Thanked hashem for all the times I did have my phone ☎️

March 8th, 2021

Hey Ari! I have to publicly thank Hashem!
I went in a Uber early this morning to yeshiva.. I have 2 phones my regular cell phone and my phone that I like to call my ‘photography phone’ (Its an iPhone I use for my photography/business needs).. when I arrived at my yeshiva I got out and went to get my tefilin. As I was walking to Shul I randomly checked my pocket for my iPhone but couldn’t find it. I nearly froze after not finding it in any pocket. I left it in the Uber! Naturally I became a nervous and annoyed because it’s in a random persons car and anyone can take it.. Then I caught myself and said “it’s all from Hashem, everything will work out”. I called my mother to ask her if she can contact the driver and try to get it back. My mother tried calling the driver but no response… I kept on reminding myself this is all min hashamayim and the Eibishter can make yeshuas.. I davened shachris and started thanking The Heilige Bashefer for everything He gave me, for all the times I had my phone, I said I’ll bli neder publicly thank Hashem and say tefillas toidah with extra kavunah today… After Shachris I saw a missed call from my mother and she told me the driver called her back and told her he has the phone and will return it soon.. Before I returned my mother’s call after shachris I knew that something happened because theres no question, when someone thanks Hashem, Hashem hears your thanks and shows you He hears it!

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