Tyh that we found a apartment

September 18th, 2020

Please post.
Thank you Hashem that we found an apartment fast and in the process of moving. thank you Hashem for the money Hashem will send me to be able to pay back the money I’m borrowing for the move and for the money for me to cover rent.
thank you Hashem that section 8 will approve my transfer fast and that we will only need to pay a small portion on our part.
thank you Hashem that today i went to work and I davend for money… when I came into work my boss comes over to me and gave me an envelope of an old wage she didn’t have a chance to pay (a few hours pay) Thank you Hashem for the money! I will publicly thank you Hashem when I move in. I will publicly thank you Hashem when I can pay the money back fast. thank you Hashem for everything

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