This happened a short while ago to me.

May 23rd, 2021

I’m late for posting and first thank you Hashem for reminding me to keep my promise.

This happened a short while ago to me. I was supposed to move a certain day. I rented a truck and had 5 guys (from my days in the business) set up to do the move. I pulled up in the truck to where our stuff was stored. Waited, waited, and waited. After about an hour and a half all five had different reasons why they can’t come. So basically I wasted the day, the truck rental, and still had to figure out how to get my stuff moved.

All moving companies were booked up solid. Sitting there in the truck I started thinking about the stories posted here. But I was thinking how often do we get to notice them live. I decided to ask Hashem directly for help and promised to post here if somehow I got guys and the move went smoothly. Not long after, two guys were on the way. (2 guys is normally a joke for such a size move). Not only did they come, they felt so bad (not typical feelings for these guys) that they somehow did the job faster than it would normally take 5 guys. Then when everything was in my house the guy I used to use for putting together furniture randomly showed up and put everything together. (He heard i was moving but I never asked him to come because I knew he had a bad knee). From being totally lost about how im going to move to having it all work out so smoothly is unbelievable. Only Hashem can pull off such a story for us. Keep on thanking Hashem. Its all you have to do. Thank you Hashem!

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