Thanks to Hashem for an amazing month of June

June 30th, 2020

I would like to express my thanks to Hashem for an amazing month of June in my business, and be”h July and the coming months will be even better, and it will always go up and up! There were times that I felt choked, and when will I already see some light in my financial situation, and BH after being on this group and thanking Hashem constantly for everything he does for me, it’s getting so much better.
I also would like to encourage ppl , when you say ברכת המזון, (I try to say it every day!) say it loud and clear every word out separately, you’ll see this will give you such piece of mind and confidence that Hashem is זן ומפרנס כל חי, and bring you so much bracha in your life! Try it! Much hatzlacha! Thank you Hashem!

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