Thank you Hashem always for my husband and family bh for my good night’s sleep bh for waking up today for a new day another day of tremendous hakoras hatov to the incredible Rebono Shel Olam and thanking the amazing Hashem BH. Thank you Hashem always for giving us everything we need and that EVERYTHING we need Hashem always gives us BH. Thank you Hashem always that with Hashem’s help we have a roof over our heads and we have water and food power and heat AC and parnassa tova and that all appliances and everything working great BH. Thank you Hashem always for rescuing the four hostages bh halevai varter. Thank you Hashem always in advance for an easy and safe smooth and healthy prosperous and happy stress free day filled with much hatzlocha rabbah mazel and brocha and continued shalom bayis and continued refuous and yeshuous and continued miracles and continued daily Bitachon and for the complete refuah shelama bekorov and recovery for Kalev Ben Fanny Victoria and Ruchama Bluma Rivka bas Chaya Reichl and Velvel Yaakov Ben Sarah Raizl and kol cholei Yisroel and the safety of Eretz Yisroel and the soldiers and immediate release of the hostages b’ezrat Hashem. Thank you Hashem always in advance for my niece ‘s bright future and hey kids getting into from school with Hashem’s help. I love you Hashem always. Thank you Hashem always

June 9th, 2024