Thank you hashem that my son keeps shabbas

September 2nd, 2020

My thank you hashem story is so typical yet beautiful.
I have an older son that is a lovely boy but is not exactly as he was 3 years ago.
When he told me he will go away camping last shabbos, late Friday afternoon I was ok and happy for him. 15 minutes before the zman he was still home and I asked casually if he changed his mind? He said no he is still going. I was getting nervous I know of no camping site close to where I live. Fear started creeping in. What is happening with my son? But then I reflected back and thought did I ever thank hashem that my son keeps shabbos? Never. So I started doing that, Thanking hashem that he keeps shabbos every week. He walked out of my house 10 minutes to the zman. I was calm.
After shabbos he told me you know what happened in the end it was too close to shabbos so we found a hiking place close by, we barely had time to put up our tents.
THANK you hashem.
My fears were in vain. He is indeed a lovely good child that keeps shabbos. Now I know appreciate that.

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