Thank You Hashem – Week 227

  • Last week I had to take my son to the dermatologist.  While he was there, I had the doctor look at something on my foot.  It turned out to be nothing much, but he asked me if there was anything else I wanted him to look at.  I asked him to look at a bump I had on my face, and he told me that it was pre-cancerous and needed to come off.  He took it off then and there.  Thank You Hashem for getting me to the doctor in time.  Once again, Hashem you came through for me at the right time.
  • Thank you Hashem, we had a beautiful baby girl from my daughter Ilana and Manny Haber this past shabbat at 10am. This is the first Debbie (my wife’s namesake) and this weeks Haftarah for Beshalach just happens to be….”Deborah Eiysha Neviya!”
  • Thank you Hashem for bringing my yeshuah!!
  • I heard a beautiful story to say Thank You to H-shem.  “Somebody wrote to the Lubavitch Rebbe complaining that he can’t take anymore that he needs a bigger house, he has 2 boys and 2 girls and he lives in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Every time he comes home, his wife complains to him that their children don’t have room to play, to sleep, to do their homework and they are always fighting one on top of the other.  The Rebbe answers him:  1.  Mazal tov for getting married!!! Do you know how many people are looking to get married and they don’t find their zibbug?; 2.  Mazal Tov for having 2 boys and 2 girls!!!! Do you know how many people had been trying to have children for years and they don’t?; 3.  Mazal Tov for owning your own house!!!!  Do you know how many people have to pay rent and move every few years for not having a place of their own?  The Rebbe finishes the letter saying YOU AND YOUR WIFE SHOULD FIRST EXPRESS THANK YOU TO H-SHEM FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS THAT HE HAS BESTOWED UPON YOU. NOW PLEASE WRITE TO ME AGAIN WITH YOUR REQUEST.  The man was too shy to write to the Holy Rabbi again.”
  • Thank you H-shem for all the numerous blessings that you bestowed us every single moment of our lives, like Nishmat, even if we had all the ink in the world and unlimited amount of paper it’s not enough to say Thank you for one of the billions of Chesed that you do for us at every moment.
  • A year ago a person asked me to do a chesed for someone he knows that was sick. Of course I said ok and helped them out, it was nothing difficult a small simple chesed. A year later this person was talking to me and I tell him I am making my sons bar misvah in a couple of weeks. He asks if I have all the money. I answer and tell him the amount I am missing and am praying to have it by the time the bar misvah day arrives. The next day he hands me the exact amount of money to make the bar misvah. I asked where he got it from and all he said is that it was from someone who had hakarat hatov to me for something I helped them with. I figured it out that it was the sick person or someone in their family. Thank you so much Hashem for helping me out. I feel like you sent me that chesed opportunity a year in advance as a test to see if I would get this help to complete the bar misvah payment. Thank you to this person as well. This was such a nice thing for you to do. I did not help them looking for anything in return. Hashem is so perfect. Thank you Hashem for my sons bar misvah.

 From the archives..

  • I heard an amazing story this morning about this Talmid Chacham who got hurt badly in a terror attack, he was so badly hurt and the Dr said he will never be the same, Am Israel got together to daven for him and with his determination to get better he exceeded all expectations today he is getting married!!!! To a girl who organized endless Tehilim groups and chesed in his name without even knowing who he was!
    This is to show you that when we do selfless chesed for others we ourselves see yeshuot and more importantly don’t stop the tefilot, bora Olam hears them!!!!!!
  • Last Friday I was putting together a class on the subject of appreciating Hashem’s kindness throughout the year and truly being happy to serve Him with our Torah learning and performance of mitzvot. I was in a local shul and decided to write down some notes and points to focus on. The midrash was just cleaned up and the tables were ready for Shabbat without the regular random papers around that I would normally use for this. So after looking all over for just one piece of paper to write on, I finally found it- and turning it over, it was someone’s printout of this email. So I took this as a clear nod of approval from Hashem. For a class about “Thank you Hashem”, I was being told to use the back of this beautiful collection of people actually thanking Hashem!! May everyone who participates in this project be blessed with a year of siyata dishmaya, inspiration and closeness to our Creator!

Thank You Hashem – Week 175

  • From Mitzvah Man – I posted on our facebook account that we were having a Chanukah Party for senior citizens. I asked for volunteers to donate money for some gifts for the senior citizens, like gloves, scarfs etc… I got a response right away from someone saying here is my credit card please charge me $100 and get some gifts for the senior citizens. The next day I post a message that we have 2 autistic children that have never been to a Basketball game and if someone would like to donate 2 Knick tickets please reply. The same guy replies right away and says, here is my credit card number go and get any seats that you like. He continues and tells me, I am a chiropractor and I have been having a very hard time with the insurance companies getting paid. I have been doing a lot of work and not seeing any payments. This problem has been very difficult and has been going on for months already. Yesterday as soon as I replied to you to get the gifts for the senior citizens, the very next email I opened up was from the insurance company saying they are sending me a check for $150,000! . He continues and says, Hashem is great and WANTS to give us, he sometimes waits for us to take the first step.  Happy Chanukah
  • Wedding last night and Bris the next morning. Mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful hag of hanuka and all that it symbolizes. Thank you for always being with us, helping us and protecting us. Thank you hashem for my wedding anniversary. Having my husband and family each day is a beracha that I cannot thank you enough for!
  • Thank You H-shem for giving us the holiday of Hanukkah were we sit around with our families lighting the candles admiring and praising You for saving us from the Greeks against all odds and for saving us time after time from Esav up to today.  Also gives us time to reflect upon the millions of miracles that happen to us everyday. Hanukkah its a “Thanksgiving” holiday Thank you for enjoying it together with the family, having a roof over our head comfortably.
  • Thank you Hashem that I was able to help out a family that was going to be without their father for an extended amount of time.
  • Thank YOU Hashem for a safe trip with my family
  • Thank you Hashem for this beautiful holiday of lights!
  • I got a big paper cut during work then it became freezing so I put on a sweater and even gloves. A little after I put on the gloves I was taking a big pile of papers and somehow it went against my finger AGAIN. If I wasn’t wearing gloves I would’ve gotten a HUGE cut. THANK YOU HASHEM for letting it be freezing and for making me wear gloves and letting me get one cut for kappara.
  • Wow , had a very hectic schedule at work today and needed to leave early. One of the things on my list just took care of itself on its own. I had to call and put in an order for a customer that I had on hold waiting to ship out today. I get an email from the distributor with a confirmation for the order and shipping confirmation. Thank you Hashem.
  • A chanukah miracle and miracles surround us all the time. I was at a certain super market. I was very short on money at the time and struggling. All of a sudden I get a text from a friend who knew my situation. He tells me that he has a credit that I can use on his account at the super market in case I am short on money right now. To please just go to the register and give his telephone number. I say wow I am in the supermarket right now thinking what to do and you send me this thoughtful and caring  text. I say ok and ask which supermarket I should go to. He replies and it is the exact store that I am standing in!. Thank you Hashem for making this special bond between our people. The outside world can not understand it. The great thing is, is that this friend knows I would do the same thing for him and Have done it for several others. Thank you to this friend and most of all to you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Special, Week 169

About 20 years ago right after my father had passed away, I was approached by a neighborhood Yeshiva to do some fund raising for them. I had never done any sort of fund raising before. I didn’t know what to answer. I thought it would be a nice thing to do, a nice misvah right after my father passed away. They said I should get up in front of my shul and make a speech and then use the cards they would drop off by my house to mark the pledges down. Friday morning they dropped off 600 cards, but no speech. I am not a speaker and was left to fend for myself and try to get up in front of the kahal and make a speech on my own and do the fund raising for the Yeshiva.

I did it, I got up in front of everyone and made my appeal. After I spoke I was standing there with 600 cards. I looked to my side and saw a wealthy member of the shul, a friend of mine and I approached him and asked if he can start us out and help out the Yeshiva. His response shocked me. He started berating me. He started saying – How dare you approach me like this!, I will never help out this Yeshivah! and started to scream at me in front of the entire shul. I was humiliated beyond belief. He then angrily takes the card and tears it into pieces and THROWS IT IN MY FACE!!!  I put the other 599 cards in an envelope and gave up. I went home sat on the couch and cried like a Baby. I couldn’t continue,I was broken. I felt like I let my father down. I felt like I let the Yeshiva down. But that man deflated me. I was numb and could not go thru with this.

10 year later I get a call from a food organization asking if I can help fund raise for them. I paused and said this is my chance to get back on the horse and try again. I said yes and agreed to help out. I wanted to do avodat Hashem and was determined to do this Misvah that Hashem has resent to me.

I got to my place of business and had a wealthy community member show up as a customer that day. I approached her with a card for a pledge and began to ask if she can help out this wonderful food organization. Her reaction startled me. She angrily yells at me How dare you approach me over here for a donation!!! Who do you think you are!!. I am not here to give charity I am here for my own personal needs. I will not give you any donation. Don’t you ask me for any donations!!! I was shocked. But this time I was determined. I told myself I will not let her get me down. I will not give up the avodat Hashem I am trying to do. I am going to move on and continue full force ahead with great determination!

Within 6 months I was zoche to collect $140,000!!! Yes $140,000!

Being in the Parashiot we are reading this time of year the lesson was clear to me. Noach and Avraham were ridiculed and made fun of but they did not give up. They stayed true to the job of serving Hashem and did not let people bring them down. They persevered. This is our test. If we are growing and doing the right thing in serving Hashem we should not let a friend or colleague put us down. We must stay focused and continue in our avodat Hashem. Do not let any ridicule or any remarks take you off track. Keep on growing and doing the misvot we are required to do and stay strong believing and knowing that you are doing the right thing for Hashem and for yourself.

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Thank You Hashem – Special, Week 165

Thank you  Hashem, for giving me such a true, caring, sincere, friend, in Steven H, along with his friend Ray,they were there for me, when I absolutely needed them. Two and a

half years ago on April 15th 2014 the start of Passover, my mother passed
away. My mother suffered, during her final months, she had talked to me months earlier about the type of monument (Double monument and design) she would like, and upon her final Four months of her life, I promised that I would honor her wishes. Following her death in the first year, I struggled financially, to make the initial  payments and did. With each passing month, and into the second year,  my fathers health began to decline My father is Living on a fixed income with no savings in the bank, I was unable to use his income, to pay towards the monument. His health care
became more expensive, as his health began to rapidly decline (Parkinson’s) along with other complications, and I myself personally, had financial hardships of my own. I am my fathers power of attorney  responsible for his health care and finances as well.
The promise I had made to my mother had come to a stand still and I just could not save up the money to allow me to move forward with my promise. It was four months ago I had asked my very good friend Steven H for his advice regarding my predicament and how I could get much needed assistance. Steven without any hesitation along with his friend Ray were instrumental in coordinating there efforts by reaching out to there community, circulating emails and collected donations (checks) within a Three month period to help pay down the balance owed on my mothers monument. They raised the money from friends, business, organizations, and individuals interested in helping in this cause. Steven H and Ray, made it a point to Assure me that the monument would be paid up in full and would be up in time for Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur. I am so very grateful to everyone that it was finally completed and erected on United Hebrew site in Staten Island September 27th 2016. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude and happiness that I feel that the monument is now up and is finally in its rightful place in United Hebrew. I am very thankful to Hashem, for giving me such a great friend and my sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone  who contributed and for there kindness and sincere generosity which made it possible. The last two and a half years had

been a struggle and made me doubt whether the monument would ever have been completed in my fathers lifetime. He is 89 years old and would also like thank Hashem and to everyone who helped and donated. I wish to take this opportunity to personally pray and ask That Hashem bless each and everyone and there families for a healthy, and prosperous new year ahead. May it be a sweet new year filled with happiness and most importantly health to all.

  • Experienced joy with my son hearing the shofar and not wanting to leave shul.
  • Thank You for Hashem for the many opportunities you give us again and again to come close to You!
  • Thank you Hashem for my family! Thank you Hashem for giving me amazing parents, may they be blessed with a long and healthy life B’H!
  • Thank you H-shem for giving us Rosh Hashanah to give us a chance to do reckoning of all our actions and to make us realize who is the Supreme Being of everything that H-shem is the King and Controller of the World from the biggest things to the smallest thing.
  • Thank you Hashem for inscribing me and my family last Rosh Hashanah ‎in the book of life.
  • Thank you Hashem for Yom kippur. We are so fortunate to have this day to be cleansed from ‎our filthy sins.
  • Thank u Hashem for giving me beautiful healthy children and giving me the strength to take care of them.
  • I was about to get on the road for a very long trip and planned on working with my office computer remotely. Something came up and I had to stop in my office before I headed out. It was a good thing I did. When I got there I saw that the computer I needed to access was not connected. I was able to have it connected and available for remote use. If I had gotten on the road I would have drove a long way and not had the access I needed. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for by new car lease!
  • Thank You HaShem for giving us the Shofar that’s like no other instrument. It really shakes a person up and helps us to do Teshuva.Than You HaShem for letting me live this past year and all the years before that I really appreciate it. Please Please let all of Bnei Yisrael live to see the Mashiach this year very very soon BzH.

Thank You Hashem – Week 148

  • My 7 year old son lost a new pair of sneakers that he really loved. We searched every where high and low. We even checked by grandmas house. They were missing for about 10 days or 2 weeks and we looked all over for them. Last night we sat together and made the special tefilla with Rabbi Meir Baal Hanees. We first sat together and I explained to him what the words mean and made sure he understood what we were saying. He said it beautifully from his heart and held his sedaka in his right hand and gave it over to me. I held it and told him the next morning in shul I will give his sedaka. I prayed to Hashem to please let us find it, that it will now be a kidush Hashem especially in the eyes of my 7 year old son. He will see that we tried to find it and could not. And now only after his tefilla and sedaka that Hashem clearly returned it to us.I went to shul in the morning and as promised I gave his sedaka. I returned home from shul and my wife says, guess what? I already knew what was coming , she tells me our daughter found the sneakers! I asked when? And it was precisely the time that I gave the sedaka. I asked where they were and of course they were in a spot that we checked more than once. Hashem opened our eyes and let us find them. Most importantly was the kidush Hashem and that we and my 7 year old son clearly see how the missing sneakers were found. I want to add that I also heard a few times that when a person does something lemala min hateva, (over and above what he normally can do) that Hashem also acts with him lemala min hateva, My son gave more than the amount of sedaka he was required to on his own, and did it happily and Hashem returned his sneakers. Thank you Hashem.
  • thank you Hashem for teaching me that you don’t always get what you want but what Hashem needs you to get.
  • I had to look thru some old papers at the office. As I was thumbing thru them I found some notes I had made for myself regarding a strategy trying to get an order completed with a customer. Looking at it now after I have already completed the sale with the customer I must stop and Thank Hashem for taking care of this order and sending it to me. It was very inspiring sort of looking back in time and seeing how Hashem made it all play out. Thank You Hashem.
  • There were 3 Torah Dedications on Sunday- Thank you Hashem for letting us parade thru the streets of Brooklyn honoring our holy Torah.
  • My wife’s watch broke, luckily that it is still under warranty therefore she was able to send it in to repair. After they received the watch, they advised her that they cannot fix the watch so they’re giving her a new watch worth up to $180. Thank you Hashem for the new free watch.
  • Hashem thank you so much!I am honoring you with a beautiful meal and simcha tonight!thank you so much for YOM YERUSHALAYIM tonight!We love you!!Thank you for giving me Rabbi Arush and the zohar hakadosh.Thank you for teaching me when I didn’t have any teacher to explain to me what to do in the most difficult times. Thank you for listening to my prayers and guiding me this week.
  • I have a Bris to attend 3 days in a row! And 1 on Shavuot- Baruch Hashem
  • Hodu LaH-shem Ki Leolam Hasdo, we (my wife and I) have to express many many thanks to the Almighty.  B”H within the last week we had the Bar Mitzvah of my second son and the wedding of our 1st daughter,  B”H a lot of the people of the shul took time out of their busy schedule to join us in both our celebrations,  Yishtabach Shemo Laad. Yirbu Semachot VeIsrael.
  • Thank you Hashem for wonderful community members who take time out of their day to encourage others and give us Chizuk by posting THANK YOU HASHEM notes.  Like a child who brings a MITZVAH NOTE to the teacher and feels great when the teacher reads it aloud.  After all, we get caught up in our daily nonsense and don’t always remember to acknowledge things large and small that Hashem does for us, watches over us – making our lives better, protect us form harm, and keep us on the correct path.
  • I was so happy to hear that my friend won a poetry competition that is at a really high level. I am so grateful that if I have any questions for my music writing she will be more than happy to assist. It is such a nice feeling to win! She is really happy and I am happy to share in her happiness!! Baruch Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to do a kidush Hashem. I was in the pizza store and I got up and ordered another slice of pizza. They called me when it was ready and I picked it up from the counter. After finishing eating I got in my car and drove off. A few minutes later I realized that I don’t remember paying for the additional slice of pizza. I called the pizza store and the mexican guy at the counter answered. I described who I was and asked if paid for the pizza, he answered that I did not. I told him I am so sorry I didn’t realize and I would like to pay for it. He was silent on the phone and said wow, that is so nice of you, I can’t believe you took the time to find our number and go thru the trouble just for a few dollars. I told him I would like to give him my credit card over the phone , to that he said there is a 10 dollar minimum. (you would think he would be happy to get the money, but no he has to say he can’t take the credit card-only a goy)..Fine so I tell him I have to get back to work and I will come and bring him cash later. He says again Thank you so much that is so nice of you. (nice? I ate the pizza and owe the money, a goy can’t even understand that we are obligated to pay for this)..I go back to work and now time to go home. I pulled up to my house and realized I forgot to go back and pay him. I say to myself I will do it tomorrow, it is late and I am tired. Then I say, no , I will do it now before the Yeser Hara convinces me not to even do it tomorrow. I tell myself I have a priceless  chance to do a kidush Hashem and do not delay it,go now. I get back in the car and drive to the store and hand the mexican guy the money. He stares at me and for a few seconds doesn’t say a word. I tell him here take the money. He smiles and said, sorry I was just thinking we are closing soon and was telling myself I don’t blame that guy for not coming back to pay, I wouldn’t pay for it either, and now you are here, I feel foolish. He said thank you so much for coming back, it is only a few dollars. I answer that we have a great torah and our torah teaches us to pay for our purchases and to be honest. He smiles and says all of you guys are so nice. Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 147

  • Thank you Hashem for saving our lives as we were crossing the street with the right-of-way when a driver trying to ‘make the light ‘ that already changed to red almost barreled in to us.  It happened so fast we didn’t even realize the mortal danger had he not short stopped after seeing us.  Baruch Shomer Yisrael.  My wife and I commented that we each had given Tzedaka randomly that morning…..
  • Thank you Hashem for everything you have taught me. Your teaching never stops. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you Hashem for answering so many of my tefillot.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Efraim Wachsman and his amazing classes and hizuk!
  • Thank You HaShem for all the semachot there was this week and BzH will be. Could never thank You enough!
  • Thank You Hashem for letting everything work out so great regarding my family and I moving into a new home.
  • 2 Of my friends children have gotten married to each other. Mabruk
  • 2 brisses this week- great simachot
  • Bar Misvah and an engagement party last night Thank you Hashem
  • I was out-of-town and at shul for mincha. Before we brought in Lag Ba-omer the Rabbi got up to speak. He spoke about the upcoming Lag Ba-omer celebration they were having and the importance and kedusha of that great day. He continued and mentioned how they will be selling candles in connection with great Tanaiim and Torah leaders. He mentioned how it is brought down if you get such a candle in memory of Avraham and Sara or of Rebbi Shimon etc.. how they will act as a conduit for your tefillot and they will represent you and your tefillot to Hashem. As he said the names Avraham and Sara I thought to myself wow, how great that would be to have Avraham and Sara representing you to Hashem. Deep down I really wanted this honor and connection with Avraham and Sara. Later that night I was by the celebration and the 1st candle being sold was Avraham and Sara. Something came over me and I put in a very reasonable early bid, a bid that would not usually be zoche to buy such a zechut. Hashem knew how much I wanted it and made the Rabbi sell it quickly and I was able to get the zechut that I really deep down wanted. Thank you Hashem. I knew that this was a gift from Hashem as I know that these candles can sell for a couple of thousand dollars each. Later that night we happen to be passing by another lag Ba-omer celebration and heard them bidding for the candles and they were being sold in the 3000 dollar price range. Thank you Hashem for the gift.
  • Thank you Hashem for the build up and excitement in anticipating staying up on Shavuot night learning our holy Torah. Can’t wait!
  • I went to a Dr. for a test and Baruch Hashem got back good results. I wanted to dance and sing to Hashem. So I did! Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hashem for all the times that I do not even need to any exams or tests, I will now dance and sing for that as well. Shabbat Shalom!
  • My friend’s daughter is getting married tonight  – Mazel tov and simachot for everyone Bh.
  • A customer of mine just called me unexpectedly and added some items to his order. Thank you Hashem.
  • It’s a BOY! Mabruk.
  • Bris Monday-mazal tov.
  • I delayed putting an order in for a client for some reason unknown. I just realized my error and called in the order. The price went down on the item I was ordering and made a larger profit because of the “unknown” delay. Thank you Hashem for making me put off this order.
  • I was about to go on a wild goose chase for a certain product that had a strange requirement that I needed to see before purchasing. On my way out I decided to look quickly on my phone for it and Baruch Hashem I found it before I even made it out the door. Thank you Hashem for saving me all that time.
  • I had to come up with a nice amount of money to pay for my sons Bar Misvah. I did not know how it was going to come together. All of a sudden Hashem sent me a Malach. A person calls me out of no where and says that he has x amount of money for me that someone gave him to give to a person making a simcha. He knew I was about to make a Bar misvah and thought of me. It was the exact amount I needed!. Hashem you are so perfect. Thank you Hashem for our joyous occasion.
  • Three times this week I put my hand in my pocket and found an extra 20 dollar bill!. Not once, not twice but all of the 3 times it happened were all about an hour after I had given extra sedaka to some collectors in shul. Thank you Hashem for letting me see this message clearly.

Thank You Hashem – Week 134

  • BH, was praying arbit in the office, as we finished a rabbi from eretz yisrael was explaining to him his situation,But the boss was somewhat flustered and running into a meeting he quickly turned to me and said to speak to him, that he couldn’t and the rabbi didn’t have an appointment. Started talking to him, and the rabbi was choking up in tears he was barely able to hold back, his wife was also there. I was telling him with a whole heart I wish I can help but the boss Is the one who works with the Charity, his wife saw that and she thanked me for trying at least. He asked if he can stay till after they finish their meeting as he is traveling back tomorrow.Answered for sure no problem,meanwhile in the hustle bustle I left my gemerah in the room they were meeting in, so I couldn’t leave the office..After a while I started walking out, and the rabbi and his wife come out of the elevator,I asked him what happened did they finish?Nope… the Sectary said, they’ll probably be there a while, He said ok,I did hishtadlut and now Hashem hopefully will help, he was walking out Suddenly one of the bosses walks out, quickly ran after the rabbi, which BH he was able to talk to him and explain his situation (this boss has a tremendous heart and mostly sure he will or has helped) BH felt at least we were able to help, walking back to my car, I glanced at the rabbis letter, and stopped.. I couldn’t believe it.About a year ago or so, I saw the letter and the story hurt me, but at the point wasn’t in the state to help out much.. so I placed the letter in my koracha / tefilin bag At least can feel for him (remember – praying for him recently) Hashem has maneuvered that if a person feels or wishes he can help someone and possibly he can’t at the time Hashem has a master Plan to maneuver anyone to be of help and it can fall into your lap! You never know. I quickly jumped into my car and caught him down the block, told them that his letter was in my teflin bag for a year because of his story! Him and his wife were so moved and touched. People may go through hard and tough times Sometimes if you even show them that you may care and are thinking about them you never know what kind of impression you can make on someone.Thank You Hashem!!
  • I really want to thank Hashem for a crazy friend who started an email doing something very strange in our times….Thanking the creator for all for his constant intervention and detailed planning of our live’s. The world needs more people who have the guts to do the most important thing possible, Appreciate the Endless Good Hashem give us (with a app to remind us,no less!!).
  • Shavuah Tov! Feel the need to post this – even though it’s not directly related to me at all…. Thank you Hashem that when I opened my computer tonight the first news that jumps out on me is that of the wondrous recovery that Sarah bas Dina is making B”H! It’s reported tonight that Sarah has awoken and is breathing on her own! Thank you Hashem for this incredible news! May she continue to have a Refuah Shelaima B’karov. May all the sick in Klal Yisroel be healed speedily! May we experience a week together with trillions of things to say “Thank you Hashem” for!!
  • “I thought Hashem had done me a great chesed by saving me from the potential onslaught of a speeding SUV ignoring a stop sign without a scratch Thank You Hashem.But then when I felt the excruciating pain of the sciatic nerve I was amazed again at Hashem’s goodness at getting me to go to a very decent doctor who said I would walk out from his office (when at that point I could not) All the things we take for granted like getting dressed and putting on socks and tying our shoes– I just could not do. And when it reached dangerous proportions where I knew I could no longer maneuver out of the problem I knuckled under and went to a the doctor (something B”H I normally don’t do). Thankfully G-d gave me an exit strategy from my suffering.And twice in this week’s saga I tried to out think the condition and did some little (for me) exercise which backfired the process twice and re-lapsed the suffering.Along the way I found stretching exercises that I shared with fellow back pain sufferers, but in the second re-lapse they were failing me.I took a hot bath that I thought would help but pretty much also back-fired or did nothing.My hip was in severe stress and I saw little hope of a normal week.In desperation I turned to the theories of Dr Sarno (of whom we’ve all heard so much) and read his approach. I don’t know what saved me (of course Hashem’s infinite rachamin) but I began some dialogue with my brain that it was way overstepping its function of reigning us in from overindulgence and was now using my body as a guided missile to take my Mind off deep emotions it believed I could not face,I said “I will not let you cripple me like this again” (as if I had some control)I don’t know what worked since I awoke able to walk and without pain in my hip or knee I know in the middle of the night I dreamt of my departed father who brought me oranges and I got up with great pain and decided just to get my mother’s blanket and pillow that she knitted and gave me as gifts before she passed on.Maybe it was Dad, maybe it was Mom praying for me, but certainly it was Hashem’s great goodness to end my suffering come Monday morning so I could go to work like a regular human and not spend another day as a convalescent.Thank you, I love you Hashem!”
  • Thank you Hashem for the strength and ability to hold a cup for as long as I need it without dropping
  • Thank You Hashem for letting there be 2 adar’s because if today was the real Purim day then it wouldn’t be as enjoyable because of the rain. Thank You for always watching and taking care of Your people with love!
  • About a month ago I purchased a new wig and it came with a free cut. After it was cut I went home and sorry to say the cut wasn’t me. I tried to reset it still not me.I brought it back to the salon and they tried cutting more. I just never felt comfortable. A few days later my daughter was going to an auction as she was leaving I said win me a wig. I decided to donate my old wigs if I win. I don’t usually win at auctions. At just around twelve the phone rings. Mom you won the wig. I didn’t believe her, but in the morning there was the coupon for my new wig. My new wig it’s great! And the salon was able to sell the one that was cut wrong and give me a new one cut just right. Bh I donated my old wigs and with Hashem s help they will be put to good use. Thank you Hashem for making sure I really appreciated my new wigs.
  • I was in shul this week listening to a lecture of the tremendous השגחה פרטיות everyone can see many times throughout each day. He was saying that he knows a person ( I know the person)who has a great habit of writing down everyday 100 great things which Hashem did to him that day. ( he’s not necessarily writing down 100 new things everyday) he said that in beginning it took him some time but now it only takes him around 10 minutes. I figured that I would do the same thing but I would only start with 10 good things as I felt that 100 might take me some time to write down (not That I couldn’t find 100 great things)and eventually I would stop doing it. I started to write down 10 things and I realized that we all have so much blessings in life that it is just impossible to count them all, Hashem is so good to us, guiding us, guarding us 24/7. As a side note, when you start appreciating all the goods things you have, eventually you will realize what a great wife and family you have, it will just bring you more blessings to appreciate. Thank you Hashem for being so good to us, we indeed appreciate everything and we don’t take things for granted.
  • Thank you Hashem for my fingers and for making them bend in the perfect spots.

Thank You Hashem – Week 104

  • A few weeks before the summer, I had exchanged $400 cash for 2 gift cards with a friend. I spent $150 that week, and before moving to deal for the summer I realized the remaining $250 were missing. I also realized that I was overdue on my maaser. (happened to be around the same dollar amount as the missing cards) the maaser got to where it needed to go, and 3 days later I found the gift cards in my father’s car right by the seat belt. Thank you Hashem
  • I was driving a rental car in Florida and a terrible muddy substance landed right on my windsheild. It disgusted me and the car came with no windshield washer fluid. As I was driving the very next minute I passed down county club drive which has huge grass in the center. The sprinklers went on and splashed all over my car. I looked up at Hashem and said thank you!!! Wow
  • Engagement tonight- mabruk
  • Baby boy to my friend- mazal tov
  • Thank you for 2 years of this Thank you Hashem email, I look very forward to it each and every week
  • The biggest mitzvah is to help a friend before he falls off his donkey. A man approached me the day after I read that “the Biggest, mitzvah is to help a man before he falls off his donkey. ” I just lost my job’ I need help till I get another job” immediately, I reached out to his close friends and raised 5000 dollars for him. After 1 month he approached  and said ” I just got a job” I can’t thank you enough for sustaining me for the past month with the 5000 it was a tremendous help and kept me going for the past month”‘ thank you,” When you hear if a friend in trouble, help him, before he falls off his donkey! Shabbat shalom
  • Was working remotely from New Jersey and during a thunder-storm in New York my Ny office computer went out and was unable to log in remotely and work from Jersey. My father did a chesed and went to my office for me and we troubleshooted everything over the phone and nothing worked. Looked like I had no choice but to drive an hour and a half each way and then spend who knows how much time trying to get someone to come fix it. We tried 1 last thing as a last resort before giving up, while my father put me on hold to do it, I prayed to Hashem to please make it work and Baruch Hashem it worked. My Father saved the day and a lot of aggravation. Thank you to my Father and Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem for giving me a moment to reflect how amazing you made my life. Thank you Hashem for giving us the volunteer to enthusiastically organize this weekly email that makes us so happy and appreciative of our great creator. Thank you “volunteer” – you are awesome as well as so pleasant and warm in everything you do. Love u.
  • Thank you Hashem for the new customer and order as well
  • I got stuck in the pouring rain twice today everything’s for the best so thank You Hashem!
  • Thank You Hashem that even though the Bet Hamikdash was destroyed many years ago we still mourn for it and keep praying and thank You for Your promise to redeem us from this galut
  • I was always very nice to a certain goy worker by a customer of mine, wanted to make sure I made a kiddush Hashem with him and that he saw our wonderful people in a positive light. He was at a much lower position but now he has been promoted to a much higher position in the company and is able to deal more directly with me putting in orders. Because of the nice way I always treated him he is very comfortable giving me orders to handle for him. Thank you Hashem for the reward for trying to mikadesh shem  shamayim.
  • Thank you Hashem for the brit milah this coming Friday Bh- Mabruk
  • Wow 104 weeks strong of these emails , this is something very very special. I am sure Hashem is proud of all that partake in this great kavod and kiddush HASHEM. Very proud to be part of this community.
  • Had a call coming in from a customer that I thought may be a complaint or problem. I prayed and then took the call. He says hello and then tells me he is by an associate of his and is referring him to buy from me as well and hands the phone over to the new customer. Thank you Hashem.
  • Heard an encouraging story of a man who accidentally damaged someones belonging. He got injured but the other party was only interested in him paying back the damage of their old broken down item.He wanted $500. This was a big test for this person and finally the person gave in and put it on Hashems shalom fund. A rav witnessed what happened and gave him a beracha to get all the money back. Within 1 day Hashem sent him all the money back! Even better, the person he damaged called him and said he had the item repaired and it only costed him $50 and he is sending him back $450! Great lesson and Thank you Hashem for your Shalom fund , a fund that bears one of Hashems names, Shalom.
  • Thank you Hashem for my neck and all the different directions it can move.

Thank You Hashem – Week 103

  • Thank you H-shem for always being with my family and me and watching over us.  Last week, my wife called me to work very worried telling me that she smells a very strong smell  like an electrical fire.  B’H I had the car and I rushed home very very fast to go and help her. B’H I got home in 7 minutes (usually takes me 15) Meanwhile I’m rushing home I’m praying to H-shem to please keep my family safe and the house also.When I get home my wife tells me that the fire is by the subway and not @ home.  H-shem turned a very bad situation into nothing.  Thank you H-shem.  I love you H-shem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my daughter’s Thank you Hashem notebook, I am very proud of her
  • One day, I couldn’t find my credit card. I looked wherever I could think of it being, gave up, and canceled the card. My car insurance was paid monthly by auto-pay with that card. They canceled my insurance policy. I tried to have it reinstated, but the insurance company said it’s too late, I need to take out a new policy. After asking me a few questions, the agent told me that he has good news for me. He said “I’m going to cut your insurance bill in half!!” It seems that my insurance company was merging with another co. and he checked the rates of both companies. The other company had much better rates in NJ where I live, so I ended up saving hundreds of dollars each year now. Because Hashem made me “lose” my credit card.I found my card. It was in my pocket the whole time. Inside the folds of a paper.Thank you Hashem!
  • My friends daughter has gotten married
  • Oh My ……am I thankful……. to you God.THANK U HASHEM for blessing my husband and I  to have the foresight to make the right decision for our family this week! A LIFE SAVER! And the sweet words you gave my son to speak–What a game changer this week… as we start the 3 Weeks…
  • I was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and the trial starts tomorrow. I told my lawyer I can’t make it until after Tisha B’av. He understood and is requesting a new date.
  • I was stressing a little over how I would pay all my bills I had coming up. I kept telling myself not to worry Hashem will take care of it, there is no reason to worry. I kept praying to Hashem, “please Hashem, You can do anything, even though I know there isn’t enough money in my account right now to pay them, but I know You can do anything and send it somehow”. The day one of the largest bills was due, and saying to myself I’m not sure what to do, might have to pay it late when the next paycheck comes.. I prayed really hard that morning, and went to the bank and checked and Baruch Hashem there was more there than I thought there was ! Thank you Hashem for sending the $ !!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the unseasonably mild weather we have been having !
  • 3 brisses today!
  • was tested regarding giving sedaka while I was a little short money wise. I beat the yeser Hara and gave sedaka anyway and that day Hashem sent me some nice orders. Thank you Hashem
  • Saw my friend at his work and he was standing in front of a gorgeous scenic picture of mountains water and grass and he said I wish I can go on a vacation and see that. He continues and tells me he just came back from a trip to Vermont and that is exactly what Hashem let him see. He showed me the most gorgeous pictures of Hashems creations.
  • Saw a man in shul this morning and he looked like he was from out of town. I saw something special about him. Shortly after, my friend told me that this man is responsible for opening up 39 Kollelim! and is being honored at a dinner.  Ashreichah Yisrael!
  • I had a very tiring day and had to make a long walk to the train to go to New Jersey. It was about to downpour and was in no mood at all for the trek to the train and then the train ride itself. I said Hashem I am not in the mood I wish I had a car and could just air out by driving to New Jersey and relaxing without this whole to do. I look up at the cars waiting on the red light and my eye catches the eye of one of the drivers. We both do a double take, it was my close friend and he says, I am going to Jersey now and am in no mood to drive I am exhausted, by any chance are you headed to jersey tonight and want to drive my car? Wow in a split moment Hashem took care of me on the spot.  I told my friend what went thru my mind and told him about your Thank you Hashem email. He has signed up for it and made me send this in right away. Thank you Hashem for sending me this ride at the perfect time, it is extra special being my friend hardly ever drives and “happened” to have his car that day.The day I needed it.
  • I had a situation with a customer regarding the amount of months we were delivering merchandise to him. He was very upset and said after the next few months expire call me regarding the new contract. In other words,probably not going further with your line.Made a tefilah to Hashem and Called him today expecting him to cancel and I accepted it from Hashem and was very calm. I calmly gave him 2 or 3 choices expecting a quick conversation and I was going to say no problem and move on. Well it was a short conversation, he calmly and quickly agreed for 36 more months!!!!. Thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem 5 weddings last week in one night and 2 the next day mabrook!
  • Thank Hashem for the halachot of tzniut only a Father who loves His children would make those laws to protect them
  • I lost my car keys and they could have been anywhere. I was in Lakewood , Deal , Long Branch ,7 eleven, peoples homes , shuls., shopping. Possibilities were endless. I said the special prayer and within 5 minutes they were found!. Thank you Hashem.

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