Tyh for the incredible life story.

July 17th, 2020


Thank you Hashem for the incredible life journey you give me everyday. It has been a real struggle to make parnasa and to get a job that pays a base salary in sales, most positions are all commission. After my interview on Tuesday, I received an email from the person I met, who could hire me, that I could not work remotely and they would not be able to accommodate my request. I am 61 and being very careful where I go. I explained I would like the job, but I can’t work in a small office with many people for covid 19 health reasons.

After being rejected, I called back this person to explain why they should hire and let me work remotely. I just received an email that said “After reconsideration, I have decided to extend the sales position to you.”

I emailed back happily accepting the position.

Thank you Hashem for providing me my next business opportunity with a salary attached. I am Happily and Joyfully donating $18.00 today and will donate another $18.00 on my first day of work and again $18.00 when I get my first paycheck. Thank you Hashem, we love you Hashem 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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