it was urgent that we get away and would be very helpful to get a little rest. I called 6 different Hotels in the area we wanted to stay and they were all booked. I could not believe it, these were large hotels with hundreds of rooms! I tried very hard and came up with nothing. Didn’t make sense. We ended up staying home. The next morning after shul I check my phone and see 6 missed calls from my house. I panicked and called the house. My wife is hysterical and tells me you don’t know what just happened. 10 minutes ago a bunch of Sherrifs and undercover cop cars all zoomed up to the front of the house that we rented for the summer. They started pounding on the door like animals. My kids were petrified as my wife ran to get dressed to answer the door. The scene was not to be believed with all the cars and lights and chaos. Had no idea what was going on. Opened the door and the mean tough sherrif rudely says, you live here?is this your home!!? My wife didn’t know what to answer and had no clue what was happening and Baruch Hashem said we are only here for the summer this is not our home. The police and sherrifs all left. Seems there are serious issues with the owners of the home that we pray no jew ever has to go thru. I want to thank Hashem for orchestrating all these hotels being sold out. If we had been away and this happened my children would have been terrified without their mother home with them. We also must stop and appreciate that for the most part we do not have issues like this and should happily deal with the ups and downs of our everyday life. We must Thank Hashem we do not have something so serious like is going on with the family we are renting from. Wishing them all the best and shalom.Bh all of us should have and appreciate shalom bayit and simchat hachayim and be happy with all Hashem gives us.
  • Wedding Sunday night- mabruk
  • Thank you Hashem that I have so much to say Thank you for! Thank you for my health, for my family, for the sunshine, summer time, security, every breath of life and all the joy!
  • Hashem thank you for a beautiful summer, with a positive perspective. A perspective you have taught me to harness and use to receive more of your blessings
  • I was driving about 40 mph on a one lane road. A car 2 cars ahead of me decided to make a left turn and stops in the middle of the road. I did not have much time to slam the brakes and not make contact with the car in front of me. Luckily the car in front of me attempted to move to the right giving me about 18 inches so I can swerve to the left and hope not to hit any of the cars. Baruch Hashem was able to come to a stop ending up side by side with car in front of me and right behind the car attempting to turn Thank you Hashem for protecting me. This would have caused a 3 car accident.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving us the opportunity to buy our very own first house. It’s such a special beracha to have a home that keeps us safe from all types of weather and danger.
  • Thank you Hashem. We sat in shul and watched a close friend who experienced an open miracle say ‘hagomel’ at the Torah.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house ! May we all be healthy and strong and continue to pray for each other’s welfare.  What a wonderful community we have.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see the kidush Hashem of the video sent out showing my friend moments before donating his kidney to save another jews life.
  • Thank you Hashem for the love you give me. Thank you Hashem for the times you forgive me. Thank you Hashem for showing me how much you care.
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful graduation of my son completing Mesivta and learning most of Baba Kama (just 3 blatt left to finish!). It was an amazing year of aliya for the entire class & a lot accomplished. We’re so grateful.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving my son the ability to finish Shisha Sedra Mishna this week. Really moved by what can be done by making a goal & consistently driving towards it.
  • Thank you Hashem for another beautiful day on my day off this week. -Usually no traffic going to work in the morning. I just “happened” to look in the GPS before I left today & saw traffic on the GSP express lanes (which we usually take). Hashem saved me a lot of time of sitting in traffic today. Thank you!
  • Really appreciating the luxury of air conditioning these days. & no power outages! Thank you Hashem!

Thank You Hashem – Week 123


  • This Hanukah I saw the light, with my 4 year old son lighting the menorah and saying “WOW”
    Thank you Hashem for this moment.
  • Saw a friend of mine and he told me this story for this email. Me and my wife send out lots of Shabbat food packages to families every week. We get nice amounts of food top to bottom and deliver it to families. Every week we make gefilte fish and send it out with the shabbat food and for some reason this week we didn’t make any gefilte fish. Suddenly Friday afternoon before I was getting ready to deliver the food, one of the families sends a text out of no where asking if he is going to be getting fish today. I answered him of course you are going to be getting fish today. My wife looks at me and says how can you say you are giving him fish today?, we didn’t make any fish. I answered I don’t know it just came out. All of a sudden the person that supplies me with Kugel every week shows up and he gives me a large amount of Gefilte fish with the Kugel. I smile and look at him and I say , you never bring me Gefilte fish what is going on, what is this all about?. He answers , I don’t know, I have no idea for some reason out of no where I made gefilte fish this week I have no idea why. I smile and smirk and look at him and say , I’ll tell you why , look at this, and I show him the text of the gentleman asking for fish. And I say that is why Hashem had you make Gefilte fish this week. Thank you Hashem for your Siyata Dishmaya
  • Thank you Hashem for the special holiday of Chanukah , it is such a chizuk and pleasurable uplifting time for me and my family and my students
  • My cousins wife went in to give birth and the Doctors were concerned that the baby was upside down. They kept monitoring it and said they can not wait much longer and may have to do a c section if the baby does not turn to the correct position. Someone remembered a segula and ran to their home to see if any sefarim were turned upside down and sure enough there was a sefer upside down, he turned it back to the correct position. The doctors made another check and Baruch Hashem the baby turned back to the right position and was healthily delivered. Thank you Hashem. MABRUK
  • I ordered something from Amazon and it did not show up the day it was promised. I called them up and they said it will arrive the next day and they gave me a complete refund on the item and told me to keep it for free. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the special holiday of Chanukah and for the special feeling of lighting the menorah together with my family. Thank you Hashem that I have a family.
  • Thank you HASHEM FOR NY YEARLY Chanukah party I make for my children and Grandchildren. I must give a separate thank you Hashem for now having this party expand to also include GREAT GRANDCHILDREN! Thank you Hashem.
  • A young man knocks on the door of a great Talmudic scholar.
    “Rabbi, I wish to study Talmud.”“Do you know Aramaic?”“No.”“Hebrew?”“No.”“Have you ever studied Torah?”
    “No, Rabbi, but I graduated from Harvard summ in philosophy, and received a PhD from Yale. I’d like to round out my education with a bit of Talmud.”     “I doubt that you are ready for Talmud. It is the broadest and deepest of books. If you wish, however, I will examine you in logic, and if you pass the test I will teach you Talmud.” “Good. I’m well versed in logic.” “First question. Two burglars come down a chimney. One emerges with a clean face, the other with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”  ”The burglar with the dirty face.”
    “Wrong. The one with the clean face. Examine the logic. The burglar with a dirty face looks at the one with a clean face and thinks his face is clean. The one with a clean face looks at the burglar with a dirty face and thinks his face is dirty. So the one with the clean face washes.”“Very clever. Another question please.”“Two burglars come down a chimney. One emerges with a clean face, the other with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”“We established that. The burglar with the clean face washes.”“Wrong. Both wash. Examine the logic. The one with a dirty face thinks his face is clean. The one with a clean face thinks his face is dirty. So the burglar with a clean face washes. When the one with a dirty face sees him washing, however, he realizes his face must be dirty too. Thus both wash.”“I didn’t think of that. Please ask me another.”“Two burglars come down a chimney. One emerges with a clean face, the other with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”“Well, we know both wash.”“Wrong. Neither washes. Examine the logic. The one with the dirty face thinks his face is clean. The one with the clean face thinks his face is dirty. But when clean-face sees that dirty-face doesn’t bother to wash, he also doesn’t bother. So neither washes. As you can see, you are not ready for Talmud.”
    “Rabbi, please, give me one more test.”
    “Two burglars come down a chimney. One emerges with a clean face, the other with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?” “Neither!”  “Wrong. And perhaps now you will see why Harvard and Yale cannot prepare you for Talmud. Tell me, how is it possible that two men come down the same chimney, and one emerges with a clean face, while the other has a dirty face?””But you’ve just given me four contradictory answers to the same question! That’s impossible!””No, my son, that’s Talmud.”
  • “Thank you Hashem for allowing us to learn your Torah, for giving us such a beautiful Mitzvah!Thank you for giving us our Holy Rabbis that teach us your Torah and how to navigate through these complex Divine words so we know how to live our lives and raise our children in that path.Thank you for giving us the many gifts of understanding your Torah whether we deserve it or not.Without your Siyata Dishmaya we wouldn’t be able to understand a single word of your Torah.Please allow us to continue to grow in your Torah and shower us with your continued gifts of deeper and deeper insights and understanding.

Thank You Hashem – Week 116

  • Took my baby for a well visit to the doctor and the doctor told me you have a beautiful healthy and growing baby! Thank you Hashem for our health and for my beautiful child.
  • Wedding last night and tonight- Mazal Tov -Wedding of my friends son mabruk.
  • The world lost a great and special person in Rebetzin Henny Machlis z’l
  • I went to Israel for a year when I graduated High school. In a yeshiva called BMT I met an amazing man Rabbi Mordechai Machlis. I had never witnessed a person that was so warm and sincere. He spoke to you and you felt as if you were being embraced and loved. He taught us Ein Yaakov and encouraged us, a bunch of wild teenage boys who were in Israel for every reason except spirituality to participate and/or grow. One week he asked us to come for Shabbat….sounded good. So we walked on Friday night to Maalot Daafna. We get to the Machlis apartment and we were shocked. We saw Mrs. Machlis serving a meal for a couple of hundred people! She was taking the food from huge industrial size pots with a huge vivacious smile. The table was filled with all types of people, yeshiva students, tourists, young and old. There were drunks, homeless people; you name it they were there. But it gets better! Right before Kiddush Rabbi Machlis announces –“We have some amazing guests here tonight I would like to ask each person to share a thought or feeling that they have! But the rule is no politics. Here we are all equal, we are all Hashem’s children” . I remember the first speaker. He got up and his hands were shaking. He said “I am a Hungarian Jew the son of holocaust survivors. I am over 50 and have never performed a single religious act as a Jew. This is my first Shabbat and it feels so good!” The next speaker was a raggedy man with a scruffy red beard. He seemed to be covered with bracelets and necklaces and hiccupping from a bit too much to drink “My name is Reuven and I sell Jewelry. Thanks to the Machlises for letting me sleep in their car! “Over 200 people spoke. The Machlises made the forgotten feel remembered and important again. On Purim I already had started to come close to Torah and misvot. I came to the Machlis home for the seuda. By this time Mrs. Machlis had become very close to my future wife. She was busy preparing a huge meal with a huge smile. Her happiness and excitement was absolutely contagious. She called out to rabbi Machlis that she needed a case of wine from the car. I volunteered to get it. I walked in the door with a case of wine and the unthinkable happened! I dropped the case of wine. There was glass and wine all over the apartment floor! I was devastated and embarrassed. All of a sudden I hear screams coming from Rabbi and Mrs. Machlis. Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! All of a sudden there is the Rabbi with a circle of men around me dancing and singing. They took embarrassment and turned it into pure joy and happiness. They showed me what can be done with a neshama with unconditional love.
  • I got to see a Kidush Hashem unfold right before my eyes. I was in a store and for some reason a nice gentleman started talking to me and somehow it came up what he does for a living. I ask him if he knows my mother who works at a certain location and he mentions that he remembers when this other business (says the name) was at that location. I excitedly tell him I know Sol, the owner of the other business he mentioned (Name changed for story) very well and learn in same shul as him every day and night. The guy was taken aback and says Sol? Learning Torah, everyday?- I can’t believe it! He grew very happy and excited and started saying how he remembers him from back in the days and has not heard from him in many years. He said he never would have thought this person can become religious and learn torah. I tell him that his children are all bnei torah and learning torah and he lights up and says wow, this is great news. He gave me his number to give to my friend and asked him to please call him to say hello. This man got such a chizuk from hearing how Sol was able to turn his life around and become shomer Torah and Misvot he looked like he wanted to start to dance.
  • Thanks Hashem when life just calms down, you throw another amazing opportunity to enrich our lives!
  • I signed up for this weekend getaway in the Hamptons with other singles and I am terrified because I didn’t know anyone going and it is such a small group. Randomly an acquaintance messages me to invite me to go! Thank G-d I have a friend that I know will be going with me who I know and like spending time with 🙂
  • I shut the car door my finger. Boruch Hashem other than some pain, no real damage was done. I didn’t need stitches, splint, cast…… not on that finger, and thankfully not on any of my other fingers. Not then, and not any other time in my life either.
  • Thank you Hashem for watching over me, and keeping me safe.
  • I was unsuccessfully looking for some extra cleaning help for a while. I had written up a sign last week to hang up in my shul, but kept forgetting to hang it up. This morning, I ended up having to go to a later Minyan in a shul where I don’t usually daven, remembered about the sign, and hung it up in that shul instead. An hour later someone called to say that their cleaning lady has an extra hour in-between jobs. Directly across the street from me, 2 houses down!!
  • Thought I might have been missing a large amount of money, Baruch Hashem I was not- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for my jaw… It’s been hurting me and I read online that we use the joints in our jaws over 2000 times a day!! Wow thank you Hashem every day of my life that I used my jaw without pain!! What a chesed we don’t even realize when we use our jaws!!! Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem that my glasses broke because of me- if someone else broke them I would probably get angry. Also, thank You for letting me have my old ones and that I didn’t even have to search for them  – while I was looking for something else I found them!

Thank You Hashem – Week 109

  • We were discussing ideas of how to keep our children occupied yet not cost us much money.  Suddenly, we received a call from a close friend of ours who was preparing to move to another country, who said that she had roller blades, bikes, a drum set, and an expensive ping pong table for FREE!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see such a beautiful kiddush Hashem today. By Rabbi Bitton in Lakewood I walked in to shul in the morning and there were 135 young men from Panama stopping their day to day lives,picked up and came to Lakewood for the week to learn torah and get chizuk. They had a full daily schedule posted up including all of their classes and special guest speakers, an all star cast to say the least. Was very inspiring to see their desire for growth in Torah. Also have to stop and Thank Hashem for letting me and my family live where we live, a makom that has much to offer for growing on the path of Torah. We should not take that for granted.
  • My son returned home from camp without his chumash. This was the last day of camp and we were not sure if we had access to get it. A couple of weeks later my wife went to the empty building, the door was open and the chumash was there. Thank you Hashem
  • Yishatabach shemo laad. Went to a kumzitz last Thursday night with approx 100 men. It was awesome. So holy. So fun. What a beautiful way to bring in shabbat. Music, dancing, singing, shmoozing, chulent, mazza, scotch and great togetherness with one purpose – to celebrate that we love Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for beautiful sights like green grass, blue skies and oceans of water.
  •  Had a voicemail from a customer that he wanted to return his order and change it for a different product. This would be a very big problem for me on many fronts especially that the product he was requesting may be impossible to get for him.. I made my hishtadlut and prayed to Hashem. Baruch Hashem the problem he had with the original product was not nearly as bad as I had thought and looks like it can be simply corrected for him. This was clearly from Hashem because I spoke to his co-worker and he also portrayed a much more difficult situation. Thank you Hashem, also just hit me, right before calling him I happened to complete the book of tehilim as part of my daily reading.
  • In shacharit today I was praying very hard for something and I was suddenly given the honor to do petichat hahechal. I was now able to pray right in front of the sefer torah in the aron hakodesh and was also able to pray for many others as well. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for taking care of a possibly very huge problem and making it into a little tiny one
  • Unbelievable thing happened. I was in shul in the morning and there was a gadol from eres yisrael in shul today. I put in my mind that I am going to walk over to him right now and ask for a personal beracha. All of a sudden out of no where as if he was reading my mind, the Rabbi walks over to me and takes my hand and starts to give me the warmest heartfelt beracha. Wow- thank you Hashem and thank you to this Gadol.
  • Thank you Hashem for your wonderful Jewish children. Witnessing first hand in my office a bunch of jewish friends coming together to try and help out a lady with a terrible suffering she is going thru. She is here in my office while the “helpers” are out trying to get her the help she needs. We are One and Hashem is One-ein od milvado.
  • Thank You Hashem – was carrying big plastic crates from the car, As I was walking up the small steps in the garage to go into the house the door was closed. How can I open the door? I would have to put down all the items open the door and then pick up the items and then bring them in. BH as I tapped the door, it wasn’t closed all the way and BH the door just opened… Thank You Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem – had an expense check from the office, even though it was small but really needed to funds. BH I got the check put into my pocket Was waiting to deposit it, after work I was in a rush and had to pick something up from TJ Maxx.. (shaver broke)I ran in and then ran out. The next morning I put my hand in my pocket to get the check out and I can’t seem to find it, I look here, I  look there and it is no where… if I go back to office they’ll give me attitude, how did you lose the check, I Don’t have time for this etc….. But I needed the funds. As we were driving into the office BH we had a CD on in the car from Rabbi Diamond, he was talking about bitachon, and praying, I turned to Hashem and asked him for the check. I Get to work, 20 minutes later, the receptionist calls me, and says the manager from TJ Maxx is on the phone saying something about a check. I answer the phone, she said she was the manager and she asked me if I was missing something – I said YES A CHECK. She said she found it, and it was actually signed (oops) she was trying to call me and couldn’t get the number BTW she was trying for about 20 – 30 minutes (around the same time we prayed to HASHEM…) BARUCH HASHEM….
  • Thank you Hashem for the magical day of Shabbat and for always sending it just in time.

Thank You Hashem – Week 106

  • Thank You Hashem for giving me the 5 senses, that I could move,  walk, and talk and for everything that I take for granted Baruch Hashem You give me so much that I could never, ever thank You enough!
  • Thank you Hashem for the great news that our brother Jonathan Pollard is going to be freed from jail.
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful children who help me grow every day. I learn so much from them even when I feel annoyed or upset.
  • Thank you Hashem for my great parking space today!
  • Thank you Hashem for waking me up to some real concerns and helping me see things more clearly when it comes to my children.
  • To start the story of what happened to me, I want to explain my weekly schedule. I am young guy starting off with 1 boy, every day I work very hard In a business, But I need more resources to bring in money for my family,So I decided months ago I would buy some closeouts and every Sunday morning.  I would go to the flea market in New Jersey and bring in some extra cash. One Wednesday I was listening to the weather the forecast was stormy throughout the weekend And including Sunday, I thought to myself, the flea market is not an option this week. Suddenly I get a call “hello, I have tons of closeouts want to get rid of now it’s taking up space You could have it for pennies but you must pick up today or I’m just going to throw it out”  What should I do I said to myself I didn’t want to loss such deal I decided to take a shot and rent a trailer to pick up the goods.  I didn’t really have a place to store it so I left the rented truck in my driveway till Sunday morning.  Waking up Sunday morning, I ran to the window, the rain was coming down in buckets.  “I am paying rent on the van anyways It doesn’t hurt to go I have nothing else to do” I said to myself. on the way I stopped for a bagel to bring with me for breakfast. By the time I get to the flea market the rain stopped, But the ground was all muddy and not a person in site, I said might as well eat my bagel,    So I went to were my table was and sat to eat, Couple minutes later someone walked over to me “is this your truck, your towels?” I said yes, he responded “you know I’m on the other side of the market, you are my competition and taking my entire business I’ll buy the entire truck from you how much?” I just thought of a number $4,000 for the truck ,he says “no problem – come please drop to my house” After getting small deposit I dropped the goods to his house and got 4,000 cash Which I wouldn’t have made as much selling one by one. Thank You Hashem
  • As a young boy in Shaare Torah High School,I wanted to Continue after High school to advance my learning, I didn’t have the skills as of yet,A couple of months before applying I was tutored every night to prepare for a test In Gemarah to show how well I can study, day after day I would study just 1 page of gemarah Until I know it ok,It so happened, one Shabbat my older brother invited me to come to NJ, I Took him up on his offer, Being it was a long winter Friday night he told me lets go learn a little, my brothers friend knew me and wanted to study with me, He told me I hope you don’t mind lets learn anywhere an d he picked a gemarah and asked me  a big question and he answered, I thought nothing of it, Months past and the time came to take a test for what I have been preparing for The rabbi spoke to me and obviously he picked up that I have been studying this certain page, He said ok I just want to test you on something new you haven’t learnt, I said to myself great he is going to realize my poor skills and not accept me all that preparation was for nothing , he opened up a page which they will be learning next year and he happened to ask me the very same question I have learned with my brothers friend that Friday night months before, knowing the answer he was amazed that I was able to answer on my own, which he accepted me into the new school to advance my learning  – Thank You Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem For: my awesome $2.50 sandals from 5 below. For the 4 hours I spent on the beach this morning, from 5:30-9:30, alone, thinking about Hashem, especially while watching the sunrise. For the warm water and awesome waves, and the fox I saw on the beach at 6am . For the organic health food store with tons of kosher food near my hotel.
  • Thank you Hashem for our Rabbis that give themselves over to us relentlessly even on a tough day like Tisha B’av-we are so lucky to have them.
  • I was praying to Hashem regarding my parnasah as I was driving. At a red light I stopped and checked my email. Had an email from a customer saying he found an order he was supposed to give to me over a month ago, that it got lost some how. I guess my tefilah helped him find it. Thank you Hashem – Hashem is great! Say it out loud!
  • Here is my thank you Hashem- true story back in 2011 I was speaking to a friend who was having difficulty finding his match , he told me he was going to give up after dating for so long so many years with out any success…  I told him don’t give up hope, I have an idea , Give me your hebrew name I will include your name in the perek shira that I ready every day and god willing Hashem will help and you will find your shidduch soon..  Time went on and about a year and a couple of months later in 2012  my friend tells me Avi you I feel that your prayers are really working.. I asked what do you mean … he says some how my neshama feels very soon I will be engaged … I said ok keep that emunah… then on motzaie shabbat of parshat va etchanan I get the phone call from my friend he said guess what I am engaged your  prayers worked !! I was amazed and I realized that I have reached 515 or 516 prayers of Perek Shira  .. the gematria,numeric value of Veatchanan  and thanked Hashem for answering my prayers  …Prayers are real and said sincerely Hashem answers them and they have the power to turn seemingly helpless situations into miracles …

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