I want to take a moment and stop and think and focus about all the good that Hashem my father my king does with me every moment of every day. Hashem took me out from a very challenging situation And brought me up to the top of the mountain, Hashem gave me a beautiful family Hashem gave me a great business that’s really suited for me in every way , the business helps me grow and connect with Hashem every minute . Hashem gives me every moment everything that I need to be successful, and I see and I know that the challenges that I am confronted with constantly are for me to grow every day higher and higher. The more I think about all the good that my father does with me all the time , I am humbled and grateful. Tatte please watch over me always , and I beg of you to please give me serenity and calmness in all my endeavors. Tatte please I beg of you to rid me of the anxiety that is holding me back in life , Father in heaven I wish to experience life in its fullest . Please father let me feel your warm embrace on me always . Thank you Hashem for always taking care of me

January 14th, 2022