🎁⏰THANKFUL MOMENT 🎁⏰ Thank You Hashem for Rosh Chodesh 🌙 Each month the moon is renewed and starts to become visually larger and grow, as we do in our service to Hashem. Thank You Hashem for the zechus of being able to show our gratitude to You for all of creation, request peace and wish peace to one another during ‘Kiddush L’vana’. Thank You Hashem for enhancing our ‘sholom’ through blessing the moon. Thank You Hashem for the renewed faith in You that we get each Rosh Chodesh, just as the moon gets smaller, at times we, as a ‘Klal’ feel smaller due to events in the world and antisemitism, but as the moon is renewed, so will our glory as a nation. Thank You Hashem for Rosh Chodesh, for rebirth of Your glorious creation, for renewing our faith and reminding us to be at peace with each other.

June 10th, 2021