Thankful Thoughts
  • Thank you Hashem for the Shabbos guest.
  • Thank you Hashem for this beautiful day.
  • Thank You Hashem, i placed an ad costumers keep on calling.
  • Thank You Hashem i found an apartment.
  • Thank you hashem, had a long trip today, was very comfortable, no issues with snow etc. hoping for a wonderful weekend to thank You even more!…
  • Thank You Hashem, i got up 5am, came bathome 9pm, all schedules were on time, we pushed in like never before. Hope for an easy calm Erev Shabbos.
  • I promised to Thank Hashem if I stopped being nauseous and held my food down. Thank You Hashem!
  • Thank you Hahsem for always watching over us and protecting my family.
  • Thank you Hashem for my devoted spouse and cherished children, and for keep us all healthy.
  • Thank you Hashem for all the times that I have no issue falling asleep, and now I can’t fall asleep.
  • Thank You Hashem for: My two healthy eyes that allow me to see, My two healthy ears that allow me to hear, My healthy nose that allows me to breathe and smell, My healthy mouth, with which I can talk, Daven, learn, breathe, eat, and say “Thank You Hashem”, My healthy teeth that allow me to chew my food, and not have any tooth pain, My healthy tongue, with which I can talk, Daven, learn, taste food, and say “Thank You Hashem”, My strong healthy voice, with which I can talk, Dave, learn, sing, and say “Thank You Hashem”.


Isle Seat

I always try to order an aisle seat on the plane. This time, I had a hard time to book an aisle seat, it kept on saying error. I said I will thank Hashem in public if it started working. Later in the day, I decided to try, and when I went on, it said I had my aisle...

Relaxing and Thanking

I was running late for a flight. I kept on thanking Hashem for the opportunity to get away, and the wonderful chasodim the past 10 days. I arrived and boarded the plane on time. Now I am relaxing, and THANKING HASHEM!! * הודי לד כי טוב כי לעולם...

Scary Search

Thank you Hashem!  We are in Israel on vacation, and on Friday the credit card fell into a cellar, from a shop that's only open Thursday and Friday. Friday was mamesh before the zman, and the araber didn't let us go down for too long and search for it. So, we were...


I was packing my suitcase, and couldn’t find my jewelry case. I always keep it in the same place, and it was not there. All my good jewelry is in that case! Things that are very valuable, and items that I have beyerusha. I was very upset. Than I thought, everything is...

Made it!

[4:16pm] Thank You Hashem for all times I made my flight in time.  I will post to thank once I made it to the flight with my luggage. [5:45pm] Thank You Hashem I made it onto the flight!!

Hashem’s Connection

I was in the mountains today, and the place I stopped at didn’t have any data reception. I needed to head back home, but I couldn’t connect, not with Waze, and not with google maps. I was getting a little desperate, and then I asked Hashem, “Please let me get a bit of...

Free Check-In

I just checked-in on a local Brussels airlines flight, and was carrying 3 baggage plus 2 handbags. I promised Hashem to thank him publicly, if I don't end up paying for the extra baggage. Then, I got an email from the airline, that is a courtesy, I can check-in up to...

Connecting Flight

I had a connecting flight from Brussels to London, with an hour and a half to spare between flights. The flight left half hour late, which made it almost impossible to catch the connection, as Heathrow airport it takes some time to get from one terminal to another. I...

Cheap Tickets

We booked flight tickets this past Friday. They weren’t great prices, but we were afraid to wait longer to book, as prices can easily go higher and higher closer to the traveling date. I kept checking the same flights, just to know how the prices were with each...


[8:51am] I was invited to someone for Shabbos. Thank you Hashem for that. But I don't have a way to get there yet, or a car. We tried all the local car rentals, and nothing is available. I really want to go, and am stressing over the fact of how I can get there...

Valuable Garbage

We just came back from a long drive, and after unpacking I realized that I'm missing a few things. I looked high and low, and I was sure I left it on the way somewhere. I was going to buy a new one. I said, “Gam Zu Letova”, all of a sudden Hashem gave me a thought in...

Uber Discount

I am going I”YH on vacation for a few days, and I got a small uber discount last week. I thanked Hashem to give me a big discount, so now in the morning I got 40% off!! Thank you Hashem!!

Travel & Feel Better

My 18-year old son was traveling out of the country with his friends. After eating in a restaurant Thursday afternoon, he got sick to the stomach a couple of times. Friday morning, he had to take a flight back to Eretz Yisroel.  He was very sick and scared.  I kept...

Shabbos Ride

My mother comes to me in Far Rockaway for Shabbos weekly from Brooklyn. A car service is very expensive. It is usually 80 dollars or more. So she travels with “access-a-ride”, but it only could be booked a day ahead of the ride, and if you forget, you cannot get the...

Ring Ring

We are traveling out of town this evening by car, and our case is packed. I placed my jewelry in the side pocket of the case. Some repair men came this afternoon, to fix a window in the room where I left the case. After they left, I remembered I'd put my jewelry in...

Plane Waiting

We got to the airport on time (an hour and 10 minutes before scheduled to depart), but everything was going wrong. There was no curbside check in, had to go to a kiosk to get our luggage tags. One tag didn't print, so we went to the far end of the terminal to get...

Missed Flight

We missed our flight, and they said next one is Friday. I thanked Hashem for always being there for us, and the manager was able to put us on standby. B”H we got on a flight 2 hours later! Thank you Hashem!!!!

Instant Car Service

It was really getting close to Shabbos. I needed a cab to get out of town and couldn't find one. On my last effort I said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times that I do find a cab”. The dispatcher said go downstairs the car is in front of your house! Thank you Hashem...

Empty Seat

I said, “Thank you Hashem, please help me to have an empty seat near me on the airplane”. And guess what, there's an empty seat near me!! Thank you Hashem for this, and everything else you do with us!!

Cleared Traffic

What a Miracle! I was driving home from a far place upstate, and it was a long trip since 4:00am today. We got to the Gorge Washington Bridge, and the Waze GPS said sudden heavy traffic, and it added like more than 25 minutes to our trip. My sibling in my car said,...