Thank You Hashem – Week 208

  • I have an Ophthalmology practice in Lakewood New Jersey. On that unfortunate day of 9/11 I was seeing patients in my office. My nurse walks in as I am seeing a patient and tells us of the plane crash that had occurred. My first reaction was, they’re here. I tell her to prepare the front office to leave for the day. She was a little surprised. She returns and says a second plane has crashed into the towers, I repeat they are here. She says who? I say the terrorists, seeing what is going on in Israel and all I was not surprised by such an attack. I tell her to clear the waiting room and we should all go home. As I was leaving and walking thru my waiting room to exit I see a couple still seated in the waiting area. The husband had a gemara in his hand and he was seated next to his pregnant wife. I comment on the blessing of seeing she is expecting. They say thank you and tell me that they have 4 girls at home.   I politely tell them that we are finished for the day and they should head home etc…They tell me they have an emergency. I ask what is the emergency? The woman explains that when she closes her eyes she sees a dot. I didn’t think much of it but said ok step inside quickly being my technician is about to leave but still inside. We go in and do a quick test. She tells myself and my technician of a second spot in the top corner that she is seeing.     I immediately charge out of the screen room and approach the patient. I tell her we have an emergency, you need to have 2 surgeries simultaneously. You are hemorrhaging! You need an operation by your eyes and a second one at the same time to remove the baby! I explain that the mother might not survive and the baby might not survive either. I call Monmouth medical and see which surgeons are there. I tell them quick get there now I am arranging things on that side. They say they want to ask a Rabbi What to do. I explain there is no time for that, they need to move NOW! They quickly exit the office. I then do the same and now deal with the events of September 11. I did not hear back from them. Six months ago,over 15 years later, I see a man in my waiting room and he approaches me. He says do you remember me? I look and say yes but not sure why. He says I was in your office September 11th. I perk up and utter out, is your wife alive? He says yes. I say is the baby alive? He says yes. Now relieved I ask, did you get your boy? He says yes.      I ask what happened that day,how did it go? He says we had an extreme emergency on our hands as you advised. I asked did you make it to Monmouth Medical? He says no, they went to NYC to Columbia. I do a double take and say, on 9-11 you got into the city as it was all going down? While we were under attack? While the city had no access what so ever? He answers yes. He says he called up a Rabbi of his with the details of the situation. The Rabbi somehow instantly arranged a Helicopter to take them into NYC and they were saved. Three weeks ago I am sitting outdoors with some family having lunch. We were close to the sidewalk and had something on the floor close to the walking path of the sidewalk. Walking down the street is a gentleman with his neck in a brace and his head pointed upwards. He did not see the obstruction and was about to trip on it. We quickly shouted and alerted him. I apologize and ask him about his injury. He starts to tell me how he is a Marine who has survived many dangerous life threatening missions. What happened to him now forced him to retire from the Marines. He explains how a teenager was texting while he was driving and drove into the back of his car. He had several discs damaged in his neck and needed delicate surgery. The Marine goes on and says that he never in his wildest dreams imagined that this would be how his position would end. By a teenager texting! I immediately thank him for his service to our country and ask him to sit down and have lunch with us as a gesture of our appreciation. He joined us. He starts telling about his scary missions. How he would fly these f5 type of jets in Afghanistan.  He is telling us a bunch of stories and then says that of all his days the saddest thing he ever experienced was September 11th. I asked where he was. He says he was in Virginia when he got the call. He was ordered to air patrol NYC. He said this flight normally would take over an hour but he went full throttle and got there in 15 minutes. He was ordered to shoot any unauthorized aircraft in the vicinity of the downtown area. He was describing the sad things he was witnessing as he was hovering in the air at the world trade center. What he saw in the buildings. The people he saw in the building which I will not describe here but you can imagine. As he is saying this, I realize who is in front of me, I stop and ask him a question. I ask, did you see a Helicopter in the sky that day? He shockingly looks at me and says, how can you possibly know that? I tell him I am a Dr. and one of my patients had a medical emergency. I ask him what happened? He says he had orders to take down any and all unauthorized aircraft, he describes how he approached the oncoming helicopter and radioed to them his stern warning- He told them make a 180 right now and get out of this airspace immediately or I am taking you out right now!!! Ready to fire at them he said they told him they have a medical emergency and they show him the pregnant woman. He then says for some reason he made an exception and he flew side by side with them speedily escorting them to the Hospital. He explained to me how close they came to being taken out. Hashem’s hand is so wonderful.
  • Thank you Hashem for showing us your greatness in experiencing the Lunar Eclipse
  • Thank you Hashem we got back from the mountains safe and sound!
  • I was driving on route 18 on Sunday and as I was driving a see that my father got pulled over by a cop.  I immediately started praying to Hashem and asked him to not give my father a ticket.  When I meet up with my father, I asked him what happened and he said the cop clocked doing 86 mph in a 65 mph speed zone and the cop only gave him a warning and asked him to slow down.  Thank you Hashem for listening to my prayer and saving my father from a ticket / points!
  • After seeing 2 entries here mentioning people being saved from an accident while driving wrong way on the highway or facing someone driving the wrong way on a highway- I just heard on the news someone drove on to the Henry Hutchinson parkway the wrong way and this story did not have a happy ending. Made me think how great Hashem is and what a nes it was for these people to be saved. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You HaShem for the people You send to give us hizuk!!  May You bless them and all Am Yisrael for Good!
  • Thank you HaShem for my eyes   – All Summer I have been thanking Hashem for sending me a certain customer a while back. Now as the summer is coming to a close, that actual customer has just called in another order. Thank you Hashem
  • Decided to treat myself with a rosh chodesh treat. Went to the coffee shop and ordered a nice fancy coffee drink. The worker says that will be $7. I take out my money and my reward card that they check off, every 10 cups you get 1 free. He takes it and says, your lucky day, this one is free. Thank you Hashem. Glad I ordered something expensive too J

Thank You Hashem – Week 163

  • As I was leaving shul in the morning it was raining very hard. I parked about 2 blocks away and did not have a jacket or umbrella. I was trying to figure out how to get to my car without getting wet. I saw a friend’s car on a red light and said I will make a run for it and knock on his window and ask him to drive me to my car. As I am running I get to his car and see it is full so I keep running. I stop at the corner. Our old shul and am waiting under an awning deciding how to make the trek and get to my car. I say hello to a person who is in the shul and came to see who was by their entrance. I explain my situation as we are chatting. On the floor in the corner in an empty area where it looks like they were doing some repair work, I see an old umbrella. I ask if I can borrow it to go to my car and I will drive back here and return it. He says yes of course. I pick up the umbrella, Open it up as I start walking and see it is actually MY umbrella. I had left it in the shul 15 YEARS AGO!!!! Hashem had it waiting there for me for 15 years for this moment when I would need it. What were the odds of this?. Thank you Hashem. And yes I returned the umbrella and put it back. You never know if I or someone else may need it again. Besides do you think he would actually believe it was really                              mine from 15 years ago haha…Thank you Hashem.
  • Wedding tonight – mabruk.
  • A Million thanks to the Almighty.  I was driving with my family on the highway and were taking an exit to go to another highway and I wasn’t  carefully watching that the traffic was at standstill when my son who was seating in the passenger side lets me know that the car in front of me had completely stop.  I slam on the brakes and swerve to the left to avoid hitting him.  Baruch H-shem there was no car on the left side.  I notice that by the time it took the car to completely stop on the left my car would have been 1 and 1/2 car ahead that means it would have been a disaster.  B”H we went and came back fine after this miracle.
  • my wife opened the breakfront to take something out, something fell over, causing the Challa knife to fall out.  The knife hit her foot, landed near my baby, and Boruch Hashem no-one got hurt.
  • I was on my way taking a long drive to see an account of mine. The person told me she would be there at 2pm and I should just show up. About 15 minutes into the drive I decided I should call to just make sure she is there. She says sorry but she is stuck at motor vehicles and if I can please come tomorrow instead. Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to call. I would have wasted a lot of time.
  • Thank you Hashem for the month of Elul. It really feels like I can pour my heart out to you and that you are closer than ever (Hashem is in the fields)!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a sale from the most unlikely place. Showing me clearly who is in control of everything.
  • Thank you Hashem for new opportunities and support by peers.
  • Thank you Hashem for your protection. I was at the top of a staircase about to go down the steps. By mistake I only had half of my foot on the step and the other half was slipping off forward. Baruch Hashem I was able to straighten out and catch my balance and make it to the next step. Thank you HASHEM that I did not fall down the steps.
  • My daughters friend got an engaged- mazal tov
  • I davened this morning that Hashem should help me to feel his love all the time. I know He’s there and I know He loves me and watches/orchestrates everything especially for me – I just want the next level of feeling for real. Later in the day, I went to the shoe store. I wanted a particular shoe. There were two similar ones – each offering something – but no shoe had all of the specifics that I really wanted. I settled on one of them and the salesman went to call his other store as there were no more left in this branch. He comes back to me afterwards and tells me that the shoe which I really wanted – and it was something that they didn’t even make was available in my size at the other location. It seems that they made a small trial run or something like that and they had such a pair. Thank you Hashem for allowing me to FEEL your love. I love you, Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for our hearts that work 24/7 without stop. My grandma was taken into the emergency room to check out an irregular heartbeat. B’h it was something minor but it makes you stop and appreciate every second that the heart beats regularly and keeps us alive.
  • Mabruk on a great Bar mitzvah of my nephew. We are so proud of him.
  • I got a call from my customer to come pick up a check for an order.He said he will be at a certain address in 15 minutes. I had no time to go to my office to get the invoice with the amount. If I didn’t get it from him now I would have to drive over an hour later to pick it up. I prayed to Hashem that he would be ok giving me a signed check with no amount on it and let me fill it in later. Hashem can do anything even something unlikely like this. I see him unloading something from his car and I was ready to go ahead with my plan on asking him if I can fill it in at my office.I walk over to him and say hello. He on his own takes out the check form his pocket as if it was a piece of scrap paper and says here just fill it in, it is blank. He didn’t even ask me the amount or if I had an invoice or anything like that. Keep in mind this check was for several thousand dollars. What were the odds of this?. Thank you Hashem. Hashem can do anything if we believe in him and ask and pray for it. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 155

  • Thank you Hashem – So as I walking home from work the other day in the heat and a car pulled up next to me and offered me a bottle of water. Thinking back I just thought of an amazing idea in this crazy heat wave. Buy 1 water bottle get a 2nd one for a stranger on the street. It is such a small act of kindness and it can save someone’s life and make their day.
  • Last year I didn’t get any vacation pay from the company where I work for, I tried to argue with them but for some reasons (which I could understand) they wouldn’t budge. This year I prayed to Hashem to give me the vacation pay and I indeed received it. Thank you Hashem for the extra money.
  • Went to visit yesterday in hospital a father who gave away his kidney for his own son. מי כעמך ישראל. We should be proud that we are Hashem’s chosen nation.
  • Innocently picked up my phone to check the gps while at a red light, picked up my head a realized I wasn’t at a full stop.. Literally half a second before I would’ve hit the car before me. (this is just 2 weeks after actually breaking late and nailing the car in front of me!) so happy I only have to deal with one rather than 2! Thank you Hashem! 🙂
  • My wife has been asking to go away for a night, she needed a break very badly and told me to call for a Hotel reservation for Tuesday night asap. I knew it was urgent that we get away and would be very helpful to get a little rest. I called 6 different Hotels in the area we wanted to stay and they were all booked. I could not believe it, these were large hotels with hundreds of rooms! I tried very hard and came up with nothing. Didn’t make sense. We ended up staying home. The next morning after shul I check my phone and see 6 missed calls from my house. I panicked and called the house. My wife is hysterical and tells me you don’t know what just happened. 10 minutes ago a bunch of Sherrifs and undercover cop cars all zoomed up to the front of the house that we rented for the summer. They started pounding on the door like animals. My kids were petrified as my wife ran to get dressed to answer the door. The scene was not to be believed with all the cars and lights and chaos. Had no idea what was going on. Opened the door and the mean tough sherrif rudely says, you live here?is this your home!!? My wife didn’t know what to answer and had no clue what was happening and Baruch Hashem said we are only here for the summer this is not our home. The police and sherrifs all left. Seems there are serious issues with the owners of the home that we pray no jew ever has to go thru. I want to thank Hashem for orchestrating all these hotels being sold out. If we had been away and this happened my children would have been terrified without their mother home with them. We also must stop and appreciate that for the most part we do not have issues like this and should happily deal with the ups and downs of our everyday life. We must Thank Hashem we do not have something so serious like is going on with the family we are renting from. Wishing them all the best and shalom.Bh all of us should have and appreciate shalom bayit and simchat hachayim and be happy with all Hashem gives us.
  • Wedding Sunday night- mabruk
  • Thank you Hashem that I have so much to say Thank you for! Thank you for my health, for my family, for the sunshine, summer time, security, every breath of life and all the joy!
  • Hashem thank you for a beautiful summer, with a positive perspective. A perspective you have taught me to harness and use to receive more of your blessings
  • I was driving about 40 mph on a one lane road. A car 2 cars ahead of me decided to make a left turn and stops in the middle of the road. I did not have much time to slam the brakes and not make contact with the car in front of me. Luckily the car in front of me attempted to move to the right giving me about 18 inches so I can swerve to the left and hope not to hit any of the cars. Baruch Hashem was able to come to a stop ending up side by side with car in front of me and right behind the car attempting to turn Thank you Hashem for protecting me. This would have caused a 3 car accident.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving us the opportunity to buy our very own first house. It’s such a special beracha to have a home that keeps us safe from all types of weather and danger.
  • Thank you Hashem. We sat in shul and watched a close friend who experienced an open miracle say ‘hagomel’ at the Torah.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house ! May we all be healthy and strong and continue to pray for each other’s welfare.  What a wonderful community we have.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see the kidush Hashem of the video sent out showing my friend moments before donating his kidney to save another jews life.
  • Thank you Hashem for the love you give me. Thank you Hashem for the times you forgive me. Thank you Hashem for showing me how much you care.
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful graduation of my son completing Mesivta and learning most of Baba Kama (just 3 blatt left to finish!). It was an amazing year of aliya for the entire class & a lot accomplished. We’re so grateful.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving my son the ability to finish Shisha Sedra Mishna this week. Really moved by what can be done by making a goal & consistently driving towards it.
  • Thank you Hashem for another beautiful day on my day off this week. -Usually no traffic going to work in the morning. I just “happened” to look in the GPS before I left today & saw traffic on the GSP express lanes (which we usually take). Hashem saved me a lot of time of sitting in traffic today. Thank you!
  • Really appreciating the luxury of air conditioning these days. & no power outages! Thank you Hashem!

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