Tyh for all the miracles u do

November 18th, 2020

Good Chodesh
I would like to share my story of what happened yesterday, this is basically 2 stories in 1,
I am paying the last few years 7K for car insurance for 2 cars for many reasons my insurance is so high, I tried during the years to bring this down
the lowest I was able to get this down was with 100 or 200 a year, so I never changed my policy,
yesterday morning I thought to my self that Hesham could do anything and I just need to pray to him and he could lower my insurance,
so I say a prayer to Hashem in my language and I told him I will do some histadlus and will reach out to different agencies and try to get a better rate,
the other point I had a deadline by 5 pm to change or I will need to pay for my existing policy the other month,
I reach out to an agency I told him I need coverage for 2 cars and I want to have the same good coverage I have now, they said they will see what they could do and will let me know later today or tomorrow,
I said to Hashem that I know u could do anything and please help me to stop paying this high no#,
going back and forward with the insurance agency they ask me for my wife’s license ID No# so I asked my wife and she emailed me, and I realized her license is expiring tomorrow, so this is the first miracle I renewed this right away, if I would not decide to change policy yesterday I would miss the date on her renewal, thank you, Hashem
by 3:30 I decided I don’t hear back from the agency I will go ahead and pay for my existing policy for another month, as I was on the way to the bank to put in money, I thought to my self ware is my emuna.
and I said to Hashem I’m going to make a u-turn and I know and I feel you could do anything and I should wait a little longer and hopefully, things will change, as I was talking to god, I took on my self a new good thing to change in my life,
as I get back to my office and I check my emails I got an email from the agency we got u down for the year to 1500 with the same and better coverage, Thank you, Hashem!! we just need to ask and pray he always answers.

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