We wanted to go away for a nice shabbas

November 19th, 2020

We wanted to go away for a nice Shabbos weekend where we would have to rent our own villa, we were given a price that was over our budget. We were debating should we go and pay the given price? Should we stay home? it was exactly what we were looking for.

In the meantime, I told a friend of mine that I’m debating if I should stay home due to the price. He said, “Maybe I could rent it, i don’t mind spending that much”. Let me see what I decide I still really want to go.” I answered.

Thursday noon we finally decided to stay home… feeling bad that the renter is expecting someone and not wanting to back out on the last minute I decided to call my friend.

I looked up my friend’s number in my contacts to see if he still needs the apartment or if he found somewhere else to stay, I dialed his number…. When he answered I realized that I “by mistake” dialed someone else with the same name…. Having him on the phone I asked him what his plans are for the weekend. He answers “Do you have something for me, I still would love to go away”?

I told him “Let me make some phone calls. I might have something for you” I made a phone call to the villa to make sure that he would want to give it to someone else instead of us as he does research before.

I gave my friend the renters phone number, who he called and BH got the apartment that we were supposed to take.

THANK YOU HASHEM for making me the right Shliach in bringing an enjoyable Shabbos to my friend by finding them a villa, and to give the renter the expected money by having me make the “RIGHT call” to the “RIGHT person” at the “RIGHT time” with the “RIGHT question”.

Thank You Hashem!!

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