Thanking hashem

September 1st, 2020

Part of the Tfillas Toida we say, “THANK YOU HASHEM for all the times You helped me & I didn’t express Thanks to You!

Well, I now say those words with a new awareness, more respect, a greater level of gratitude!
I’ve been working as a bookkeeper for almost 25 years. Started p/t as a beginner & gradually increased my skills, hours & salary.

Changed jobs a few times over the years, but mostly found a better position. I humbly admit now that I may not have properly thanked Hashem Yisburech all these years. Approximately 6 months ago, I was fired. I had a senior position, earned a very nice salary and got great benefits & bonuses. I don’t understand Hashem’s ways. But I do know that He is very good. I had a few interviews but none of it worked out. I’m trying to open my own company, but it’s not working out. I strongly believe that by not giving up, by not changing my attitude, by not stopping to Thank Him for all the gifts He bestowed on me in the past and the ones He is giving me on a daily basis, Hashem will grant me a Parnossa with comfort, dignity & abundance very soon. THANK YOU HASHEM!

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