We had applied for my son’s passport a long time ago.

June 22nd, 2021

We had applied for my son’s passport a long time ago. We hadn’t heard or received anything from the passport agency. After various emails back and forth it was determined that his application must’ve gotten lost between the county clerk and the passport agency. I finally got a new appointment to reapply for a new passport. The time was really short as he is supposed to leave to yeshiva in july. The day of the appointment they called to cancel the appointment as they didn’t know how I even got that timing as the network is down at that hour. My son was devastated. As it meant rescheduling and he would most probably not get his passport in time. We decided to adjust our thinking and said Hashem has a plan we just dont know it. We will thank hashem and give tzedakah if we get to see the plan over the weekend. Guess what came in the mail? His passport which the agency determined to be lost. Somehow they missed putting it into the system when they processed it causing us to think it was lost and obviously our appointment was canceled as Hashem wanted to save us the time, energy and money for that appointment. Thank you Hashem!

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