Was carrying heavy bags

August 27th, 2020

Good Morning,
This is unbelievable we forget about the little things we take for granted after carrying some packages yesterday at night my right wrist became very painful as we use our hands for everything any hand movement was a painful struggle getting dressed and making a coffee was very painful I planned on asking help to put on my tefilin which would not be a pleasant experience I was thinking about finding an open pharmacy to buy a ace wrist band to enable me to use my hand until I remembered to start thanking Hashem for all the times my wrist was painless and said I will publicly thank Hashem if and when it goes away Ari it was probably less a half hour and by the time I put on tefilin the pain was 80% gone I put on and took off 2 pairs of tefilin with ease I’m typing this message almost completely painless I’m still in AWE over this experience so

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