We where traveling out of country while my wife’s PC card was expired.

January 30th, 2022

We where traveling out of country while my wife’s PC card was expired, and on return we couldn’t check in online because airlines was asking for pr card info and did not except it, as was expired, and we looked up online and found out that Canadian government are very strict and wouldn’t allow entery with expired pr card, we Thanked hashem for all the good things we have, and Promised to thank hashem publicly when we are going to get home!
So we went to airport and agent asked for pr card and wife handed to him and all of a sudden he became disturbed and became occupied with some other agents and he gave us back the PC card and passports along with boarding passes and ask to hold on a bit so he can solve whatever issue he had and then just continued with checking in our luggage’s,
As we arrived to canada, the officer couldn’t understand how we where able to board the plane, and she sent us in to immigration office, and again the officers couldn’t understand how we got in in the first place, and asked us couple of questions and said, mam this is your lucky day, I’m going to allow entry this time if you promised you will renew PC card right away,
Thank you Hashem for this miracle!! and for the knowledge to always be thankful to hashem!!

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