Tyh got me on the flight

November 18th, 2020

We made tickets to fly even though my only picture ID is my passport and I sent it in for renewal. I wasn’t nervous throughout the process since I was sure Hashem would make it work. The tsa guy was very nice but after 1 1/2 hours of questions and calls he got the answer that my IDs weren’t ok and I’m not cleared 😧.
I started thanking Hashem for all the times I’ve flown etc and that I know He is the one who decides, not tsa. And that I’ll post publicly if somehow I get on the flight.
Here I am to say *thank you Hashem!!!* He said I’ll see what I can do . He went to his office and after a while he came back and told me I can go!
He took me through security quickly, 20 minutes before takeoff. The employees all knew about it and worked quickly to get me through the extra security. As I’m hurrying a woman came to help shlep my bags, then a motor cart came and picked me up to get me there quickly! Not only did Hashem get me there but He made it easy with all the surprise help! Made me think when Moshiach comes our geula will be so much grander, full of gevladige surprises.

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