Tyh the tenant left

July 12th, 2020

This week was really stressful… our roomate with 2 kids and a big dog did not want to move out and we are about to close the sale of our house at the end of month… Last Sunday she had a really bad argument with my husband over the phone and threatened us that she was “maybe” going to leave by the 31st but only if she could find a place to move to because she said the law would be on her side… and she was not wrong…. Right after that unpleasant conversation my husband got too disturbed and felt so aggravated. So we read the Tefilas Todah and thanked HaShem for that situation and then donated to the group. Afterwards my husband called a paralegal who works with an attorney and we posted on the door of her room a notice of eviction and paid the attorney almost $1200 which was almost all the money we had since my husband is not working now… well Baruch HaShem yesterday the lady took all her belongings and left our house miraculously!!!!!!!!! And the attorney refunded our money! by the way, there was nothing to do about it because all evictions are suspended in Florida till August so even the attorney was not being so honest either. This is a miracle!!!
Now I’m donating the other half of the amount we promised to HaShem!!!

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