Tyh my kids are learning to thank hashem

September 15th, 2020

Thank you HaShem!

My daughter got LED lights that she wanted really badly and when my husband was installing it we realized that one of the connectors wasn’t working, we tried different things to make it work but nothing happened and our daughter was very sad so I told her to read the Tefilas Todah with her heart opened then like 5 mins.

Later, guess what… all the lights started working miraculously. Actually this was the second time she had an answered prayer.
Two days before she was desperately looking for something and after looking for it for about an hour I told her to thank HaShem and read Tefilas and right after she finished reading it she found the lost object. Baruch HaShem!!!!
Thank you HaShem because my children are learning the power of thanking You as well!!!! B’H

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