tyh for saving us of not getting a ticket

August 6th, 2020

Our day camp rented a private pool to swim in a non jewish area.

Due to the virus its not legal to go to swim with a big crowd. We were about 60 girls in the pool and the neighbors from the owner of the pool where very mad that we swam there, they called police.

Our heads were very nervous cause they would get a big ticket. All of the sudden we hear sirens coming our direction.

one girl jumped out of the pool and said: “Let’s all say together the tefilas toida and you’ll all see a big miracle, and if the police goes away and we won’t get a ticket I promise to post it in public” and everyone together said the tafilas toida.

3 minutes later they tell the owner from the pool: “sorry for disturbing we had a wrong address” and all police and sirens were gone.

and we were able to swim.

Thank you Hashem!

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