This is a story of double השגחה פרטית.

November 22nd, 2020

This is a story of double השגחה פרטית. I had an appointment by the vet 5:25. The bus #7 passed by & didn’t stop so i took #8 & the driver said he can drop me off where all the busses that go 2 where the vet is stop. As i got off 2 minutes later bus #7 pulled up & i made it in time 2 the vet. Story number 2. Afterwards i was planning on going 2 the cat sitter in יסוד המעלה which is an hour bus drive each way & i called the cat sitter & she said my husband is in טבריה call him & maybe u can catch him. I called him & guess what he was still here so i didn’t have 2 travel 2 hours. The sitter called me & said your G-D really loves u because what r the chances of me needing 2 send him 2 her & her husband being in טבריה? THANK U HASHEM

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