I work as an architectural designer

July 27th, 2021

I work as an architectural designer. My company is Design Point [moishy@designpointarchitecture.com].

On Wednesday, July 21st 2021, a nice sunny morning I went to a jobsite that had unfortunately burned down and had some parts of the roof ripped open, to verify some measurements of the existing structure condition.

At approx. 12:50pm while I was in the building a powerful thunderstorm came down without any previous notices.

Finding myself in the building that was raining in without any ability to protect myself from the pouring rain, I decided to take the moment to thank hashem. I said a Kapitel Tehilim and started Thanking Hashem for all the times that I did not get stuck in the rain and I got home safely.

AND HERE IT COMES: After a few minutes a beautiful sun came out to the point that I did not even feel one drop falling while going back to my car and driving home a 30 min drive.

Thank You Hashem!!

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