Tyh my sons braces will be taken off this week

September 4th, 2020

Wow wow wow Thank you hashem always.

I just had a amazing thing
My son needs to go to Israel this week to learn in yeshivah but has braces to be taken off and we are trying for the last week to have a appointment. I was just on the phone with secretary and she told me that the earliest they have is September 25 which is 2.5 weeks from now and that is to long so I started to say thank you hashem in my mind and said hashem only you can help and the secretary tells me hold on and then comes back on the phone and says Mr. Sabbagh I dont know what to say only that your a lucky man while we are on the phone someone just canceled for this coming Tuesday at 1030 am . And not only that we will be able to make you his retainers same day to be picked up at 5pm

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