THANK YOU HASHEM im going to Florida tomorrow for pesach.

April 20th, 2022

THANK YOU HASHEM im going to florida tomorrow for pesach and im done all my errands but im missing my number one necessity – my sidddur and tehillim !! i was looking all over the house, rummiging through closets and shelves but i couldnt find it. so i was sitting in my sisters room and i was just begging Hashem “please Hashem please!! i just want my siddur and tehillim to connect to you and be close to you PLEASE!!! open my eyes please ” suddendly a thought popped in my mind in the most random place to have my stuff. I JUMPED and ran and when i found it, i was dancing !! i was never so thankful and full of joy THANK YOU HASHEM, You even give me the ability to pray to You!!!