I had an extremely important appointment today by a hospital office. I knew I must he there punctually. (They do allow up to 15 minutes grace but are not very nice about it) I left my house in time but my car was blocked in by a huge towtruck… and then delayed by traffic… I got to the appointment 20 minutes late!! I told my husband if you believe in miracles- it will be a miracle if they take me and we will post it on the TYH chat…. Well, I breezed through the check in line in the lobby, and when I reached the office they (for some unknown reason) made an exception AND TOOK ME IMMEDIATELY! 20 MINUTES LATER I was done with the appointment, BH got positive news, and was back in the lobby downstairs… this is so so unusual. There is usually a 1-2 hr wait there… and in the lobby there was now a huge line of people waiting to be checked in which was not there when I arrived. All in all an amazing day of pure hashgacha prutis and miracles. TYH!!πŸ˜„

September 29th, 2022